Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Official Alert Incursion XXI in 2-backdrop U of 11 Fashion

Salutations, the Incursion XXI leveling onto animals too such as smallish to housepets again may be treated for the poison attacks directly by impaling or attempted today or any day with all organic to Monsanto-synthetic replacements parts as organ donations free with service to do so from NASA: many may also qualify for the number-400-diamond-grant from the totality of Insurance worldwide for medical treatments to other related to attempted paramilitary impersonations in non-normal types of attacks covered including accidents of such similar. Designed after the schooling grants you've learned about here and with the seargents' sites the smaller agencies may rely upon the larger ones for the pool of funds for the grant-level coverage. These poisons are toxic to noxious referred to; see DEA files of USSS office nearby at Police Station (any) on up to primordially designed by persons as poisons and medeival stops for data: into 11 A.D. With the DA Offices is the campground added data you recall, Good Readership, of attacks from girls learning to camp with color codes on map of relating to new possible code of colorful success for bookbindings and more; added is a map used to attack from a boys scouting level camping code data point of data-inform to police station b-nom level files: of; to USSS code for 1018anybofa2a my file for Prince Charles of Wales to-be-moved data-type-points on his child's normal activities of wildlife like clergy animals petted from Wilds of Wildlife out and seen in public places. His famed rats enlarged to service-able-pets-with-cameras-on-backs for USSF equivalents in Canada Special Forces now in Stockton. To signing of books and other data from them. There are many famous rocks stars from England on the move, too, to round up children lost from home-invasions there with the cooperation of ChildQuestInternational equivalent licensing from/by its country Labor Party:toJimCastle/S. The clergy traditionally by law are allowed an exotic to wildlife to even wild animal to care for, to commune with, to overtly play by, to walk like a dog in city parks on down level; to find out more about the bobcats arriving soon the the new military heraldry from ARMY(any)heraldry office informal first and now official by 7 years training into military search & rescue please go to Funding at churches close by for free courses listed also. Into David Bach's free one for any military person to do funding coursework yet new-free-required-prepaid-by-generous-populous-known-underknown-to-their;: yet on how I and other soldiering persons made enough working from Ancien Economics proposal housed in HUD of any state level now to director office for it all, too, on transvorse economy work level to gainsayer economy and how to make money make things you need on your list of required now not later by IRS and equivalent allowed to helping you do transfers for buying into free of cost or taxes. By the IRS also still to the soldiers or others working with them to prepare at Homeland Security levels coded blue for workload determined from FED level today yet in. (Bobcats recall are permanently coded as civilized to licensed to attend to any environment from the District Attorney Offices or equal for every county or ancien region already).

Eleven is number appearing for interest to hiring of conspiracy hunters by the USSS, officially, seeking data on it from nonsense to purposeful. On the net recruitment valid to go to USSS office/desk at any Police Station with to use printout from computer or similar. No code necessary, but funding already at desk there. Such data would be such as 1100 years ago two days ago the first curse upon a family tree by a Church was cast upon an unsuspecting population. No longer a secret or a practice. Fives in magical systems of star shapes to patterns of management are associated with cuneiform for 11 o-clock and 11th hour colloquialisms are about sudden to secretive emergencies supposedly handled by military to television show action types. Into novels. 11A.D. monks also defined God, for the first time. Eleven in a box being also a solution to stop family curses and also the cuneiform symbol of skunks, these latter being topical by the populaces lately for working in search and rescue with the Animal Control of the Police Stations. Also in 11A.D. an under-announced to secretive into PhD level coursework new/anew-at-some-military-academies-old is an EconomyWar-1 which was of similar picture attacks upon the public sector to graphing of them in economic data symbols from attackers; resulted in many parapalegics then from warfare defending businesses from attackers from underground to underknown. Sorcerer-profiles being the adding of one more fashion item to a normal-ten-load on a person's costume; ten being once a limit of items donned by finishing-school-level trainees.

To get climbing-cement gear and cycles or other equipment for, go to the supplies area for the Military which also allow now for this purchase set to non-commissioned military and also to the general public known or advocated for such as by clergy and those applying accurately to the U.S. Department of State through Office of Protocol Service for proper backgrounds available after IDTheft or helping abducted workforces, et al., as these 'wheels' with cycle set ups on them climb straight up and over cement walls with any rider now, into animals pulling away to get them up or over a wall set up also. Good from the USN and designed by a submarine commander with landlubber time on his watch-clock with HsLadyLove the cat you recall here on the blog from his crew. First ten get immediate to next-day delivered, plus others to contract bid on DOD level may apply. Looks of a sportsmobile. Proceeds of help to fund the 5 plus new submarines purchased by the crew. HsLadyLove demonstrating balls on board a submarine and driving one into port or something similar is available from Funding and into the Churches coaching you on animal-development(s) in your area.

Wharton College still has grants for those of you who know me to reach their quota of daily 50 degrees to comply; a few low still per day over the next about 800 weeks. After the 88 day push to court and success for all involved legally of the SUNY-FIT degrees push-campaign this other school is not forgotten. Please ask the advisor directly by contacting to do the grant application and school application for the number-900-diamond-grant. Also, remember to keep challenging Stanford University for daily five degrees for ARTS challenged by the populace allowed and paid for fully. Again, contact advisors directly.

Today is a very high ozone-level alert day of the effect of magnifying glass under the sun on nerve systems of the body; into cats chilled like illness being treated. Humans are affected by range of highest day ever on scale normally one to ten (as used by FED worldwide for economic social data affects to trends developing) and at 811 from midnight, now about 611. Work crews on roadways being pulled.

Thank you again for spending your time with me on my blog, now an official site of the military for Costume, of history and PhD referential for History, of costume. Take care.

Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature