Thursday, September 2, 2010

Incursion V and Rings of Fashion

Hello to everyone, and I hope you have been well while I have been working away from the PC for a few more days than usual due to Incursion V alert-worthy raids that required the military actions in affected cities, down to 111,000 now. If you are in an affected city, meaning that you are being regularly invaded or raided by Incursion V participants (recall that no reenactments are allowed or involved that are legal), then you know it. The soldiers returning are on their own schedules that brings them home at different times and not all at once, and so help is still needed in distributing their items to them such as their fashionable attire from the USAF in the next few days. The Air Force One office's Project: Fashion One, is glad to accept your assistance with this matter, and also with more wardrobe planning for victims of Incursions I to V including those who recently received a color analysis interim for their skin and hair grafts that are new after the attacks upon more than one million women and others in their homes. The reason for continual wardrobe and color analysis for many of the same victims is most received their evening attire wardrobe and color analysis but can now use one for daytime and day wear. I found it interesting that the easiest systems to disseminate to the recoverees first was for their purported evening entertainments and hopefully for their enjoyment.

The 909 Squadron like others is reactivated, now also at a 99s status, and for those in the military cycles this means that the numbers and letters added or dropped indicate the recurring level of action they are now urban deployed for, like others. I use them as a good example because they continued with their reunions regularly and kept track of one another, as I've touted along with others to do in various manners. This Squadron is in need as are many that will be reached for urban and localized updates and improvements to their gear, so that there is another small gift item fundraiser going on that will supply camouflage paint and upkeep maintenance to the dedicated vehicles put into military and urban defense service from their own personal autos. Also for emergency services bike improvements and repairs in between the regularly scheduled servicing about every 3 to 5 days as the bike tires and rims and other parts are getting worked more than their usual capacity in the anticipated time. The 909th and its 99s are pleased to also be involved in musicality behind the scenes and so that you know what some of their peaceable projects are about, they're preparing future music trends that are good for the general populace all over the globe. You'll recall the Egyptian and Nordic drumbeats that were everywhere from the USMC and good for the heart health and for a sense of calm. Perhaps you'll find something in the small offering at:

In your area while it is sunny and inviting to stroll, you may be noticing more people than just the urban defense patrols that are becoming a regular site in their modern or historic and accepted military uniforms. There are others, also, that are the social echelons coming out of hiding and going out shopping or to prepare for future purchases or simply to meet others of ilk, by appearing in public in their once illegally targeted echelon colors. The echelon colors are of finishing school level interest and caliber often enough, as these groups are socially and quietly studying to update their own proper behaviours. I hope you'll be pleased with this renewed level of public pleasing behaviorism. Those working in retail and service industries that are affected will notice this massive sized group of echelons coming out of the dark will be needing assistance based upon what they are donning: a shade of orange in a men's cap, or lime in a woman's shirt, or a pinkened boat shoe, for example. Clothing or cosmetics or hair color would then be analyzed against the client's apparent coloring and/or also their donned color, which is how they'll be basing their decisions. Their training is also giving them other data on how they utilize such a color and the styles or items retailers can offer them that they may keep quiet about to honor their echelon's privacy. However, they are open to being friendly to others of their own or similar echelons in their group-wide color coded schemes, instead of hiding their echelon interest due to envious and jealous illegal targeting by those outside their social club styled groups. The worldwide finishing schools are today also agreeing to worldwide topics, to stay in touch with each other and to keep up with movements in proper behaviour.

Thank you again for being a great readership and making this the most popular blog worldwide. I am glad of the responsibility to keep it at the PhD referential coded level so that you can use it for your own scholastic pursuits and studies or research. I am also returning to school again at least part time two earn two degrees that I've signed contracts to get while working for the USAF in Fashion, and so I'm dusting off my student wear. Attire that is easy to spend hours reading and writing in and getting to and from places on others schedules. I'm still full up with work projects I've contracted for so this new time management challenge will be a good one for me, now. Perhaps I'll find a quick and close time management course nearby or online since I haven't taken one in many many years.

Another thank you to those of you who participated in defending homeland areas in Incursion I to IV against raiders and invaders from underground illegalis lifestyles threatening and attacking in your areas: the rings from the USMC engraved with which Incursion I to IV level you were involved in being committed to working in have one hundred percent been returned to the USMC and now the NSA museum for display. A star was formed. Inspirational. The rings, for those who don't recall, were used as passes into the underground tunnels to help or assist or in urban defense with military weaponry to defend the cities. It came up again recently that statewide cooperation from many Law Enforcements is being remembered by many, especially soldiers who wished to thank those who helped when the raids were in massive groups of homeless behaving persons crossing state lines. These Law Enforcement and the volunteers made the soldier's work easier than it would've been.

Writers and those work in fields of literature have some special tips and safety information that can be picked up or sent for from the Department of the Navy, Project:Literature as sadly many writers worldwide have been targeted by crime groups that may be linked in the future to Incursion V. Several hundred writers at a time have been attacked and or plagiarized with violence involved by organized hordes intent upon stealing works-in-progress otherwise also dubbed intellectual property. The information from USN Project:Literature is good for this passing time in the fields of writing and those who work in publishing and such. Myself, I'm taking more precautions than usual and also am working on different time schedules and other types of ordinary safety measures while I work on one short story that is a military and government assigned project, while I'm on my official vacation, still.

My vacation being extended I'm actually back to painting again and getting some ready for the holidays ahead. Many I know are also pleased to anticipate the holidays if a bit earlier than usual this year. Not a bad thing, I imagine, but may unnerve some I know. In the past, I used to shop all Summer for gifts for the holidays while things were on sale in off seasons. This year, I'm planning and preparing, and think that I'll be shopping differently this year as I'll be studying throughout the colder season, this time around. I hope you are all able to think of something that you'd like to do to plan ahead for yourself for the next round of holidays. Maybe try something new to do.

So that I don't forget, remember that the soldier's and urban defense helpers you know are to refer to their benefits-continual such that I listed on the more recent blogs on this site. Go ahead and utilize the benefits that you are entitled to them.

The military animals are doing fine but still need some part-time caretakers for them during their busy schedules, if you find you'd like to help and you have security clearance levels or similar to work with military or governments. The animals have some gaps between their training schedules and their meal times and their busy handlers and owners find they need a lot more activity than ever before. Some persons I know are gladly volunteering to help take the military dog for an extra grooming session or have them visit their own pet or other continuing socializing.

I'll look forward to blogging here again with you in about a week's time, and hope that you'll all be well.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, C.O.