Thursday, January 6, 2011

1950s Awake and Incursion IV to VII Alerts

Hello to everyone and as I understand that most of you the good readership has already read yesterday's blog, I hope you'll find today's as useful with the official alert of Incursion IV to VII of dna-Insurgent-miscreants-embezzling-too on. In the Military, we use a code-on, an official light on a board like at a football game scoring look level sometimes to traditionally to say that warfare is declared against someone or something. Detected is more warfare styled and approached attacks upon the public soon as their tax refunds are being requested by as early as January 15th in many large populaces or early business sectors. The 1950s saw the investor seeking solid and overt investments mirroring and opposite of the good investments of the Victorian era when tables were set up on the street, and all investing could be done quietly and in order of approach, without danger of the investment being lost or stolen. The rush was after to notify others in groups elsewhere to invest in the same. The 1950s also saw a revival albeit quietly of guru-styled investing thought in the trust of the spiritual connection to money, but the New Age groups of later decades benefitted in the sound choices, then. The gurus as money yogis of the Victorian era were greatly influencing still the idea that thinking upon money for some time daily could bring a subconscious solution clearly to mind. One that could be trusted to be acted upon, immediately and even in a rush. The embezzling attacks by psi warrior types raiding and homeland invading now in Incrusions IV to VII from a supposed Queen Elizabeth I connection to a miscclaimed African tribal grouping are actually historically tracked embezzlers. Known to be able to dupe the public with their genuine veneer of spiritual or royal demeanor with a seeming courtly approach, the attackers were even noted to have been behind the embezzlements of royal courts. Of course, they'd visited or been in residence. Money, the motive. Be cautious and continue to work with the Military on your investment firm selections for guarantees if you need to traverse or be visible making investment errands. Couriers, as well, are in danger for their lives as in the past and noted then by former President George W. Bush; available from the CIA factfinders units of the Fact Book ilk. The Army handles officially Finance worldwide, and please feel free to contact about your concerns. Couriers from the military are available including those you may have utilized in past years such as USSF volunteered and offered for nominal fee.

In addition to yesterday's work available assignments mentioned on this blog, please be open to considering also a daily illustration assignment for cartoon or similar for news items. Daily assignments are needed to be fulfilled. Also today are still tens of thousands of work assignments to read full manuscripts from about one to two decades past and compare to checklists for suitability to various emerging opportunity entertainment markets. The need to revive many home businesses inclusive of writers and entertainers is also on the minds of the Law Enforcement as they specialize in helping guard home business and lives involved around them, so please pick out this type of work assignment from the Police Stations. They have the lists from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One, for example, and the other ones are easily searched for from the computers provided by prepayment systems by the Military grants. I know you will always be polite.

In the future the Military will be glad to supply housing with certain long-term scheduled work assignments for those on paths in the Arts, in particular, and inclusive of Literature and Finance. From deserted housing in the affected cities, about one-third in many, there will be updated lifestyles and situations guarded and conducive to these professions becoming on-going again. Begin to sign up with your resume in mind and your career focus with the relevant military, the USMC ARTS handling it now.

The USMC ARTS has a moment of more opportunity for sales or lease of fine art using our warfare-code-on legalized black and grey markets. During warfare, you'll recall as an educated history buff that black markets fall into the ownership of the military and are useful. Too many art dealers and handlers of art are being attacked by Incursion I of the past to III and now in Incursion IV so that the handling of actual sales of much fine art is being conducted by the military, again. Art dealers are often incognity and usually are able to get from location to place without comment, and handle art purchases often in cash. They've been robbed and raped and tortured or similar on their route to galleries and similar. This is unacceptable for the business of the ARTS and so the USMC will be pleased to handle these sales and transactions. The difference also means the art pieces moved will be able to fetch their actual value pricing in the markets. Some of my own (being famed for the moment) are funding protection of affected cities by selling in the millions of US$. This is appropriate and although openly purchasing my artwork for an example is not a very safe matter for my main audiences, the route via the USMC ARTS is sound. The lists for relevant examples are available and I'm pleased to use my own success with this black marketing system in play (non-reenactment) for the hesitant art collector or dealer to gain understanding and make their own decisions. Leases of fine art and categorized artwork are also viewable and encouraged with this system. Many people don't know they can lease fine art for offices or restaurants or their abodes for nominal amounts. The extra insurance is usually very affordable in groups, or alone, but as with collectibles should be pennies a day for the extra coverage for these ventures in enjoyment of lifestyle.

1954 is a time being studied by the soldiers in Fashion today as we note Costume History details. Follow along with us if you are a student or avid in this field or its details. The last time a soldier's uniform peaked as a fashion statement, as some of my drab business daily ones have made the news with this Season, was 1954. The lowest time on this scale was in 1997, when the uniform then turned about and began to gather favor again in the public sector. For purchase or otherwise. The 1954 soldier's favorite date with a sweetheart was in uniform and at a park-setting and using the comfort of a standard issue USNavy blanket. Navy blankets in the actual shade of are not what they were; the navy color blankets, though, have a history of turning up at macabre real life settings of massive suicides. Noted often in ufo cult group endings.

I'm on another declared vacation time with the Militarys, my three-fourths employer, as some of you have curiously and legally looked up my USAF combined contract for lifetime work and assignments and requirements with your security codes. The other one-fourth of my schedules will become available to work in the public sector earning in what is called various terms of money making and separate from funding for the soldiering. Funding is still a new but good concept with you the very good general public. More is available today and for awhile if you contact your zoos and clergy for zoo styled settings of rather unique or revived historical and living life forms (household members) that are utilized in real warfare. Steeds, fighting cattle, animals and people genetically or surgically altered legally for battle superiority, and some of the newly arriving supra-dna from the dna-Incursionists turning themselves in and cooperating in full work against enemies declaring themselves. Clergy offices are becoming familiar to many of you, by now, for this effort, and you're to be thanked.

The Department of State is answering mail and efforts to reach celebritized soldiers including my returned to this warfare and once secretive spouse, a USNavy Seal, namesaked for M. Kelly (like the color green). I work directly with 56 soldiers with the same common name, so please be careful not to presume these often namesake friends or family members are the same person, or my spouse of thirty plus years. Some soldiers have openly met with me in the public and politely mentioned anniversaries and such, but this type of greeting ironically is overlooked by the eavesdropper including Incursionists I to VII. For reasons that the brain only works on so many levels. I respect the Department of State's official request to (post-funding) ask the public to stop sending my spouse mail as he doesn't receive any of it and it is entirely answered by the Department of State employees, in behalf. My own is mostly also handled by them historically as is any working royal-military's correspondence. Only two Holiday cards, for example, they were unable to send out this year for me, but that is part of regular years, warfare declarations aside. The funding you theSeveral operative names are always in available use for the regular and cover soldier and so many have businesses up and running in the public sector already that you may learn more about. Some have achieved celebrity with these job assignments from the military they've accomplished well. The celebrity roles often have died away with the assignment and like 1950s screen siren jobs of the past, for an example, film studios were accomplished at this type of combined job-role of a fictitous background and persona for entertainment. The fact that USD$ 920Million and more per day were brought in by many of you the good readership attending meetings to learn about my own secretive marraige in the military and 49 others for several days pleased all involved with your decorum. I hope you don't mind my asking you to hold back on fan mail to the sweethearts; compliance helps ease the 180Billion dollar daily bill to guard the USNavy Seals, in particular. No, they don't have wild lifestyles or other reasons, this is the guarding of nations, in certainty. If too much interest arises and is acted upon in the public zones, the bill to American taxpayers goes up. Most of you can use another forty or fifty dollars in your paychecks remaining or returned by not costing more to guard those who guard our world, just so you know about the request. The President of our country has also been cordial and is recognized here for his deft handling of this type of personal life detail on the news for me and others. Mostly, though, I'm hoping for your enjoyment of the ARTS and Fashion news and also more Finance.

Historical Costume which includes lifestyles is why this blog site was granted PhD referential status and because of the respectful handling of the data by those of you reading it over the years. I also again thank my boot camp trainers for their making it an official military site, and they are doing much more now for all of you, even as I am going on another vacation declared by the military. One in which I'll be reading and writing from home, in particular, studying with one of my special-ops units.

Take good care, and I'll blog again with you soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer,
USMC, ARTS and USAF, fashion director