Friday, January 20, 2012


Salutations, official alert by Homeland Security its Agencies coordination to downed pilots of crop dusting whose many planes were flight plan robbed and circling attacks upon certain cities named at Police Station any by a.m. listing all alerts likely here and of it the crop circle patterns new chosen flight dust by were not akin to evil doing before. United Nations representatives to its head visited Stockton day prior of crop circles noted from ancien Guilds officially releasing the history of wind patterns that do same pattern into crop formations alike today time coordinated 90,000 cities attacked by sudden of burned cyanide to sickness common an ill by cancer look any contact place of all treated known by U.S. Senate its alike to Sherriff alike it offices if not discovered, others anomalies of also of interest but not blog alert to inclusion of Incursion 2/1 again formed repeating by synched of into homes invaded by business-2 levels and of 4 forced harm for to death 33,000 cities conglomerated by reports Police Stations listing again a.m. exact your area, Good Readership, of plaguerism-2 motives for crime reports of five 9 history of warfare a coding designed to all ARMY membership a new to OES for it no cost 24hour open office for ultra-emergency also. Say hello to North Korea as I support decision fully by a Colonel Dough as I also and others Joint Chiefs inclusive to tactic to search and rescue for sudden downed collapsed persons animals on site of it alike to know from USSS offices to one fourtieth of attacks normal expected handled by it not tolerated at White House daily by deterring the attacks 30 to 50 averaged per day any day all along without warfare or with justifying the many USSS its equal guarding aiding more during tourism of all gassed by cannisters of attackers other and North Korea officially deploying same held cannisters to explain another way to tourism gas attacking and of Civil Affairs Office and USSF tactical to ploy anxious akil. Of North Korea, others, more later, to their actual hello returned and invitation by myself others to open to West its type for many things any ability to, honoring theirs others also keeping out to fully Incursionists by fortress supreme examined by me and others USN level of USSF gathered and Delta A Force teamed. Emergency workforce call for by FED authorized to over 80,000 sudden jobs now open of its OES or District Attorney Office explained for it work sector needed not for tren_d, a type of and experience preferred to trainable by Justice Department here counseling office off hours for them not of their counseling but getting to place locale for or EDD by its alike of California's type government office. Not in USAF AirForce1Office's:freesort"worklisted" for its emergency level, to perform. More of free by CIA nearby of American/Mexican refunding others placed to prior blogs all the offers alike in it for ongoing, enjoy and thanks to all Law Enforcement especially contributing casework and work to tell the populace exacting truths with the fiction entertainment level also:
* new_star_novelized, casework in; by Sir Tan
* klan:novelized; by Joe Judge, Poul Anderson, Dan Millman, Mike Fitzgerald, Nick Nolte, Colonel Surtan, Robert Bruce, John Grisham, Steven Segal, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, John Legg, Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, James Clavell, John Jakes, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, kmwall
* jake:novelized; by gyn_joe
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Contest, wins beginning in announced a first place in literary its paranormal is call sign soldier known from Viet Nam a school marm type he states dave_s for work entitled 90 Dayes. Other wins announced soon of 8 wins to co-wins per categories listed this blog prior plus two honorable mentions likely each category. Contest statement at Court Houses offices there inside as their judges of actual government jobs to be a judge work on this global well accepted well thought of now by polls and glad contest for many as book publishers and editors and Hollywood agents alike were by law allowed in to co-read view invite to business contracts for about already some being sold for published works unwinning or winning. To happiness pursuit of business defined purpose of many
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