Thursday, January 5, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies of USMC lead but NASA dominant against overt raids city list 900,000 from Police Stations global into 10 takeover attempts by 10 o'clock of White House (timed is dog-led cult attempt illegalis) and 30,000 raiding into house-level-1 900,000 cities plaguerism food attacks to detriment 2 pronged 180,000 houses-4 attacked after; of Kenya raided overtly yesterday clean up work crew to homes sign for at Department of State kindness pay for, of blame error on Chichen Itza (1/17th Mayan civilization historical off grouping) see prior blogs 12/21 recent most violent day recorded home invasions led this series off skew attacks from Egyptoid area southern countryside Egypt once resided on by workforce proto-Israel non-Biblical aligned factual though in worldwide and countryside archives of their workforce volunteer 2-cultural training to castle once invited group misthought possible royalty pre-Aztec landed grouping loaned to Mayan city demised, none since notable observed to over populace by incarcerated led unintending to be led by or of others found. Clergy scolding them to crowd control assisting by OES for it, not all decent from error of ways. Into prong 2 Mormons reminded last prophet theirs demanded correctly not to claim royal ascent or lines to marraige attempts to arrests now of stalking royalty of mormons trying to please prophecy or align, to freeing tortured animalia from Military official heraldic patchwork displayed logo like miscued Mormons told again not to harm animals or torture for false power to royal/military by their error teaching, today camels freed again from mis-grouping. Catholics fear overall of worldwide linked all controlling disclosed official was of reflected once grouped worldwide over quarter century ago mistake by USMC and USN handing documents in same room to charitably guarded mental retards not ethical enough to hand to others in name reference, caused extreme error to fear of though disbanded error results by then, all Militaries and Governments re-united quietly officially all since, changeovers all avowed same placed by its each's populace non-conspiring harm; political activists requesting misconduct parts by errors unseen reclaimed of findings while embezzlement seeking by USSF USSS of bookkeeping errors intended by sub-grouping then timed, erroneous participants to docile status incarcerated to convalescing no return to outside world for breached ethics beyond control, excepting attempts to remove from grouping bootcamp trainers others not linked except by names same lies equippeed found and of paperwork to solve now hiring for 100,000 persons to free from shame error of miscued mental retards to error by HM Queen Elizabeth's books with forms already on published free to Law Enforcement from CIA's promotional this site listing and staff-seargents'/seargents', also of below by d.President Teddy Roosevelt (U.S.A.) teddy bear fund to give public free book gift now add text music sound video filmage any media required of topic to shopper, or 1/2-credit from IRS fully deductible party cost by rules, or lowered by 1%-interest rate any credit card companies' card its used for purchase these listings of free-by CIA prior to now+ lode. More. Forewarning more from USSS badges casework 1018 1019 against identity theives perpetuating by unkindness telling erroneously Mormons they're wed/born/bred royalty U.S. Marshalls Offices intaking willingly those turned States Evidence against so tellers of to mislead sway audiences to Mormon favor of falseness, exampled women of San Jose California area lied to in teens recalled on documented interaction they knowing they are not royalty or of it invited in nor wed into of Jennifer Bischoff or Denise Dansie (2 non-royalty, verified by USSS USN+affiliates with dna tests firm) families of often requested contacted by USSS for claimed applications as royal decoys or as deceased as/for to found dead places misreported and others alike. More id theft severe in Military jurisdiction of returned suddenly 80,000 evenly numbered school education grants regular benefits to soldiers proper found on homeland invading coded raiders, returned available (freed up grants) by yesterday; granted to any. Animal care efforts assisting requested home typed pet cats and birds of pet cage need sudden care to heal see Animal Control units Police and alike at this time blogging 30,000 still awaiting surgical emergency treatment to fast removal from area to intake more. Thanks Good Readership, for such and all, enjoy gifting below and prior blogs.
* full_beard_grooming:text; by dan_quo
* dish_up:novel; by Pentagon Head and Staff
* roman_wear_gams:by King tu_Tu', judge_t, joe, joe_maum, D.E.W. kmwall
* blue:by ray_vo
* parc; by Jewel
* philistine; by dan_dav
* dong:about spirit of Fashion; by kmwall
* time_march; by k.d.Lang
* time_marches:by brunosx
* love_v:by vue
* g; by Ric Ocassum
* lest:joke book as recorded by Dr. Matthew Voyeur f.ARMY of kmwall's
* count_kourt_on_ffl:by Count Kourt's staff
* his_holiness_2;by kmwall
* hold_em; by dan
* on_looks; by Brother Tim
* clan_canduella:id theft; by kmwall
* liver:novel; by Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, Stephen Frey, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, James Clavell, John Jakes
* way_go;by Ken Chastain
* oily_skin_3:on extra dry over stimulated effect oil; by cual, dong
* bi_economics;by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* doctor_even's_pride:novelized Garden of Eden, from White House commission only to as by kmwall
* doctor_even:novelized Garden of Eden, war waged on, from White House commission only to as by kmwall [to:eden;2]
* two_tents:game included camp lore; by Dr. James Marks, jay_wall, don_dough
* aul_2_extraterrestrial:fashion code attacked to error historical forcing humans to look like extraterrestrials by hardship; by ARMY and as in it kmwall
* change_-go:novelized, search and rescue; includes level 2 booklet of, of budgeting, 10 o'clock delivered; by D.I.A., kmwall
* alcalde_II:novel; hope; [to:BenjaminCreme;file of]
* quienes?:history of use; psychoanalytic-II, filmage; by listing, [of:history]
* cuando?:foreign language translated, spaghetti syndrome; by FBI's Rip Hedrich
* lock'_bar_-un:black logaun ARMY herald's lore Japaneaux-beacon; by [of:war]
* war_act:novel, science fiction; Armageddon, fireproof cape included; by kmwall [to:warfare gear;on]
* war_act_ii:novel, science fiction, retro-warfare, hat included;HSA code3 by kmwall
* final_zoo:novel, 1 AD poison unleashed, pain reward; by joe_go
* fashionable_graphs:how to of Economy9; by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* how_to_become_an_IRS_investigator:filmage included media needed request; by Ross Perot
* how_to_own_an_art_den; by IRS
* dome; by James Clavell
Roman, historically recorded height of its World culture of Fashion had inside layer textile of Polynesia Indic routed, to Kenya-2 of staff-seargent's sites, or.
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