Friday, February 4, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and Reading the Gear Galore-s

Hello to everyone and I hope that you as the good readership are able to notice the marked patches and heraldry worked into the 'any wear' gear of soldiers and soldiery and soldiering in especially the affected cities by Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant battled today, or tomorrow. Too, the adamant trade school like(d))-look/s. These looker ensembles are from the long Old World history of using everyday wear in a popular at the time for good-feelings in the public sector that type of attire or any of something partially matched with it; instill confidence, is what it said then, and now. Of course the ability to read some of the specialized mostly black-on-blackened and often brackened (pottery glazed levels of rust, bronzed browns blackish and blackened to read-to-redye-black) unit's self styles. Lineal paramilitary units are inployed as they are in motion ready to return fire, upon or at ..or.... There is a good amount of interest in this fashionable appearance that is of the arriving guarding units of remilitarized historic bloodlines and their ilk and friendships that are uncommon in valorous outlook. Willing to think, it could save their sister sometime, if another does for them the same, also. Or, as it comes about. Thank you is appropriate to the fast response of the quietly approaching and helping law enforcement when some of these danger-skill-trained soldiering official arrivals were breached or attacked or rolled or robbed or attempts made of, and so there is the unusual of civilian area actions and activities cooperatively interploying. That it would in a movie such as First Blood referred to here before as the accurate description of the into-city-arrival-by-foot pathways traversing walks and crosses for view from above or below or in-mind, literal crosses of the units or their action-packs: lists from, like a football teams play manual has diagrams of manuevers to reach places under greatest duration and wiht optimal speed. In race course on regular roadways training, some of or many of you good readership have learned how to traverse a path by zig or zag rather than serpentine and braking along each curve. Energy optimal. The case work from the Santa Barbara, CA over-blow into the military domain and framework is still the how-it-is-being-done for the handling, for now, until more personnel are freed up to hands-on do the data entry or other recordkeeping chores at hand. Those in retirement who were speedy recordkeeper for either a military-known (unknown works also for now with credentialing properized for us of USSF, on to ...... Some work is in a list again at the Police Stations, then, as with the USAF Air Force One Office's:ProjectFashionONe(UN is one or the letters or numbers involved, to take off the list, also for hiding who is working this sensitive project) to direct the individuals from the little-girls-murdered-synch-Of/s - not nice work, though. The levels of the patterns used to attack upon the public in this awful manner hindering familial growth and leveling tribal type featured focus of children who seemed to have been the victims selected because of styling as well as genetic coloring and features. Middle-easter Euro-featured, hair styles of napes, included. There is also styling and clothing attire designing work for those of the courage and ability to quickly respond that can work on fashion or hair styles for these age groups: fashion-code is 'pecan' and so because the submissions-accepted-by-paying-forth are of the copyright-level to protect a city-wide and another-level(s) will be scoured by CIA operatives of fashionable trained eye-balling technique comparing what is healthful not hurtful and likely to omit damaging attacking lures from their wear. Gear, to them, for the new now. Please consider these projects-for-pay, as this.

Be certain to sign up for the LTC courses in your affected area now (today, only) from the city council nearby's Office of Emergency Services (OES). They've been very helpful with the fashionable arts in your city's with planning the reconstructive protection layers of planning for restoring artwork and other memorables for your own enjoyment lately, after superb plans having been structured to preserve and restore your civilian area. Alone, or in tandem.

Others interested in helping the USMC Arts from the public sector civilian musical category who can assist the non-civilian pertinent persons trying to decode a furthering and forgotten while doing fashionista fashion of fashionable optimum moment minutae fashion-trend data(um) ssstufffs underground ... Well, expert musicianship training or ability to hear and think of a number range scientifically for the cuneiform premiere ancient language being studied as -UN-on-up. As it is called, now. It had a name that mis-translated into That Most and Useless Near(ing)language. That one I have to use after school a lot and get homework done, too, is what many of those facile with it in worldwide networks that are legal in these historic fashion bloodlines overlapping with musical and artful advertising moments you've known did behind the proverbial scenes. Thank you for helping out the USMC Arts with the time pressure cooker level need and therefore request for your time at hand to work on dull and eardrum-dulling levels to catalog and later for some coursework materials. Official. Math and music have always interplayed and also that sound and light in waves can with our equipment very old and now of interest anew is the ability for light to change into sound and vice versa. Also of cuneiform languages which this is, the future-levels now, being a future. Have in mind the childhood inquisitiveness of a scientific eyeball on the microscopic focus to being adding in the unlimited variant. This to convert any of the meanings of the letter-number-concept-philosophies-future(-ing)storyline into also musical. Same place to ask for this work. A later military letter of job reference level is to arrive for all of these types of urgent requests from you, the good readership. Again, always asking from you who've supported this blog over the years.

Tomcat Count Zorro is especially pleased and uncommonly patient today in his gracious gratitude for those who purchased the funding (geared for the children) of the search-and-rescue cats in the water scenes. The later interest being catered to will be for those in the AMA and other medical professions including for the animalia fields such as animal husbandry for another round of education film taped. About how a tomcat that does search and rescue will have sometimes the beaver of a tail to help him not sink as fast as a regular cat when he's adamant and on the job. The typical tomcat saves his neighborhood daily, and instinctually, so that he has many tufts misaligned in pride and has studious locations for espying all that is his. Domain, also. Count Zorro the tomcat is very grateful for the new helmet for battle and search and rescue that replaced several (often even winning versions) of his head-gear. A minor won the award, name withheld to protect. Being said, the search and rescue dogs are not able to chew this headgear cap or hat off, now. It emits a dog's-ear-only whistle that is like a skunk scent to the dogs. His mangled hats of headgear are a thing of the past. For now. Please continue, though, to enter the contests for fashion with the military, USAF Air Force One Office's: ProjectFashionOne

ARTS being in the USMC guardianship worldwide continually from now on has seen some good changes that should help those of you (and myself) that are working artists and also the hobbyists with changes such as standardizing contest entry fees. Please be aware that they should for most be regular to their own comparison. If you volunteer to help us with funding for the USMC that guard your civilian terrain, then the entry fees ($4-5USD for us) will lend you the chance to win at, and the proceeds to be divided as we do, when perhaps you would not have thought to enter or hadn't thought of doing your volunteering through USMC ARTS. Into the macabre of real life that USMC ARTS also handles or addresses, those of P.I. training and interest for casework are able to handle some casework for USMC ARTS as available. If you have a fine arts background or advertising and can delineate between psychological differences if given a quick course or list of details to compare, then you will be helping out the very many in the long run. Please contact the USMC near you, or the corporal of charge at the USMC ARTS offices and from any official military recruiter office in-ploy (open, then). Designated by a certain code carried by you away from the Police Station near you, or from its seargent at arms from any religion clergy guard office you are aquainted at.

Welcome to your civilian affected area by Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders the RAF and its affiliates from other locales, for those in American cities not accustomed to many of the foreign helping out. These RAF and similar have been joing the USMC ARTS workload by becoming Army and such, Rangers today as they are converting to and checking in. Housing is needed for some short or long timeframes for these especially RAF military personnel who are exceptional in the Arts and musicology and will be working in these sudden field openings. Also, protecting your area, from there, too. Thank you for letting the HUD near you know of your proper housing available to them.

On-coded warfare at police stations displays (prepaid desktops/laptops official at the stations to view from, to, through to) the Trex-true this third autonomoe is on funder and fund-s and similarly approached, approachable are any military personnel you know, today. Or on, about it all. Fourth was attempted as a battle against any city on the affected link-list of 900,000 by an enemy-grouped and self-declared to call it warfare against the real world, mayor's offices threatened by real warfare declarations, again, inclusive of all.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religions-all, co-head
USN, project literature