Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and Uranus Made Time For

Salutations to everyone, and since I ran short of time on the PC last blog, I am filling in the Uranus data as it relates to the field trends of Fashion and also the relationship of it to the motivations or actions of the Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant attackers. The attacks upon affected cities by the series of Incursions I to XI determined underway already of the 88 years warfare declared against all populaces on the surface of the earth and now also below ground where lost in time is continuing of the defined 80,000 to 120,00 or thereabouts attackers at a time to an exact multiple or division of ten. The numbers are relating sometimes to other systems of numbers from the ancient systems traced back to the scores of creation stories, some from Biblical lore and others to tribal. Acknowledging that although one affected city, this one where I reside in Stockton, CA is not making lists of best to live in for enjoyment just now, it is liking coming up with rejoinders to revered media such as Forbes Magazine. Always one of my own now and again favorites. I feel myself that Stockton is agreeable to the decisions of its leaders and council members to despite homeless raiding styled paramilitary armed attackers from anywhere but here that it is a city that deserves of its many goals to continue to be a place to work in fashion designing, home decor studies and also the Arts. The USMC ARTS is partly or mostly centralized from Stockton, CA, and as the temperamental or figurative traits of artists historically do, the character definable of this city is able to recover itself from even low-votes by its activities in avocations. The USAF heads met and meet here regularly for the field of Fashion and recent to the discussions are the historic ancient datum from Uranus being a moontide equivalent. For the field. It is one area of the ancient-fascination nightsky that was logged as dotted with images of models, male and female, in cosmetic appearances and stances that -- discoveries being in the Ages -- sold wares. Clothes were detected in the nightsky also, based upon the fractal so-named math equations explaining that bigger or smaller if undisturbed the images of Nature and the Universe appear to be repeats of themselves. Once disturbed, by a toxin or a blockage or a choice, perhaps even, the math changes into a new pattern. This type of data held by historic fashion field workers and others in medieval social orders was a recent reason for Incursionists to illegalis target them, for their preserved knowledge. Not needed much until, ironically, nowadays again when the fields they were traced to be explaining have been threatened. Once again, and those who work historically or by choice in them. The small moon named 01 for now among the discussed is green and blue and appears much like Earth to a viewer. The images about it in the gas belt along with the starry night sky around it in orbits makes a seeming image of a perfect male fashion model to appear about it, posing and offering to show the emblematic badge and jacket. Of a sorts. Blinking, even. Many such romanticized and lovely thoughts were left to us all by the beloved ancestry, making the data comprehensible if still data intensive to the descendants.

Another moon that affects the energies of the field of fashion also detectable by standard laboratory measuring equipment (once told what to look for, see Ancestor's cue card) is Io. Another star, called Solarus in logs. And so on. No reason for attackers, but then the homeland invasion coded raids as declared by all governments and all militaries worldwide consider the same official alerts needed regarding the Incursions I to 88th years of to be at the same high alert whether by motives or not. Thank you to all who are supportive of the military worldwide while reporting in your candor and questions about seeing them posed about cities in camo guarding well. I, for one, being a commanding officer officially am welcoming your observations. Having both official and autonomoe(to ooooos and ooves, et al) thereby handling with all working around the clock to use official routes and inroads and also the preserved correct data to wage return warfare against non-country non-religion attackers amassed with real weapons and hundred-years at a time and multiples of it warfare, I appreciate all your help.

Religions underground were found, as mirrors of ones atop having been separated by the misdirections of someone or something in history past. So, they are determined to be the same religions, with some 40 new schisms legalis just this week logged in at the USMC Religions. Pick up your data for these arising and once missing fractions of the bloodlines of our sought past. Literally searched and rescued for as you know after the Fed announced that it had determined not lack of hard work by any or all as the reason for the economy not rising apace but missing workforce. Chronicled in history, once again.

Much good data is also coming out of the initiative of renewed hard work is coming in from Mexico recovering sooner rejoining the USA and other countries as it has its Navy and Air Force autonomoe with us all, and its other militaries regularly facing off the enemies they once asked USSF to remove from there. Mexico is reporting in good statistics of women particularly returning to Universities en masse. On their study lists, top, are computer science and math. Since this blog pushed into the math arenas of business and scholastic domains, I am glad to know that many of the good readership are already there, ahead of time. The other thing that Mexico is here working on is in the Arts, and is about smoke in art, fashion, or similar. From misty pictorial to fuzzy attire, and you can imagine. Following the lights in the Arts already understood, then the shadows reintroduced by assignment historically belonging to USSF and affiliates, and now this welcome level. Watch your textbooks in particular for direct explanation to simple allusion and other styles of learning.

I'll look forward to blogging with you again soon on this official site of the military and PhD referential blog of history:costume. Please remember to enter the contests from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne and ask for the lists at the Police Station near you of the work available in all these fields, now and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religion, co-head
USN, project literature