Friday, July 27, 2012

Manner of Victorian Age Reliant


Transitioning this blog from the borrowed for it phase includes awareness that you, Good Readership, enjoyed early on in its inception the stories from the Victorian Age and of the Royalty. Something for you, then, the loyal.

Today, on a bit about manners and etiquette, a tad of both. It is clear that entry to various leagues can include the automatic acceptance of that group's deportment and comportment, with etiquette trailing. The topic arises as it is rumored that many of you are reviewing deportment which is the behavior of the group; grooming in public is by its nature kept at a minimum so that curtailing the seeming need to do more than sneeze suddenly into a cloth or paper handkerchief is of paramount. Grime is about most places. Adding to it by dousing oneself accidentally is not the topic. Adding to it by continual touching of places on the body that collect grime such as hair or complexion or clothing items leads the topic of unacceptable overdoing. Awareness is also called for of the properly trained of going between cultural sub-groupings.

Napkins are always a good front topic, but of the best left unspoken about in public unless handing one to someone. In obvious need or simply in sequence. Of a question posed about whether to use the paper or cloth napkins, reviewing on this blog from one item stated by HRH Princess Michael of Kent is that it is more frugal over time to use the washed cloth napkin if needing a preference. The smaller sized paper napkin used next, on up until the larger but saving it for another occasion if not needed. The difference economically becomes pennies that add up over time, and environmental concerns show recovery is faster again over time. HRH Princess Michael of Kent giving the data for dissemination was involved in teaching about her books, at the time, most graciously she is at:

Males trained by sub-group cultural telltale details watch, by their own avowing, before first meeting. Representative, the groups are traceable in origins of etiquette to the American Victorian Age's types when many regions developed their own etiquette. Such surviving groups include the conglomerated Boston Brahmins, or Merchant Princes, or Vanderbilts as a social class with each an own etiquette and deportment. Merchant Princes were said to be from those dignified bloodlines of names, and are about many places and professions. Such items they include in teaching men, when asked, of its own deportment have the male brought aside for one-to-one tutoring at each or any occasion. Over lengthy time, condoning only the lack of information given on each behavior, discussable at public places if in strife or effort. Such mundane approaches to the foreign to their group lady being considered for more than a social meeting involves her comportment with things like the Merchant Princes' preference for no leg crossing (varicose veins a stated concern by their grouping representative or their security teams). is of the typed grouping and has taught leadership courses over the years.

Finishing school for ladies is often more openly known but carefully guarded up to its topics. Many a rumor has been a reason of it being only for extremes in financial condition of the families involved, either very wealthy or very impoverished. The actuality is a cross-section with some informal surveys showing up to 60% of persons on this continent learning their own finishing school level at home. It was once a tradition to delay collegiate activity until polishing one's skills in deportment, comportment, etiquette, house management, and the alike. Around the kitchen table to learn any or all of it is about the modicum of expectation in modern times, a tradition from the Victorian Age when the economies were harsh for most. A typical finishing school lady would be able to handle grandness levels frugally, and similarly other sets of behavior. She became a weather vane. If being female, modernly interested in a quiet self-study, you may apply for membership at

Manners in the Victorian Age were designed to guard others reputations in deportment. Epitomized by dating etiquette that returns in social strength with males:

For those following through the transitions phases. You can still do funding here from time to time. Below are more funding items offered at bookstores by request or from pop-up orders from ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House and affiliates distributed by USAF Publishing House, help solve the problems in your neighborhoods with extra or ultra protections from funding as a type of good donation by purchase:

* _mauna_mapsiestumr; about military mate and volcanoes, impostor maps in and how they traded; by HM a Jamaican King, recommended from archived soley at a museum level at library of Bank of Stockton in California; why_double_wrapped_in_SWEDEN:most owl fashion codes besides CHINA of pertinent cheekbone and eye glare helpful to UFOlogists also of demised persons entrapped to trapped of
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* _dragula: novelette; by Francis Bailey, kmwall
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* _crayon_gray: novel, ads, drawings by KM; by dan, Francis Bailey

I am glad to be back on familiar topics and will be updating on social media until the next blog:!/kristin.wall.399 Take good care of yourselves and think today upon your own concepts of group behaviors, and of your own wellness activities and how to blend them. Until next time, then.
Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall

Friday, July 13, 2012

This Weekend Summer Vacation Essay To Do Time

Salutations. Although I found out late about these that caused me to reminisce, they are what I'd be doing if I wasn't on the way to another event this weekend.

Keep a shelter open this weekend. At the Delta Humane Society where you'll remember the doggy dashing events I once volunteered for there is a need for funds. They'll have a fund raiser at Whirlows in Stockton to keep providing for these animals in a no-kill environment. Patrice Davidson, their executive director. Whirlows has regular event nights, lately, I noted. Acoustics are fine inside the bistro.

Wheat. An event? The colorful dance costumes of a male-oriented competition at harvest time has a feature about the women joining more in the traditions. At Delta Community College's Atherton Hall.

What I did on my prior sabbatical, a bit like a proverbial Americanism essay of what I did on Summer vacation. Lively in Utah, the events at the Krishna Temple and Cultural Center in Spanish Fork. Worth adding into the canyon vacation time. The food excels in a simplistic buffet for the flavor awakenings. I thought their gift set jewelry kits were phenomenal in the boutique. The kind to send away for. I'd meant to tour their service, also.

About ghosts, as I research a topic of insects in the Victorian era for a story. I'm on a timeline partial-sabbatical while sorting through the family emergencies and crisis, I have to be home bound awhile. A few weeks? The time is good for another writing and art sabbatical, and I hope to have a good story for you, Good Readership, from this time. I will also update you on Facebook:!/kristin.wall.399 Sabbatical support to 2187 Christina Ave, Stockton, CA 95204. If unusual, a gift.

Some of you liked the heraldic artwork on this site, including some of the Yahoo!360 from the early years of the blog. A point then to the Historical Names dot com group for their accommodation of requests. They were helping when I was attempting to set up a non-profit business, and the colorful artwork still warmly greets many of you.

Take good care.

Kristin Marie Wall