Friday, September 9, 2011

Official Alert Incursion 1(x)iii; Ant Symbol 11:11s

Salutations, Official Incursion 0-XXIII on photo-negative affect effectively swathing in openings to newcomers to all-comers racing into housing illegalis, into rushed to place any straying from agreements of legal housing quickly by States; shambles to extorhtions on premises and converting informants handing over monthly to other schedules (2-days per annum, bi-annual) of home invading to 'own' it by when. Despite real owner/occupant on premises, confronting. The duped converts are being re-placed in alternate courses. Economy-9 of the FED accepted cuneiform-UN system (ARMY(any)heraldry office's paramilitary into weapons devised by) language taught from some schools now (BYU, Stanford; Univ. of Utah; in Toledo, Spain soon, Language Training Center nearby Monterey), explains 'energy' of further Economy favors Investors, to do, into interest as income sources, more soon. Chichen Itza lore type data is both happy and feared by attention givers and 11:11 a type of past New Age lure has an economy counterpart noted not intuitive but fractal pattern making on the Kinsean bell-curve that made a 'maup' spot expected (not hoped or not) and the general populace's linked ability to use the First Lady's 17th channel of a dedicated satellite to her for fashion choreography archiving was used to communicate to the 93% populace networked legally by Military linkage doing an end-result of the 41-flip-flop cycles on Economy graph to do its good-end. At the (11,11) of and x-y-graph system, generalized, signal indicator. The comments from military heads and heads-of-state, "Very funny." Good and well. Thanks to swift actions to search and rescue partly from previous blog and efforts, the public facility (restrooms on beaches, parks, centers) attacks reported were stopped in act. The Justice Department's CDC here and elsewhere have data on the additional decoration motives in use; search and rescue animals brought to fore still on land for, and local charities to animal handler coded welcome to work-tabs (extra pay) to feed or groom or extra-house adequately-coded. Forty hours without home invasions ensued after the code-6 of non-stop effort until done. Dixon, CA and similar have such as General Short's 20 brood giving authorized lectures for free/pay of experiences in search and rescue to working with working animals in newer old economies making as much to more per day to allow handlers to receive out of budget cycles. Twenty-three thousands law enforcement personnel in Dixon radius are especially thanked in focused lectures and here as well as other law enforcement and civil and civic servants, including Homeland Security head, on foot. Boons and free books again below and soldier's benefits for missing-vehicle arrivals.

Trend business timing of 5-7 years ahead of manufacture deadline has businesses arriving at various locales, one always at a new place out of ten on list. Toledo, Spain area is hotspot now and of destination so that other boons out of attacked trend primordial places for businesspersons of include gifts of free transportation/stay by listed from seargents' sites and United Airlines of available first-class to business-class with animal of business in main cabins front to first class not with cargo.

Other gifts include Humane Society of America feeding on trains animals shipped instead of flown for concern of atmospheric pressures, to some animals any environ stress change is shorter lifespan. Of transvxerse economy bolster system IRS-touted (and David Bach taught, free to many) is anticipated payroll taxes affected State of Alabama which has fund named 'ancien-and-old' monies left for since Constitution signing; for.

Search and rescue high interest countrywide areas is answered by USMC ARTS/R and Mexico's Artillery (full military) for named in ancien times B_anean_stule a named economy to sign up your animal at home for search and rescue training.

Thanks to the international news and day show coverage of lace of the kaunake times, there is funding on Victorian era resin-lace patterns. Thanks also to the response welcoming lace in history on modern shows. From the USAF AirForce1Office's: ProjectFashionOne contest of the ra-rug of rag-rug styled tapestry there are 10 more days and 50 winners already, USD$800 each. Entries welcomed.

History of interest, rare marsupiam humans found from temple of roman area ancient locale, 6th baby in CA-Psy Ops care; not Darwin grouping. Ants also were the beauty symbol for centuries more on soon.

More books free from CIA's nearby credit card of Fashion Resort Economy for those who need-to-know paid for by the number in buy-now prompt, or can be bought by others wanting to own one and thanks for buying many of my own co-writing, too listed:
* go_no, by daen and kmwall
* quan_do, by daen
* travis_travails_9-art, a bookset by denver-unit jaouen
* don_to_toe organic team, a film training, by Dr. K. Keith
* dxealant, by reese_a_ghost
* a_dun_f, by gregory orph
* daun_saun, a clergy game (higher education){author omission an error}
* black_suns_peddling_a_mounts: take tample 2-performance av solutions in e (warfares affect) by old_man_see and kmwall
* drama_k_-an_ancien_wight; by James Marks and KMWall
* a_fashion_statement by Jay A. Wall and KMWall
* dreaded_red, by James Marks
* dresden, wells, and fish by Stockton P.D. representatives benefitting Police Station employ

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, global
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance
NAVY(any) project literature
USSS-1018, USSF-SS, NavySEAL, et al