Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alerts and Fashionable Statistics in Deed

Hello to everyone, I am pleased with the accurate and timely data arriving from you the good readership and one-hundred-percent network-linked general populace who as of last week are all known and whereabouts communicable to with your documentation-legalis allowing the Incursions IV to VII to be foiled in raiding homeland invasions. The attempts to raid this country have been part of the statistics declared the most or the worst in history, including the Military interest statistics of having the most losses in history during the ramping up phase of intelligence gathering (espionage data). The newer data gathered shows all military worldwide were embezzled by the dna-Insurgents who are attempting to form up under Incursions I to VIII, and now over a hundred Incursions (homeland invasion attempts) are typed and listed and catalogued for the next fifty years ahead. Matching up to the threats to the heads-of-state applying to the next fifty years. This latest data is unacceptable, not unaccepted as fact, and the difference in focus and training to solve this problem-set upon us all is that of being how to return the state of our worldwide living conditions to become acceptable. Not only for the Military, but also for those working with us and those most illegally targeted. The need for statisticians to work with sociologist and apply forward the data for fifty years, and other foreseeable futures such as the 1000 year plans being made by all countries and governments together worldwide is sudden work for the now. Please apply to the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne or the Army Accountancy. These statistics include deliberate interpretations of morbid details such as Great Britain and its sovereign holdings having its women attacked to the destruction of breast matter at 32 percent of the populace. This type of data needs to be compared and planned for along with the 40% of similar attacks in Europe and 60% of those attacked in America; today, the District Attorney's Offices worldwide are handling this caseload type in particular. This is not a reenactment, and most of those now coming into the awareness that it is not are straggling behind life, itself, having been behind the times, but usually not fashionably, ironically, so we're finding them. Similar comparisons for math club level to private agencies of mathematical protocol and such and also scholarly types of analysis will be needed to be compared against the 17.4% newly going hungry in America that the Church and Military are feeding and who are working with us in capacities as can be done, already. The distribution is mapped out, but planning ahead with the data on dry and boring charts is what is needed as soon as possible to allot out the right amounts and save time for everyone. Love lives of the soldiers have been of great interest to the grave detriment of the attackers of Incursions I to VII, thus far. Being said, the new statistics supporting the newly starting funding (fundraiser) seminars on three ways that soldiers have love lives but not romances include: dna-Insurgents have stalked teens that had a love-learning experience such as a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, early marriage, failed attempt to solidify and early marriage, but with the maturity of later years a typical scenario is that by 55 years of age or 80+ years of age there is a second attempt at love and life together. Not a very interesting statistic until now. Only interesting to these Insurgents I to VII that are attacking on lifelong plans to force with betterment or similar extortion the later and pretend romance of love upon the victims. The miscreants involved as or with the dna-Insurgents are attempting to prey upon a pattern of habit of response in regular human minds, but in the past, miscreants were known to 'conquer the old.' Repeating First Century B.C. and 4th Century A.D. and the Victorian Era.

Business in Fashion and the Arts are diverging in directions again, never really side by side, but of interest to those who usually are in both fields, somehow. Those interested in ambiance in artwork such as architectural design elements that may end up other places such as a fabric design, a letterhead, a garden placement, or such, may also apply for projects from the USAF Air Force One's Project:FashionOne or the USMC ARTS. Also on the agenda is that the Military is hunting for jobs from the private sector that are short or long in term that can be listed on the daily updated projects lists. These lists include today about 700 models of fashion needed, including about a dozen here and there for top agencies such as Ford Models. In time to meed their clientele contracts for once ahead of the number of models, and experience in speedily working on the set is crucial as the NSA sets up the most of the fashion shoot sets to protect those involved from raids. In the past, the raids usually harmed the photographers and their equipment but also many models were murdered. Other models for commercial print such as travel businesses are needed, and plenty for cosmetics that will be having make up applied by the cosmetics companies.

Housing from the Military guarantee is also for the wild animals trained to work with the Sheriff's Office and the Military, and there are needs for more temporary housing for these well-behaved K-9 direction following breeds that like to play. The food and care and medical is covered but these animals come and go to do search and rescue. The larger breeds are on short view tours while not in tunnels or on land in search and rescue. They will return later to their habitats of nature or our own for them if appropriate, and still there when the time comes. Perhaps in fifty years, at least. Count Zorro the tomcat is pleased to be hosting some of the demonstrations on shipboard and boating safety.

It is a drizzly day here that is good for our air quality and to counter the attacks of air born sex stimulants illegally poisoning the public. Totally the groups in these attacks locations and neighborhoods, like in the water attacks with filters from the Water Works applied to protect them, are complaining that all are poisoned to the point of stimulant-illegalis. Today and yesterday the stimulants, had they been from a legal doctor, would've only been for the 80 to 90 year old age group, anyhow. Not certainly for just any stranger being sorted for attacks. In neighborhoods attacked thus, there may be more statistics correlating clergy level studies that link up to our concern in the USMC Clergy which noted 6-7 clergy per day are being attacked in cannibalizing manners to be consumed while alive by raids. Perhaps this will link up horrifically to the other military styled raids, or not, but you'll recall that the USMC has now the permanent overseeing and guarding and leading of all religions, worldwide, continually. Forever is happening now for many.

Spacemen of the past and present are of my renewed interest for historical details of how they once were considered to be fables of how they guarded the planet. Modern astronauts can also guard and race into space to protect, directly, and now SF or Security Forces of the USAF are joining in. The astronauts also are a good image of the planet, selected, that have usually a musicology and Fine Arts level of training. Opera in space would be possible. But, for now, items around our earth suspended are also being attacked by underground groups of illegals and in illegalis manners, and so the historic texts and manuscripts of lore and legend even into the Elven places are being sought. While the modern spacemen are regrouping under the novelle8 into novelle9 (same thing, out of retirement has new number but both are able to link) special-ops units and are interacting with the public in ghosthunting. There are over 700, and I'm pleased to be in these units, also, and now the need to get more work done leads to asking you for these types of legends and lore and artwork and other data from the past histories. Please send them to the USN Project:literature. What to wear in space for a hundred years, might also be interesting to speculate upon, but for now, the living conditions lists of those who were going to plan from the past to circle the earth and guard it at hundred year intervals from miscreants is noted. Food in space is actually easier than once thought, but that can be information in future funding seminars, along with the newly revived data. Equation crunchers need apply within or without, also. A new contest from the USAF Air Force One's Project:FashionOne is for a $40USD award to design the novelle9 special-ops unit fishing cap, as no designs yet are agreed upon, or found acceptable, and so perhaps one of you good readership will be able to design the perfect fit.

Take care, and thank you again for being the good readership, and have as peaceful a holiday as possible.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director, worldwide

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alerts Incursion IV to VII and Macarnas Macabre

Hello to everyone and although I have thoughts for your having a good season upon you the official military alerts for Incursion IV to VII are out for especially the attempts to raid the 900,909 affected cities worldwide by the homeless-selecting homeland-invading miscreants-dna-Insurgents with poisons and more. The latest named virally packaged by payload (viruses can carry things inside them that attack later on, much like a Space Shuttle carries payloads and deposits them) are from dances like Macarena or other rhymes or whimsical. Cruelly altered these dna-Insurgents are adding in the moronic-styled terms to accompany their recent spates of underground regurgitated homeland invaders. Today sees tens of thousands of homeland invaders in the affected cities after yesterday's now announced officially recognized invasion by ten million now deceased from an under-island near Bahama area and stopped in Arizona by Border Guard #1 and the Anasazi Tribe. There is a need for the forensics and weapons collections of these deceased homeland invaders to be done and this short term project is to collect their uniforms and regalia as well as their melting-weapons. The local police departments have some taken from prior invading raiders of municipalities for those who'd like to examine the firing mechanisms and the outer casing that melts with a cigarette lighter. Explaining a few fires and their incindiaries, there this morbid task that pays by the USN, led as well as paying by and from the Office of Counterintelligence, White House, U.S.A.-level in all countries today and tomorrow, today and the next day for those in the Armed Forces or their counterparts in this action to clean up. The costume items are interesting, although not the focus, but may be requested to be examined or obtained from the USAF Air Force One's Office. Call directly from any operator assisted or regular phone system that is secured in any Federal or typed building, even from a Police Department lobby, and think of the etceteras. The costumes were intended to be from a supposed long-lost link by hoped-bloodline-dna touting King Arthur's Court, not to be confused with any present businesses or such. This is not reenactment, and again warfare has been declared against all doing such 'illegalis' the term applied dominating all legal systems present on Earth as the recognizable reason for immediate undeterred warfare in return or otherwise. The actuality is that this round of dna-Insurgents attacking were from a long lost group of followers of a deceased maharaja's group, not linked at all to King Arthur. More facts are available on the migrations of the historic court and its fables disguising its whereabouts during a time when it was on the freedom trail of underground enslavement victims. You, the good readership, will recall that this blog discussed the similar and some same of the factual Court Merovignian.

Today, another special alert is to go out to take precaution when driving to avoid the Military cats in training that are being rounded up just now and as soon as possible from roadways near you. They are being influenced by the ever playful bobcats arriving on boats today with military training to detect and deter homeland invaders in the affected cities by this Incursion VII. The bobcat continues to play with equipment and replays its routes for escape and rescuing, even during its well earned breaks. The regular housecat breeds selected with the Federal grant applied and the USSS selection process for animals in residential protection zones are usually not playfully repeating their manuevers in public places after their training courses. Today's cats are about six months to eight months of age and attempt to guide and guard the traffic into known rescue spots along each rout by hindering tire movement and herding. Something to see, but not in between their training courses.

Remember to read the prior blogs that indicate the medical data necessary for organ donations or transfers of any human or other biological specimens such as skin or nails or organs to another living form. Of those compatible that will accept these things and not become rejected, there are several dna-groupings of humans that won't accept any Simian or Horse dna, for example, including the hormones of such as already on the market for women. Attacks today sadly include again those who are victimized by supposedly sacred to Meso-American illegal practices of cutting off skin for example from a living person and using salt to put it onto another person, a perpetrator of this illegalis crime. The resultant dna shows up to 99% of the read dna to be from the stolen dna-block. The immediate detection and identification by hand-held devices in the hands of law enforcement, military, emergency workers includes this 100% verification immediate data of which genes came from whom and are on what. No deception can pass this technology. (Don't worry over the regular laboratories' businesses that were making incomes off of the 85% or so verified proof of dna for police casework, for one; these laboratories by military demand are working overtime on the slow detection of the dna-Insurgents of Incursion VII now being forensically identified for record storage.)

Libations are included in supposed reasons for Incursion VII attacks as there is a predominance of an inferior Simian-dna in the attackers that is highly allergic to alcohol to mildly allergic, and their behavior caused by such is resultant similar to the diseases-mortalis derived from the rape of monkeys. Also, some from the bones or organs of monkeys transferred in organ donation surgeries, legalis or illegalis. The Stanford Medical School's organic medicine degrees are again quick for the list of these types of factual details needed immediately by emergency workers and medical communities as the Military was unable to meet the January deadline for annual updates into the private sector. The annually updating system is only available to reach all the AMA participants, for example, annually. Do, please, consider this more of the same official alert and from your own military worldwide.

The purple scarf paramilitary from home and working and at home special-ops units that signed up with the Armed Forces as a result of this blog are welcomed into bootcamp training. From home. Any kind of purple or purplish thing about the neck area or just the thought of one may be enough. The grant for the daily amount of bootcamp training funded costs has arrived and these four million non-reenactment new soldiers are welcome to report in; most had their first hour of official training already. So, knowing where to go ....

1950s. Think of them. What do you have or what have you retained in any form, thought or otherwise of that era? Or, inherited? Upon us is an unexpected and very noted and perhaps good trend moment of the 1950s. It could be more of the textile patterns. It could be more of your own idealism that life will be provided, well, with only one career focus. Sports teams. Culinary parties such as cocktail parties that were part of normal business routines extending the daily office hour. Ethics. Hooverism, or other fascinations. Think of the USMC ARTS, and contact with your own thoughts and facts. One such example of recent past is the blog that indicated the African nations helping with the fight against the Incursion I to VIII reported in for duty explaining their scholastic textbooks were all from the 1950s. Affecting their performance on the job, they were certain; so, additional training and trainers and scholastic textbook inserts and data were requested to be had from a very good and reliable general public.

There is a sudden raging arrival of homeless selecting migration types of people who are misclaiming they are of the ancient religion of Mary Magdalena. The USMC hosts and houses this original religion which was entirely lawful and not resembling those arriving in a startling attempt at a pilgrimage but have been breaking the laws of the lands and religions. The USMC clergy offices have the data for these homeless followers of a faux-Mary-Magdalene; those leaders of the followings can receive their checklist of what is required to become or annex to the actual church housed and cared for within the worldwide military care and in completion. The checklist also will allow the USMC to do its job to enforce that these followers obey the laws, from now on. Enforced by military might, officially. These leaders arriving and checking in are not alone in attempts to get their new churches to obey the Law.

Marine Corp from all countries are travelling and studying about various destinations, perhaps in your own city, affected or not. The USMC ARTS houses much data available for those who'd like to work in the field of entertainment in filmology, film work, scriptwriting, cosmetic prosthetics as applicable to the film industry and more. In this city are many from Russian origins reactivating for a new and renewed career in the military. They have extra-cultural expertise this holiday season with things such as the ballet, and if you have time to work with the USMC's annexed agencies and friendlies to protect or enhance the experience of ballet, you're welcome to request joining in. I have cherished many thoughts over the years of watching Russian ballet companies, touted by my favored relatives as the best, by then. Your own opinions count, too.

Thank you to all of you who are participating in the good readership levels of this blog, and that help out the Military constantly such as Law Enforcement and the Judicial Systems and governing and municipal agencies. Also, emergency personnel. The news agencies carefully helping track and handle my romance with a fellow soldier that they are cataloguing are also being thoughtful, keeping newsworthy items in their proper place, first, helpful in keeping track as work directly with 54 soldiers with the same name as the sweetheart and in preserving the home lives of all involved. I will look forward to seeing you again on the blog, soon, and take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director, USAF

Friday, November 19, 2010

Right Away and Incursion II to VI Alerts

Hello to everyone, as I discovered this library system is shut down next week, a national holiday week, and I hope you will be among the ones to notify or help with the untimely affect of Incursion II homeland invaders conspiratorial mistraining by rerecruitment of money handlers that applied to the Military for civilian work. There are as of this morning's count 17.4 Million people in America, alone, that are hungry as a result and did not receive their food as benefits from military or government or civil service or private church or organizations that is part of their pay. For example, if you worked all day at a company that provided a cafeteria meal but your meals stopped arriving, you'd be among these seventeen-point-four. There is no right or wrong answer, because there is not a question. The Incursion II leftover leader was apprehended yesterday at a cafe that is a military installation and admitted openly to the series of attacks and planted crime plots that denied millions their regular meals and meal plans for their health. Timeliness is on the good side as the Army is hiring 240 persons per day for awhile to help with yesterday's blog issue explained about religious fervor being illegally turned into a planned misconception by the Incursion VI and VII invaders. Millions of matured and maturing bonds simply need processing. A redemption call, as it were, and no great soul-saving techniques were recruited or hired. If you, the good readership, have been or are a Boy Scout or a friendly likewise affiliate such as a troop of other kinds of scouts, any gender, please consider helping to distribute the food to the seventeen-point-four, in time, with us in the Military. Law Enforcement has received grants of coffee allottments arriving momentarily from Starbucks, the company of, from one of the founders who is often known to be cordial with the military personnel at the cafes and others donations are being checked in. Yesterday
Law Enforcement was very busy by dawn apprehending the four to one ratio of attackers upon our affected cities by Incursions IV to VII, and are to be thanked for their speediness. A little cofee can go a long way in your donations to your local law enforcement offices, anywhere. Interesting data is coming in from regular citizens and residents of our countries worldwide that say most people would in a tight budget timeline be willing to help out those discovered underground in some form of illegal abduction or captivity level to get recovered and restarted, up to the point of living upon merely 20% to 25% of their income for a brief timeline. That is a very willing heart in play, and a noble one. Courage is the first noted dna of this type of behavior on the genome, but nobility is historically equated with behaviours of goodness from the heart. Even in portraiture throughout history, the heart in the focal point of the portrait was a symbol of the nobleperson being painted. To their credit. I hope you'll examine over this holiday season what level of your own dna is in focus in your motives and actions that might relate you to your own genetic groupings that the Incursion IV to VII are certainly attempting to mimic or destroy. For you being part of your own. Please read on.

Yesterday's blog on the Native American statistics changing due to the current and hundred-percent accurate dna-detection at the military installations and the places of public gatherings and of the populaces of known groups including the focused upon Mormons, genealogists are therefore being hired also by the Military and some Law Enforcement (if you ask them) to determine the what and now the where and the how and the records of hiding dna-Native-Americans in the increasing populaces. From Northern Europe, or not. These Victorian Era tactics were unknown to the royal courts or civic bloodlines or others I've discussed here for survival and were not taught at the earliest meetings of humankind where we're being attacked from as well as reconnoitering. Regathering. Sharing data. Pretend you spoke no language in common, and imagine arriving at an invitation only meeting for seven years to discuss how to plan a new world. That is what the Ancestry of humankind did; these types of hidden bloodline tactics that are outside the tribal and royal court agreements are genetically forensically traced to rapes upon battlefields of deceased Native American warriors, buried later, by record. Their positive dna has expressed itself in very good citizen types of behaviors, despite a nefarious beginning to these uncovered bloodlines hidden in the twelfth baby of pioneering families. I was labelling my file for this investigation, a caboose. Because it rhymed with papoose, and just for a simple name tag. But, end of the groupings of end of the train load, and missing or created family names is where the question remain for investigators. Private investigators need apply if not yet contacted, and there is a special-ops listed trust fund today to pay for the private investigations. No actual adoption paperwork trails exist, so that is ruled out, but it is not an atypical approach in a timeframe in history which you know about from this and other blogs when the Law Offices were able to change an identity, legally, for travel. But, the medical records were kept in tact by the same and said law firms, making these journeyers traceable. Trackable by trackers of the times, or not, the City of Sacramento HUD has housed records on Custer's Last Stand and the after battle events leading in uncovered trails to underground lairs and tunnel aperature where unusual activities reported by those watching the battles recorded espying activity levels galore. There is the dna-tracings and forensics of these same incident grouping battles, including the unsavoriness of the rapes of dead soldiers and the bloodlines located planted or preserved elsewhere. The upbeat news portion of this is that the representatives of the Native Americans including their recorded Nations recognized is that the Cherokee Nation no longer is contained within a 60 percent mental retardation community group, now known. There will be certain gladness in assuring these newly uncovered Native American bloodlines receive their natural benefits from this country of a higher education. Already one of the touted benefits for working with our worldwide Military to the 30th degree.

The Bureau of Statistics is able to handle any inquiries of data needed that may seem unusual but pertinent to any case or research oriented degree in a program from the schools working with the military or law groups or law enforcement, basically any of the lawful. Remembering that our worldwide countries and churches in total have all been declared warfare against for fifty years in duration by the underground homeless choosing self-styled military of unclaimed or unknown origins, conglomerated together, plan with us all for the future as to how you'd like to be 1)prepared, and 2) how often to react in response to the warfare declared. I explained here before that each country and municipality has a quiet task at hand to put together a thousand year plan, and inclusive, together. Statistics are a dry goods equivalent for the foodie minded persons I was meeting with this morning from USSF who were comparing notes on how to cook a turkey for many people for Thanksgiving Holiday, soon. But, there when you need them.

The zoos are checking in with need for donations, as are the teen runaway charities, so that your continued funding from the online store I listed at so that the Army Accounting will be filling out more forms to divide up the entirely donated proceeds. The bobcats are still coming in at the regular rate of twenty to thirty per day in ports and on trains and accepting food and medical care for their litters. They are about as playful as kittens while fully grown. I am glad to see them accepting their new flea collars right away, and chumming with the housecats from the USSS and the Military.

In about a dozen of the blogs preceding this one is the data listed that you may need from this official military site or from the PhD referential level, including the dna-compatible groupings of humankind typings that are beyond blood types and other genetics. Because many people are gladly accepting their organ donations after Incursion I to VIII plus attacks from invaders they are agreeing that they are able to get up and around right away after the military field surgeries and return soon enough to their regular medical care systems. Jogging the first day out may not be the ultimate objective, but the trained and honed hardiness of those graduating from the bootcamp training system of the Military may defy that logic. Some observers have been amazed about the adrenaline utilized by those in search and rescue amid the Incursion IV to VII attacks by homeland invaders happening. Go ahead, and ask.

This weekend is gloomy weather and I have just met with a special-operations unit that knits for the worldwide governements for gifts and uniforms and the like. I plan to pick up some knitting needles this weekend, in addition to sitting and knitting with them. I'm also looking over the recipes for next week's feast, and I hope to learn that the food distribution happening now for the overnight hungry inclusive to be fed, indeed, works.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director USAF

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Incursion III to VII and Ballrooms Raided

Hello to everyone, and thank you for your generous donations in funding the fight against Incursions I to VIII plus raiding homeland invaders of dna-Insurgents worldwide with the gift items on previous blogs, as the funds were utilized well today as the affected cities -- the Police Departments report -- were attacked by a ratio of four to one, shopping in the victims closets. More or less. The statistics are available already, and the ridiculousness of millions of military trained attackers, albeit based upon historical English 12th Century battleground movements easily detected as such and countered, therefore, the data is from realtime and very real modern technology in our worldwide favor. Today's particular flavor of homeland raiders grouped into the Incursion IIII to VII of home invasion raiding parties are traced back to New Mexico bandits detected by Desert Special-Ops and prepared for on even a grand scale. These attackers arose from underground quarters where they hid but were trained by a sometime group of self-appointed law-unto-themselves men who during the early centuries in this country's history were considering themselves to be the Law. Since, they're redefined by a checklist description as bandits; you'll recall the sheriffs were often singular and appointed to a zoned area and could determine many of the rules and laws for those gathering in civilized locations. When I first accepted the job from the USAF as fashion director, and gladly, one of the first uniforms of the past turned in to the Air Force One Office for interest level was the brown and billowing cotton uniform of the historic American sheriff. Since many self-designed uniforms of that time and era were also brown, there may be some interesting research around the color in a federal grant coming, for those interested in this type of work. Brown, you'll recall, was also the first uniform color in history, happening to be a Germanic area's. The bandit lines that attacked today in Incursion VII homeland invasion style were expected to be coming in from Mexico where they were last spotted on USMC Reconnaissance surveillance, such as you're growing comfortable with being all around and about you.

Happiness is the emotion that is part of actual trend data from fashion and home decor and business trends, and today a successful search and rescue was conducted from a library here by assisting law enforcement and military veterans and active military and Jesuits on the premises to spontaneously help locate victims held hostage underground in tunnel aperture. This was a show of good citizenship that would make anyone proud. The victims professions are about bringing the data and statistics relating to business, the business of fashion and decor, and even into other areas such as entertainment and music, and more. Their jobs are usually secretive, not dangerous. Last night and into the wee hours of the morning the local Animal Control also helped more bobcats arriving on trains and boats with their litters that are helping patrol military and other homes officially with chips and collars from the military, returning to their litters and the care and feeding of them at will. Like their friends the wolves, more of whom are being returned to the Military each day as they protect government workers at home working on home computers for their job but being raided. These and other military animals know how to do their jobs well, and the RAF again thanks for the highest donation spike in history being one for their once abducted rescue dogs. Dobermans, being a main breed for them.

The Oakland, California raids by the same dna-Insurgents as Incursion VII in particular were recorded by many, in detail, who were the private families involved in attempting to defend themselves between 1921 to 1929. If you have some of the other recorded details of the ballrooms raided but of their actual dance step patterns and recorded choreography and musical selections, please send them along to the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One. The experts on the time and place are also being hired, and if you are one, please consider applying for or picking up one of these already scheduled extra work projects for pay as listed.

My on-going fashion design contest seeking to daily award a reward to the winning uniform styled dinner suit is coming along fabulously. I'm pleased that about four winners per day are selected by the judges who truly adore the many contest submissions. For submitting within the guidelines, soon, a note of acknowledgement sufficient for any fashionable career or avocated hobby-line will be able to go out to you who participate.

Good things are happening this Autumn, as the delta waters being revived are glad to accept your good readership donations of animals or plants or fish stock, and some for generally good pay. The NSA Project:Echelon laboratory is still guiding this local delta refurbishment with USSF, assisting the private 501c3s in place acting in their charitable pursuits, and sufficiently funded for the moment. But, some have brought their favorite fish in or other insects from their own laboratories and birds and ducks and had them accepted. I was pleased to welcome some one day, myself, and any day is good. Contact the laboratory above, anytime, for deliveries, or the general numbers for Homeland Security Agency. The wildlife in San Joaquin County is just a bit different than it was before, now, but just as strong and beautiful and accepted.

The Army has some work for a one-time faux pas in hiring persons for bond redemption processing to help pay for the housing and food and clothing and other benefits coming to you; some noted less in the deliveries. The military found out some persons hired through religious clergy mistook their job to be redeeming of souls or some pertinent misunderstanding, but the bonds are piles of boring and repetitive work to be done and processed, as soon as possible, and if you are familiar and trained in this area, please apply to the Army Office Accounting. Some of those receiving food as benefit in the public sector and in law enforcement and civil service in exchange for work are reporting in lacks of beverages, especially coffee, which alerted the military to then locate the error. No souls need be redeemed on this type of rather mundane and necessary job project available sometimes to those looking for work from home or in businesses that do such things as handle cash and equivalents. Art galleries are also reporting in an unusually low supply of donated coffee, and your gifts of it -- of any kind -- would come at this very good time.

Don't forget to read the several blogs before that go into the dna equipment one hundred percent that are mobile and accurate. And about the DNA-DEA Task Force particularly handling the extreme levels of beauty marring incidents and genetically altered victims by illegalis surgeries. Even though I was constrained for explaining to the general public what some of my new jobs in the military were due to regular schedules, this official military site coding happening made and being underway made it possible to relay the important alerts and data, along with my own opinions you'd grown accustomed to reading about. Thank you, again, for being a good readership, and don't forget to pick up from your clergy office or the Armed Forces recruitment offices your public benefit of earning up to 30 degrees of education on us whether signing up for the military service, or not, to combat against Incursions I to VIII plus.

I will look forward to blogging again soon, but I felt today's data was important before next week's blog. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director USAF

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alerts of Incursions IIII to VI and Wildcats Galore

Hello to everyone and thank you for your readership making this the most popular blog worldwide while it becoming an official military site helps in disseminating data on the officially recognized Incursions I to VIII plus of homeland raiding invaders of homeless choosing military styling. Yesterday in Stockton, California another 20,000 Incursion VI to VII homeland raiders attempted to invade homes in numerical sequence but were detected by combined law enforcement and military and militia and for a first time are notated to have fled without apparent success. There is a very quiet tour in the low- to mid-hundreds of dollars being produced by the Mayor's Office of the relevant and rather rare or unusual things of, from, or about the Incursions I to VIII plus. Already underway. The best events, though, yesterday was the marking of over a hundred arriving wilderness bobcats already acclimated to household pets and reporting in to work for the military and USSS and now the USGS. Like their friends they've followed here working for the USMC and Sheriff's, the wolves, which come and go from their acceptable workloads guarding and in special-ops paramilitary units for outlying and underground terrains, inclusive, the bobcat is also free to come and go. Another hundred arrived on the trains and boats they'd selected but with kittens caboodle, and even on cabooses. One boat driver handed one group of twenty a bowl of cat food, which they accepted. The Port Authority or the Train Authority are the right ones to contact if you spot more of our wilderness support staffers whose supplies of food or terrain have depleted to the point where their genetic memories return them to where the heraldic historical paramilitary units of the past noted them in illuminated forms, more recently. Or, the Animal Control of your local Police Departments which are adding to our trained wild animals they've already trained for homeland defense on grants the badgers, skunks, and some opossum. Rats, also, but from private laboratories and also the best of laboratory insects such as nuclear-accustomed large roaches which have miniature cameras they carry and soldier-handlers they chum with, while making rounds to guard various protected homes. The birds are doing fine in their training and paramilitary unit and the Army is paying still at USD$6 per hour for each that you sign on to listen to the birds and fill out reports for the military handlers to utilize; beyond carrier pigeons of the past and the money is a direct transfer or other form of compatible income-intake for you. If you spot wilderness animals and are 'ABEL' to help them reach the military or law enforcement or USGS, but are in a non-affected city, your expenses and a fee-reward will be paid to you, gladly, from funds untouchable and awaiting just for this task. Some cities not listed as affected by Incursion I to VIII plus are coming up as having urban-legends that are turning out to be factual, in hindsight with full-dna-proof done. If you know of some such as those of Denver or Boulder, CO, or around those areas, then please send them to the USAF Air Force One's offices, via any normal carrier or route, including phone.

The illegally surgically altered persons now accurately noted to be miscreants attacking the cities affected are a reason for much interest in animals and animal patterns and designs and the care of animals. When some victims in sequence and numbers of powers of tens were reporting strange attacks of part dog part human attackers jumping through their windows to maul and rape them, many felt their perceptions were discarded or negated, but they were handed to the military, anyhow. All such strange reports if not of regular nature or regularity historically come to the military offices for investigation, anyhow, which many of you readership knew. Your help in untangling the oddity of coven-impersonating attack groups coming in from New Orleans area and also carrying in the uni-cell large amoeba of harmless glow-in-the-darkness hues now found in the sewer systems in the affected cities. These surprising harmless guests are pure protein, lend no harm, have only swam with the Navy Seals and other search and rescue special-ops units checking unglamorously for more victim bodies left in pile-ups of powers of ten, but are part of the tours available through this city's mayor's office. The City of Sacramento also has their tour for USD$10 from their mayor's office of the Incursion I plus. Remember that the DEA's DNA Task Force is formed up and still accepting applications from the public and private sector as well as from law enforcement and the military. It is very much at the forefront now with the plug-in data chips to any handheld device to read one hundred percent accuracy in all instances of a dna-origin of anything, coming courteously to you from the Space Industries and your friends of NASA. One of the paramilitary units from NASA from the past revived that I'd joined, way back then, is now seeing its members who wished to provide science data and technology explanation to novelists, aspiring or otherwise, as I was, and is called novelle8 from NASA where I pick up occasional work.

Sunglasses at night are not just for starlets and the high amount of eyeball replacements done quickly overnight by the military as asked by U.S. Congress has restored healthy vision to many after the fecal-powder spewed from illegalis vehicles raiding the affected cities. The dna of the organ recipients will eventually change the iris colors back to something closer to what they originally were, so in the meantime, I hope after yesterday's alert about color-analysis grouped attackers that you'll truly tolerate the recipients not fitting into seasonal color charts. Some may, later on, but again, there were twelve not four seasonal color analysis groups that were also linked to the daylight coloring and nighttime coloring analysis which has four types of coloring. One of the latter four were used exclusively for some time by the Procurement of the USSS to protect the protected persons because it was easy to spot from afar, and unique enough, and never thought of, and is of the type of data that is released to a good general public and the novelle8 provided, also. I know you'll smile at your friends new looks that have received the no-cost organ donation repairs to full restoration from U.S. Congress' enacted special law just recently.

Angel lore is being sought by the Department of the Navy Project:Literature, and I hope you'll dig some out from under the hidden stashes of Victorian or other wares in your attic or basement or elsewhere. Especially needed for homeland defense is that around end of the road stories or end of the line tales of morbid or mortal threats or illegalis games to the death. Even if just a fable or legend, these may actualize into factual and helpful data as well as perhaps be purchased for literature upcoming. Even something around angel-hair lore which I've heard rather a few items about, lately ....

The USMC ARTS is seeking black and white illustrations and illustrators of, for various projects relating to artful displays of new scholastic type data. The USMC has terrific and very ancient histories that align with some groups legends such as the Native American traditions that were not taught in your high school or college history class, but may've been in your military academy. Some of these relate to temple histories but that is not what I'm getting at. The interesting fact just came up from the Incursion VII homeland invaders on the horizon who sent 'scout' types of neo-mormons who were attacking anyone they caught drinking alcohol; these attackers are reflective of a new dna-data-statistic confirmed today by the worldwide military that most Mormons as of today have Native American genes intolerant to alcohol. Perhaps why they eschewed it at their inception of a religion which saw a few attempts to restart and rebuild and even taking back some of its founders. The attackers of Incursion VII are looking to prove nothing, just to get paid for illegalis games to the death or dismemberment underground, or in homes invades such as garages of victims. They take clothing, and personal grooming items away from the scenes of their crimes. The danger of the Incursion VII homeland invaders is that they are forming up into historically familiar but outdated military styles of attacks, already recorded and studied in history books. Do read yesterday's blog and the several before about dna-perfection in testing and the instant records that go to judicial and municipal courthouses immediately, unfiltered. Including each thought because it is an electrical pulse and easily readable by non-contact methods also from your friendly and neighborly space agencies combined worldwide.

I look forward to blogging with you again soon and perhaps not until next week, so do take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Incursion VI and Neo-Mormonism Wardrobe Raids

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are fine despite another Incursion VI alert, official, as the high amounts of cities affected is still high. Neo-mormonisms is to blame for its high baptismal underground illegalis rates, again, anti-citizenship activities being that they are coded and as such declared warfare against by our country's president and all other heads-of-state. Wardrobe planning met underground illegals to contrive a raiding party of twenty million invading this country and all others worldwide, but with a fashion-forwardable twist of bad fate being spun into woven webs with four attacking groups of four-season color analysis being their grouping but one-fourth of them turning on the other three to protect those of their own color season. Other out of fashion twists are such that the attackers don't know what you know now that there were originally twelve categories now grouped by moderns into four-seasonals, for business reasons known. The prior Incursions in history of the same dna-Insurgents were attacking, according to historical logs, because of wrong eye shades declared. Turn in the mormonesque invaders, anytime. They rely upon a false sense that Joseph Smith, Jr., the historical founder of Mormonism was giving accurate prophecies, and everyone else, and supposedly said no homeland invasions, or kings as presidents. Already negated, since he was excommunicated twice from his own religion and since then four bloodline titled presidents sat in the White House top office as president (albeit not ruling a kingdom) and in 1921-9 the City of Oakland has been reported in as having been officially invaded by the same. Reported now, and also previously in the scholarly halls for PhD coursework and military academic studies. Console your friendly Mormon friend or neighbor for being the third religion inaccurately led and joined by dna-Insurgents. You'll also recall the Insurgent is officially expected and anticipated but never welcomed after each argument-settling battle amongst and between professional militaries having met upon a battlefield. Insurgents are a dna-misbred mentally ill by choice of action grouping of imposters who impersonate and or attack both militaries having met or warred, etc. They don, often, the uniforms of each or of locals of the regions. There is only a short leniancy for citizenship aware persons who were not only fooled, but really truly fooled by an imposter voice on the phone or similar and told to pick up money or equipment at a base or training camp and also to appear via consumer travel methods at or near battlefields, having also been handed weapons and told to execute one or both militaries at the battlefield. The survivors of these false escapades pulled off by the dna-Insurgents have contacted us from jobs that are regular including from the FBI, and so they've learned also as you are that there was an irregularity in their experiential mis-training that was not provided by this country or any known. You may notify any you know who have not 1) reactivated in the military by demand (recall, neo-mormonism which is illegalis thinks the word reactivation means church attendance but it means rehiring in the military), or 2) who have not checked in for their reasons for non-service in the military again as deployed and at home. It is by demand, and if there is that confused past of theirs to account for there is a one hour a day continued civil-leniance-official for getting squared legally away and back on track legally and into the rest of boot camp training as a good citizen or regular person by reporting in at a non-raided military installation between the hours of 1 to 2 p.m. Or, at any Armed Forces recruitment office, worldwide, at the local timezone, if possible. Or, ask a trusted clergy to call in for you, if you have difficulty with logistics, and the military only equipment or monies will be picked up and returned to their rightful use and you can explain your story and get back on track. Debate-leniance is for any others lost in the shuffle, lost in the cracks, or whose paper work sunk on a naval vessel or whose file was miscombined with a lookalike or brother, or cousin, or similar errors made by humans during wartime. There is happening now a look-a-like confusion that had ordinary people raiding bases without being aware they were and by being told falsely they were to cover-up for a country. No such cover-ups were authorized or trained from the public sector, and all who missed their adequate bootcamp training because someone else who was a look-a-like was asked to attend instead of them are being caught up now and continuing in their bootcamp data, required. There is no condition where anyone will be left out excepting death. The soldiers' minds actually stay well acclimated, as do those around them. Another unfashionable type of attack on soldiers by Incursion VI-reenactors-illegalis are due to marraiges being attractive to impersonate and they are therefore - the soldiers - being encouraged by the worldwide militaries officially to marry within the military, and discourage the reenactors-illegalis in their attempts to gain access to computer codes or military personnel addresses and other such. Military personnel are not allowed to be bothered by schemers of love lifes and an official code for love lives being on is displayed on official systems and must be off before one is able or allowed to date or plan romances or marriage with another soldier, or from the outside: security clearance levels require full fidelity of all soldiers and it is those who harass them in this area that are handled with no leniancies by the countries of the world meaning each soldier's love life on is a guarantee that theirs is guarded from infidelity attempting approaches or such schemes. It has been sad that some organized social echelons stated their own disappointment that they don't at the moment have enough unmarried partners to offer in marriages for our soldiers to choose from, and they agree they'll be counseling their own to prepare better for relationships that are long-term.

Creams are a good way to protect yourselves in the Incursion VI-affected cities right now because they raiding invaders altered autos to include illegal combustion engines from Russian history denied by that government for use that spew fecal dust and anything else put into the engine. The wrongful engine, unlike our tanks which use a non-fume engine that burns up anything at all, spews illegal dust that coats even eyes. Harming the eyes, go ahead and avoid this by putting on glasses and sunglasses at anytime. The fecal dust damage has had the military replacing eyes quickly to U.S. Congress' demand to do full restoration, so many organ donations have been accepted, with gratitude.

I will look forward to blogging with you again soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Ridiculously Fashionable In

Hello to everyone, and as Incursion VI is still being considered to be happening as an official homeland-raiding-invasion by the dna-Insurgents of mostly homeless choosing embezzlement and murderous tactical military-styled attackers, I hope you are alert and aware. Another two-days-of-leniance for those certain they'd become soldiers but were not fully or correctly trained and were not in actuality fully deployed but were in possession of other soldiers items including money or timecards and were transported on non-military vehicles to foreign zones of battle based upon female-voice-mystery-callers-on-phones orders that seemed patriotic are being given again. Many more were learned and are very noticeable because they were, for one thing, never properly trained in military protocol or deportment and simply cannot take an order from anyone including a commanding officer. Even as the Incursion VI invasion is being characterized and recharacterized as those in the cities most affected by it are being polled at will on how to shorten the timeline of Incursions detected, even though the over 30 percent anticipated for the shortening of the homeland defenses of Incursions I to infinite number but 8 detected is within 50 years. Thirty-four years to slow and stop the Incursions I to VIII invasions detected has been agreeable to the 34% of American males who answered the poll first, and with 30% requested to proceed on a simile-of-vote system for the general populace comfort level, the timelines are shortened now for homeland defenses of these awful and declared Incursions I to VIII. Women may vote, as well, and other countries, but ask your news station or your emergency services office or clergy office for the vote of it all. The Military is glad to hear from you. The statistics are descriptions and the human level of interest is what is of most concern at the moment, even while record numbers of restorative and repairative surgeries are quickly being done for the public sector as well as the military and others working with us all. The Law Enforcement now have much improved medical restorative coverage which doesn't negate our military offering to them of the fully restorative surgeries and medical treatment, and you'll be glad of it as they're reporting about 80,000 military styled attempted or successful home-raids by militant dressed or operating attackers in many affected cities, daily. Stockton, CA, where I reside being an affected city carefully analyzed some data and I appreciated their recent numbers as reported to the military asking us all for an explanation from Reconnaissance surveillance for the 500,000 autos driving through the city proper each day. It was partially gladdening to find that most of those autos were from sports fans from surrounding and major cities' events. About 200,000, though, were not, and are among a possible one-to-one statistic of home-invasion-raider per each resident in Stockton. The USMC opened up its 50 million Victorian styled underground bedroom facilities in groups of ten for the 50 million soldiers who arrived to help further protect the area. They've brought their own workloads with them, as well, and the soldiers who built these historically accurate and hopefully enjoyable facilities for the other soldiers used usefully the discarded or extra supplies for it, plus similar in overages from the State of California and City of Sacramento and in particular the HUD offices asked to handle home improvement items when the economy took a down swing. Many accurate replica production pieces were available, and I'm certain will be well deserved quarters a gift much finer than even the officer quarters which I am pleased by, already. It was thoughtful of the USMC in construction fields out of work at the time to donate their time to museum quality living quarters with their own artsmanship and motivation. One of the reasons for many soldiers arriving in various cities is that the regularity of case work from Incursion VI is hoped to not overburden the Law Enforcement and District Attorney's offices, even as they've handed us their data appropriate for the military handling: 900,009 cities are now affected by dna-Insurgent raids called Incursion VI homeland invasion, and 40% of the 40% reported attacks of women now involved mutiliations of bustlines being repaired and restored at no cost by US Congress' order from the military. An officer locally was quoted to our military staffs and soldiers as he reported that 4 of every 8 attacks of women in their homes in rape situations in Stockton include mutilations of the bustline area rather consistently now. Certain manufacturers have made the prosthetics for the repairs already available in-stock from Mexico which is known for being one of the world's finest in medical training at its universities. Meanwhile, give a nod to the WalMart folks who are collecting guns in obviously non-affected regions or locales, although it is not recommended by the worldwide governments and the militaries and churches that your legal and registered weapons be relinquished, over all. You're not the ones raiding and causing hold-ups and embezzling or murdering 27 average persons to steal one identity by old-age as are the miscreant-dna-Insurgents of Incursion VI.

The USAF Air Force One Office's: Project Fashion One is available for an ongoing project submission by students of fashion design or serious hobbyists or professionals in the field who have a moment for us all. In this contest, a $50 award is being given for each viable evening dinner suit of the caliber that a military personnel or professional soldier could don. To be able to both stand out but not be intrusive and yet not be overlooked as a military person available for impromptu or scheduled meetings which may last about an hour or more in the types of public places appropriate to a dinner suit. What will win out will be movie-era types of glitz or regular daily glamor that is heraldic in an honorable way, but may be understated or overly done to the point of fashion's-ridiculous, an actual category for those new to this field or its influence.

Economies are bidden, in histories, by groups in awareness, but are affected just as much by those unwitting of their influence -- in groups. The churches are offering various training courses on various groups who are civilian or not who affected or still do affect economic factors. Factors, to economists, are measurable things or areas that can be categorized, but the clergy will go over all that and I hope you'll sign up soon. The Victorian Age saw the worst economic lows in history, but it was not able to be compared to economic factors in the same manner so it was hard data to analyze or for governments to react to. The recent Recession may have some new correlations, or not, also, and motivations to learn about. The Fed is available on data that was found to be both interesting and scholastic in nature noticed to be of possible interest to those of the public sector. Not required, but good to know. Scholastically, this type of data could formulate an appropriate educational degree application. I'm busy with several of my own that will fullfill my own requirements now from the military in my part-time job as fashion director, USAF, which asks for 100 degrees inclusive of fashion, but not to apply for rank. One hundred is again what level the threats arriving to heads-of-state are claiming to have to use against any or an average person or their business. And, therefore, the bootcamp trainers that I filed for many half-degrees with were also mentioned here before as being that helpful, so don't be afraid to ask others you know to participate with you in sharing a degree and sharing in the workload of unusual possible studies. Some topics on this blog are considered good for degree research for those who like new data, including that the average person now has two more business style outfits than last week or the week before, and an extra pair of shoes again; quickly available data for the asking.

The military animals and other animals are becoming more topical and beloved in literature again being added into many stories, or used as characters submitted to publishing houses, which is fabulous. Your good readership interest in donations spiking the top of charts with military animal recipients being the largest groups of donation recipients is a tremendous indicator of many things. The Arts and Literature of course respond to these types of general interests. The top tomcat, Count Zorro introduces sometimes more than forty bobcats for the military per day, newly trained and used to neighborhoods.

Take good care of yourselves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director


Friday, November 5, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Fashion Onward

Hello to everyone, I hope you are doing well enough on this weekend upon us all even as Incursion VI raiding-homeland-invading alerts go out forewarning of typical household raiding-invaders attempting to embezzle houses, steal shoes, and destroy food supplies awaiting regular populaces from the Military. Especially the USAF has shoes on supply for the general populace qualifying such as if someone had no shoes left as some soldiers run into or only one pair, but the timeline is the request and awaiting someone to make the shoe-kit from department store manufacturers and name-brands and in healthful coordination with the recipients wardrobing plan. Those who wish for work on an as-project basis to construct these top-trend shoes and boots to put them together from kits are welcome to apply to the USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion One by contacting it directly from any phone system or legal and listed clergy office. Those in the shoe business are welcome to these possible time-filler projects or to the occasional work for you and your staff, as well. Thank you in advance to those of you helping with this logistical and challenging work, and those in groups such as Boy Scout troops who are volunteering to do some projects to help fund their groups are welcome, also. There also for the regular soldiers the top-line boots to request or order if your pair wore out, and not all the soldiers have had time to do so yet, but the Government of Spain has made them logistically possible, also. Some soldiers reported theirs lasting up to forty years due to the good quality of manufacturing. The other worries around Incursion VI raiding-invaders is one that also encompasses now the Parks and Recreation systems of all countries worldwide. They, the park systems, are reporting that these dna-Insurgents known in officialdoms as the Vatican-defined 'miscreant' are the same as detected and deterred or detained, officially, raiding and homeland invading at parkland locations. The ability to stop them is up to the combined enmassed general populace who are joining in on soldiery by signing up for Armed Forces bootcamp training at ten million per day, which in unaffected cities will allow them their training conveniently to the Military over ten years, and in under-affected cities over a two year duration more akin to normalized bootcamp training that is about two months to one year. Two months if at twenty-four-hour-seven-day-per-week pacing with zero hours sleeping; many medical interns called or contacted the Military to offer their moral support at this schedule saying that they made it through a year with less than an hour sleep per day to complete requirements of their internships. Four months is a good fast pacing, but one year in less urgent times or for fields of professions that are requiring more training and data. Later on there may be a 'certain leniency' again if more people are discovered who attempted to become soldiers but were put on falsified or hacker-devised paths instead of real military training. The little boys who just last night helped the military by showing up in their uniforms and with military gear to defend their homes and pets and neighborhoods are thanked, officially, reminding of when the children at schools in affected cities left the classrooms guided and guarded by their teachers to rescue animals discovered enslaved illegalis in the tunnel structures underground.

Days off are coded in the Military, if you're interested in where historical ideals come from for working environments, from an actual code of off/on. If the code reads 'on' then there is a day of work ahead, accommodating the rest of the schedules employed. The code being 'off' on any day, like a light switch, is where the historical idea of a day-off of working came from. For the soldiery you know, there is a list of things that they do on days off. For myself, I just had one, and was able to go to the park and read a book and watch the ducks. I appreciated very much the police guard hired by the good citizenship to help me read half the book and get some ideas to take back for my other regular workload. It is not necessary on a day-off to accomplish anything. One military days off, there is still the chance that the soldier will be called into a situation that is typical of work, such as a raid in a tunnel or at outlying warehouses or several sequential houses of firemen, and similar as has been happening. The rest of the day is still a day off. Many of our work culture and work environment rules come from styles of living and operating in the military. The regular business world is doing dress-down days as are scholastic environments that are pleased to say that wearing something convenient to our present economic level worldwide such as a sweatshirt neatened up with business slacks or skirting is just fine. The time is also being overall at many business environments considered a good time to get moldy old boxes or items out, proverbially or otherwise, and to get some backlogged things done. Not unlike historical Spring-cleaning.

The animals in the military are doing better, again, and the public is acknowledged in its unusual assistance when the groups such as the WWF were unable to respond on a given day, but the public filled in. Sometimes conglomerate set-ups don't always have an ability to mobilize for various reasons. The funding projects you've been supporting from the last few blogs, six or seven ago, are helping with such matters. Groups such as the Red Cross asking for specialized funding from blogs like this one to fill up their funds uniquely for preparing to mobilize for emergencies are about timing, and planning ahead. The Military officially looks forward to when all the groups it works in tandem with can help out at the drop of a proverbial hat, again, such as the WWF which usually resonds in alternate to requests from the Military to PETA and of course, the Humane Society.

Sleeping in the Wintertime coming soon is studied and noted by many universities and such, but usually the Wintertime has other focuses including diets for holiday fare, and occasional sports such as skiing. There are many good ways to approach these things, but teens are especially being invited to participate for a couple of days at a time with the Military in staying up all day and all night without sleep to get a whole lot of projects and work done on a military type schedule. Some meetings are one to five minutes long, and many projects are done in special-ops or paramilitary units together, including one unit I'm in which knits gifts quickly for the countries of the world's protocol offices and officers to give away as official gifts. Think about joining in on this fun system new and available through your school districts, clergy office or the military recruitment system, and enjoy meeting military officers and soldiers and getting some of your own things or something for the country done, and having fun at it. Just so you know about it, many soldiers are on 200 days up all day and night schedules until there are enough new soldiers out of bootcamp to pick up more of the work projects and guarding and other roles (non-re-enactment). If you're not a youth or a teen, but still would like to help out the Incursion VI raided and affected cities with your expandig Military, you're also invited to stay the 200 days with us, or any portion of them. Or, help with the teens, if bonded and able to counsel.

Languages are coming up in lifestyle studies as an important future implementation for most of the world. Rather than one singular language becoming the most useful, it is interesting to find out that for now, at least, it appears knowing more languages will be more useful to most people, sooner than ever. Learning 9th languages is a present gift from the Military on grant levels to those willing to work with us and help us with this important area of Communication, another USAF assigned and specialized global task. I will look forward to seeing more people trying to do what some monarchs are attempting to do such as travel to a place to learn its language, and in the USSS it is a pleasure to arrange housing and travel for many of the people whose jobs require them to know the 9th language, soon.

Safety of the children is a paramount concern and there are many intersting dna-tests happening to benefit the general populace and help families comprehend the results of - sadly - rapes of children or those who are adults who have grown up. These dna tests are comprehensive and ideal and no-cost from the Military when involving children of rape of someone in childhood, and there is foolproof information to help know if offspring resulted or need be accounted for. Children are not required to carry to term children, nor support those sired or birthed in childhood. For Law Enforcement and the Judicial System, the Military and Governments have new data on particularly little boys of about seven or eight years of age through about aged sixteen being regularly or repeatedly raped by women with groups usually to attempt to steal genetic bloodlines. The treatment for the offspring is availble, kindly, from the Justice Department at no cost, concerned and to help especially those offspring mistold that they were entitled to those bloodlines by rape but usually in a bold lie pretending to have had loving knowing relationships involved. Which is false. There are certain systems of moral support in place that are for the adult offspring of such illicity interference in childhoods by adult pedophilic and conspiratorial attackers. These resulting adults will be informed in a classroom style setting or military business-like meeting whether there is an opening in the affected households (victim's of the rapes) to have some sort of contact or agreements or in some instances even adoptions by distant cousins, although none of the inheriting rights of any country or state relating to estates or even royal titles and such. I've heard often through these meetings the offspring who said, But Mom said she was a princess and he left her ... Not so, in any instance. The dna tests are available and careful considerate handling of the matters are ready as the Incursion VI homeland-raids includes the recent spate of rapes by women of seven and eight year old boys who are just about beginning to become fertile with sperm. It is terribly saddening, but the careful system in place of handling this type of attack and results of is coming from an historically successful system employed by Great Houses otherwise known as the noble and royal households. Discussed here and other places previously as capital-H, Households.

Today is another writing and artwork day for me, and I'm pleased to participate in another art show at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton. A group of fifteen artists including myself are featured, dubbed the Tuesday Group, and our group show is next Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. I'd be pleased if you stop by, as a good readership. About a hundred students per day have already been accomodated in touring this gallery for this show, already. My other current interests include fulfilling a certain grant to read and recommend novels, and since the public is hoping to be reading a novel a week but can ill afford to buy that many now, I take seriously this private grant through a clergy office. The novels I'm reading now over the Holiday preparation time include Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook, Sandstorm by James Rollins, Caravans by James Michener, Whirlwind by Clavell, Sarum by E. Rutherford and Fellowship of the Rings by Tolkein. I hope you'll search the library, early for some of these if you'd like to join in. Also, I looked over the new book by the author of religious books you enjoyed, mostly, Jean Claude Crhi who has a new Hebrew Dictionary out based upon the Egyptian Kingdom records. I'm searching for some other religious extra studies books equal of textbook levels that I'll post soon, as well as the promised cookbooks list that I'm perusing from home.

Take good care of yourselves and I'll see you soon again on this blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts of Imposterisms Galore

Hello to everyone, I'm pleased with very many good performances today and yesterday of the real military and the law enforcement and heard similarly from more than one of our judicial system judges this morning. I'm sitting in a library computer room with no other soldiers in the room, and reminded that my contract to guard me against the Incursions I to infinite-number is granted to me by the NSA, offially. There are zero changes as in nothing at all to any call signs today which are official nomenclature of the worldwide militaries that you'll recall along with each and every police department and all governmental groups became the same together worldwide in all capacities. Excepting unique identifications that are still there such as the Stockton Police Department may as with other cities identify itself as the only California city's police department by that name, etc., but functions as one police department equivalent worldwide and able to handle a case from anywhere anytime and any country, as explained previously. That said, the elections went overall well yesterday and the police departments are to be commendated from our Military for their superb performance under the direct attacks upon precincts, again keeping matters calmly observable to the public within the military's assigned crowd-management-to-crowd-control levels. The police department here logged correctly 90 cases of the actual attackers of voting precincts and the military added 90 other body bags of other attackers upon this city's precinct locations for voting, plus stopped the attempted takeover by 40 imposter sherriff's. This latter the police department performed their accurate manuevers to apprehend exactly correctly and the training level tape made from the realtime USMC Reconnaissance filmage that is the same as used in the actual judicial and other court systems to back up any and all data useful at the courtroom level. Overall, I had a good experience in the voting polls working as an inspector for the county and now have posed the question to the judges, soldiers and general populace gathered about the cafe where you may've been one of the 40 million who saw the news spot I was on a time or two ago and retrieved legally all the legal copies of various documents through your legal networks. And then there was the rest of you good readership and the very good general public. It is noted that you also should be and are receiving in a museum posting for the NSA and other international governmental agencies an award, noted for your time involved being good citzens and following this blog and others from the military by being law abiding. The time period of leniancy for discovered one day plus one hour or some similar absurdly low level of attendance at bootcamp training for the past or present wars, basically anything not complying with the approximately four month minimal requirement for boot camp training to serve in the militaries. It won't be restored, but I thank the public sector for returning things such that were purchased illegalis with the actual soldiers' monies without the authorization or knowledge of the soldier, military, or any proper or governing authority. Hotels and boats and other things were being bought illegalis and the titles have been given to the actual owners, now, but who didn't know they were for, etc. I appreciate receiving a deed for a fine hotel that was illegalis purchased with my own money bag that was taken away from bootcamp while I was on an official training manuever with the USMC and USSF, as it happened that day, at a shopping mall. The person who took the money was not allowed into the training camp, and it was appreciated that the money or something like it was returned. My special-ops unit and others are going to get some benefit out of these returned and unwittingly funded goods and with the services that go along with them; I have a lot of soldiers arriving who need places to stay and laundry bag service and room service catering, and banquet rooms to meet in. The days of the Colonel or others in charge of desert operations for our militaries unfolding maps and meeting with myself and others of USSF at Starbucks Cafe in Stockton during a regular day because we had no other facility that immediately available are not over, but are alleviated. The Incursion VI attackers are being slowly but surely recognized by the populace seduced away from lawfullness by these dna-Insurgent-homeland-invaders as what they are as enemies who declared warfare against all countries and not people to play games with. The Incursion level warfare code is "on" officially and all countries agreed to it, and all declared actual warfare against any homeland invaders including reenactors-illegalis, and others listed out by this country's president and on similar blogs and news formats. The affected cities are not staying at the same numbers all the time, but the actual numbers are still within the 90,000 range detected by the Military and the 900,000 detected and turned in on a list by law enforcement. Remember to turn into any law enforcement or military person that is actual including at a recruiter's office for the military or any courthouse any recruitment or approaches to get you participate in any 'games' in public for reenacting. Due to ultra high security and alert today, do not accept any IMs from anyone with my name or nomenclatures, or any claiming to have been me all day since midnight this a.m. Or, until further notice, as they are compromised and although some and certain heads of state were secure enough in using IMs beforehand, not today, or anytime today. On the only light note I have going today, I officially as a USAF fashion director who just received an appreciated raise from you, the people, which helps out tremendously, a warm and real thank you to the news stations worldwide who broadcast yesterday the footwear I had on for the practicality of the moment, and thereby announcing where I was at on my coded "day off."

There are about 90 divorces in my supposed name or my spouses' names today which are discovered and all conspiring to do so were executed by the military in an official action against Incursion VI homeland invaders. These invaders even attempted to annul illegalis-style 455,000 weddings of the past by a loophole now closed that didn't require any or both parties involved in being married to be present; but these invaders used and misused these identifities illegalis to get into the countries respective. These 455,000 couples are being remarried at 45 per day in this county alone and on a federal grant due to the fact that neither person in the marraige-original victimized by unknown-anullments against their knowledge or presence. The legal styled attack by Incursion VI attackers coded correctly as aiding a homeland invasion were the ones who filed annullments for this list of 455,000 pairs of blissfully wed couples who were misled to believe their annullment of the past was due to their marraige partners action. Now, it could not be done to thse types of partners who are working with militaries, are royalty or royal bloodlines required to work for the Department of State, or similar. All the couples are graciously noted to have been working with city councils and similar to help plan protections of the urban and similar areas, long term, as I'm sure their marraiges were hoped to be. If you have knowledge of other groups of people attacked in this manner, by desktop or paperwork styles, please notify the law enforcement near you or the military. Be aware that these attackers seem overly grounded in reality but are actually into ufo type beliefs which are not founded as they hope for their own planets someday, etc., and behave as though they don't live or belong on earth. They don't, now.

The alert is also out about various interests in fur, ranging from the fashionable historical studies and current affaires levels of news or research such as discussed here and in the New York Times. The sad part is that outside of the essay or dissertation research on fur types of patterning or style donning going on, lauded and greeted warmly from students by the Fashion World, a disturbing level of attacks is happening again to fur bearing pets. The WWF is being asked to respond, and should it fail, it will be replaced with other military and authorized actions. Finding your pet skinned alive and its fur on other animals bearing illegal genetics data into your area or country will be stopped, now, or soon. I'm certain your information is going to be helpful on all of this. Remember not to be lured underground unless you are the official worldwide government's military led teams, on horseback all of this past week. No bikes and trikes for awhile down there.

I'll check back with you on this official PhD referential and official military blog, gladly, soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Impressions Redefined

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are faring well enough especially in the affected cities by Incursion VI home-invaders acting as raiders upon every country even as more of the misled non-military persons who believed in error that they were military personnel after being told in a manslaughter-level of crime to trespass at bootcamps and take away money for a one-day supposed bootcamp. The retaliations anticipated are not from these misled victims of identity theft scams that are typical of the type of ploy used to turn regular people into criminals by their actions they believed were real. Even realistic. But, these 480,000 persons, so far with more anticipated, have turned themselves in and the monies they were illegally taking from a bootcamp facility or location designated: on a day when it was supposed to be scheduled for an non-military teacher to have security clearance level to teach a regular world skill applicable to the military unit then being trained. See the last five blogs for more details pertinent, and including the dna attempts and other misleading tactics such as happen regularly with the warfare codes on and war declared by all heads-of-state and especially defined by our President of the United States of America as against 'illegalis.' Today's successes include a soldier who disappeared in his bootcamp, as was sometimes rumored to happen, but this time was recovered after suspicion that there was foul play or similar and the Arab Military are to be thanked for recovering him in behalf of the USMC. A Mr. Kristin Wall of same spelling as my name, but different gender, was asked by Selective Service to attend a bootcamp the same year I quietly signed up with a USMC recruiter, Mr. Marful who pointed out that I would not be attending training camp for the months of required duration for any soldier with anyone with the same name. The family and friends of this Mr. Wall, restored fully to status in the USMC may welcome him back with certain comprehension that the Arab Military was able to surgically help him but with a differing appearance from 1981. An Arab crown prince donated organs to help the USMC's Mr. Wall enter this country and reenter his profession. Again, just today directly after Mr. Wall was located and identified by the hundred percent dna-testing accuracy at or near a military installation by many including myself, and mostly those around him including 40 soldiers helping to get him resituated through their ultra-awareness. Although Mr. Wall didn't complete bootcamp training, yet, he is found to be only to be complimented by his military and others for exemplary actions in the equivalent to the field of conduct and others similarities to many awards you may find going out and around. Many times over the years I've been asked about this young soldier and now a certainly seasoned. I hope you'll welcome him home.

The USMC also signed up a couple of Russian marine corp equivalents and others to help with the ballet as experts in the field for a couple of good months during the ballet- or Holiday-season. Ballet from Russia has been on my list of enjoyments of the past, and I'm pleased that as our militaries worldwide have combined that some of these experts are able to help out now and are gracing us with their even better knowledge than most I know. I hope you'll consider helping this especially downed and illegally targeted field of the Arts, if you can, also, this season. While the military officers were signing forms to work on projects to help the ballet through the USMC, there came to our attention the fact that another lookalike of the Russian military personnel was lurking about, dressed like one of them, and wearing a Marine Corp public relations level insignia (although no actual Marine Corp symbol is particularly required to be donned by anyone). A small confrontation ensued as I identified myself as the commanding officer for this deployed at and from home level of warfare coded, and the lookalike who was going by a similar name to the Russians was found out to have only attended a couple of days of what he thought was an actual USMC training camp. But, he had not. The fallacy was one of intentionally misleading him and others like him now being sought and the masterminds behind the nearly successful ploy-illegalis are being sought. The almost-soldier did a correct thing, after all, and announced he'd been working underground thinking it was for a real military and then turned over 890,000 persons he had in his imposter military formations he'd been told to lead thisaway. The bootcamps are signing up at this moment the 890,000, more or less, for actual military training that they can verify after they've attended and where they will get their rank and other data such as had not happened for this duped near-soldier leading them. He had never been given a rank, and that was his first clue that he was not actually in the USMC. Upon leaving bootcamp, each soldier knows their rank which can be earned in training camp, and is not a training level of rank. For example, if the new soldier applies for a job, they can use their rank upon exiting from boot camp. I wish these new applicants good luck, with better results, and since ten million an hour are signing up for bootcamp in the real militaries, there are super-thoughtful schedules happening to help each new recruit get part of their training started enough so that they won't make any terrible mistakes even if their bootcamp is scheduled for ten years from now as some are. The reality is that you the general public is very aware of the need to be able to secure your own peaceable situations at home and work and in social life and in charitable and civic duties, etc. Gaining the abilities to be a soldier while carrying on with your own lives is a good choice, certainly, and you are welcome, also.

Miscreants as a definition was stored at the Vatican although it evolved as a perpetrator of horrendous attempts to dupe the public in identity theft with takeovers and toppling of kingdoms and keeps being the ultimate motivation. The police departments have asked the military to add to the definitions you have already from this site and others inclusive of your clergy which include the miscreant as a person who is no longer a legally protected person or legal citizen by their actions to declare themselves a deity, an angel, a saint, or a royal, and thereby also denying that they have no reason to keep any laws of any lands and that they are able by their demeaning to break any and all laws at all times until their end goal of ultimate demise is met. Ours, or theirs. There are more structured definitions which also include levels of codes for the psychiatric fields applying levels of approach, and safety features built into the training for psychiatrists. The concern today about miscreants given to us in the military by Law Enforcement is that the miscreant is using a code attempt that says, 2 days away. It may be similar to others before that were Two Days and Away, or such, taken from book titles, song lyrics or other manuscripts. It also may not be. Another similar operating level by miscreants detected has to do with a movie of the past, again, but a romance called One Moment in Time.

Heaven is a concept largely thought to be an end goal to the many, in some form. The miscreant and this topic is one the Militaries and Law Enforcement and Civic and Public Officials met upon to discuss with clergy about. The typical miscreant going underground to live had decided that they were the typical biblical tale's occupant or offspring. Then, they also thought that the surface dwellers to their terrarium-type habitats underground where planes copycatting inefficient ones from science fiction movies were found were in the biblical heaven, by location or otherwise. The worst of the miscreants were raiding this esteemed and assumed heaven that the armies of mankind types underground were thinking they could defend in constant battles of good and evil including those in the ill-fated illegalis games and shows that are illegal to show on the Internet or phone systems, etc., as discussed here and by other military and news services. These battles of good and evil for them, though, went into the mental healthcare ranges when they battled to dismembering of limbs and death, etc., for the sake of allowing a trend color to make into into households in this earth-crust-anchored heaven of a type of ours. There was simply no reason for the underground illegal dwellers to have been led to believe they were allowed to live there, that it was sanctified by bibles (ten, from differing religions) nor that it was allowed for them to spy constantly upon the surface civilizations. Let alone raid them on any kind of schedule, regular enough for the advanced casework which date of receipt by the military from the law enforcement declares the actual start of an actual war of any later developed warfare coding or war. More advance work is arriving on this and is welcome. The three religions not recovered yet from being preyed upon by the illegalis underground system are the Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, and Mormons currently under most attack by illegal recruitment and false orders to conspire against any or all. Prior to this the Buddhist and Jewish communities reported similar illegalis targeting and attacks and recruitment that they didn't report in on a timetable to help, but they are recovering by their own tactics, already. The Mormon's current problem in illegal recruitment goes back two years to their being asked by the worldwide governements to become specialized experts in certain of the Arts and including Impressionism; instead, they were mislead into thinking they were to focus overly on the recordable-thoughts that mine and other military computer chips that are retrofitted into all and any law enforcement equipment and even regular cellular phones, computers, etc., are recording constantly. This attempt to become impressive again in 'impressions' led to an instant military responsible action to inform them that they could not go about surmising and talking in their thoughts to try to recruit others for illegalities found in Mormon histories but not of their religion, such as polygamy or incest or identity theft of bloodlines, and more like it all. The modernized Mormon Church is listed under their correct church charter available for view at the USMC clergy offices, along with all church charters of any legal religion. A difficult topic, for all, about religions and subcultures that arise. Now, to find where that agreeable realistic order was waylaid that was accepted by the Mormon Church to help out the world of the Arts and lifestyles of it by encouraging Mormons to learn about Impressionism. Other churches received requests for something similar, and are effective with them, but because of the Mormon's tendency to be under the magnifying glass while being targetted illegally by the miscreants of Incursion I to VI that are raiding and invading ...

The USAF Air Force One Office's:Project Fashion is pleased to request the services of any and all heraldic artists for immediate employ within the scope of any or many product ranges that may be for the public consumer or the military in practicable projects such as described about ballet. The way to consider if you might be a reader also qualified for these needed art jobs and projects even if you are not an heraldic artists is if you are familiar with logo work. Then, you might be able to also help out with the art work needed just now.

The holidays are approaching and I'm getting more of my knitting needles and balls of yarn out, and will share the yarn a bit with my military cats at home. Count Zorro the military tomcat you know about here has his first fan club started, and is deciding what to do with a newly donated house and equipment for him to work as a military cat in charge of the military cats care and keeping. He's very pleased with everyone in the general populace for letting him work outside his own back yard.

Take good care, and I'll blog again soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall
commanding officer

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Fashion Wares Forwarned

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are having a good Autumn day even as the Incursion VI warnings are out again that relate to upcoming elections and also fashionable items in transit being burgled and worn by Incursion VI attackers. The USAF report from its Air Force One Office home of the Project:FashionOne is partly following. Firstly, boxes of test-marketing unique designer wear have been stolen in transit or delivery points and were located on homeland invader attempting attackers considered to be homeless transients in a capacity of professionally marauding and burgling homes. Secondly, the USAF officially reports the data of sociology studies turned in moments ago that most persons are now in ownership of merely two to five clothing ensembles or completed outfits; these are considered to be of their business attire or of benefit to their own business. These dire seeming statististics are compared against others such as the attempt yesterday by 80 million homeless-raiders gathered into their own massive grouping attempting to raid synchronistically in tandem affected cities by Incursion VI. For many of those depleted of wardrobing items, they are able to be using the ones provided from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne, which began with four shoes, two suits and shirts and ties, with socks the following delivery and more after that in the continual schedule. Being hopeful of attaining new or any more clothes very soon is not what the focus is of those polled, and that is because they are evidently seeking new sources of future income that take precedence for their next available personal funds. Foreclosures on houses that can be purchased perhaps with others as investors are about to become their most popular selection, but the USMC which often advices personal finance suggests it is a good time to study investments options for the near future that being sometime in a year to year and a half for yourselves as it has those polled. The reason for the most attrition of wardrobe items for those polled is the Incursion I to VI homeland raiding invaders of the dna-Insurgents. This being so, the Department of Defense and the War Department are interested in clarifying for the public sector the certainty all involved in defending the Homelands have that the main groups of Incursion I to VI raiding invaders are self-directed by a false belief system they were recruited into misclaiming that over about forty years or so they would with a schedule of up to several hours a day be assigned to a house chosen to supposedly earn by providing adventure to the occupants while raiding the houses in what these perpetrators-gathered misthought to be their useful items and wares to consume. Albeit, by cleaning up after themselves to the point of mastery of books they used to train with such as the publicly available cleaning hint books that were their study texts, as recorded with USMC Reconnaissance surveillance. In retaliation as a homeland defense by your worldwide governments part of this reconnaissance-level surveillance is the computer chips and similar equipment that I listed here before of the mind-reading and recording ability that is available to the law enforcement and similar in form to plug into any of their equipment data ports without adaptation, and immediately to begin the thought-recording process and send the data to the court houses as well as the other typical places for said data. The microscopic versions are also available to those who qualify as you might expect from studying the advance casework for this continual level of warfare declaration such as President Obama correctly declared against the specified categories and known invaders and their counterparts. Certain leniancy is available to those from the invader-counterparts resident and in positions of business or responsibility that were duped into believing they were working for real militaries or governments but in urgent specific with those who had one day and an hour or some similar oddity in their experience they'd thought to have been military boot camp training. They were not the actual boot camp trainees, and were not the assigned civilian teacher as they are considered to have been an inadvertant or waylaid-to-non-record level, now. These teachers in particular caught notice because they were of the caliber to have been recruitable for a short training class within any particular boot camp in history. There is correlation between similar sounding names of the actual historically present boot camp instructors who would've been full-time at the boot camps, typically, only inviting in an outside instructor for a specialty of a military unit in training such as if the trainer needed a sewing instructor for a type of course that was atypical. Only to those are the certain leniancies being extended to requalify them in hindsight and put them by demand through the actual military training camp. One another vein of this topic the War Department and the Department of Defense wish for you to know that any you know who went through this false one day or so training camp attempt were shown the money system of the military in error by the false instructors which includes having received money in cash forms or equivalents that wasn't theirs and also that they were taught to carry money or handle it for others, but again in error. This is a serious alert, that the money portion of those training camps which were only vacated temporarily for a few hours for the legitimate training unit to go to another location to train such as to learn to guard a shopping mall. So all affected actual military units will be trained in these gaps as soon as possible.

Other things have come up of non-urgent and historical interest and note that are also the new and of a historically renewed designated perview which involves Christian and Druid data. The fact that as many Druids were crucified by Ancient Rome in equal numbers to the Christians that were of that time is a small fact that has fascinated many people. The research that is delving into the roots of the Incursions I to VI is unearthing many newly fascinating details such as this. Interesting to the scholar and student alike, but hopefully of very great interest to those many of you, the good readership, that are agreeing to help out your militaries by accepting long-term assignments that include getting up to 30 scholastic degrees from the grants being donated or located by our militaries. The topics will assist in figuring out how these dna-Insurgents who recruited the masses of mentally retarded and homeless raiding-invaders were finding the equivalent of tax loopholes in everyday business and law. The president declaring warfare against this conspiratorial to the point of demise or harm or intention of levels called illegalis is correct. I'll explain more of the correct as this blog goes along but in the future. Meanwhile, perhaps you'll help out with considering double-degrees on the same topics but different versions of them which are available at both the junior college or community college level or the State college or private university levels. I found more than one, and selecting something such as double-Kinsian economics or heraldry-deliverance are such that are being accepted. Try to think of something you know or would be keenly aware about while learning more of, and thank you, in advance.

Resort and Fashion are two business industries that in some economics studies throughout history are sectors independently operative and fully supporting when holding all businesses within these two realms. Think about it, and you'll see why no type of legal business is left out. Formal business structures proposed and accepted worldwide at the first ever on record consortium style meeting between all human groupings and tribes already forming are very interesting to remember and discuss. Although not 'forming up' per se, as the military term is about becoming armed and such because the world was peaceful and not thought to need even a law enforcement, yet. The business plans of this meeting are viewable and all the official historic tribes and royal courts and similar have them and can compare. One these charts considered the formal business plans are the details known or being taught about how to interact in a world that revolves with all business and lifestyle forms of income being from Fashion and Resort. Another misconception of the recently recruited-illegalis participants-as-invaders in the Incursion VI raiding invasion is to tell new recruits into this crime-laden level to also overdo their use of fashions by discarding wearable fashions daily and also to behave most of the day or night as if at a resort that you might imagine, lounging about much, participating in over-adventure to the point of adventurism, and tossing money about in a usual one or two day using up of it all that is available. Beware and be aware. Some of the results of this discovery found a couple more of the military installations to become non-military and non-installation for the next forseeable future likely a few years, and are not to be considered a military installation or military destination for that time, now including the Blackwater Cafe in Stockton and the Valley Brew Family Restaurant. They've been over run by dna-Insurgents to this level, but the military milling about are still often on display.

Have a good day and I'll see you again on this blog, soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer