Monday, October 31, 2011


Salutations, sliding takeovers attempted during an Incursion arrix-array overlapped into 4-on-5 pronged of Incursion-gneau unknown to be overlapping Incursion XXIX+-under as hysterical approached name-calling-to-motto non-reply needed to get attacked by 107,000 even number (new daily average) into 900,000 cities Incursion-I-to-XXIX+- Homeland Security correctly coded 1-home-invasions-1-homes-raided of Insurgents-dna-make-of Iraq to Viet Nam noted laboratories underground of no known affiliation excepting takeover overland only attempted to now of area battlefield arrayed into homes to be returned by World Court dockets listing at any Police Station dockets/ed0X01.-21of plus23or24 more of Arabic-Spano-US-Any-Military known homeland protections units placed by bloodline-heir to home situation overtly of last known to overendangered now by sudden removals to guards of lines of defense to churches impaled by hook and rope to ceiling aperature harnessed in painfully torture extortions for known game-reenactment-illegalis homeland raiding into computers nested very area of of heads-of-state's placement for into school guards attacked same violently, violent death from to Oakland Police Department politely giving data of houseing victims of said and stated by this very and seargents' grouped official also sites of the Military (and this also of Phd Referential varied lsiting below) of noted when World Court announced intended by final ruling to use official tactical implement called law-and-force (40 military on form plus hired 4 law enforcement heavily armed to paramilitary gear and all-defenses geared) to remove occupants not bloodline to not given house as pay for work combined alleviating taxpayers lode being from DOD-DAOffices-DEA linked funding-return lines to get occupants (myself listed included, Good Readership, recalling firstly blogs of 212 W Fulton St, Stockton, CA being restored future number level to more linked to security contracts on display at police stations for formal use of for city invited, myself, others like it for others of/around) of 'biks' sounding buiuc to buic to biic to buck to other spellings of around the globe of snowflake ancien heraldry typed array (see math, define; enguarding planet-whole from each point available by it being existing running-up and ancien snowflake heraldry sometimes patch-pattern-artistry for) looks geometric to information enroute revealing dead supposedly occupying illegalis by unwitting to knowing misled to 'be' the dead person nearly so, 34 pairings to groupings removed from such box-housing listed of per day yesterday, today, into next in tunnels ramming to get into area for; tunnels flooding all underground natural formation of water arising not expected more than added condensation leveled to earth atmosphere normal ecology cycling soon but of ill-attempting to remove from planet to be underground short lifespans to death-21-years-average limited now by non-resident-citizenry-surface-crust attempting reported dead by half populating by Vatican to other Churches and USMC Recon to inadvertant surveillance of underground correctly placed 'cellar' factories not affected in good places to avoid normal almost seasonal reflooding of planet interior, to fecal product pools attempted by Insurgents-dna-group hailed of first then arising preceding water flowing underground tunnels made to secure not fall with search and rescue hippopotomuses lent to California's also search and rescue bears able to swim in with certain USNSeals and others alike units specialty with Marine Corp to relieve tortured pets/people to Vatican employed at sites near destroyed to bring to surface stopping illegalis shows of horror-torture forced on public; identity theft grouping able-labled crime rings attacking into army defense to King Sancqo's royal court defenses ancient kingdom tactics only. Thanks to judges and monks out meeting arriving with local Police and Law Enforcement and Military to assist queries to diretional patrols. Forays soon for Boy Scouts non-endangering and into other Wildlife arenas of animals patrolling deserting looking for data signs. After data of retail-2 plus its sales personnel of finding all-groupings one murdered per household to affecting subsistence level of employed in, addressed by USAF now. Economy Kinsean bell-curve graph only overtly attacked once by Insurgent-led today normal often noted 40 lessened to 20 daily attacks into sectors/segments of, to 200,000 more jobs open to civilian/military/educated/experienced-in asked for from ARMY(any/heraldry office for paying no-end-in-sight-job USDonlyrem.$70Kannumto10Kannum part-time, added to any military pay or non-profit of governmental to voter put i.e., law enforcement or non-profiting agencies assisting clarified by seargents' sites, abroad, too. Thank you for applying to this listed job correct-respond, defense available also. More free books by CIA-nearby paid for for most in areas of interest, to need-to-know, from it, being repaid foreign to American/Mexican CIA-equals from or from Artillery. Search for cop stories of Stockton Police Department and Oakland included by request on this CIA shopping line contacted by you.
novels and about times
* some:novel by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, kmwall
* dungeon:novel by Michael Levine, Richard Marcenko, kmwall
* one_only_one; by top_cop, Alan Greenspan, Al Gore, _x,
* triple_11:-a_play[warfarecoded2/duo]
fashionable and musicianships
* tones:shadowing hair (hues, shades to be); by kmwall
* sorted_songbook:USMC ARTS/R of varied friendly fire and foe; by USMC ARTS/R
* a_bone_purse; by joe_maum, kmwall
economy educational medicine
* next_a_good_company_to_purchase; by kmwall
* tribe_and_crescenting:a social matter, anomaly love, real love:tribeII parapsychologyII, by kmwall
* law of: how to tell an honor code II; by kmwall
* * law of: how to find an honor code II; by kmwall

Dinosaurs, before signing off, miniaturized needing feeding found from underground 'cervicle' areas to those mapping and other alter-medical care to their resembling size of regular lizards that unknown laboratories misplaced from likely under the Earth's surface: apply to Humane Society of America for rare good experience to friendly beasts homes needed for, also, that assisted by guiding outward at friendly pace likened to housepet or walking-dog. Tall leashes for made by HSA too for good gifted with to enjoy pet rapport. Animals about consuming for food chain like rodents, though; to care from HSA linked. Thanks for reporting in. To see raided abundance domains left for by USMC personnel carrier devoted known see links_3-to.

Take care; the blog likely within two days apart to four; again, soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Friday, October 28, 2011


Salutations, officially Incursion IIIIVX to XXVI(th/into any overlapping in up to 5-pronged triad-leaf-print approach to countryside-raided by dna-Insurgents (other version of) misbred by attackers after war's battle done for arguement as in abroad but attacking by appearing to be either or both of battles' armed forces, have still claiming by motto calls that prostitutes of mental retardation are leading them forth, attacking into 2 deaths of their identity theft victims selected to be at least two attackers end result conquered, one hairstylist one clientele; of 844,000 evenly numbered attacking mentally retarded illegally trained on taxpayer dollars for careers to touch by apprehended already as embezzlers and more, killing by air-duct fecal product poisoning into nostrils upward to brain soft tissue found sliding into choking of breathing apparatus, other victims of helped by now; second attempt to by truckload wave off into sunset moded strangeness attack at countryside-a-yellow-type-coded from ancien logs/archives of powdered feces attacks: see USSS files 1018's 101-109 11 if FBI for. All Churches a coded day of reckoned recordings into recorders of county-line/region-any of ancien to now is happening, guarded for records handed over into the annual log mistaken for a day-of-reckoning-by-apocalyptic-enforcement to enhancement of belief system by energy of sudden work day, once called a workaday the only work of one day only length in human hours (most mostly in minutes for logs to modern law office practices advertising agencies and other similar charging by minute still) of business proportion data of records sudden updated to court systems of justice and law immediately (not of/for royal courts). Thanking the other states and cities and countries arriving to help get records in correctly not interrupting a flu-bound city here about 2-days of food transferred, helpers from Vermont and Sweden and Nativos if familiar with recent posting of books/music/film of Native Americans and others grouping for warfare coding to peaceful music demonstrations and other systems of a past approved for their time use by their councils and others of law authorizing. Thanking also the Military and Law Enforcement and Civil and Public Servants and CVCC ones and others such as the ready National Guard and State equals of, into Scouting units already trained/approved for more war/readiness/emergencies/distribution, care of all known by records of now. Into finding by dna-instant testing from almost anywhere nearby the data of who is unknown to underknown to thought buried and gone, also of animals increasing in arrived for search and rescue by State of California trained or by USMC or Arabia or similar. Feeding and care of the many into housebound short while has charities for already checked in by their own early time schedule at-ready, thanking volunteerism also. Continuing to thank you a Good Readership by free from CIA-nearby buying you books of this blog listing by myself and other authors listed and from listing on seargents' sites also for about 10 months more scheduled, then less of and still planned to. Also all credit card companies known excepting new to do a project only for credit cards privatized-annexed for their good to main known credit card companies which offer bonus discount of 1%-lowered rate of interest charged to customer of all lode carried on it the card used if buying any of these listings: immediately below, followed by historic data of Fashion History or Costume History or History on, of for PhD referential site and also official site of Military known non-reenactment all.
* mud_and_roll:novelized of red sea of yore unknown; by joe_maum, kmwall
* musc_and_roll:novelized a treason konwn 1st convicted to death since Benedict Arnold, death-mode novel, some casework included; by kmwall
* barge_one:novel of horses; by stanlee_oun
* horse_mouth; novel by stanlee_oun
avenger_4:USMC novel of hatred and revenge against populace attacked, avenging angels story within, included Rob Zombie music & t.v. personality's work, CD,DVD,plus or minus technology requested as available of entitled day_100_score:about incursions, horrors of them; by kmwall
*novel series by john_wall, dave_an_fbi, kmwall
yeongel:book one novel from eden to human race ended with a proto-Chichen Itza
yeow_soup:novel about soup kitchens and the super human race within, police work novel; [to warfare: code 2]
yeovah_yew:novel, FBI never knew an X-file could be like this, dolphin fable, it walked talked; [to warfare: code 4]
yeoh_yew:novel of plastic man come to life by bio-engineering a new formula prosthetic regrowing into bibilica biological weaponry takeover from, [to code: warfare 5]
yeow_yew:novel, the manual of artwalk and savante set the animal-next-to-human free to roam about putting mentally ill mentally retarded in charged, the YEOH/W have to win battle ahead (from school plays medeival to ancien re-lored)
* wind_ward: novel mormono of young man, Mormon prose, Incursion 2 [to warfare: code 10]
* b.y.o._eugenics:about for tough cops law enforcement, identity theft topic, sequel casework; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
*-a_rune; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* 20_and_a_day:how to make it; by Dr. James Marks, kmwall
* bixt:teauveouvouszoozee an 11-war won on finance, new war; by Dr. James Marks, and doctor of warfare battlefield surgeon military psychiatrist as kmwall
* esther:a compendium, book by a mormon prophet and USMC ARTS/R
* encounter:about ufology 101; by USSS

Myself thanking of many future co-written novels with myself: Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcenko, James Clavell; for their esteemed prestige added to the work.

It was the Churches that designated many marks used in metals and logs into modern logos or branded names, .925 being recent and of use in defining crime logs before of the ancients. Heralds logs used averaged out symbols for patterns and raised embroidery was grouped into metalwork records and white metals were also white the color of dyes not absence of color. Some attacked by welts from violence escaping recently to anciently were asking why they were attacked and the patterns afflicted were of such logged data misconstrued by attackers to be similar to their proclaimed important alternate data instead. Such as misunderstanding a trend in blue stripes and attacking by welting anyone of the moment of white polka dot cruelly. Some trends were delayed as caused by, as of this writing posting 120 new cases conglomerated compiled can be reached via a USAF-linked online computer-station at any actual Police Station of signage above ground no known below ground claims for other than lost persons attempting to regroup not in links, some police may be on foot for. Data was once hosted in Ancien Museum of Erosion, so called: oddities real for places and 4 existed worldwide in Gnome, AK, USA; a Discovery Bay; a ufo-sighting-lake system near Carlsbad, CA, USA; a genome [studies] area (see genes schedules of all known histories onwards at Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) being added back in textbooks modern. Take care.

Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature

Monday, October 24, 2011


Salutations, official alert:IncursionXXIVii(into21of/pre) warned-by-threats warfare against any/all of bowel-disorders/painful/embarassment of 17-year-old-apprehended/stopped infection countrysides years-along of silk-worm-rehabitated-altered-illegalis, tribal-alert-2-4 included/intoARMS-x, inside bowels blocking by silk web-like-spider a total blocking of food-as-feces-procession to do normal bodily funcion]< at d-on graphed by FED/FDA/DA-office(any, soon for data) 2-O.E.S.-region/county-go on why/how/+ to solution from pained diagnosable-grouped=treatable diverticulitis/diverticulosis/from-IBS-diagnos-hip-declared-days (see Palo Alto medical facilities doctors known worldwide specializing for then) of no-need silkworm looking human fear of cantra-terra-hazen or canter-terra-hxoszen terror-levels official using Ancien archives now also with Homeland Security official correctly coded homeland-invasion level warning of attempt to, into Fashion foray for diagnosable victim, from own lab by teen-apprehended discarded at homelife situation abroad claimant false data of not known to lie before heralded new royal if ever opened to job description of by knowable noble gestures for leveled-age-groupings;scholastica/o/eausm/-x, dread of schoolwork own to plaguerism caught led to FDA equipped by FED-office employed finding silkworm labs with Fire Departments and Police and employed with and Officials and DEA on-premises:to-cure in library systems overt by Library of Congress cataloging sudden/immediate-to-overnight-respondent-for history of, on; victims with infectation of silk-worm-remote named by inventor-illegalis as rxemot-@@-dun doing to any who bought a fabric online first then onto on-victims in-store employed in Fashion or business of most depleted by raids of optional-clothing(none but 1st attire on it, about) useful for career mostly most-2 level in-Congress now of royalty only category by S.A.S. divided into categorized study for Multnomah County in U.S.A. (only one) set with phone coverage to explain w/how and 'wow' amazement diffusing for safekeeping -a-nation predicted by New Agers wholeful solution of sad-bran of hulls only no nutrients in but full recovery plausible by expelling from bowels (into faux effect {spontaneous}ultra-deliver-abxort) to-go food exempted care of for feeding frenzy as oils kill parasite of as do hulls by forcing excrement to save not cinder body bodily functionality immediate sense to some nxorm by 6th-Queen's-cup-official-hull only sensation norm by for-it over the counter level approved cure curing result-1 first attempt to pollute bodily to repeatable like aspirin to headache self-determine, non-diagnose needed to free care immediate at each hospital worldwide with 40-of type-typed-parasite-code-oLfnnN-reverse_ in body out focal radi solution by USSF or any FED office determined to end for soldier about or head-of-state office's employed by first to others on foot Police Stations already 0-cured of: at DEA-to-FDA-approval counties already as cities to all of equal approved for overnight taxpayers alerted linked to network by 100%-known-found by original documents all-dna-genes verified by none-of-altered first and after-known (like Kristin Marie Wall of this my blog by genetic alterations of skin/hair grafts et al.) also:; for populace knowing it is receiving soft-soln in-air vented walnut hull type non-allergen to solve of synthetic only softened air equivalent to water softener equal:;: like=no-like vote on soon no purpose too just choice. Thank you to all who assisted as Police and Fire Departments and Rescuers and City Councils and Postal and CVCC and Civil workers who helped with non-downed align-up National Guards any level into homeland defense heraldance again (see univeristies of data mentioned this blog to cost covered by #800-diamond-grants, federal, of NESS-era FBI before alotted for now to combat any war at home not known for no reason account affecting homeland harm by threat prelude of exported from tribal to landed once to any nation or kings' own of past no queenships formed for yet by typing but plenty of by linking grants by ARMY(any/heraldry office's over 1Million new employed accountancy training economists/fashion/resort job holding, by request Multnomah County today for awhile. Top solution for most affected by bad-budgeting-look resulting attacks to raids from murder one accounts to others of the best of as seminar in-tactics now for by tonight-tomorrow-onward solved increased monies on-hand techniques taught seminar approved for salespersons retail to any of firstly then mechanical automotive especially next and others sequenced a self-help level recovery from none own error format actual facts tactics handed in money not necessary useful belive-none just good seminar gift from populace known granted pools of sources for of employed you Good Readership learned of on this blog plus seargents' sites (some, any) of openings to soldiers/civilians USD$70K+$10Kbonus annual part-time forever jobs to stop attacks by unknowns attempts forming pictures not-norm onto Kinsean bell-curve finished data to destroy businesses/sectors.

Books for sale by CIA-nearby paying for free to need-to-know reimbursing outside U.S.A. or Mexico or after-Artillery by/from them to cover costs sudden of textbooks or visual media for or sound of to data from/for blog events data detailed in novels considered good vicarious experiential by only of CAPsyOp approved and by all Governments, if using any credit card known for regular patronage (unannexed by non-namebranded not for the asking of, timed timelines of other found by searchers excluded) and lowering all-lode on it-used credit-card/line by 1% rate drop with any purchase from this blogs' or seargents' sites asking of same/like grouped products too of promotable by CIA and equivalents worldwide: thank you for supporting these products of the ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House official production:
* DVD/CD sound-video format only focus products: Na-na, Na-na-tilted, of 4 Cochise tribes and Siberian tribe and Serbo-Croat royals together non-war now Montiveros placed into Montana by SS-1 narrated into presidents streaming and candidacies for useful data on emotion of data on [to:USSR;rockmusic]
* series of novels:
1864:devoid_of_gold, threat note to a king, by Dr. James Marks, j_maum, kmwall
1864:queen's_old_gold, its missing, for Stockton Port benefit on of also, recipe included from then + quin's-olde a fashion code of how others passed for queens in; by kmwall
1864:devoid_of_silver;new war on oil, what for?, by kmwall
1864:vista_of_gold;it was a future, by kmwall
1864:tear_of_gold, a prequel to series of 1864, camels today horses tomorrow no water in delta; by kmwall
1864: caniubales_I:xcinibales are here fear them, the new soldier original unicorns can conquer;: to how to purchase one to care for for State of Nevada only now outside of USA verified allowed for Homeland Security level protections to home of non-allergens animals saves lives of humans to infants and all livestock or animalia or corn-only cropline into Wildlife after where resided care paid by USMC ARTS/ Kmwall
(of 1864 series bound to data) 1921:caniubales_II:a horrendous time to be homeland invaded, by kmwall
1864:smokes;comstock-commonwealth, signal on horizon, by soldier-monk-anonymous; by prinz_john of FFL, prince_john, James Clavell, kmwall
* novel series of Sayonara:
Sayonara_I:home for awhile in Japan; by kmwall
Sayonara_II:but he poisoned his sister losing castle; by kmwall
Sayonara_III:no home no hope others of glory about; by kmwall
more available

*lecture notes including:
spider_lore, by old_man

* ask for any books by John Nesbitt untitled included
* ask for any kmwall novel on yeoh/yeow or series from, to horror literary, appropriate for all age groups to funding levels

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, co
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp II USMC ART/R, coheading
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, projectLiterature

Friday, October 21, 2011


Salutations, official report of IncursionXXIVostU-codedFashion-link(of-buckle) has 7 transfer the noted hunger-motivated-appeared-War-of-Worlds-tactic-fake-abductions-by-godhood-hovering-atmosphere-pedophilic-snuff-to-kill-attempted homeland-invasion correctly coded by Homeland Security home invasion routed to 900,000 cities of Police listed, to Army given already; of. Handled FBI to alleviate Military to other swaths where attempted landings from own craft pretending ufology-level to scare, off. NASA handles current black suns as moon-named-orbs of Ecology-Economy expected to netting ready used to catch and by grid lines aligned invisible except to surveyor technical gear for it. No rescue needed from black sun orbs lored to leered at by other than Fashion-Resort-Economy to archivists including ecclesiastical of. Homes invaded varied with businesses in 900,000 marked cities for IncursionXXIV includes children attacked by gunshot paramilitary weapons handed back casework to Military-known into bullet ridden locales overhead of buildings mistaken for testing, of deterring known Incursionists-24-dna-macabre-misbred-to-dna-Insurgency-Iraqi-Egyptoidal-after-Afghanistan-leer-moon attempted forays printable at any official judicial courthouse worldwide or any Police Station from USMC-Reconnaissance. Denver-whiten-coded for policing units only. To neighborhoods of how to handle crowd-managment-gap-crowd-control of Office of Emergency Services any worldwide region-ancien-mapped-still called county-level officially in equal in California. Thanks to Law Enforcement and Civil and Cvcc workers since prior blog for World Court assisting and of FED and heads of agencies on-foot, to do. Thanks includes from CIA-nearby any (reimbursed by America's or Mexico's version or Artillery(any)) in gift items listed below as/with books and lecture notes for sale, with banking industry thanking by credit card companies (any) lowering lode on card used for purchase of all lode by 1%. For Good Readership's need-to-know including of industry or scholastic study official to enough reason to by through CIA-called-shopping-online.
* golen_frond: prequel story to Sayonara's a queen's code enfoced novel, uniformed guard excluded timeframe poson watch; by kmwall
* ask for any Sayonara novel and lecture notes to buy/funding.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
c.o., worldwide for
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp.(any) USMC, ARTS/R, cohead
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature

Monday, October 17, 2011


Salutations, Pentagon squiring-call non-heraldic (hearings of level/s) 9-part 'repentance' disclosures of weapons to combat training into hand-to-hand combative hobby included for Homeland Defense accurately coding homeland-invasion level-'see'2 of, after-dna-Insurgent-misbred-groupings (impersonating any/either/of sides of warfare or other) to raid home or business+;seargent's-sites recording to CIA-call of-nearby placed to get books listed below or previous blogs' for you/school/districted/region/any-charity-likely/need-to-know(law enforcement scholastic to, et al.) and of-FED to for 'black sun days' reports or O.E.S.-regioned data also. Homes still invaded in 900,000 cities waned success of raiders-illegalis to shoes in tandem attempt stolen to jewels attempted to fashion-dot-data to plaguerism forays to animal-abductions to physical presence intent harming by novice skilled-under of actual warfare weaponry from manufacture alikened tots to juveniles aimed for kept away from class with tutor service of retired teachers' validified approved by Surgeon General as health code off-day typical worldwide to help not hinder progress:keep near to things. More urgent-code to hire permanently part-time to ARMY(any)heraldry office's linked economy-fashion-resort jobs, akin to USAF AirForce1Office's free-sort for work asking for 'worklisted' daily any day (to manage a career by ask for CIA-free-to-need-to-know/n determined to work-by an-asking). Thanks!-Stanford University certifying worldwide impetus attempted study course online quiz of 2-day learning new/olden/ancien/age-of economy for questions studied tried can give unit/partial-unit credit, it finding to located by USMC Reconnaissance surveillance-helpful in-public places chosen filmage of study course groups in public library systems South American locales of filming appropriate to coursework how-to available free by asking at seargent's sites questing limited-level; Hitachi Data Systems Human Resources candid link-up for first civilian-won all-correct of quiz here herein hereon off a-Michael-management-of-money-system to other Silicon Valley or any H.R. Department known worldwide by accurate transfer for their paid-by-CIA-American-officially for further data about and of textbook authors for economics accurately 100% answering ancient system ecology-economy questions of it, why they applied which formulations to it to do, with Kinsean's (Kinichea a Native American Way preserved data into archives for kmwall by FED/O.E.S. accessible more on, performance grants accepted/able) Phase1&Phase2 being for Fashion1 or Fashion2 graphed or equaled Resort3 or Resort4 as Phase3&Phase4; to translate insect data see other links on seargents' sites for answers to questions if not arrived yet:no known attacks unto populace-understood by seekers of data from unit-quiz of Stanford University function.

By requested, learning mode continual to education level of for this PhD referential site designated onto lower levels of: History, of costume akin to its official designation as site of the military known, 4-history fashion, costume history-2, history of, on. Into current-affaires helpful to over(t)loaded military personnel:textbook level data from news being reminded of defined:current affaire. Red Cross approved its own historical link (data link soon or by visit to accumulated response time for additional by volunteerism for) that during a Victorian Age non-climactic linked by by song-choice to calculate existence thriving or survival still of any along routed (network) for data of whereabouts wellness or strife (i.e., tornado not known yet, looted warehouse stopping Postal delivery of any) 'when songs were important' for search&rescue to known-of persons and places still alive. Data-1: of Red Cross import for physical safety to harmlessness appearance remade after to events-4 if attacked on route to toilet-setting in-garden walk usually lit, a physical guard of later French resident royal court setting desginating protective job duties to stop attacks inside facility for toilet use and if happened close proximity care-table from now Red Cross organization, known then, applied First Aid care to also regowning/regarbing of victims to return to place expected but in borrowed 'gear-quoted-price-to-charitable-ledgers-only' about of modern approval allusion to look of GunneSaks gowns and Baerolli mens styles browned-off to tell apart from own/owned, to return later by gracious support donation of time or other (biscuits allowed certain parts-locales only, not all accepting crumpets days in repay announced on ledger-available artwork-free-of postings mistaken often for WANTED:poster of outlaw-declared, carefully redone in red-logo-cross-used hopeful attainment objectivized. Of infant care, not as plausible but young children if attacked often regarbed in oversized infant style to remain at place on-site until arriving home or if enough time alotted cut-down-to-sized attire from overused original gear of now Red Cross donated for it but child could keep it redying for Sunday-wear titled it (meaning child was alive from extra skills taught at by any on-hand soldier soldiering official patrol to-parade level for self-defense only that day. Scents and plumping of skin to avoid unwell seeming moment for victims also gifted to Red Cross victims at time, plumping a 'splash' modernized to Indian-then scent-of file (intermixed by later recordkeeping in Indic localized datafiles for a bear of area friendliness of territory liked by; pikake flowers scenting favored overall, plus a cocoa-butter-flavored (no samples sent home of or extras allowed, only applied amount by 'nurse' of station there).

Books for sale + music from CIA-nearby free to need-to-know including cvcc law enforcement non-profits-many or experience adequate to for studies also into grant achievement/acceptance levels serious first. Any school district may order or reference desks at library system worldwide can request for holding there official loan rules applicable. Or, purchase by any credit card known not-dedicated to project work official only by Military for non-civilian use, therefore any credit card company allowing 1%-interest drop on lode on their card used for on likely 80-minutes allowed for now shopping on any CIA or its equivalent worldwide but their being repaid in office of by American CIA or Mexico's or Artillery from extra-curricular-to-payment-days for homeland defense work returning to populace known for its gracious appearance and tirade free help to soldiers soldiering again "-a-known" as typical to Economy-Fashion-Resort now happening within 181-years span of 1/4thOR1/5th of any of it. But purchase freely of books and gifts included, welcoming an array of departing-by-lifespan dedicated-to for awhile for us authors Dr. James Marks and Joe Maum of call-signs alike to names of, while collaborative, awards thanked for to them. Other 'dignities' of musical-2 purchases (Victorian Age lingoed) for dot-on-economy years already ago when asking you the Good Readership for funding based upon a short story I wrote along with others of same time and place sales into textbooks separated for Summer reads, at low purchase for music (some) of USD$.40-equalized per country-coded-monetary-'buck' as determined by f. Vice President Al Gore in-office to now helpful again.
gift items:
* g_etiquette: kits of etiquette proportioned for teaching or editing of or experience by aged 4years to 40years marketplace, of 41styear to plus of in years of English soil to other points of lands included as next
series setting 1864 worldwide:
* 1864 copper snail:nove by James Clavell, a snail macabre heraldry forgotten between 3 kings 1 woman and good snake appear [to musical CD/DVD gift line of linked]
More soon, thanks again, others on prior blogs still on.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Salutations, Good Readership, thank you notes arrive from those openly thanking for added homeland defenses from your funding purchases all along, and from children to others whose homes and homelands and areas of employ or work were underguarded from previous underguaging once right for normalizing populaces not calcuating IncursionsI-XXIIIIV/of-mockery-24x). CIA-worldwide free by them paying for books following their instructiosn are among gifts suggested here to your request for gift appropriate and more childrens' books that are subcategorized from textbooks or novels of-topical-blog-or-seargents'-sites. Calling/contacting directly any CIA nearby office to placement of (homes of no longer suggested for expedience in ufo-connect-to-contact-true-story-from books good lines all day all night around CIA tourism facilities acceptable and in good tone from understanding awaiting aquirerers okay awhile. Topical too oncoming 9-Economy renamed from History as FED-accepted for worldwide by all Governments Fashion-Resort-Economy for textbooks to sudden needed economics including daily saving personal investing wardrobe plans or any business trend up/down to earn income streams of, too. Novels arriving same timeframe.
* how_to_sell_well; by R_lords, Dr. Jim Marks, joe_maum, a CA-PsyOps brochure included
* price_right_wars:no.13 -a-marketing book; by kmwall
* to-do_how_to_organize_life_finances; by kmwall
* -a_workforce_week; by Dr. Jim Marks
* advent_a_9:-a workweek what it is to business; by Dr. Jim Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* moor_and_the_door:about Moorish history; joe_maul, kmwall
* on_sites:novel set in Istanbul, discover of Garden of Eden; kmwall
* pheline:novel about contact with one, ancien setting, to/of NYPD extra data of; by kmwall
children/willing to share book with them
* petty_bear: novel for children or of worldview, search-&-rescue bear from State of California and a new boar gone missing in companion novel, by kmwall
* petty_boar: novel paired with above; by kmwall
* grasshopper; novel by Dr. Jim Marks, joe_maum
other studies to alternate data or official:
* kraft_graph:about witchcraft today; by four_brothers, kmwall
* badge_1018:novel about herself, by General Short's children listing, kmwall
* king_stevven:novel, man housed by USSF errantly and not one of, espionage true cases data within; by General Schwarzkopff
Sartorially yours,
USAF, fashion director
ARMY(any)finance et al

Incursion XXIIIVin/toTeddyBearWarsReason/BooksGifts/Thanks

Salutations, Incursion XXIIIIV is regarded at 108,000 evenly numbered homeland invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security for describing the paramilitary styled attempted raids into houseing and homeland office space/s; angled swathed 2-heraldry:heraldance (see degrees of Mission College of Santa Clara, CA school system or military schools typical curriculum forgotten history not lore); reviving into the duplicates of Teddy Bear War Day non-reenactment when the Government and Military used force to deter factual threats to disarm and invade/dissuade this and other countries for having a first teddy bear on the market recalling it was collector's item guarded, into bombs weapons removed from and it from harm; repeats of planned entries to cities and homes not houses-open were recorded satellite plus and two of from days when children rescued from abductions international returned to families by Navy and privatized 27,776 (copy cat of 27,761 previously) that is of now known over 18-years-old applicants to ARMY/military from rescues and willing to tell they didn't receive their tongue-organ replacement transplants from fund now known absconded to weaponry by enemy-declaring-embezzler, boys tongues will be replaced by former White House bloodline families finding it sudden and surgical procedures to/for returning them to non-mute. They were also attacked as recent hours by imposters to ufology subject matter that altered themselved by known not FDA-approved buy systemized to studied dna-transfer to surgical alteration of illegalis skin organ donations or similar by pretense-extraterrestrials of common complaint in non-official ufology-study reports of serious abductions to-homes, and of reflect to 101-USSS/SSfiles casework of special-effects helmet to other for same to look like or alike, *\(d.)agenting.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Salutations, official from this site of the Military and PhD referential data Homeland Security coded-correctly homeland-invasion of homes-to-business-any of ancien level data learned schools transferred incorrectly to psychology-quotes-incorrect-for-motto-stance or teen-sex-rave-movies-lore-of-generational-times/eras street-parked attacks announced-bellows raids to homes-numbered-4th-away-from-protected-by-listed-or-executiveorders attempted stopped by LAPD-visiting with CA-ARTS weekend-jobs-recruiting-extra-time responding with local Law Enforcement and Military response-to Stockton, CA quickly removed into own-autos right-measures returned to Los Angeles greater, and any echoed in 900,000 affected incursion cities of Police Stations' handing to Military for it to do listings; enemies-declared-themselves-as attackers-typed here and on seargents' sites tried research to negate criminal offense level to lower refer to tanks first smaller garaged illegalis unknown to occupant that day driving over children selling legal wares, duo attacks, court defenses tried said were tractors by size not illegal tanks: to tank funding or refunding if citizen/resident fell for it to expend; Senate providing one per house already by any government connect for affected areas or Pentagon by White House switching of Operator for homeland defense not abroad, abroad also to military with trained/recruited tank-repairpersons jobs available. IRS opened 220 art dens responding to USMC ARTS/R to support worldwide ARTS into Economy levels by ancient to modern data, investor-ready at 1%-at-USD$1050.00-only+ investment-as-owener's-equity non-taxed transfer of monies into/for by any taxing agency (payroll affected ones find new employee by month-1 from energized, norm) data-confidential-allowed, also of 44Million-military-installations-now-listed/for; to jobs for/in and see Mormon Church Offices for work/suppliers building 800 more or IRS for 680 more building: sudden work homeland-defense level timelines. Urgent to Kinsean bell-curve graphed data found attacks 40-20 daily even numbered attempts putting ancien fashion label coded picture (picture attacks on public sector, ARMY type) onto final bell-curve for non-normal economy to form picture on it novelty a purpose not modus operandi differing into warfare but criminal action to responsive casework for Law Enforcement also and to Military gain for ARMY(any)heraldry office's new hires again more jobs opening economy-fashion-resort of fashion field to economist to resort world into Atlantean graphs or Aragonian official royalty/government systems for to King Arthur's sorcery times afield records useful military or civilian hired at USD$70,000+USD$10,000 permanent-part-time work; urgency. Below more Economy lesson data requested by Stanford University rushed onto this blog for two-choice to view 181Million viewers/minute-100hours-scheduled; and books for sale paid for by CIA (American and Mexican refunding to lesser-economy zones of it) for need-to-know-readership/scholastic/referentialdesks plus open sales for wanting to own:

Lesson brief pine-cone 181-partitioned example in sudden-burn-zones-normal-Ecology as California's Santa Cruz Mountains deciding landowners use off-season Princeton's philosophy 'beer-grown-in-closet-sold' to tide over; seeds fall from pinecone opened by heat of fires into warmed turning mulch ideal in condensation by any next Springtime thriving ecology cycle festering-2-fostering ancien-files at O.E.S./region-ancien-human-skin-logs-on. Helping farmlands in normal low of insects by other needing in crucial 2-40 days time 'window' (at 13 cuneiform-UN, LTC/ARMYherald lengua) of if not pollenated/fertilitytimefloral lost crops/season by insect-lo/w traceable ancien graphs/logs transposeable to marker-economic. Marker predicts by likelihood pre-finalized data about forming onto Kinsean bell-curve: useful to Ancients were shell-shaped-graphs on topic this/seargents' blog also pre-data-finalized-by-bell-curve-graphs/charts useful as marker-predicting. Phenomena an ancien file useful now transposes into phenomena/l (l as cursive-small-l Roman alphabet) in charitable-ecclesiastical-shadowing of economy-known entering 3+ days away as 181-years-cycle-normal astronomy labeled terms for and tracked to 5000 years data Arabia's government and at FED/O.E.S./D.A.Office,Stockton,CA/LTC. accepted. Returned a Fashion-Resort-Economy, in Atlantean records to Aragon's Royal Courts now Spain the Country's official records into scholastic lore/data King Arthur's caravan-fashion then Resort World (Atlantean owned) Fashion-Economy of to-enter-bring-an-economy-solution to).

Long-listed CIA paying for books (including novels to edu) for need to know for timeline indicated by nearby as above described or credit card companies all agree lode on card used for to own books listed on this site/seargents' 1% interest rate of lowered by. Thanks to.
* 4from4to4, a 9-economy book, ARMY of financial services, by James Marks, kmwall
* disk_wish: a bout with UFOs; by kmwall, delivery by USAF only for real footage included to view, benefitting in donation from MUFON-Northern-California-Chapter
* 9_9_9_no_answer:about WorldWarII, insider from RAF and her Chief, by kmwall
* travelling, by Ray Vo, Jay Wall
* a_wilson:golf empire; by kmwall
* H_is_a_great_gree: by Dr. James Marks, Jay Wall
* 11_is_never_amore:on fashion-economics, by Office of Counter Intelligence of White House Administration currently, kmwall, Bin Laden, gym_go; benefitting gymwork_group (after Heroes a paramilitary unit of all wars so-named) of search & rescue to any Homeland defenses
* wxoer_monghering:a mining war novel-in-space; by kmwall
* -a_sorted_songbook: economy-relative; by Dr. Jim Marks, joe_blough, kmwall
* ten_good_things_you_can_do_to_your_own_home_to_keep_it_not_sell_it; by Dr. Jim Marks, kmwall
* a_charles_wall_bio:a-race-story, how to find your Air Force records to VA Hospital fund for/of soldiers official, 4-useful; kmwall
* of extreme elegance:how-to style on royalty; by kmwall
* idols_of_Zimbabwe:10-again non-war a 3rd-World segment-to a 1st-world, 2-World business sector, by kmwall, donating to its King's welfare-funding
* gate; a novel on how to do a gate on the world and get caught; by hiding judge for denver_unit, kmwall
* how to plan a wardrobe, by kmwall
* 8_craig_greg_blaub:about Kristin Wall's past in Music Industry, carried bazooka to music sheets hidden; by ALL, john_dough, denver_joe
* 51_marble_street: a regular murder mystery about a plum unit gone; by kmwall
* cordoned:about how a king works; by kmwall
* polynesia_war_and_fare:history book, by kmwall
* dredful_red_again:a doug book what it means (mormono); by tom_tu', tom_tho, tom_tom, S, joe_maum, a Civil Affaires group, kmwall
* nine_steps_and_flats:musical composition book joe_maum, kmwall
* left_left_left_right_left:a day in bootcamp basic training missed waht to expect at-home in homeland defense (training book, any war, any military known); by mick_z, mitch_q, grace_d, elevated_one, and Senators listing inside (all known alive now)
* soldier_anew_blue_and_major_general: soldiers resurrected and States about; by anonymous (official)
* cancel:a new age novel; by Dr. Jim Marks
* his_life_his_ways_his_means:hot to tell a man; by Dr. Jim Marks
* alpha_aleph:the top god visited, of visiting; by ARMY(any)
* of swing:a musical book on it; by Dr. Chas. Wall
* jen:a capital offense novel and true filmage of a case undisclosed as passed-off as military and crimes of; by kmwall
* driven:a hard earned novel, by Dr. Jim Marks
* bayou_bleu:a novel, by S.W.A.T. and team of, toward neighborhood defenses, kmwall
* david:bio, as king he flew no one knew how now his secrets are out; by joe_maum
* davis:a novel about surrender unknown; benefit to Confederate Museum, by kmwall
* dressed_to_kill:novel about id-theft on San Francisco roadway; by kmwall
* dress_on_fire:historical novel ancien, theater and theater of war met; by kmwall
* stagnation:a bee-city novel around Mormon pioneering; interviewing agaze Anasazi tribal defendors unnoticed; by kmwall
* dragon_gain:medical book of how people coming out of comas return what they tell us; by kmwall
* stripe:a novel of testament (teamwork); first Christian bookmarket novel by kmwall
* living_dead:a novel, by kmwall
* molecule:a novel, by kmwall
* soap:a novel, how a soap opera star thrilled then killed them all; by S.J.P.D., kmwall
* a_rael_song:how he thrived, stayed alive, a real ufo manual from U.S.S.F. on his viewed; by kmwall
* moron:a novel, by kmwall funding to Presby-in-warfare-neighborhoods
* fort:a novel explanation of warfare by doctor of; by kmwall
* king_dead:a novel on history of a real one underknown to unknown; kmwall
* ode_to_you; by them (official extraterrestrials arrived; a pleasing story)
* sen:fashion code; by Dr. Jim Marks
* gas:its history; by kmwall
* -a_calleaune:a beauty morning zone of resources ecological; by kmwall
* oneths:a-pamphlet; by Dr. Jim Marks
* slop:a complexion guide for it; by Dr. Jim Markskmwall
* natural_2_vedic_healing:for complexions, by bob_a_wall; kmwall
* quine:a-fashion code-2; by Dr. Jim Marks, don_d_leon, kmwall
* bio_economics; by kmwall
* to_do_lists_for_you:how to organize in Fashion; by kmwall
* some_real_life_purses:a collection to go with; by kmwall
* very_berry:a fashion code; by Dr. Jim Marks, kmwall
* -a_tax:donation; by kmwall
* doenuusiuym:a novel of war waged on IRS-equivalence of Roman Empire to Incursion III data D.E.A.; by kmwall
* any_-a type of war, shortages; by doctor of war kmwall
* demon_days:a novel, by kmwall
* left_ware:wear it once give it away any occasion only once code; by Dr. Jim Marks
* vau_u; by peter_allen, peter_-an_all, by Dr. Jim Marks
* to_two_a.m._buyers; by Dr. Jim Marks
* world_re_noun:an anchor in R.E.I.T.; by Dr. Jim Marks
* vau:an ancient love, real cases novelized land, by S.P.D.
* bolden:a novel of proto-Marine Corp; benefitting his unit; by kmwall
* on_bolden_korn:a novel, serious footage inside of KORN, by kmwall
* protractor:a novel-textbook-level, espionage; by kmwall
* wheel:a novel invention [hot cavemen invented] textbook level; by kmwall
* trying_to_write:why USN project literature is for you, pamphlet; of Navy(any)
* virtual:a novel about timing in space and battle; by Dr. Jim Marks
* truck_at_visit:a novelization, 4-days in the desert evolved, hiding royalty in peril, by USSS agent data, kmwall
* yoruba_one:a novelization of how, Yoruba, a tale evolved to be musical, mixed, channeled; by kmwall
* free_tour:concept giving on path of tourism, about a king-guide, novella inside; by kmwall
* chichen_itza_high:a novel [reading agegroup 14-20 years old]; by kmwall
* land_mass:a novel of Teotihuacan's land mass; by kmwall

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp(any) USMC ARTS/R
ARMY(any) finance
NAVY(any) project literature; SEALs