Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Salutations, Good Readership, thank you notes arrive from those openly thanking for added homeland defenses from your funding purchases all along, and from children to others whose homes and homelands and areas of employ or work were underguarded from previous underguaging once right for normalizing populaces not calcuating IncursionsI-XXIIIIV/of-mockery-24x). CIA-worldwide free by them paying for books following their instructiosn are among gifts suggested here to your request for gift appropriate and more childrens' books that are subcategorized from textbooks or novels of-topical-blog-or-seargents'-sites. Calling/contacting directly any CIA nearby office to placement of (homes of no longer suggested for expedience in ufo-connect-to-contact-true-story-from books good lines all day all night around CIA tourism facilities acceptable and in good tone from understanding awaiting aquirerers okay awhile. Topical too oncoming 9-Economy renamed from History as FED-accepted for worldwide by all Governments Fashion-Resort-Economy for textbooks to sudden needed economics including daily saving personal investing wardrobe plans or any business trend up/down to earn income streams of, too. Novels arriving same timeframe.
* how_to_sell_well; by R_lords, Dr. Jim Marks, joe_maum, a CA-PsyOps brochure included
* price_right_wars:no.13 -a-marketing book; by kmwall
* to-do_how_to_organize_life_finances; by kmwall
* -a_workforce_week; by Dr. Jim Marks
* advent_a_9:-a workweek what it is to business; by Dr. Jim Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* moor_and_the_door:about Moorish history; joe_maul, kmwall
* on_sites:novel set in Istanbul, discover of Garden of Eden; kmwall
* pheline:novel about contact with one, ancien setting, to/of NYPD extra data of; by kmwall
children/willing to share book with them
* petty_bear: novel for children or of worldview, search-&-rescue bear from State of California and a new boar gone missing in companion novel, by kmwall
* petty_boar: novel paired with above; by kmwall
* grasshopper; novel by Dr. Jim Marks, joe_maum
other studies to alternate data or official:
* kraft_graph:about witchcraft today; by four_brothers, kmwall
* badge_1018:novel about herself, by General Short's children listing, kmwall
* king_stevven:novel, man housed by USSF errantly and not one of, espionage true cases data within; by General Schwarzkopff
Sartorially yours,
USAF, fashion director
ARMY(any)finance et al

Incursion XXIIIVin/toTeddyBearWarsReason/BooksGifts/Thanks

Salutations, Incursion XXIIIIV is regarded at 108,000 evenly numbered homeland invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security for describing the paramilitary styled attempted raids into houseing and homeland office space/s; angled swathed 2-heraldry:heraldance (see degrees of Mission College of Santa Clara, CA school system or military schools typical curriculum forgotten history not lore); reviving into the duplicates of Teddy Bear War Day non-reenactment when the Government and Military used force to deter factual threats to disarm and invade/dissuade this and other countries for having a first teddy bear on the market recalling it was collector's item guarded, into bombs weapons removed from and it from harm; repeats of planned entries to cities and homes not houses-open were recorded satellite plus and two of from days when children rescued from abductions international returned to families by Navy and privatized 27,776 (copy cat of 27,761 previously) that is of now known over 18-years-old applicants to ARMY/military from rescues and willing to tell they didn't receive their tongue-organ replacement transplants from fund now known absconded to weaponry by enemy-declaring-embezzler, boys tongues will be replaced by former White House bloodline families finding it sudden and surgical procedures to/for returning them to non-mute. They were also attacked as recent hours by imposters to ufology subject matter that altered themselved by known not FDA-approved buy systemized to studied dna-transfer to surgical alteration of illegalis skin organ donations or similar by pretense-extraterrestrials of common complaint in non-official ufology-study reports of serious abductions to-homes, and of reflect to 101-USSS/SSfiles casework of special-effects helmet to other for same to look like or alike, *\(d.)agenting.