Friday, September 16, 2011

Official Alert IncursionsXXIIIIV Poisoned Wildlife, Fashion Books 50+Bear Paws

Salutations, official IncursionXXIIIIV alerts of 220,000 evenly numbered homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security (CIA) of attempted break-ins to breaches of business and other locales by marauders exhtorting and other crimewave similar acts halted attempted faux revolution to replace heads-of-state (any) with a woman of no origins or lands or countrycode or creed; damage overlay into a.m. with poisoning of wildlife to housepets behaving wildly at night attacked again with poison implements sharpened and doused, to surgery repair fully restorative and recovered by NASA funding for all ecology (wildlife, 2-humans first), to any facility able to handle, reimbursed NASA form sent: all animals to 'hugh' for forms from human. All hospitals able to handle same poisonings if found in humans, to DEA office known local or by DMV head nearby assistance directing to, into military installation. Search and rescue animal applicants are still welcome in the future to become students with the Mexican Military training at no cost, classes now full, and paramilitary units of any proportion awakening with animal such as official State of California bear units devised by its court system to handle Navajo-styled/accompanied-if-needed into-search-and-rescue. Some educators suddenly helping with seeking more bears of paw prints warning signs disclosed on blog and international news guarding territories on estates causing class delays so other coursework funding-made available meantime to tutoring. Emergency levels have soldiers in reapplied to Senate and into CIA private armies applicants high, and USSS and equivalent hiring into record rate for privatized type guarding same training, much work, clientele automatic USD$200,000annum salaries endangered. Yesterday's game warning handled.

USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne thanks the ra_rug entrants for participating and wins. More contests soon. Below, books including a new church formed by USMC ARTS/R and CIA approved for a fashion focus; others as previous blogs also free using CIA nearby office's credit card for free purchase for days indicated to need-to-know (law enforcement, educators, governmental, cvvc, etc.):
* to_introduce_a_basic_deportment_manual, by Dept. of State, office of protocol service
included, written by James Marks and KMWall (myself):
* dun_letice2 (is 6 of)
* dun_dri_spell
* dun_dripse
* dun_dxelve
USAF, fashion director