Friday, June 24, 2011

Incursion IX on Fashionable Helm Raiding Day Apres Note

Salutations, the Incursions today of the macreant-miscreants dna-Insurgents homeland invading coded are still 120,000 in number per affected city, over 900,000 known still and the Military thanking the Police for the city lists. The Military Installations are the place to stop to volunteer to help the now 4 per average animal arriving militarily styled attacked (arrows poisoned, etc.) to assist their surgery and care as they receive their donated parts from NASA and Monsanto, also thanked. Time can be paid by the DA Office funding awaiting for helping and for transporting, although the Military recruiters seem to have a good transporting fund available as a good reason for contacting them even as some of their offices are moving. The attacks in the homes today were prevented to apprehended by local Police and USSS agents out due to Swedish Princess or Spanish Military artwork rumored to actual being threatened. Into helms, a repeating case type linking the two. See the military herald of the countries of origin, or the USSS. Now, the later in the day raids behind the earlier ones within minutes were re-recruited homeless reformees failing their reform programs and trying ultra-warfare paperwork attempts by entering hacking level data on fashion designers attempting to stop the business plans being assisted by governments and halting in a glitch all the systems: claiming that an exclusive fashion designer was required to be dedicated only to the projects ramping up. The glitch cleared should help get mirroring systems back in place and other things such as small business loans applications reported in large amounts stalled, to schooling grants from taxpayer monies, etc., on the way again.

The FED is using pie-charts again from the heyday of the Technology Industry heights that are still in many computer tools such as were in right-clicks translating data from bar-charts or bell-curves into proportions by percentage on a pretty pie graph.

Also of interest is the USMC ARTS/R recommended to try: your existence number transposed to music with the generalized fertilized egg-sperm ones to key-C GFF#F#....

Sartorially yours,
ARMY finance

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Incursion IX to VIII Backflashing Blue Money

Salutations, even though the last blog may still be on yours and the seargent's site lists to do, the new data of the last three or four blogs should help with the Military and Governmental coding from the NSA of homeland-invasion by the newly developing per the American CIA of miscreants to 'macreants, dna-miscreants by devise, and dna-Insurgent following to raiding and home-invasions: average 120,000 per affected city. See the Police Station near you for the list of affected cities. Thank you for the fast response to the last blog for search and rescue of missing Fashion and Resort workforces found as a result within 55 minutes worldwide. By Fashion Economy cuneiform coordinate locating. Purposely the FED and the over 800,000 employees, new, of the ARMY(any)Heraldry Office, are working today responding to a good boat shape picture on the Kinsean bell curve that works in the favor as economy-5, known by many of you of the ten. But, they are busy responding to more activity to preserve the newly arriving. Arriving in other ways alerting worldwide but in through Stockton, CA are sudden alerts from heads-of-state about Green Movement urgent seismic-data-medically-affecting-to-worldwide of the ozone hole affecting. It is about the difference, perhaps a mathematical differential, of the way the planet would be if no ozone hole existed and the measurements of how it is now. Minds are electrical with energy that is called thought that uses electrical impulses along the mind regions to write and store data in ways that gave ideas to computer designers. Hearts also are known to have electrical impulses, and nerves to conduct small ones to carry the orders to parts of the body to do 'work' or movements. The seismic readings of the ozone hole daily done in the Fashion and Resort Economy explain some of these electrical effects to perceptions leading to happiness of choices made from offerings if done accurately, which is why they're done in these 5000 year old economies. The electrical impulses are challenged on some astronomical symbol days noted, one today also of 20 days in returning patterns, and observed by many international medical observers to local ones, concerned. The data of the seismic reading is also used by the Office of the Vice President's newly taken in Office of Emergency Service of the counties (regions of Ancient) for coordinate calculations of algebraic equations (like real estate ones) that point to a map point by lattitude and longitude of the likely place a person or trend thing for people will be in most circumstances; unfailing in recent search and rescues. The ability to comprehend is not intuitive but will be explainable soon enough in the FED movies and training and data available. Heads of state visiting this city this week for the seismic coordinate data include Arruba's, Iran's, Darfur's, Lumpur's, Libya's, England's, Mexico's, Bolivia's, Jamaica's, Tahiti's, Iraq's, Israel's, Egypt's and many other African Countries mostly asking to stay anonymous although some welcome visitors and their list for appointments can be made available from The Department of State's Office of Protocol Services or any Naval Protocol Officer, as some are in danger and others are not so to protect all the list is private. I was pleased to attend some of the meetings, and also others were by this country's vice president and many others en route such as senators and past Administrations, fire and police chiefs, and even some of the military animals. Some of the animals are taking well to the recommended to avoid poisoning attacks still until yesterday in the multiples of ten thousand per day by using small doses of peanut butter that gives the animal's protections from poisoning up to 6 hours daily. Any. The attacks on animals may've changed character overnight by shootings worlwide now in military cases, affecting their homes, and the Law Enforcement responded helpfully to the Military to crack the cases of over 90 secret service training cat litters appearing with mothers in tow. The owners who foster quietly were found and helped in the attack after maths and case developments. The animals involved are up for awards for alerting, too.

German, a good language to learn now according to the more of you the Good Readership than even in history taking it now. The ability to do so may be aided by grants arriving in larger doses than ever, as it is now more understood that the monies in such pooled places has already been in the ecology-of-economy and is now settled into a new level. Don't forget to ask for grants, and thank you for the new ones many of you are sending daily. Many churches are contacting the USMC ARTS/Religions to notify that they will be providing more over the next several years, but that it will take them longer to write them than most others would, but again don't be afraid to ask for one. Or more. Many are now including the food and housing and transportation and military styled meetings.

The case is done and won for saving SUNY-FIT from closing due to not enough degrees given out or on the topics required, and the anonymous person may be studied in the law annals as an interest approved for explaining his concern for students with state funding; good for the irony is that he received his first full grant already to attend where he'd wanted to as an aftermath in a meeting held at the Military invitation here in Stockton. Others are giving scholarships, too. The reason that the case went to court earlier than the 860 weeks scheduled many of you helped with is due to the attention to SUNY-FIT and Wharton College in their races by unwanted factions who tortured animals and people in extortions while affected persons employed or attending including educators were on campus, or similar. 88 days, then, from after the time the 90th day group determined the need to expand it all. My USN-SS special-ops units as many buffs noted have always done 88s. My other units do tens. And Any. Etc. Each their own, so that the 81% of you the known populace now out of 8 years of quiet boot camp training by Senators and others of ilk are able to attend new funding coursework available. (Two more months prepaid and available soon.) Thanks to the many who attended the court including those I talked to of callsigns 'trimdim' and 'trimdan' who carried in the collective interest of units such as His Majesty a Jamaican King's many who nearly topped the list of most degrees achieved; and a Charles Wall many of you know receiving the most degrees as a reactivated Air Force and RAF interest personnel. In the field of Fashion and its Finance and Arts and Decor and Lifestyles and History of various topics. If the list holds, it looks like I'm 5th on it for finished given degrees from FIT in this round of help. A nice benefit to those who helped save a university. As was done in WWI and II.

To recommend today by the USN Project:Literature is the new book Lincoln's Diary by DLFowler #9780615445533. A mystery being studied by many already, and good for school districts. The publisher meeting recommended that the scholastic orders be given precedence. Perhaps some will also do as the Universities are doing and passing it around to eachother to help as many read it as possible. The Library seems to be open for its donation, too.

Genetics of strength is coming out in data from longevity chronicles of the Ancient Past. Atlantis and other types of non-missing-from-data places on decodeable health levels are showing the awareness of dna-strands that were manipulated to give strength. The Church already tested the funding level of parish audiences with the presentation data and no cost for already explored from or by St. Anne's in Stockton is ready now for understanding the philosophy of the explored dna chromosomes manipulated in History and now for soldiers and homeland defenders. Not more invasive than a vitamin-C concern, helpfully. Also with it, again, the explanations of the solo-existence-point per lifeform in this universe and how it is invisibally boxed in by the unseen. Matrix explanations can be applied

To help with the traffic on this blog, the contests from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne will resume soon. Please continue to send in your contest entries. And, as for the work-listed for things to do to make money in the many fields of interest discussed here and on the appropos seargent's sites. Thank you for helping and participating.

Days ahead may be changeing for many, and a 'special day' was declared today for many I work with. Anything (legal) to be looked at for a moment as if it might be special. For a day. A blue day, soon. A denim day, too. And others that make moments or ways of philosophically for business and such pursuing a new or known direction, to see if something noted to be used. Approach in a new way, or just notice others doing so.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religions, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
USN Project Literature

Friday, June 17, 2011

Incursion IX Official Alerts and Fashion Wary

Salutations, you'll be allowed into this site and two to four of the previous ones on the tight schedule on it lately by the military servers helping you meet your own schedules with its data, although the IP address protectors from the military and governments indicate not all of you have entered yet for your scheduled view from last one (3 or 4 times facilitated) set up this official site of the Military for Costume, history of and PhD referential: History, of costume as Incursion IX is underway. Yesterday relating to the averaged 110,000 dna-Insurgents miscreant led by mentally retarded persons to homeland-invade in paramilitary application of once-gang or crimeworld tactices the crowd control and crowd management level worked on from the "-g0" regionalized as county levels cuneiform-UN systems of ARMY(any) Heraldry Office use, against picture attacks also on the public, into attempts to daily or more form pictures on the Kinsean-graph of the economy: today a broccoli tree greeting of the yesterday's common energy recorded in sudden deaths of brainwaves in historical kingdoms now being decoded medical manuals. The day was of the also sometimes lored by religions or pagan-filed groups as a fun to lovemaking day, but in crowd-management to crowd-control levels it is noted for an astronomical quiet phenomenon of what to the USAF AirForce1 Office's:Project:FashionOne appears regularly in fashion-code-files as labels for files in an Ancient filing system. Holding in its data the relevant crowd management to crowd control level data of how an equivalent of the day's seismic activity daily recorded and used alters health in some to a stressful detriment. Heart attacks to annuirisms and such were treated by the Military on its mobile hospital approaches at no cost for the unusual stresses that caused the reactions while working under pressures from the day in dark economies to countryside raids. The picture imaged is of a 'stopwatch' with shimmering edges and a funny bird pointing at two apparent times on the watchface and also distinct arrows as watch hands pointing to apparent one o'clock and the other to 9 o'clock. 'Fingerpoints' to ten o'clock nearly and about two o'clock. The FED is using the data too, as it explains certain motivations to do the data damage. The circle edge is golden this week. If silvered or other colors or overly tilted other types of energy patterns to ill health reports in public in larger than usual amounts are also recorded in history to now. The day of it meant that it is noted by Law Enforcement and Military. Twenty million worldwide raided in tandem on USMC Reconnaissance surveillance attributed for now by the Governments as linked. Calls to emergency systems to 911 landside U.S.A. were at about even 90Million per hour. Worsening it the mastermind-type behind the raids had baffled some regular types into behaving in noted on surveillance 'tactic' as historically once hired mentally retarded persons were known to have done in military fields of combat. In vice versa to having charities for mentally retarded situations out and about regathering into proper care the mentally retarded persons appearing in swaths to stand guard around others, but missing their sometimes dire medical care in the decisions taken back into control of their now assigned guards. How to determine if you or someone else is being hooker-recruited by the actual Insurgent-dna-miscreants is if they've taught you to say, For us or against us, instead of using your own training and codes and also interfering in actual radio levels. Radio out terms were going around as the real militaries determined that hackers or invaders had deteriorated communications lines and went to State Police or similar for assisting them into known terrain to responde on time to stop homeland invasion raiders. Mexico's and other heads-of-state came to claim or remove from citizenships those noted to be from those areas of the world and caught in the act of home invasions, etc.

On the searched for mode for the search and rescue squads and others signed up to do so the USAF is seeking those who are missing from the expected worldwide trend data development interest for a recurring "donkeyknod" that is a traditional Fashion Economy symbol for a type of hotspot-interest trends. Usually certain bloodlines do the trend as it returns, on occasion. Of the Merchant Prince class historically guarded and helped. Now by USSF also would be guarded for its trend development phase which normally takes about 5 months, more or less. With the supercomputers prepaid at the listed universities' math labs as the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne can assist with by the prepaid computers in use for it all.

Other things of interest include the mistranslations of terms in history noted now by the grant-funded monks who are king-guarded for awhile for such things as: death in sentence being mistranslated into "death sentences" for people.

City Councils and that level of governments to councils set up to do the similar function of are being set up on grants such as Stockton's today paying for levels of interest shown statues for gardens and driving tours of the future. This city has about 5,000 to half a million at times driving through visitors coming to and from San Francisco area to the Capitol. It should make some nice additions to the areas where the O.E.S. were planning as we were here the next step on bike trails to walking trails around the perimeter with the Fire Department and others in the cafes in the morning meetings. For those in areas looking at fire departmental levels of layoffs from budgets or such the USNavy's spaceman1234 callsign of has openings for the civilian hires included of emergency response levels such as the USNavy does have to respond to. Canyon fires. UFO calls. Undetected levels before of emergency.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
USARMY(any), finance
USN Project Literature

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Official Incursion Return IIV to XXI Fashioned Remote

Salutations, the lovely week has been dotted by the highest Incursion VIII raids by dna-Insurgents miscreants+decrepit\s (sun-up attackers over-evolved into land-rated lore of insurgents owning castle like a revolutionary songbook of the ancient ages toned named michael..michaelsofF). To do: the last of the weeks of funding training by the Military worldwide by the costs prepaid at home or where at now also listed by AmericanExpress' Open and VISA's headquarters to presidents' desk lists of the $108 or so per day prepaid by public sector non-deluded. Funding and Economy are on the top of the list today on this official military site and PhD referential site for Costume, history of and History, of costume, listing the free to view by entry to films worked on all weekend of Economy now happening; for the FED by their order but available to school teachers and others. Four hour lecture filmed and its 8 hour film about by award winning producer, and 10 hour film IMAX by invitation for the follow-up from discussions of the films and economy lectures 24/7 attended by all heads-of-state. Today, more filming is occurring, and to participate in such please contact the USAF AirForce1Office's Project:FashionOne or the USMC ARTS/R Abess to sign up for acting roles to artwork. There are also tours at the observatories such as James Lick Observatory for things in the mapped skies the ancestry logged the economies by. About 50 people are most of the limits of the tour sizes. Animals and wildlife that are your expressed major concern from the response last week are still needing poison treatment healing care as they are being treated by NASA (which can recover any ecology by its assigned work, as can others agencies) and trained or training medical staff. The average park received 800 volunteers to help, and about 80 more are needed in each. Feeding, grooming, cleaning, tending wounds from man made poisons. Alligators, camels and other wildlife, including the bobcats preparing for Military Intelligence as they are In Her Majesty's Service getting ready to be on paramilitary patches in a few short years. Some bullet wounds to care for, beebees, darts, etc., all very gentle with specific care listed. Many kittens and other babies, too, arriving with or tailing the adult animals approaching the military personnel. Summation of the sociologist-scientists investigating so far is that the palms of soldiers sometimes omit a scent with their work that attracts the wildlife to them for care and feeding up to taking food from hands around campfires. As you the Good Readership read about on this and other sites in the past about Mauritania and Mesopotamia guarded by animals who entered it defending from those who'd destroyed the terrain in raids up to city limits.

Trains and other public transportation are increasing in use daily just noted also this weekend, pleasantly. The daily amount is by about 40 or so each, per route,a large increase per capita area. Other demographics changing also about entertainment events. It is just fine for most now to attend alone, enjoying the thing gone for, as I've often blogged about doing with others including those who follow the Artist's Way text/self-help creativity book or courses. Many of you are also doing something else I'm doing and spending more hours at home daily in education pursuits, as Phoenix University represented to the government meetings that were held this weekend, also, about. That school now has housing benefit, also, which seems that it will help with their type of work full time planned style of learning. I've looked into several types of styles of learning over the years the military trained me on how to get degrees of training. Other grant work is still available as referred to last blog to help get all the monies out of the grants, such as the under-$2 help by the Vatican employees to go to dyes or fishing licensing or other historically typical verbiage that has been in grants since they evolved thousands of years ago. Over the $2 is by the jobs listed in the USAF AifForce1 project lists and with help from LDS Headquarters and other clergy you may approach. It has been a delight to enjoy with many travelling professors from the Arts and Fashion their scheduled sights for turning in submissions for degrees at fishing holes, even with all the remote USMC Recon technology in play for their official use to give out degrees or teach from anywhere. While they are threatened, this level of assisting will continue. For those interested in attending the court proceedings for the universities and educators to be defended by the USN Law and to be kept open by the satisfaction of degreeing levels, please contact the USN Law. Flights provided for most.

Artwear is the contest next up for the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne and judges for it are still being sought. Details discussed when you request submission. Some very creative ideas have already come in to the office. The judges will judge for two days only this month sometime.

The archaeological digs seeking Arte World and its Fashion Economy that was subdued for their cultural reasons are moving ahead. One site is located worth the dig-time so far. Live and other filmage is available for schools and entertainment funding and also for businesses planning especially if interest level is of the movies of economy discussed here. The cuneiform symbols of the types indicate an active paramilitary economy began to form up amongst these civilizations that dissuaded other economy. Some forensics dna testing work is available for short-site work-visits, and some of the volunteerism-vacation companies have already said they can help get those of you interested there. The site-live is also available for the referential PhD applicant especially in challenges of the traditional 80 minutes by arranged timeline, and don't forget to ask the advisor for the grant they likely have in reach for such things.

Simple advice on what to wear as the USAF and the Boy Scouts of America are delivering clothing again to most of the households of their regular designers after the raids on the affected cities is coming in. Try something of yours refined with your favorite ratty old t-shirt, for the perhaps trend detected in an appleseed of the week. Might last no longer or not, but the sociology reports that came in showed good acceptance.

For those with information interested in the other poisons detected used in the raids by homeland-invader coded Insurgent-dna miscreant attackers of IncursionXI of primordial poisons by manmade formulas, please see the Fire Departments of Arizona for sign-ups to learn the chemical emergency preparedness. And formulas for detecting and pre-treating. Not seen since the caveman era.

Thank you, all, and be well.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
USN, project literature