Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Incursion IX to XI Alerts and 240MM Teens Found of Fashion

Salutations everyone, I realize it takes about 8 or 9 days of wait to be able to get into this blog for some of you, plus the time limit in minutes for many. I hope you are appreciating the seargent's sites that link on the similar topics, even as you pay close attention to these official alerts of the Incursion IX to XI dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invasion data as announced by judges on internation news. As of this weekend, a successful autonomoe-4 level closed by meeting up with the still non-autonomous militaries linking back in the USN, USSF and the revived non-reenactment SS and now also the Ninja paramilitary units in training from a fabled past. The success of the fact to factoid corrections of all and any data levels of the governments and militaries is still being undergone but there is a continual calendar being met on the schedules guaranteeing the success of correct data. I thank those who came forward noting their data at military or government sites was not correct according to their interaction with others while the Department of State worldwide officially mirrored and recorded them to not lose their work, until actual able bodied persons could physically reach them with the corrected and relinked records and computer systems. Kudos to all who workved very hard on the lateral and longitudinal planning that met up over the weekend, linking up Fort Mead efforts with the autonomoe, along with other successes such as more Army Rangers training done-to.

Other successes during these Incursions of successive and ten-times any number by the attackers raids of their declared warfare against any and all countries while armed and attacking paramilitary style include search and rescue. There were since the last blog found 240Million plus teens of average age 16 years who were abondoned by death or circumstances undisclosable to protect them but involving abuses or molestations by known or strangers, and these youth were working on their own in historic manner in the field of Fashion being rebuilt. Their taking to the ancient buttons of miniature timecards carved and minted going back to 4 B.C. (see the oldest of these economy buttons from the USSS office and site near you, and others). Welcome back these missing children growing up very quickly while hiding underground trying to become responsible workers. That Century , 4th, was also the last time that a similar pattern was used to attack the general populace, by Fashion work style. There was a pattern-historic of fashion networks that included 7 types of people to relay fashion trend data for the worldwide businesses in ancient history. The aberration of this 7-pronged relaying system of people keeping data quiet to get it to the right places for their successful business operation ahead was part of the attacks similar to the coming in Incursion X of dna-Insurgents miscreants attacking businesses from or through the homes. Modern Incursionists attacking used: 1)a hairstylist (844,000 hairstylists convicted worldwide of treason, see regular court records), 2) a bookkeeper attending self help alcoholic programs, (AA being a favorite for them to tout, whether they attended or not, for its prestigous reputation of success), 3) imposterism cop comedian, 4) rejected crooner, 5) open supporter of a politician, 6) phone counselor, 7) "nice person" who'd applied for a nunnery; but in 4 B.C. this list of seven read: 1) glandular cleaner (herbalist), 2) janitor or temple guard, 3) drama coach, 4) damned answer-man (sage-guru), 5) director-level spy (but think Spock) called "it" (not a modern non-fiction author), 6) answer-woman (barometer-sage), 7) juggler, (as in balls, fire-brands, swords, baubles tossed about in the air). Glandular is about the only of the ancient seven still muttered or shouted about in motto style in attacks upon our modern populace. With atonomoe-5 starting now and as soon as a-ready, all commanding officers of the past are requested back in immediacy, reporting in. Non-reenactment reemphasized as there is some disillusioning confusion for some in the awareness of homeland civilian areas threatened by these homeland invasions by non-landed non-partisan non-religion masses outnumbering often the populace. Having declared warfare with our own warfare code ON and not onward, conintuing and continual and any also the codes. DEA-DNA Task Force is hiring for this one. And the remembered beauty marring incident of recent blogs of grouped and paid-out casework already, extremely dangerous still are these attacks upon the regular populaces of pysical dna-identity theft levels and stealing organs from living victims such as those attempting to "shop" in public for your or my hair, skin, and other items the attackers claim is their goddess style worship right to have such for a 'soft spot' sex interplay at home. Wherever that is. There are no actual religions condoning such, and the most ancient religions that utilized once living persons considered the clergy title of goddess were about preserving beauty, not attacking it. Beauty attainment is this time around, rather than beauty ownership of past times. Please be careful and report any strangeness to the military or its installations as well as to Law Enforcement, one hundred percent of which have signed up and begun by now boot camp with the military. Deployed at home, being where one is and working already is this situation ideal.

Fabled marraiges are also one of the signes of attacks of the Incursion IX to X, with up to one hundred faked marraiges by identity theives to harm families unwitting by their imposterism backgrounds extremis. There is no excuse for this type of bad behavior, frankly. Some soldiers have had up to one hundred attacks of the marraige making attackers scheduling surprise and sudden weddings around them with their own friends and lookalikes of the soldiers; also of regular residents and citizens. Very illegal, harmful, and beyond a cruel movie script type prank. There are more concessions from U.S. Congress to help the law firms again caught in the middle with lack of correct records searches now that the fact to factoid correcting stage of this civilian restabilizing warfare code on handles. There are cross-verified private detective records available to the law firms that are as correct as our government and military records now to access.

The USMC ARTS is still very busy for a few more days but the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne is greatly in need of people to pick up the work for pay assignments available from the Police Station near you. For no cost of the list, and as the officers there have time to search the lists, based upon duration of time and of the type of work: fashion, arts, literature, finance. Music still has many needs for this work for pay because MIT and certain others are at special locations working through ancient numerical systems that are useful transposing for the predictability of future trends. The ability to comprehend this system requires philosophy and economics. And, a patience to look at the cuneiform language and decide which of its many meanings (not a game) are in use. The first letter or number, for example, is Y and Algiz (rune) added together equaling one plus a conceptual amount never zeroed out; this is also the color blue, some attributes, and other things that are measureable by regular technician's equipment. As long as you know what you're looking for with it, and it was remedial for the Ancients, and is getting PhDs handed out to the many helping with these large scale global projects as their remedial is quite advanced for our modern world. Thinking within its scope, though, is enjoyable and captivating to the imagination so that even children can work with the categorized and visually organized parts of this ancient system, hence the remedial labeling that dissuaded many modern researchers from delving. Thinking it too, well, basic.

Clothing from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne is being handed out again from all or any world class designers and if you haven't received up to your 8th outfit (if you have less than this, and work with our governments or military or help with the projects listed, etc.) then please notify the office as the BSA will be often delivering the items. Food has been more urgent a need this week, after the raids and other changes so taht the ultra-deliveries benefit of joining the military (ten million trained daily now, still, after the recent autonomous level surge of that many per hour signing on to deploy at home). Food is a good concern, and the dieticians of the military are also going to be giving more advice on the regimine that goes with the ultra-deliveries so that you can optimize the energizing and health restoring levels. Also, ask for the training courses available if you are able to consult at this level. Continuing to train and learn during the Incursions IX and others coming is crucial, and please remember to check the lists of organic medicine details in the degrees from Stanford University and its like that list specifics regarding the attacks of the dna-Insurgent miscreants based upon very ancient non-hospital surgical methodologies once too unethical to consider to happen in professional battlefields between professional armies.

Thank you for joining me on this world's most popular blog that you have made it, and for your interest in its PhD referential coding now for History: costume. And for patiently awaiting while my boot camp instructors made it an official site of the military, also on costume and the history, and for official alerts. You deserve to be protected and thriving, so I'm glad that you the good readership have responded to the many inquiries from your militaries and government and law enforcement about your training and preparations against the Incursions ahead. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall,
commanding officer worldwide
USMC ARTS, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
USArmy, finance