Monday, June 25, 2012

Orchestrated Blues on History Noted


The blog transitioning relating on Mondays helpful data requestable from your law enforcement offices or of the FED and Office of Emergency Services' extra services to respectively get incursion data (up to 2nd set of prongs and of 28th of 340 predictable) such as total victimized for writing works swaths or to help your trend business with exacting times of day for two trends or one superior changed one. Such as the June Solstice timed to historical fashion courts that noticed the trends such as this year turned from one grouping of animal likened trend types into a wardrobe planners' type that uses the person's own type. Such as a cheetah style for me if I relate it to a save-the-cheetah poem I wrote in childhood and wildlife management interests still being something I follow. History on.

Some good rumors I've researched from sources is of colors of blue notes. About the time of cavemen making history, their favorite color being a silvery-blue washed-out looking. It was the must have. Luminous like a transparency. It was about their mood, also. Revived by moderns in other ages. Jazz types of music relating to blues emotions gave a full-circle to the color spring. Bell-pulls were being wrapped in this color used for eons as underwear dye because it was around alot. Extra fabric was used to wrap bell-pulls in that made evil-reducing noise levels to some in certain places, otherwise for a call to service in an abode, typically. This blue transitioned during Versailles high times into an equal for red, then heralds made another blue the equal to heraldic red still in use today by governments of Spain and royal household courts.

God granting, many things are changing for me to relate to the blues notations and I appreciate the friendly persons grouped around Facebook aligned with this blog. Adding notes. Today being a good and productive day of spring around here, while I research a group of fashion angels from ancient history, try a suggestion of an angel card reading online such as I visited myself. Or enjoy a book at a park and watch for the sprites of the mind. My muse and I have the afternoon together to do writing samples. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall