Friday, January 6, 2012


Salutations, official alert correctly coded Homeland Security its Agencies and equals of Y-letter and alike pronged spelling devise attacks into homes-4 to one abode of only for Fashion Industry workforce, enemy declaring itself as caused harm against Mozambique detected to confirm profilers is 488 days more violence enemy-overrunning not affiliated with any planned caught on Reconnaissance and into sudden jobs for its equal pay to caliber to restore fully per U.S. Congress' directive/order fully standing all along soon coded; cure, jobs to apply for travel no cost to from destination for of as at Department of State Office of Protocol Services or its alike EDD in California 2-code for head of office to 20 per city taken arrival per flight, sudden work repayed also into Vatican formal job-code skills document (funding called job description) or other sudden work for extreme identity theft of same similar persons to 30 more per city found already of 1+hour by CIA referred paid to job reference from of it to restore any all life formed of by victim to KROLL for other alike work by Governmental aide to detriment of severe path of life interrupted myself blogger author Kristin M. Wall's life as used already in your training as how it was done attempted before in training capacity to learn test on not for use outside facility or to plan with or give to others gifting as was caught in misunderstood clergy helpers today of Military noted by California Psy-Ops official of need to be entertained for health-wellness cycle of inner mind in Springtime aware (colloquial spring fever) of caliber acting level attempted notated as Golden Globe Award time input for training to do in public places now illegalis to do so reenactment non licensed and balked as Police appeared for their required pay to cordone an area from public sectors point of illegalis reenactment victims today being halted by its smokescreen effect to countryside raiders-invaders-2 now also coded in Y-attack level by sight identified. Boxing Day extended sympathies worldwide noted up to 11th of January by many and of early St. Valentine's Day purchases plans attempted, some extra gifts from below listing of free by-CIA (American/Mexican repaying all countries') for d.)President Teddy Roosevelt U.S.A. teddy bear fund for it, or IRS 1/2 credit deductible for party given by helper to school districts of chosen from these blog listings or CIA shopped for or of staff-seargent's/seargent's-sites or if buying outside topic originally selected is lowered by 1%-interest rate any credit card its used for lowering on lode; enjoy:
* spaghetti_pound:now weight loss; by USMC
* sacraments:by Church
* cadlewicking:text-2, medical guide; by kmwall
* k_subsitence_wear:by Candelabra, King Iturbides, kmwall
* c*_command:ufology +; by HM a Jamaican King and his unit_1
* guffaws:by RAF's george, joe, drama_daen, Charles Wall, kmwall, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, Bob Mayer, Steve Martini, James Clavell
* galleon; by D.E.W.
* u_ne:by Angus Young
* blue_food:by Dolly Parton, SUN Microsystems, S, don_jay
* spring_fest:old beauty cult codes, Fashion; by Luciferian_old
* greeting_wear; by don
* blue_pump_war; by dan
* write_away_wear; by jaenouex
* bruce_borg:by bruce NAM journalist frontline
* sam_sore; by cop_job
* desires:novel; by Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, James Clavell, kmwall
* delice:novel; by denver_unit
* presence:on charisma; by vatican_q
* hold_em:gave over film/media-need; by prince_john, kmwall
* frodo:fashion code of count; by Gene Wall
* kapptor:novel; by Mitch Kapor, don_dog, kmwall
* better_wear_dresses; by don
* 1/10ad:text, topic; by Q
* viga:novel; by James Clavell, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* santa's_pail:Xmas bear story; by Gene Wall
* popcorn_on_a_tree; by corque
* sinigal; by Tbdoulaye Wade
* sinegal; by georgeoueszx
* seneggal; by James Wade Ricks
* 11ish; by den
* over;by cop_dob
* bear; by USAF
* y:novel; by Anna Wintour, kmwall
* ghosts_in_the_attic; by crabby_eggx
* emr_judge:novel; by S, Ian Fleming, Al Gore
* bright:novel, hope; by slo_mo
* tulane_2:by jaeaunne, kmwall
* jeans_as_underwaer:text pamphlet; by kmwall
* rat_fux:text, by baye, kmwall
* relics; by joe
* almost_ed:novel; by Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, Bob Mayer, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, Michael Fitzgerald, kmwall, others listing
* reliques:novel; by kmwall
* jimpo_shows:how to defend your home; by jin_joauen (trainer special-ops for)
* for_sale_today:novel; by Linda Evangelista
* raddiciouxs; by tim_buyer
* radiccioss; by tim_boo
* radiccio; by tom_bog
* cualon; by Saint Andrews Society
* dry:text; by kmwall
* cham; by casey_d
* dunne:novel; by D.E.W., Michael Fitzgerald
* spouse:novel; by Janet Daily, kmwall
* in_1_year:novel, id-theft; kmwall
* at_the_table; by krys_fbi
* buy_one_get_one:new economic text K-year-1(college); by jeun_joo, kmwall
* how_to_become_a_knight;by regular_spanish
* evermore:novel; by k_twin, cop_joe
* jun:poetry heraldry; by John House
* dance:novel; by Anna Wintour
* spaghetti_western:novel; by top_austin
* lime:novel; by mons_monk_asinarius
* linea:novel; by mons_monk_asinarius
* head_paga; by georgeoueszx
* solvang_slut:mystery macabre; by den
* abysinthe; by ray
* tent_white:novelized fashion, Arabic bazaar; by kmwall
* op_puzzle:by Abracus the bear of California
* photo_IV: by ree, dang_2, dang_3, dang_4, kmwall
* veea:novel; by Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, James Clavell, James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* chichen_itza:novel; by Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, James Clavell, joe_maum, kmwall
* klan:novel; by Joe Judge, Michael Fitzgerald, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros, Bob Mayer, Poul Anderson, Michael Levine, Steve Martini, Richard Marcinko, Bob Mayer, James Clavell, joe_maum, James Marks, kmwall
* in_season_rushes:avoiding id-theft; by mac_an_elph, kmwall
* belladonna:novel; by kmwall
* artichoke_heart:novel, lost parents in backyard id-theft; by john_dough, Dr. of entertainment Jim Ricks, James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* short_blazers; by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* shirts_showing: by James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* woxstern:novel, prarie; by joe_maum
* bible_5:about water wars behind each bible legal; by monks commissioned by OES
Black suns, not counted in raid numbered alike today yesterday:103, 108.
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