Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Official Incursion XXII+ Books and Economy Ten Minutes

Salutations, our today's Military official alert of the about everywhere for some while crime-wave behaving paramilitary impersonating homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security (to CIA), of numbers divisible by 10 raids of raping maiming torturing exthorting still underway in named by D.A. Office in Stockton, CA to any locale's, headway made with stopped: law trained attackers approaching royalty bloodline children and mentally retarded (savante, under-detectable) in public to threaten coming-home-for-day persons to personnel of White House in 50th of day attempted takeover (usually up to 57 before) halted by mostly law enforcement officers houses and housing available catching in act of attempted. The FED determined a slow-economy, motivation of home invasions linked to businesses honestly not able to lose 10 minutes per day of business after previously announced under hard-economy data that 20 minutes per day could not be lost, but that most people can have four income streams already. Training still everyplace from IRS to FTB in CA to privatized to private financial gurus of fame about: income (streams) being not same as net income on balance sheets familiar to more and more. Good to help plan, but some underattacking bloodlines to mistaken for USMC commissioned but attacking under banner assigned raids from mentally retarded persons institutionalized today are doing parolee level replanning with CDC and others to: assist soldiers official with unit outside work needed, or to do such as open businesses such as hostels or types for travelling groups of like them that were trespassing to think to eat or sleep awhile though not knowing person/place supposedly assigned. Most counselors, though, at Justice Department are equally alotted in timeframe set to counsel for satisfying paroles to do from FED by design the workforce of future to now training in official and declared new scope of Economy called "9" in Military and of Fashion-Resort. Out of Atlantis' and Kings of Aragon's royal court records of how to, too; some funding coursework available to pay for homeland defense of neighborhoods and neighboring areas affected in such as a parishl, graciously by clergy choosing. The sale of yesterday's book by President Obama and myself already had its proceeds utilized overnight to pay all of a White House known's bills in place to be paid; thank you for supporting the book purchases and of textbook levels with average 93% of populace networked by these linked to Military servers were awarded by credit card companies known average $200 limit increase to buy of CIA approved listed. Also, the about 9/11 actual facts book of textbook to changing of ideas by after more data of for many in law enforcement now guarded for celebrity type protections and others quick access to data from, such as which badge number was on foot first towards to where the investigations go to now with sought to be prosecuted as found terror at homeland groupings of identity theft circles moving from business to business to place unknown to underknown still being pursued and labeled now form D.A. Office to heads-of-state level approved calling them 'fright-feane' (said, fan). A fund was put into place also yesterday for those many of you the Good Readership requesting from the local St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church its service honoring 9/11 at 4 p.m. printed form or other. Noted: yesterday's selling book by President and myself is including #400-diamond grant from any large insurance company towards unusual care to recovery costs from paramilitary to style of invasions to home invasion recovery, book title: City Number 400 Diamond.

More books below approved for free purchase from CIA nearby credit card (by contacting their office requesting, plus prompt-list how to power through too to buy online or) and honoring requested by higher education professors textbooks topical on fashion codes of business trends also appearing on Kinsean's bell-curve data finalized, and adding in about-me books which polls requested earlier. Thank you for supporting the troops and at-home defense systems the most of you participate in also in some form; to request about others known of well in public or venture areas please submit names for biography-level to anctedotes of important included working modes to levels only to Moffett Federal Airfield's CA-PsyOps by any means, list okay:
* john_j: how to tell a mark, for law enforcement afficionados by anonymous few of law enforcement forgotten found by detective casework:ARMY about how-to topics in errors to correcting wrong to wrongful approached
* putting_your_foot_in_your_mouth: when a case goes wrong where to find your resources [new,to]; when you hit on a queen not a pro, form Vice, a how to by HM Queen Elizabeth II, HM a Jamaican King, q, a_grace; where to find your resources to solve/correct now not when
* needed_a_vote: to popularity; by President Obama, john_dough, tu_Tu', q, kmwall, about author of this blog, Ms. Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles of House of Windsor and popularity tactical
* tu_Tu's queen_wall: author of blog, how she's changed from ten on, by a Secret Service agent King tu-Tu' application to USSS(any) included; (about me)
* quite_quine: why queens are in again in style, by cannon_dee
* how_to_finance_a-game worldwide warfare tactic, by ARMY(any)finance
* granted_concundrum, how to get a-grant, by denver_unit_'joe'
Below refer to happening now in business trend referring to Fashion-Resort-Economy cuneiform symbology of FED worldwide accepted by May 2011+ as 1/4 to 1/5 economy affecting sectors-new, but of textbook level:
* dun_q, book I: about like a gold? get one: it'll be never for sale when you can get one by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_q, book II, more on topic gold, by kmwall
* dun_dus, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lev, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_letice, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_drie, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lec, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_loc, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lus, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lov, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_len, by James Marks, kmwall

USAF, fashion director
ARMY(any) finance
et al