Thursday, January 12, 2012


Salutations, official homeland invasion correctly coded costume-4-war of attackers into houses businesses and of 3-pronged 108,000 & 110,000 & 104,000 attacking evenly numbered raiding 901,000 cities as data free from any Police Station by a.m. of and from Homeland Security its Agencies all any worldwide, of renewed interest meaning repeat of Incursion-1 300 days duration by any foreign Military to U.S.A. handled on direct contact. Of day 40gallons feces dust dropped illegally intentionally over Stockton, CA, USA, of invisible plane attempt by technology of Stuka-typed attempt seen places by many and brought down by Airborne, as an increased most of it dropped fecal product onto any city known history not matched by home incursion invasion level of manure deposited illegalis into over 100,000 stopping all drains to Indic Military system brought in to assist cleaning to U.S. Congress' orders to restore fully all damage by of dna-theft to threats of deterred by their daily pay for death of assailant to cash + paid by them for it of attackers usual pay upped, and of alike to errors of listed by International News this blog site official and Military stating no errors of mentally ill Jennifer McNitt can be planned to be type into raids of city for reason of insanity getting off charges immediate as HM Queen ElizabethII helped Steve Young football star and myself and others deterred by her attacks into using 40,000 helicopters illegally against Stockton against error too erroneous to forgive and records of it and else on file USSF to any cleared because of over sensationalizing demise by illness to pretension greatness not done actual otherwise and of her spouse legal Military actual unlike her as doctor to doctors in-field at a combat location specialized equipped. Other attacks alike into affected areas include cha-che a said cha-cha of Mayan self-styled-crime lore to it to raise children against law pretending all life is a game to have mother's support for over extreme lifestyle of stolen paycheck to child raised to adulthood by it still thinking world is game not required to work for pay by applying for it to acceptance by employer wide scape of up to 80% affected populace sought found into workforce training rebuilding by FED orders already, FBI rebuilding exampled shopkeepers on-trend timed etc. Other attacks are to persons or groups widespread of History to local lore of in an area and of conspiring against as President of countrysides announced a warfare permanently declared against any for it up to his level of protection of victims of conspiring, and below book etc listed this staff-seargent's/seargent's sites and of such as f.)vice-president Al Gore's freed data on avoidance of identity-theft severe helped by joining of social clubs tax registered with records aligned immediate help so that if identity theft case number full tax deduction again allowed for it by IRS any affiliate also on-going. More.

Contest, for manuscripts unpublished or self-published a non-critique award for reading of it being a letter referenceing it for publishing worthiness and unreturned manuscripts and of 10 categories winners of contests may be announced on Internet, and category 1 literary horror including bible status finishing school manuals paranormal lore to history therefore to send email to request mailing address for it with USD$200 accompanying 40 days approximate reply, 1st contact assessing validity is USN, or any Department of State worldwide affiliate also or any Police Station's cop_A or to Jay Wall an Osmond Family Office named alias to the work, any HUD office after hours recorded, or DA Office any light_2 coded or : being of prestige of introduction for manuscript accepted to be read as I'm pleased to pass along goodness in a form from my working aligned with co-authors including regularly of Al Gore, Ian Fleming, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson, Steve Berry, Joe Judge (ivy and League); by CIA-free and thanking with reward to public by f.)President Teddy Roosevelt his fund for gift to populace down economically, IRS 1/2-deduction allowed for party for helping schools order by its rules, or any credit card company by its lode card used lowered interest rate on it by 1%, thanks to Law Enforcement today and District Attorney Offices and Military plus Cvcc Civil Offices, most topically chosen free by non-invasive technology:
* bean:novelized identity theft; by cop_spd
* d.e.w._on_store_-un:stuff from White House awarring by D.E.W.
* act_3_real_ware:royalty and heralds novice heralds to them necessaries; by Saint Andrews Society and kmwall (of)
* grand_gate:novel of Steve Young a '49er fight for life love rights and of 2-identity theft by JMcNitt others teamed; by House of Wales Prince William
* dry_ads:text, 2-fashion victims; by kmwall
* code_bleu_us_eo:music; by Robert Plant, Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson
* chicle_et:novel with novice play included; by George, Steve Young a '49er, kmwall
* bridxes:manual, weddings-2, vulgar beauty
* place_to_set:booklet 90 pages table settings placement mats, type to order from recommended by Princess Michael of Kent and monks designing by order form; by peoria_m
* dressed_to_horror_nines:text, Fashion, by Stephen King
* jesus_flag:heraldic flag included; by official House of Wales restored now Merovignian Court
* gainsay_economy:text, economic; by kmwall
* alum_rock_park_walks:of Saint and Joaquin Murietta's; by joe_nouavgnh
* pare_3:puzzle book more from State of California S&R bear Abracus
* ask for all bear bobcat topic gifts also in series
* dressed_to_nines:novel, identity theft, casework in actual; by NYPD
* rent_in_green; by RENT, kmwall
* candy:brochure; by Tim Goodsell
* -a_funerary planner:by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* monster_mash_kids party kit post-Halloween_Xmas; by mean_men_11
* 12_vitamins:performance special-ops level used by Military; by Adelle Davis
* -a_better_table:bear artistry White House decor inside level; by Ron Wall
* poem:by degree_joe_cop
History, of released by Sorbonne and Academy of Arts San Francisco based is also from costume historians their guaranteed data on Victorian Age it beginning actually 1711 before promoted by Queen Victoria so naming it hers to help in low economic times global a queen gathering it to market sector making it available by sailors mainly; to market on seargent's sites from here, other.

Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer worldwide and FFL
minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF, director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/, finance and a USSF
NAVY(any/, project literature and a USN SEAL
Saint Andrews Society governing all Royalty officially titled et al