Monday, August 22, 2011

Official Incursion XXto & Black Sun 90 88s and Camels

Salutations, the official alert of reviving to returning Incursions XX+ are of repeats to purchased-by-USAF+affiliated advanced-casework, and copycat crime-wave styled but still of Homeland Security coded accurately homeland invasion level attempts of home invasions in continent spanning letters to symbols on Economy graph again to harm, tailing are homeless behaving mentally retarded adults unaccounted for rounded into 'bullpens' with tents and more until families claim. Stockton, CA being found to be miscoded by 'death to angels' or most warfare threats meant in history to mayoral seated is of Ancients coding of Armageddon being city #900. This region-county is of Atlantean eras of a city including the wharfs and ports and of #800 here that includes Afghanistan's jewelry mound remote seen on CNN and like networks of newsworthiness groupings where including that area's agreed-to-be-on-tv-screen places, plus it anciently included Maui, HI, USA. Again as you've read on this blog and Sargents' sites from/to the tri-part cities to four-part in some other records being formed. The actual location of #900 city being the last warfare zone ever to be tolerated by any argument settling battle by ancient kingdoms then and still in royal courts and those countries governed by them officially now as a secret location pointed for public relations and image control to Israel. The #400 city is New York City, for example, plus more on such later on. Stockton's Military presence thanks again more of the world leaders of military levels meeting here underannounced to offer their willingness to assist the FED and others in opening and training 'workforces' of lineal to paramilitary grouping levels such as the deserted bee type heraldry units once recruited heavily into Mormon origins instead and away from bloodline agreements of paramilitary units of bees to floral beauty products and other off-season workloads for workforces. The partnerships historically of this #800 city included Afghanistan's heads helping to set up some work and available training of workforces positions; also in Iraq and other places: D-trend for 40 years backdrop to specific (of seams/seamaget and stout). Libya soon. And accepted for any country location. Some newly devised workforce work is listed such as among the USAF AirForce1Office's free sort "worklisted" where the contest designs are also accepted. With 90 days of Black Sun days arriving there is a call for units of and pay into benefiting system additions to all militaries below such as the 88 units of one economy fix and one day level listed for work assignments, plus any lore sought by NASA to/of data from Sunshine Clans of actual or registered tribes and clanships, or carried for royal to other court systems. Including into archives of 'regions' of tedious genealogical type searches in stored county records of anyplace once again offered in above's worklisted sorts. NASA also seeks to its library (to call center level assisted) or USAF AirForce1Office insectoid data stories for terraforming, and similar. More soldiers are arriving in Incursion XX affected cities of about 212,000 homeinvasions and crimewave reports into Police Stations yesterday and today are welcomed and into adding their more-benefits provided by other military units special-ops proportioned from bootcamp timframe working preparations with any Congress, to matter of:

Finding, deliveries to accounts set up at trading account companies courteously input for any Military so far by USAF of regular to world pay levels promise-fulfilled for retroactive to 2008 on from former Pres. George W. Bush's Administration to free food, place to house/into homes provided but not given to, licensing and training levels to accommodate warfare-future plus now alternatives 9th language and 30 levels training or degree, clothing delivered/arranged of same as usual from USAF, transportation any new to one free normal auto picked from any Tuesday at any Police Station while their help in this lasts on timetables, and military styled meeting of-day monies delivered from Police Station FBI desk or USSS or equivalent desk to soldier or equivalent signed up to assist in Incursions XX+ or from any courthouse immediate (President's offices of countries paying announced on international news some courier fee to known and arriving delivery of meeting monies coded to amount for time and place already scheduled); fully mobile fully restorative medical treatment to funding for unusual coverage non-military hospitals into veterinarians (plus NASA's free for ecology attacks coded also free repairs fully) and unlimited work. Into Exxon with jobs for any USAF, and other previous blog listings.

Meeting the Black Sun Days ahead, about 90, will be of thought and physical motion of rigour and vigour to optimize normalcy experiences in intensity of ozone-seismic readings anticipated that are like a magnifying glass under sunshine onto nerve systems, the brain non-emotive attached to nerve systems. Discomforts to disorientation and full medical evacuations of various terminology are part of covered in free medical treatment to overflows to such as recently Stanford Medical Center for soldiers and other personnel when military hospitals overfilled. More water, also, useful. The VA hospital records nearby are updated by noninvasive full-dna-100%-to-conception-only-data of whereabouts of soldiers on move to arriving. The Black Suns are historically in Economy of Fashion and Resort you the Good Readership experienced more of to learning about on this blog. The data is charted back to lored cities including fabled or thought so cities and kingdoms, as ancestry anticipated the days. Of the Office of Emergency Services in your region/county data, such as glare levels affecting traffic visual perception of accuracy, already utilized by military and civil and government to nonprofit. For more data on Black Suns, whether of Economy pictures and the patterns of regular sociological data anticipated to be a factor or of the lore to King Arthur's Court or Atlantis the hidden city, or of Aragon's castle records, please contact your local Irish priest or Egyptologist or visit previously recommended sites such as former CNN science editor Marshall Masters.

Camels, the world's earliest fighting battle animals superb to medieval battle cattle or steads and about the same as battle elephants are on a linked for you from seargents' sites to the Mormon church heads' new homepage setting for data on paramilitary heraldic camels. Donations acceptable not required for data and experience. The Military worldwide now boasts more battle camels than horses, pleasingly. Reminding me of good humor stories into movies of Victorian Age such as HAWMPS, but modern war camels are taken seriously. The next most efficient and fastest to war animals and into tunnel aperture maneuvers are the Mexican Military's warhorses, with fabulous footage recorded of actual rescues in the recent searches for Funding.

Cookie recipes or similar desserts from the Northern Countries of Europe such as Scandinavian fried cookies or other types are welcomed for a brief contest of $100 a day for best and newest perhaps recipe from the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne, once again requesting your participation. Winners may expect it on online cooking show for national only to region where voted winner is from.

Take good care, and I'll be glad to blog with you again soon on this official site of the military for Costume, of history and PhD referential site for History, of costume.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature
USSF, USSS, Army-SS, etc.