Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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* rentur_[une]:novel, Paris Fashion after-p.m.; by joe_naugh, kmwall
* jakes:by joe_cop
* novels:of lust, pile of them any flavor; by john_joe
* driver:by somber_o
* basaal_knit:by don_joe
* basic:by ray_von
* january_day_away:by nguyyen_1, Bob Mayer (of .org)
* backdrop_dore:by daque'
* humous:text;by prince_time
* humounous:warfare horror non-humor when attacked by in game ploy; by warrr3+
* in_attacks_in_the_home:manual, self-defense; by Bob Mayer special-ops trainer of
* gia's_com:about her profession; by FORD Models
* philemon: by bill
* by_jakes:by gym_geo
* ron_whoa:about deputy DA death life; by ron_way
* prince_and_work:novelized text, doughnut box in, story in by Abracus the bear of California serach and rescue; by kmwall,
* pare:gifts from Abracus the search and rescue bear; ask for puzzle subscription 90-days of
* dune_nefarque:by John Jakes
* gang_bang:novel, by Tom Selleck
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Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
c.o. with others
FFL/Ministry of Fashion
USAF, director fashion/art, designer
all Marine Corp its USMC ARTs/R, as co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
to work unlimited military/civilian EDD-USAF/AirForce1Office's freesort:"worklisted"