Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Ancient Economies

Salutations, the proverbial good and bad news together with the Incursion IX of dna-Insurgents miscreant led homeland-invading coded attackers upon cities affected, now 918,707 affected cities worldwide due sadly mostly to duped persons and personnel suddenly hoping to be following any kind of omniscient deified possibly sudden goddess or heavenly-mother-ala-Mormonism (et al). The personnel affected by the hallucinogen moments are under strict psychiatric care and medical know how and have to re-apply to the military in the typical formula steps of reams of paperwork to explain their suddenly taking to a (possible) 1)bear that hugged them and converted them to .... or 2)alien-carrying u.f.o.-crafted by-design to takeover any planet superiority influenza-fort.... This was not unanticipated, but is equivalent to someone walking away dazed in movie-form of apocalyptic essence amazement at something coming down from above or arising from below beyond humankind's thinking. Noting that the earliest Incursions I to IX and so on were able to completely restore to full military guard and deflect the homeland invasion attempts from non-landed groupings of attackers in swarming letter-forms across the globe when viewed from, say, satellite-angles, with 890,000+ cities being restored already ... some hope. Nine-hundred thousand cities newly added in later raids by underground attackers and their attempts to put 30% to 34% of their own back washed identity theft groups above ground for the catching in the act of is simply fact. There have also since been millions of returning workforces from the Fashion and Resort economies of the past 5,000 years ago, and not all children now. Mostly ready to work. Explaining their horrors from real life attacks that drove them underground to hide with factory and home business systems they refused to relinquish. And their systems of doing historic business with all, including the USAF in Fashion are helping the Fed to worldwide now get the business sectors re-planned. Even as the FBI gets the classified security clearances now permanently required for any full-time work loads or assignments in Fashion, the business sector. Other businesses that rely upon the success of business sectors are aligning already and reporting in to the Military, at-ready. The fact that 70% of the populace you view about you are the known Good Readership of anyone with an actual legal background from birth or assigned now by the Department of State. And thank you to the most of you signed up again after 8 years of continual training boot camp for more of it where you are on the U.S. Congressional funded daily private trust fund accounts, mostly my own assigned to defend the status quo and countries and governments, et al, in Warfare Funded. As real military, known. The other thirty percent of the populace may be identifiable as the non-citizens of anyplace that they are recording at on USMC Reconnaissance. Again, nine more military personnel besides myself have come out to the public in stating that all places are covered with the microscopic full-time omnipresent-seeming technology recording even thoughts, directly sent to the courthouses and Police Stations and with any law enforcement officer internationally. Anytime. Not just to protect the ARTS, Fashion or other trend businesses as it started out, once upon a time.

The cuneiform-first-language-UN that is being taught at The Language Training Center nearby to Monterey, CA, U.S.A. is still the decided upon international new communication level for economic restructuring and restoration. Of the chosen economic systems studied in the schoolrooms, it assists. Of the instant solutions, it is not, but is reliable and always explanatory of the fractal patterns in place in the actual world that spins on unchanging motions and therefore is describable. Don't forget that if you are working with us in the Military or in civic or civil work of any form that you automatically qualify for consideration grants from the victim's families donated for such. Post-doctoral work on down to any training school level or specialization training accredited coursework covered fully from food and housing and clothing and medical care by the military system automatic being fully mobile but not spending money. Some partially fulfilled grants are also being returned unaudited deserted by death or anticipation of, and in the interest of expedient time are re gifted to the Good Readership of this blog. Being worldwide networked already. Many topics unusual but appropriate to the present are being chosen; regular degrees are available, but the others are terrific choices. Think of things such as the walled-in cities attacked in the past histories, such as in Mauritania and Mesopotamia. Their costume history alone is fantastic to learn of. Their teeth gleamed, for example, on terrarium grown oranges and cherries, both with natural gentle cleaning abilities. They then chewed upon leaves and culinary flowers for added breath control. Modernistas think in terms of one tube of a solution that does both. These ancient but modern thinking ancestors left all their documentation on how they survived the miscreants raids and were protected by the wildlife that chose to enter the cities and defend them from miscreants who'd destroyed the wildlife habitats. Explaining again the earlier years' topics on this official military site blog, while it was becoming an official one, about how good all of you were with the USMC tests of patrolling unmuzzled wolves throughout the threatened by then cities, affected. The Sheriff's Department here houses and has patrolling in vehicles and on foot four trained wolves alongside the other K-9 and M.I. trained animals, canines included. The USMC has bred nearly 200,000 guarding and defending anyplace wolves fully trained for any K-9 to our own specialized levels in the military ... from the befriending wolves again you'll recall fed by the USMC during land-sheep-domain crises years back with petitions successful the Wintertime feeding wolves from our trucks with dog food. The bobcats will be added to the military heraldry for paramilitary, too, in a few years time. Now, appearing with tails added by the USMC officially for their forays to defend again in our affected cities. The bobcats are described as a fun-loving animal that is able to acclimate and like the wolves come and go and return again on their own schedules to work like sheep dogs and other working-dogs. They have no known natural enemies in any food chain. They like the scent of military, and more sociologists-animal-husbandry grants are available for those with the patient acumen to determine scientifically what a soldier smells like and how to detect it. On technology. Since these animals can and come straight to any for a quick pat on the head or snack from the hand. They also bring their litters straightaway for medical care, to the veterinarians in the military. Which you'll recall from the (Ayer)Vedic medical degrees of training required in the Military include veterinarian degree credentials as well as for humans.

There is more from our ancestry in Mauritania and Mesopotamia that became at one time coined as Maupitanians by their grouping. Many having traversed between the two, genetically. Moping, an Americanism that made dictionaries if not popular lingoes often was derived from these cities when they were affected by miscreants. The soldier languor that you learned about and many non-military are being led through in affected cities by you local judges from your own known judicial systems, and courthouses-regular, is what was referred to. Sleeping very little, therefore, on timed military regimens of food and activity level (physical motion of the body) in order to cause sleeplessness that is productive and de-ageing. It is a military system, and the information on how to do this has been handed out courteously from military installations, and may be obtained from the AMA. Or, specialized charities and non-profits that handle growing concerns of medical care or may have time, simply. During the awake-hours in the ancient affected cities, the similar escape routes were designed around runic and heraldic routes. One I chose when it was my job to select one for a large grouping has a predecessor from those cities, looking nearly the same, on a similar signet type of keeping. Not much is original in the offing. Predictable, sadly, but not very original. But, comprehensible.

One of the many things that people did in the times affected by miscreants raiding in massive numbers from 'down below' historically was tale-telling. Entertainment level. In story and song and stage play equivalent. The USAF Air Force1 Office's Project:FashionOne has another contest for you to consider, besides the fashion design contests daily for heraldic to glamorous but professional evening wear women's dinner uniforms and children's shoes and socks. The new contest is asking for an essay or a story in any form typical to creative and legal to tell how the musical symbols for treble and bass cleff came to be had and held by humanity. Many species make music. In the Garden of Eden times, as they're thought of, or choose your own creation story time frame, music was an early implementation. Used to announce when the fed and name wildlife and house pets returned home in the evening for their daily feeding, a gift from the caretakers, then vegans. Living through a jungle system of routes and what became a humorous child's game later, Chutes and Ladders in imitation of. The music is being found, also, in many musical renderings nowadays as the historic lineal Music Industry professionals take to their archives, also. Sounds. Rythms. Keys. Transpositions. All useful, again. From crowd-management control levels of calming and energizing to wellness sensations a general public. And, along that train of thought, the Music Industry by representation has asked for its own economic-'boat' . Willing to become by hard work and dedication an independent economic cycles. If you are interested, Good Readership, in careers in music, please see also the office above for testing in many new enduring levels of musical career. Star-back-up is one that comes out of lip synching, but now with a trained voice, also, shared careers (like job sharing you're familiar with) going on tours but not interacting as a decoy with the public and job references of. There are many more new types of musical careers available, too, and traditional ones. Think of the grants mentioned here again. Up to thirty to forty available to each or any participant, for now. Honoring the victims and their beloveds, behind them. And "for you."

Once again, thank you to the Law Enforcement that particularly is working alongside the Military handling the deterring of miscreant raids listed officially here and on international news networks. And thank you again, all, for your patronage of this blog site allowing it to become a PhD referential site for History, of Costume. And similarly an official site of the military for Costume, history of ...

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC, ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
Army (all), Finance