Friday, March 4, 2011

Incursion IX Official Alerts and Forces Work Fashion

Salutations, and thank you to all Law enforcement who responded yesterday to the alert on this blog of the factor of the Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant-leading homeland-invasion coding of the warfare code-ON(e) at any level. Forward into today, after the jargon into the FBI calling card code list coda, and the news' international help in any type by their comprehension or confusion or not, there are many many children being rescued. Underway. The soldiers were nearly exhausted already and the USSS on foot all about, as the numbers grew. The children are of ages known in an array arranged by the attackers respondent to the cuneiform ancient numerical approach of the alphabet with the letter Y and Algiz-rune or a 'tree' of tree branches or a y-with-extra-piece. Found, now in full care of Child Protective Services and the fostering of various churches worldwide are the 80,000 8 year olds plus the 40 + 40 more truants aged 8, also, being self-appointed guarded by, as described in yesterdays urgency; taken in to the active fostering system in privatized homes and such with the Catholic Church. 63,000 aged 7 years now being entered into the active fostering care that we'll all as search and rescuers continue to keep up with them through life, also, taken in by the miscreant-over-targeted Mormon Church. Approximately 15,000 nearly 3 years old toddlers are still being rounded up from underground, dashing about hiding under things, calling out hoots and bird calls, in some formalizing escape system someone taught them, nearly eluding the active search and rescuers: please feel free to volunteer for this task at hand. The USSS desk or FBI desk at your local Police Station are available for you to log in and log-off, to into, "et" al. More children grouped by ages and having been under attack were tracked and located by experts and also teens who were missing underground running family businesses from there, lone, volunteering to assist the search and rescue official (who'll receive full care and housing and monetary implements into their daily lives now, having been fostered themselves by recent elders finding them there also alone). The round 2 (picture the branch of the letter Y and its three-part counterpart as the basis of the 'business plan of the past made into some other plan' approached) that has more three year olds expected in a group of 15,000; four year olds expected in a group of 6,000; five year olds expected in a group of 7,000; six year olds expected in a group of 8,000; branched amidst is more 2 year olds expected in a group of 3,000; more 3 year olds expected in a group of 4,000. The third grouping tracked and needing to be searched & rescued are in linear arrangement but adding in from Fashion business sector numerical solutions sets approaches from the beginning of history (think of family business that keep the secret but all in this field generational having to learn of) in groups of infants expected at 10*10K or from 100 or another series from the basic business; also, one year old infants expected in grouping of 8,000; 2 year olds expected again but in a grouping of 9,000; 4 year olds again expected in grouping of 12,000; 5 year olds expected in a grouping of (5*1.67+ into numerical sequence continuing) so an indefinite amount located on USMC Reconnaissance. All from the workforces being sought from the approach of them missing in the Fashion and Resort business sectors, primarily, first, noted and defined by the Fed. Of remote relationship to this search and rescue underway is the recent closing down of an illegal underground tunnel work of torture shows charged to the general populace illegalis on the Internet or phone systems known was a fake Sesame Street lookalike. Thank you, Good Readership, for your help with this as with all other things you've been busy at.

A special case relating to embezzlement and hairstyling focused to disguise it in homeland invasion attempts caught in the past re-shadowing in the affected cities by Incursion IX of dna-Insurgents miscreant-led homeland-invading coded ... the world's biggest imbezzler/embezzler was apprehended and stopped from these activities some short time ago by the USMC Reconnaissance and efforts of the many, already. The casework specialized and easily tailored to any law enforcement or private investigator is that of this said embezzler having styled to look like her own visage and styles and coloring nearly 97,000 and more expected. One a hairstylist convicted of treason, already, several posing illegalis as the same misusing the licensing. 844,000 worldwide of such similar hairstylists, but the special case offered for certainty in pay into payload format (USSF styled, see manual/book) is needing personnel investigating now into 1100 hairstylists convicted (see court lists, official) of treason, already. Styling themselves to look like the potential crime-wave warfaring declaring groups traversing between countries and claiming as claimants into being pretenders, and more like it. Can their styles and looks honed to depict (as the one above listed was to fabled Medusa, known d. and see USMC Religions:notesinnotationtowardi similar similarly filed) the apprehended already hairstylists in a complete pattern of attack? Recalling that these Incursions have been led invading by known and stopped mentally retarded persons also usually retardants and into the paranoia of schizophrenia detected on dna and bloodwork one hundred percent, each.

More pleasantly, out of the Incursions in affected cities, the 900,000 recent from the list from Police handed to the U.S. Military, first and of the nearly same number of cleared once affected cities, also are amusement-park styled tunnel tours and similar work openings in designing these tours. The Mayor's Office of Sacramento, California began it at $10 tours of; more expansive and high-dollar priced tours are needing to be developed in a future restoring business sector style of a conceptualized Resort business. Into the sector of business of. Think, active to relaxed and transported. Bunji and trampolines together across searched and rescued chasms. Camels of the military that are sure-footed and well-oriented to below the earths crust, espied with USMC Desert Special-ops in a saddle and formation. Rest areas of the mathematically depicted snails as tables of the existence numbers of the military heads returning from retirement en masse for this continuing level. Deelybobbers made into weapons in display cabinets. Pink camouflaged tanks in caravans. And your own great ideas.

USMC ARTS is interested in ghosts, in the art, or artwork of, or allusions to or an illusion, perhaps. Data is needed, so please if you have some of this type of artwork or interest in it ask for the work lists of that available from the Police Station on the lists from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne. A USD$10
contest of this type of art will continue for a daily basis for awhile as the data is also collected. The other contests in place, still receiving, include the USD$50 win daily of dinner suits for women and now open for menswear designs, too, of military or paramilitary styles of any age and era, into cocktail wear (not ballroom). And, the little girls boots and little boys socks designing contests of USD$10 daily wins, for now.

This morning while awaiting more news and number data on the missing and found children from the work forces genealogical in the fields of Fashion and Resort and related, I worked on some logos on hot deadlines. Many arrived also before work began for them at cafes and military installations to help meet public demand deadlines of new businesses forming up and to help meet their timelines in the real business world. I am glad to see many of you Good Readership being able to check in on the military assisted work such as this, and helping the soldiers in fashion. More work is also available in this vein from the world of Finance, listed under the Army in the same process you know to request these from the Police Station, clergy or the USAF AirForce1 Office, contacting from any phone or number.

Remember that the list of benefits (expounded on this blog a few times, already) of benefits for working with the military on defending homelands from Incursions stated includes that of higher education or more training, paid for by grants from the families of victims, donated. Covering full costs of, the spending money for off-hours can be developed elsewhere, these current grants are available from clergy official and registered or the law enforcement offices or the offices of signage displayed of the military recruiters. Imagine, ivy league degrees for only your own amount of effort, or a trade school that is often just as costly and intensive but in a field you've always wanted such as machining or journeyman jeweler or long-haul truck driving. In Stockton now are representatives with public tables at certain hours certifying degrees and 'scheduling' them as part of their workloads, off-campus and helping those studying from home or in groups at locations such as a military installation meeting place like a cafe or doughnut shop near you. Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, University of California, Academy of Arts, and culinary colleges, FIT, and many others are typically represented here in Stockton, CA, during the Incursions and in many cities. These degrees are the same, often accelerated by patient teaching staff and advisors, pre-paid, and especially in one regular degree plus one other in the fields of business most affected by these Incursions such as Fashion or Decor or Literature, husbandry or medical specialties and beauty fields and others. I hope you'll consider arming yourself with these benefits even as you continue to take courses from the Military on self-defense into offensive maneuvers and pursuits into continual.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS co-head
USN, project literature
Army, finance