Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alerts of Incursions IIII to VI and Wildcats Galore

Hello to everyone and thank you for your readership making this the most popular blog worldwide while it becoming an official military site helps in disseminating data on the officially recognized Incursions I to VIII plus of homeland raiding invaders of homeless choosing military styling. Yesterday in Stockton, California another 20,000 Incursion VI to VII homeland raiders attempted to invade homes in numerical sequence but were detected by combined law enforcement and military and militia and for a first time are notated to have fled without apparent success. There is a very quiet tour in the low- to mid-hundreds of dollars being produced by the Mayor's Office of the relevant and rather rare or unusual things of, from, or about the Incursions I to VIII plus. Already underway. The best events, though, yesterday was the marking of over a hundred arriving wilderness bobcats already acclimated to household pets and reporting in to work for the military and USSS and now the USGS. Like their friends they've followed here working for the USMC and Sheriff's, the wolves, which come and go from their acceptable workloads guarding and in special-ops paramilitary units for outlying and underground terrains, inclusive, the bobcat is also free to come and go. Another hundred arrived on the trains and boats they'd selected but with kittens caboodle, and even on cabooses. One boat driver handed one group of twenty a bowl of cat food, which they accepted. The Port Authority or the Train Authority are the right ones to contact if you spot more of our wilderness support staffers whose supplies of food or terrain have depleted to the point where their genetic memories return them to where the heraldic historical paramilitary units of the past noted them in illuminated forms, more recently. Or, the Animal Control of your local Police Departments which are adding to our trained wild animals they've already trained for homeland defense on grants the badgers, skunks, and some opossum. Rats, also, but from private laboratories and also the best of laboratory insects such as nuclear-accustomed large roaches which have miniature cameras they carry and soldier-handlers they chum with, while making rounds to guard various protected homes. The birds are doing fine in their training and paramilitary unit and the Army is paying still at USD$6 per hour for each that you sign on to listen to the birds and fill out reports for the military handlers to utilize; beyond carrier pigeons of the past and the money is a direct transfer or other form of compatible income-intake for you. If you spot wilderness animals and are 'ABEL' to help them reach the military or law enforcement or USGS, but are in a non-affected city, your expenses and a fee-reward will be paid to you, gladly, from funds untouchable and awaiting just for this task. Some cities not listed as affected by Incursion I to VIII plus are coming up as having urban-legends that are turning out to be factual, in hindsight with full-dna-proof done. If you know of some such as those of Denver or Boulder, CO, or around those areas, then please send them to the USAF Air Force One's offices, via any normal carrier or route, including phone.

The illegally surgically altered persons now accurately noted to be miscreants attacking the cities affected are a reason for much interest in animals and animal patterns and designs and the care of animals. When some victims in sequence and numbers of powers of tens were reporting strange attacks of part dog part human attackers jumping through their windows to maul and rape them, many felt their perceptions were discarded or negated, but they were handed to the military, anyhow. All such strange reports if not of regular nature or regularity historically come to the military offices for investigation, anyhow, which many of you readership knew. Your help in untangling the oddity of coven-impersonating attack groups coming in from New Orleans area and also carrying in the uni-cell large amoeba of harmless glow-in-the-darkness hues now found in the sewer systems in the affected cities. These surprising harmless guests are pure protein, lend no harm, have only swam with the Navy Seals and other search and rescue special-ops units checking unglamorously for more victim bodies left in pile-ups of powers of ten, but are part of the tours available through this city's mayor's office. The City of Sacramento also has their tour for USD$10 from their mayor's office of the Incursion I plus. Remember that the DEA's DNA Task Force is formed up and still accepting applications from the public and private sector as well as from law enforcement and the military. It is very much at the forefront now with the plug-in data chips to any handheld device to read one hundred percent accuracy in all instances of a dna-origin of anything, coming courteously to you from the Space Industries and your friends of NASA. One of the paramilitary units from NASA from the past revived that I'd joined, way back then, is now seeing its members who wished to provide science data and technology explanation to novelists, aspiring or otherwise, as I was, and is called novelle8 from NASA where I pick up occasional work.

Sunglasses at night are not just for starlets and the high amount of eyeball replacements done quickly overnight by the military as asked by U.S. Congress has restored healthy vision to many after the fecal-powder spewed from illegalis vehicles raiding the affected cities. The dna of the organ recipients will eventually change the iris colors back to something closer to what they originally were, so in the meantime, I hope after yesterday's alert about color-analysis grouped attackers that you'll truly tolerate the recipients not fitting into seasonal color charts. Some may, later on, but again, there were twelve not four seasonal color analysis groups that were also linked to the daylight coloring and nighttime coloring analysis which has four types of coloring. One of the latter four were used exclusively for some time by the Procurement of the USSS to protect the protected persons because it was easy to spot from afar, and unique enough, and never thought of, and is of the type of data that is released to a good general public and the novelle8 provided, also. I know you'll smile at your friends new looks that have received the no-cost organ donation repairs to full restoration from U.S. Congress' enacted special law just recently.

Angel lore is being sought by the Department of the Navy Project:Literature, and I hope you'll dig some out from under the hidden stashes of Victorian or other wares in your attic or basement or elsewhere. Especially needed for homeland defense is that around end of the road stories or end of the line tales of morbid or mortal threats or illegalis games to the death. Even if just a fable or legend, these may actualize into factual and helpful data as well as perhaps be purchased for literature upcoming. Even something around angel-hair lore which I've heard rather a few items about, lately ....

The USMC ARTS is seeking black and white illustrations and illustrators of, for various projects relating to artful displays of new scholastic type data. The USMC has terrific and very ancient histories that align with some groups legends such as the Native American traditions that were not taught in your high school or college history class, but may've been in your military academy. Some of these relate to temple histories but that is not what I'm getting at. The interesting fact just came up from the Incursion VII homeland invaders on the horizon who sent 'scout' types of neo-mormons who were attacking anyone they caught drinking alcohol; these attackers are reflective of a new dna-data-statistic confirmed today by the worldwide military that most Mormons as of today have Native American genes intolerant to alcohol. Perhaps why they eschewed it at their inception of a religion which saw a few attempts to restart and rebuild and even taking back some of its founders. The attackers of Incursion VII are looking to prove nothing, just to get paid for illegalis games to the death or dismemberment underground, or in homes invades such as garages of victims. They take clothing, and personal grooming items away from the scenes of their crimes. The danger of the Incursion VII homeland invaders is that they are forming up into historically familiar but outdated military styles of attacks, already recorded and studied in history books. Do read yesterday's blog and the several before about dna-perfection in testing and the instant records that go to judicial and municipal courthouses immediately, unfiltered. Including each thought because it is an electrical pulse and easily readable by non-contact methods also from your friendly and neighborly space agencies combined worldwide.

I look forward to blogging with you again soon and perhaps not until next week, so do take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director