Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashionably Late by Degrees and Incursion V Alert

Hello to everyone and I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons around and about, even as Incursion V warrants special alerts to those in the 109,000 affected cities illegally targeted by the attackers of Incursion V. The characteristics of the attacks have added dimensions of prestige again, as the FTC has explained in the past on record, but still with the same methods of auto theft, home invasions and attacks upon the persons or animals but by organized methods of names or numbers being in common. The added dimension is that the Incursion V invaders and attackers are seeking to steal degrees of university level and also to pass off forgeries of, or to steal hats and caps or other wardrobe items of better label designs or department store labels. You'll recall that all the radio show personalities and announcers had their closets burgled in tandem worldwide in the Incursion IV and V timeline not long ago, and also those who had spoken over the air in the past, and others like them. These types of attacks were noticed again as the soldiers and those working with them are at this moment reaching a deadline to fulfill their schedule of assigned scholastic degrees or similar certifications by turning in the topic or program they'll be studying, if not having received enough for work applied to the degree. In the past, only business degrees were handed out to the returning soldiers for the business portions of their assignments being their partial benefit, but now any type of certification or accredited schooling is allowed. Some have received honorary degrees and also a self-chosen topic for one from the Board of Education as a gift, but still more is to be done and earned. The topics I'm focusing on to fill my required quota of scholastic degrees is mostly a list approved in the fields of fashion and art, but more in other areas, and mostly and gratefully from the same schools and educational institutions that I have been utilizing in the past, already. It is going to be most enjoyable again to earn degrees with fellow students like myself on the same educational topics selected. It is interesting to see the lists of who is earning their new degrees in fashion, including heads-of-state and former such as the HM the Queen of England and former presidents such as George W. Bush. I look forward to safeguarding with others this type of educational pursuit worldwide going on that will benefit the economic sectors in the long run in ways that include allowing the employers of the future to have employees who know more in ways that allow them to respond even better on the jobs. Vaults for prominently sought degrees are very welcome at the vaults of the military or government or even law enforcement; remember that judges and those who work in law or offices with records of them or access to them are the people most recently quite heavily burgled of their degrees or whose identities have been stolen for the image of higher education.

I have been working on artwork projects, as I've explained, while also writing on my official vacation which is a working one to finish my short story that will be another fundraiser, soon. Many good teachers of art are graciously demonstrating at galleries and such, and one that I learned a bit more about shadows in the artwork from is Chella at

Another of my gift art sites is up for now at with some finishing school level artwork. It is about time flying, and called Le Temp Fuit. Also,

Many a soldier along with me are raising funds for the local defense budgets with artwork, and often enough one-time and singular artwork. I'm glad you have been helping to replenish these funds. The most popular one recently was one of a caterpillar, quite adorable!

Today, the military animals are sunning and working, and yesterday they had the day off. I will tell you more about them, soon.

Thank you, all, for making it the most popular blog worldwide again, and a PhD referential site by your interest level. Take care of yourselves and I'll see you on this blog again, soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, C.O.