Thursday, October 28, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Impressions Redefined

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are faring well enough especially in the affected cities by Incursion VI home-invaders acting as raiders upon every country even as more of the misled non-military persons who believed in error that they were military personnel after being told in a manslaughter-level of crime to trespass at bootcamps and take away money for a one-day supposed bootcamp. The retaliations anticipated are not from these misled victims of identity theft scams that are typical of the type of ploy used to turn regular people into criminals by their actions they believed were real. Even realistic. But, these 480,000 persons, so far with more anticipated, have turned themselves in and the monies they were illegally taking from a bootcamp facility or location designated: on a day when it was supposed to be scheduled for an non-military teacher to have security clearance level to teach a regular world skill applicable to the military unit then being trained. See the last five blogs for more details pertinent, and including the dna attempts and other misleading tactics such as happen regularly with the warfare codes on and war declared by all heads-of-state and especially defined by our President of the United States of America as against 'illegalis.' Today's successes include a soldier who disappeared in his bootcamp, as was sometimes rumored to happen, but this time was recovered after suspicion that there was foul play or similar and the Arab Military are to be thanked for recovering him in behalf of the USMC. A Mr. Kristin Wall of same spelling as my name, but different gender, was asked by Selective Service to attend a bootcamp the same year I quietly signed up with a USMC recruiter, Mr. Marful who pointed out that I would not be attending training camp for the months of required duration for any soldier with anyone with the same name. The family and friends of this Mr. Wall, restored fully to status in the USMC may welcome him back with certain comprehension that the Arab Military was able to surgically help him but with a differing appearance from 1981. An Arab crown prince donated organs to help the USMC's Mr. Wall enter this country and reenter his profession. Again, just today directly after Mr. Wall was located and identified by the hundred percent dna-testing accuracy at or near a military installation by many including myself, and mostly those around him including 40 soldiers helping to get him resituated through their ultra-awareness. Although Mr. Wall didn't complete bootcamp training, yet, he is found to be only to be complimented by his military and others for exemplary actions in the equivalent to the field of conduct and others similarities to many awards you may find going out and around. Many times over the years I've been asked about this young soldier and now a certainly seasoned. I hope you'll welcome him home.

The USMC also signed up a couple of Russian marine corp equivalents and others to help with the ballet as experts in the field for a couple of good months during the ballet- or Holiday-season. Ballet from Russia has been on my list of enjoyments of the past, and I'm pleased that as our militaries worldwide have combined that some of these experts are able to help out now and are gracing us with their even better knowledge than most I know. I hope you'll consider helping this especially downed and illegally targeted field of the Arts, if you can, also, this season. While the military officers were signing forms to work on projects to help the ballet through the USMC, there came to our attention the fact that another lookalike of the Russian military personnel was lurking about, dressed like one of them, and wearing a Marine Corp public relations level insignia (although no actual Marine Corp symbol is particularly required to be donned by anyone). A small confrontation ensued as I identified myself as the commanding officer for this deployed at and from home level of warfare coded, and the lookalike who was going by a similar name to the Russians was found out to have only attended a couple of days of what he thought was an actual USMC training camp. But, he had not. The fallacy was one of intentionally misleading him and others like him now being sought and the masterminds behind the nearly successful ploy-illegalis are being sought. The almost-soldier did a correct thing, after all, and announced he'd been working underground thinking it was for a real military and then turned over 890,000 persons he had in his imposter military formations he'd been told to lead thisaway. The bootcamps are signing up at this moment the 890,000, more or less, for actual military training that they can verify after they've attended and where they will get their rank and other data such as had not happened for this duped near-soldier leading them. He had never been given a rank, and that was his first clue that he was not actually in the USMC. Upon leaving bootcamp, each soldier knows their rank which can be earned in training camp, and is not a training level of rank. For example, if the new soldier applies for a job, they can use their rank upon exiting from boot camp. I wish these new applicants good luck, with better results, and since ten million an hour are signing up for bootcamp in the real militaries, there are super-thoughtful schedules happening to help each new recruit get part of their training started enough so that they won't make any terrible mistakes even if their bootcamp is scheduled for ten years from now as some are. The reality is that you the general public is very aware of the need to be able to secure your own peaceable situations at home and work and in social life and in charitable and civic duties, etc. Gaining the abilities to be a soldier while carrying on with your own lives is a good choice, certainly, and you are welcome, also.

Miscreants as a definition was stored at the Vatican although it evolved as a perpetrator of horrendous attempts to dupe the public in identity theft with takeovers and toppling of kingdoms and keeps being the ultimate motivation. The police departments have asked the military to add to the definitions you have already from this site and others inclusive of your clergy which include the miscreant as a person who is no longer a legally protected person or legal citizen by their actions to declare themselves a deity, an angel, a saint, or a royal, and thereby also denying that they have no reason to keep any laws of any lands and that they are able by their demeaning to break any and all laws at all times until their end goal of ultimate demise is met. Ours, or theirs. There are more structured definitions which also include levels of codes for the psychiatric fields applying levels of approach, and safety features built into the training for psychiatrists. The concern today about miscreants given to us in the military by Law Enforcement is that the miscreant is using a code attempt that says, 2 days away. It may be similar to others before that were Two Days and Away, or such, taken from book titles, song lyrics or other manuscripts. It also may not be. Another similar operating level by miscreants detected has to do with a movie of the past, again, but a romance called One Moment in Time.

Heaven is a concept largely thought to be an end goal to the many, in some form. The miscreant and this topic is one the Militaries and Law Enforcement and Civic and Public Officials met upon to discuss with clergy about. The typical miscreant going underground to live had decided that they were the typical biblical tale's occupant or offspring. Then, they also thought that the surface dwellers to their terrarium-type habitats underground where planes copycatting inefficient ones from science fiction movies were found were in the biblical heaven, by location or otherwise. The worst of the miscreants were raiding this esteemed and assumed heaven that the armies of mankind types underground were thinking they could defend in constant battles of good and evil including those in the ill-fated illegalis games and shows that are illegal to show on the Internet or phone systems, etc., as discussed here and by other military and news services. These battles of good and evil for them, though, went into the mental healthcare ranges when they battled to dismembering of limbs and death, etc., for the sake of allowing a trend color to make into into households in this earth-crust-anchored heaven of a type of ours. There was simply no reason for the underground illegal dwellers to have been led to believe they were allowed to live there, that it was sanctified by bibles (ten, from differing religions) nor that it was allowed for them to spy constantly upon the surface civilizations. Let alone raid them on any kind of schedule, regular enough for the advanced casework which date of receipt by the military from the law enforcement declares the actual start of an actual war of any later developed warfare coding or war. More advance work is arriving on this and is welcome. The three religions not recovered yet from being preyed upon by the illegalis underground system are the Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, and Mormons currently under most attack by illegal recruitment and false orders to conspire against any or all. Prior to this the Buddhist and Jewish communities reported similar illegalis targeting and attacks and recruitment that they didn't report in on a timetable to help, but they are recovering by their own tactics, already. The Mormon's current problem in illegal recruitment goes back two years to their being asked by the worldwide governements to become specialized experts in certain of the Arts and including Impressionism; instead, they were mislead into thinking they were to focus overly on the recordable-thoughts that mine and other military computer chips that are retrofitted into all and any law enforcement equipment and even regular cellular phones, computers, etc., are recording constantly. This attempt to become impressive again in 'impressions' led to an instant military responsible action to inform them that they could not go about surmising and talking in their thoughts to try to recruit others for illegalities found in Mormon histories but not of their religion, such as polygamy or incest or identity theft of bloodlines, and more like it all. The modernized Mormon Church is listed under their correct church charter available for view at the USMC clergy offices, along with all church charters of any legal religion. A difficult topic, for all, about religions and subcultures that arise. Now, to find where that agreeable realistic order was waylaid that was accepted by the Mormon Church to help out the world of the Arts and lifestyles of it by encouraging Mormons to learn about Impressionism. Other churches received requests for something similar, and are effective with them, but because of the Mormon's tendency to be under the magnifying glass while being targetted illegally by the miscreants of Incursion I to VI that are raiding and invading ...

The USAF Air Force One Office's:Project Fashion is pleased to request the services of any and all heraldic artists for immediate employ within the scope of any or many product ranges that may be for the public consumer or the military in practicable projects such as described about ballet. The way to consider if you might be a reader also qualified for these needed art jobs and projects even if you are not an heraldic artists is if you are familiar with logo work. Then, you might be able to also help out with the art work needed just now.

The holidays are approaching and I'm getting more of my knitting needles and balls of yarn out, and will share the yarn a bit with my military cats at home. Count Zorro the military tomcat you know about here has his first fan club started, and is deciding what to do with a newly donated house and equipment for him to work as a military cat in charge of the military cats care and keeping. He's very pleased with everyone in the general populace for letting him work outside his own back yard.

Take good care, and I'll blog again soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall
commanding officer