Thursday, September 1, 2011

Official Incursion (x)iii and More Books Fashion and Black Suns

Salutations, the homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security level of response to protect against home invasions in swaths by derelict-by-choice-of-attack types to be mistaken by their victim areas as weathered in exercise to working in lawn types attire approaches were of 108,000 per 900,000 affected cities on list from Police worldwide; home exhtortions to rapes to animal bestiality to collecting poisonous substances and jewelry to small money of significance to thought of prestige. The business trends of past histories are of motto type attack lingo by home-invasion 'squads' self-styled following an apprehended woman and spouse-unknowning incarcerated into mental institutions because she thought suddenly she was a fashion director of the Air Force common and had a chance to take over the world from a breakfast joint asking Naval personnel to assist in. Attempts to take over the White House were similar, most days average 51 attempted now by USSS records and homeland invasion coding for today's Incursion (x)iii hereof is found in 102 to 109 and of badge1018 linked (mine). The attempts also to add more cities affected came in at 90,000 more reported in by Noon C.S.T. less the 10,000 halted from being added to Incursion (x)iii immediately by Law Enforcement's success in those places. Elefantitum or ele-phantom orderivation an elephantitus tribe 2/3 to 3/4 medically disabled but in history Bold on Mottos and in heraldic unit placement volunteered some of their longer lived from Mexico although most were removed from citizenry for earlier tribal demise in revelry gone overboard, and with women in tribe decending from Chichen Itza's surviving by Conquistador decision for benevolence or benign Orders then decided, now hassleing in home-invasion re-recruitment of their tribal lines by invaders trying to ally them to unlawfullness again, but many have joined the military and stand by despite the recruiting from their separated female groupings into clergy ancien studies. Boldness often is in public array to display of power to befriend or befriend for powered in moment, then to ... Recent blogs list links obvious to Incan data or of Peru to digs. Welcomed from similar histories is modernly arriving law following always an ancient cult called Aramoues that defended in search and rescue alongside trained personnel with their historic background as others have before, that has no direct link to Mormonism but is of their selected studies relating to truncation Amos, a book of, to their official bible/s. Choosing a different color than the oxblood red paint handed to others, their colors of units are oranged-blue: to apply for, paramilitary official any Military.

Black suns research in archives and from the math laboratories and astronomy laboratories working with the worldwide governments likened new calculations to categories linking the phantom black suns (on this blog and internation t.v. news +) among the visible black suns of 7 of the 11 as a four decoded: two side- by-side as viewing regular displays now approaching central from right relate to Wildlife activities; the next two link to government or 'governing' activities. Subtle affects of the light or magnetic energy affect is partial explanation of this type of matrix-available from D.A. Office(s), Stockton, fractal-system or recurring patterning math graphed, too. Of historic trends for four-day duration at a time.

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USAF, fashion director