Monday, October 24, 2011


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Books for sale by CIA-nearby paying for free to need-to-know reimbursing outside U.S.A. or Mexico or after-Artillery by/from them to cover costs sudden of textbooks or visual media for or sound of to data from/for blog events data detailed in novels considered good vicarious experiential by only of CAPsyOp approved and by all Governments, if using any credit card known for regular patronage (unannexed by non-namebranded not for the asking of, timed timelines of other found by searchers excluded) and lowering all-lode on it-used credit-card/line by 1% rate drop with any purchase from this blogs' or seargents' sites asking of same/like grouped products too of promotable by CIA and equivalents worldwide: thank you for supporting these products of the ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House official production:
* DVD/CD sound-video format only focus products: Na-na, Na-na-tilted, of 4 Cochise tribes and Siberian tribe and Serbo-Croat royals together non-war now Montiveros placed into Montana by SS-1 narrated into presidents streaming and candidacies for useful data on emotion of data on [to:USSR;rockmusic]
* series of novels:
1864:devoid_of_gold, threat note to a king, by Dr. James Marks, j_maum, kmwall
1864:queen's_old_gold, its missing, for Stockton Port benefit on of also, recipe included from then + quin's-olde a fashion code of how others passed for queens in; by kmwall
1864:devoid_of_silver;new war on oil, what for?, by kmwall
1864:vista_of_gold;it was a future, by kmwall
1864:tear_of_gold, a prequel to series of 1864, camels today horses tomorrow no water in delta; by kmwall
1864: caniubales_I:xcinibales are here fear them, the new soldier original unicorns can conquer;: to how to purchase one to care for for State of Nevada only now outside of USA verified allowed for Homeland Security level protections to home of non-allergens animals saves lives of humans to infants and all livestock or animalia or corn-only cropline into Wildlife after where resided care paid by USMC ARTS/ Kmwall
(of 1864 series bound to data) 1921:caniubales_II:a horrendous time to be homeland invaded, by kmwall
1864:smokes;comstock-commonwealth, signal on horizon, by soldier-monk-anonymous; by prinz_john of FFL, prince_john, James Clavell, kmwall
* novel series of Sayonara:
Sayonara_I:home for awhile in Japan; by kmwall
Sayonara_II:but he poisoned his sister losing castle; by kmwall
Sayonara_III:no home no hope others of glory about; by kmwall
more available

*lecture notes including:
spider_lore, by old_man

* ask for any books by John Nesbitt untitled included
* ask for any kmwall novel on yeoh/yeow or series from, to horror literary, appropriate for all age groups to funding levels

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