Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Official Incursion IX + Extended 640an Shelled Frenchisms

Salutations, the day is grandly golden and windy all day long this time for a Spring, but unlike the poetically hailed Toulouse region of France that can use private armies again today for some time to stop Incursion XI-type unrelated-dna-to-miscreants-already raids for pay from a U.S.Congress monitored by their working the private military unit's trustfund called /warfare fundes/ (either number shown) and seven iotas if getting in through France's FBI office of the universally linked system. Unknown timeline, but expense reports are prefilled out by the RAF officers of the past world wars to handle any objectives; on. The other 900,000 plus cities being raided by dna-Insurgents miscreant led deviants are officially in at an extended warfare code 640 years from NSA and DOD is newly in residence for unforseen future in Stockton, CA. Already the second largest Homeland Security presence outside of Maryland, and along with scores of military units arriving to answer yesterday's unspoken questions of whether they should also be recalibrated or take the rest of their bootcamp training if missed are mostly in this city. Arriving today, a hidden army of same names or likeness of the clergy names scolded yesterday were retraced to their seating assignments recorded by Mexico and other allies assisting the non-recorded by the U.S. Military by tradition, in ultra-warfare preparations. The newly arriving soldiers are missing their vehicles which are provided unlimited gasoline in a coming priced high time, and so Mexico's and Germany's factories will be supplying some to them that are typical of their need and non-procurement level required but may be customized by overtime employees of the car factories with unusual blends of parts. As is usual in Mexico to see, where extra parts can be added like a customized vehicle. I hope as do others that they will like them while there has become a shortage of autos available after the overabundance of them last year at this time. When Incursion stopping included rounding up the even orangutang driven autos crashed into gulleys cruelly set to it by the assailants and taken in by the various animal rescue and in hidden but tourable facilities at the zoo. Engines spewing burned as gasoline equivalent fecal product matter are again noted not as part of the air quality control issues but again from the non-patentable non-ethical engines that Russian Military and Government alerted myself and others asking about. About 16,000 of them last year rouned up, too.

On the list still are invitations to apply for the civilian or not fashion or resort or economy of jobs, starting at $70,000 annum and applied for from the ARMY(any)HeraldryOffice, where the current raging attacks on the economy noted by the FED and responded to by the RAF are being handled by replies to pictures being formed on the Kinsean affects. Not an after effects level, the ability to respond to the pictures forming up are the actual daily job on schedule signed up for, or as scheduled, with lists from the District Attorney Office and the CIA Factbook pamphlet of cuneiform symbols used in trend detection to mathematical calculation. The MIT Math Lab and those at University of Utah and BYU are still also available for this type of work connection already paid or prepaying as done for these types of job assignments. Already 222,000 economists or similarly trained from Fashion and Resort (including construction trained in the military, or as skilled) and able to be on a schedule. Equipment provided, or site and location of, such as at the houses donated and handled by the States for the animals in service in the military. For four months now that the warfare codes changed from one type of battling to prevent raids in cities to another type, the queenship paramilitary title that came with my job you recall from war effort (information gathering timeframe) by dna-enacted in extended battle conditions unknown calculated by reconnaissaince reliable is back on the shelf and now replaced with a co-job for another title of countessa for a warfare level once only handled by Polynesia's royalty and with keys to handed over to myself already; a co-job for four months of it being now shared with another female soldier able to act from the base daily. After four months the temporary royally entitled title will likely go back on the shelf, too. Those working with new or revived heraldic and titular advantage have job descriptions and tactics that are historic that arrive with each title. As royal courts once ruling or sovereign or annexed to them open and close for business there are many such jobs once listed on rols only as the named titles. The heralds involved are often able to help hobbyists or genealogists with interests in what an historic or modern title involves. Most are not parade levels or entertainment article interest, monitored by the USSS and affiliates. Say hello to Kay then at the Heraldry Office when you apply for economy jobs and be sure to ask how it is to be a temporary paramilitary-titled.

RAF funding for the dogs reached the highest amount worldwide in any funding still, and now is being utilized to pay for search and rescue workers for chicken and egg farms especially needed to volunteer as alerted by Alameda, CA persons. Where the chickens were shoved into a fourth the sized already too small container, and unable to function. Chickens are in the process of receiving more room and only nocturnally laying eggs which makes for healthier eggs that strengthen the heart of humans, helps the chickens remain healthier as they only lay at night or under strangeness duress otherwise, and from NASA and organic medicine degrees underway form the Military closure files the benefits to both animal and food-chain consumer is about ready. By about the time you read this blog, most of you good readership. Please check in with the animal control in your area if you are unfamiliar with how to mobilize to stop wide spreading sudden chicken farm raids rumor-triggered (about price fluctuation). Additionally, 31,000 animals were again tortured and threatened of the educators of Wharton College and FIT SUNY while attempts to conduct classes or give degreeing information were being done, by remote levels of technology were done.

In the Anciently recorded to today shell-economies that are from the nautilus and papua shells, symbols sometimes actually in heraldry or popular for the name or look in logos. The 24 Nautilus health club that I'd joined lost my business you'll recall but in court actions non-monetary but to correct the actual identity theft unchanged errors on my records there, for posterity, had a logo that originally was why I looked into that membership of over a dozen years. There are reasons why certain symbols seen in the night sky were matched up on the shell economies and used as graphic displays and were selected because they seemed benevolents as most cuneiform fashion symbols are. The lists from the DA Office of 500 of them will continue to assist in law enforcement and detecting casework from now on, based upon again the FED accepting worldwide The Language Training Center taught now and Stanford degreeing symbol language. The shells in the economy are about the tracing of the datapoint lines into their full-on shapes that create even in Kinsean at some points shells; or boats. Also known as boat economies, once vernacularly thought to be only the Trade Winds and Tea Company alluding ledgers and documents. But old records of such including bills of lade can be matched up to travels for genealogy or network creating for the interested public. A fund for genealogy to whole-hog training is available now for this type of historic interest, from your clergy or the AirForce1Office's Project:FashionOne. Also a reminder to enter the evening uniform for dinner fashion designing contest from the same office. Daily wins are still happening.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance