Friday, May 6, 2011

Incursion IX Too and UFO Civil Contact and Funding

Salutations and I hope you are able to enjoy the Springtime even as the Incursions of dna-Insurgents homeland-invading coded in home raids and other systematized attacks on the public in multiples of ten in the 902,818 affected cities (numbers may be increasing based on other data coming in from the statisticians soon from those relayed by the Law Enforcement agencies) are shifting back into a plotline attack system from romances to science-fiction. There is a task force level forming up to join in the President's Task Force on Identity Theft files with: economy, pets (cats of over 60,000 educators tortured while they were at work in attempts to stop the work of educating) and others soon: please volunteer at your local clergy office or through the postal inspector for applications, if unaware of how to do so through the governmental systems. Some successes include apprehensions of the DEA casework for #403 that is of an attempt to attack 400,000 persons or places with a malaria plant hybrid, one that imitates a malaria symptomology. There are the other usual needs for responsiveness that you, the Good Readership of 81% of the known populace contacted by the Military and FBI and others have been keepin up on terrifically. And don't forget to thank the law officer near you for giving up their 'lunch money' earnings per case to investigate the tunnels with us for the missing children and animals being reported in to the military. So that there is by this morning 450Million grants of education of the special category emulating the military system called 900-Diamond that from FIT-SUNY and Wharton College is for pushing forward regular support into a savings as the grant covers basic food housing and transportation and meeting money guaged in order for the attempt to challenge or co-challenge or take coursework to a degree program for the colleges to be done; they are gracious of our help from the Military, now, also.

Please check in with the Turin, Italy UFO office (civil) also, for recent NASA data on ufo cases, not e.t.s and unfriendly friendly fire.

Take care,