Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Incursions IX to XX Decoding Histories En-Lenten

Salutations, the actuality of the Incursions IX by dna-Insurgents miscreant-D led as coded by all governments to be an official homeland-invasion anywhere they attempt to raid is dawning on more who were hiding or decided to suddenly deny facts and go into re-enactment illegalis. No tolerance is the level of approach and deterrent to full-military actions, underway. All police worldwide have now become Military, also, as have others. Today, your Senates are out on foot looking for ufo-impersonating attackers who surgically illegally altered their facade to look like extraterrestrials or races of humans from lost civilizations. There were a few dozen apprehended already, raiding work environments that were all trying a new approach to business productivity or employee morale as the economy-oriented companies worldwide have been rallying to do together. The selectivity of the targets to business and technical or improvement oriented levels where attaining degrees of education while on the job was part of the new environs. There is also the experts worldwide in this field of ghost hunting at levels usually handled by the Military or Government, and you may approach your medical specialist or physician including at any non-profit medical clinics which are all prepared in case any of you the Good Readership have been attacked or raided by these types of ufo-imposters. Crashed golf-carts disguised to look like a spaceship have also been retrieved today, handled again for even tours done curiously by the Senators, or their equivalent anywhere worldwide. After yesterday's blog the cats of the USSS -- the office where the strangeness ufo cases reside or are worked from including the number 103 today -- have been placed into millions of possible fostering homes for the USSS benefit. Thank you for helping these devoted and unrelenting USSS and Military and Law Enforcement search and rescue animals. Footage filmed of their touching moments underground in tunnels that they refused to leave while guarding the children escaping and trying to guard this city is available to the school district near you; please ask for it in the Finance Department. Or order from them and your library reference desk is geared to assist this step for your timetables.

Comments upon Lent are happening more this year than most, and so it is interesting for sociologists hired for other things. lLlenten, as it was spelled in some recent histories translated from cuneiform, more or less, since all its letters are part of the originating cuneiform-UN first language agreeably agreed upon. Begun upon what became Saint Sebbi's holiday from an Iberian history a little forgotten compared to others, the August 29th date chosen began a savings for vacations of prestigious or expected levels back when adventures to flowers in another country was often of the level sought. Something like Expanding Light in Nevada City, CA promotes for its tourism, with 800 tulips along with water lilies and deer on the walking trails appeal to many, still. And, also from such historical timeline traditions, it is still focused upon culture and education for a purposeful trip. Annual music festivals, for examples. lLlenten was not observed typically on the workforce schedules you may request for educational or economy working or military or civil servant purposes from the USSS desk at the Police Stations near you: filed; Kristin-Cristen 'due-role.' November 11th to 16th or a Fry Day in that month, or a 70th of the month were all options to take off of lenten; and any 4-days. Neither a popular or unpopular holiday series. Just one that was functional for the workforces setting goals, and later accepting Church inclusion.

The USAF Air Force One Office's: Project Fashion one is pleased to report on unexpected finds in data as well as listing contests I hope you'll keep looking up and entering. Such as Afghanistan's military uniforms and country-costume being the favorite of most polls worldwide or requested by military for their own use.

I hope that you'll continue to utilize, Good Readership, the degree grants for any level of training you've already signed up for. A good video is available through your churches for details presented by a DEA Agent extraordinaire on how to approach such aspirations; in tandem with the NASA DVD on how to earn 4 degrees per year their way, or 8 per year the military way; both helpful to such long roads ahead in changing times. Or, in times dedicated by all known persons contacted with backgrounds legal and governing bodies and militaries to keep the semblance of peace around us all by restoring quickly evidences of war, raids, attacks, crowd control, et al. Today I submitted one to SUNY-F.I.T. flown in to its offices by the military about Mother Mary's visage and a trend she participated in in blue. The good humor of the regular populaces you know include the auto industry which was interacting with the military and looked over the data, curiously, and not only signed up many of its own employees to get degrees in the Arts or similar, but also donated 500 vehicles in the same shade of blue to the military clergy and some others. Reserved for their use in the military errands of clerical or field of operations, the over dying process required by some is being assisted by the sales forces of the auto industry today to have personnel comply with their requirements of colors. Using their lists, it is easy to select an inexpensive next coat of paint for the vehicles that are neon-light bright. It was fun for me to write about where the term light bulb came from, because historical persons like Mother Mary were recorded in detail about their colloquially called 'bulbs of light' meaning her eyes, their shade falling into the category of blue, then. Only certain Polynesian Isle tribes were called brown eyed, for no reason in particular except that the tribal grouping mentioned before on this blog have more rods in the eye that see more colors vibrantly, and enjoy them. Similar to the time-saving and space-saving reasons that scribes called all of Africa Egypt in business records you'll recall, into the Reconquest time frame of Spain's history, because the port all from that continent tended to arrive from was in Egypt. Different philosophies, and interesting curiosities about the ancestors.

The cuneiform-UN first language is getting a worldwide economists slide-show moment today as MIT in conjunction with University of Utah and BYU transposed the astrology data from today's date in time, and turned it into a flowering pair of red tulips on the mathematical screens depicting the astronomical movements in the sky. To find the tulip pair, please contact NASA's library, or SETI, the non-profit club. Or, perhaps you have handy your MUFON chapter contact numbers to requests. I hope you enjoy these small and timely delights.

I'll look forward to blogging with you again, soon, and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religions, co-head
ARMY (any), finance
USN, project literature
USSS-USSF-SS1, USN-SS2, USSF badge reactivated
view at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery the watercolor for USD$1Million letempsfuit:TimeFlies