Thursday, February 3, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts Gollum Arab Desert Sham Attacks Upon

Hello to everyone, and although the Incursion IX dna-Insurgents raids upon homes and other places has been limiting to one per day, today the attacks were by 110,000 paired mentally retarded MPD unfriendly (paranoid schizophrenics) that targeted illegalis a patterned array of victims. This raid level heading into Stockton, CA and other waterways was halted by cooperation with Military and Law Enforcement and others privatized here to help. Gollum-land is what those declaring warfare against us here called this artful and musically historic city, although it is not as historic as New Orleans in those areas where some of the ties to the attackers are attempting to motto-cry link to. Mottos existed in heraldry before the ones you noted in history courses or in genealogical studies. Always having been not random but with many years of thoughtful philosophical and worldwide connection intended behind the responsibility in each paramilitary unit's motto-cry. Save the planet, might be one, but more likely it is going to be the level of dna-trait or link such as discussed here previously to courage being ahead of the recessive dna of valour. Any of the dna-traits can be intaken such as vitamins for some duration, akin to the level of skincare products being able to alter for their time of use the dna-skin type reactions. Not forever changing, but while in use. The JRR Tolkein books that are among those being used for battle tactics against cities like this one where I reside and enjoy the fortifying of the arts, with residents into the ARt and ARtte as I mentioned yesterday being most interested in the future and long-term of the arts and other categories permanently being saved by the militaries worldwide. And those involved in them, legally. Those able to help in educating the sought four million living girl victims (perhaps others will be found) that are expected as in the past with the massive deaths by torture for snuff film by the warfare declaring Incursion IX dna-Insurgents homeland invading are being asked to sign up for the work ahead. For pay. There is a sudden grant of a good hearted group that would like to catch up these students who missed school by no fault of their own. Three years old to middle-age is about the level expected. Don't give up if your informant data is being delayed as it will be added in to the whole while the living four million girls expected with the delivery for identification four million cadavers of little girls is being handled. Remember that there are no known or authorized religions that ever allowed this type of atrocity in any history, and today again the accusing finger is going to mormonisms supposedly in schisms trying to stay infiltrating at the leadership on down level. There is no such illegalis systems or activities allowed in any religion and the lies of being told to live good clean moral lives in order to desecrate lives and humanity and animal kingdoms is not any part of any level of the Mormon Church, officially or unofficially. A self-proclaimed witch but illegalis attempt of one from a known brothel history illegally spying with false data then was apprehended and executed by the Military officially today. The warfare acts of spying illegally automatically put it into the military hands, and yet there are more cases for law enforcement to pick up from us in the military today. Including 90 identity thieves of the local judges marauding from business establishments open to the public today. Permanent unchangeable warfare declarations have been returned and are in the civilian area styles of handling while the military also has jurisdiction fully in any potential or present endangered or even plain scared business sector or religion. Again, our worldwide militaries are linked and the autonomoe acts inployed are today in effect taking back the facts into the factoid range to guarantee the worldwide safety and continuation ... more on this later on.

Legedary fables and historically linked fiction is still being used against affected cities and those in the very entertaining JRR Tolkein series should never have been turned against any of us, of course. Angel hair is another type of legend, being declared fearful in ufology researched communities if dropped from the sky. It is not, has been traced to ancient and historic mattress stuffing, and is not a report of concern now for private ufo research groups, either. The waterway settled areas are the worry, connect into by attacks the false stories turned into fictional entertainment levels. Often called ghost stories, like a famous one that is of Jean Lafitte proclaimed to have been experienced in New Orleans lore of a victim attacked on a ship by his ghost. The ships planks did not actually cover any genuine naval ship's or actual sailor-accredited's huge chest of mixed treasures to baffle a fallen victim. The real ships stacked the huge chests against the aft wall only in the captain's cabin, which served a double purpose as a buffet serving table, gaming table, or wet bar. Naval protocol demanded this, and it was part of the worldwide security level measures since time immemorial. These chests also housed only one type of gold, or silver or currency level item, and were always holding it, whatever it was, never to be cycled into the currency systems for actual use. They were the collateral. Guarantees, taken to other places as needed to then be used in areas being built up. Not conquered. No links to slavery systems used in economics of countries, or ascensions to thrones or revolutions. One such case is still open at the USSS as a 103 or 104 and may be accessed there with other datum for casework.

Gollum-type despicable characters are from Arab lands and legends from there, and there are no real counterparts in Western cultures of the once-young-male-military-hero self-selecting to destroy his body and mind and degrade into an unsightly form for the sake of gaining power. The most useful thing that is able to be had from these Arab legends is up to the one being entertained by it, it has no basis in history. Except that ring-love attacks were warfare declared against the 900,000 affected cities (plus 8 now and again). Ring being a power tool by Gollum as it had been on the hands of powerful people. The actual stories of power and rings are reversed as the rings of heads of state were given out after power was achieved, but then there is the fiction of it all for you good readership. Ring-love attacks are among the plays on words attacks by dna-Insurgents who are the miscreants of historical warfare raids on or around battlefields, and similar, but ring-love attacks are simply drugs or medicines not yours slipped illegally into any beverage. Knock-outs. As in prior international alerts including the date-rape ones on news networks, the links are clear. Other declarations of the gollum-land warfare declared by dna-Insurgents raiding at nearly 100,000 per day per affected city include also fable-marriages or faked-weddings upon victims, so-called angel-butchering or butcheries on illegal broadcasts disguised as sudden pornography fees, priestly training quips or quotes, and perhaps more to come will be flooding up, after the recent raids regurgitated then flushed it all above ground, if not above board. I'll go more into the morrass of Egyptian moments soon, as I also work for that head of state and their military, as well, having received my relevant paramilitary coin of achievement; as I did with mossad and USSF and others to come.

The USAF Air Force One Office's:ProjectFashion is providing safety color cues for those in the business of Arts or Fashion or concerned to protect. Just as red incites after a 9/11, for awhile, it also then it is happy around the holidays. Things to handle the now, for those in need. No cost, and please share within your groups.

Take good care and remember to turn in to law enforcement any reenactment illegalis, which are the dna-Insurgents and their illegal recruits.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS co-head
USN, project literature