Friday, September 2, 2011

Official Alerts of Incursion (x)iii to Books and Artful Contests

Salutations, the change in a day of the Incursion (x)iii is of the lessening to 10 new affected cities now adding to the 900,000 of primary listing and others left (7 or 8) from previous alert status 1) and into Texas' booted topography only and of the easing from homeland invasion deterrents around Corona, CA by State of California to Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) at region/county/+ from District Attorney Office/s led. The experts in search and rescue hired on were key, and Law Enforcement and Civil Employees also, with gratitude to supporting Agencies and non-profits including the School Systems. Many jobs are available from professional recruiters hailing to the Military and the USMC has many in the military installations for public sector only jobs now; please refer your under-employed to unemployed for these quick decisions and instant verifications of jobs needing filling before the State employing agencies would have time to list them in their expertise. Cultish behaviors noted as not of registered religions is of USSS case#109 about Incursions I to continued-any of cult type behaviors by a machination undervalued system of re-enactment-illegal (illegalis, to warfare instantly by heads-of-states declaring openly/interminably; international news networks used for data, too) of approaches to coached limmerick styles in attacks non-normalized population groupings hailing to part of brain lobes clutter of non-fact non-religion focus to trite reasons of attacks in homes by 108,000 an averaged number of the evenly divisible by ten attacking formations intruding: some infiltration data of/on II; tu-T'u's file of a USSS past renown ignored thought dead in-service files recaptured to FBI level-see France's 7-point entry. Five hundred fashion codes in history plus two more of fashion wardrobe levels of seasons for color charts and light levels for adornment is of actions to motivations such as 'God wants Springs to conquer' ridiculousness attacks or 11th-light level of shine on wardrobed person reason behind attacks called incursions. D.A. Office Stockton, CA has the 500 list and your support of the CIA promoted books here listed this week selling out in the geography pictorial tour of examples of in Fashion Economy is appreciated for funding homeland defense levels into neighborhoods affected (and of others listed). More free to need-to-know are following of similar-same matrix of supporting homeland defense directly and CIA nearby providing credit card number to apply to box indicated to buy directly input number (not option on screen) and also for sale for many who wish to own a thing discussed here or for schools, too:
* crown_style_one: crown king in style, an owner's manual, by devon, brevon and beau
* to_top, of Fashion, by ten of Jamaican Military groups
* to_trend, by denver_james
* dreadful_red a grey area book, by don_jon_jonestown_da (to DA Office fund after a-matrix)
* a-grey-matter, finishing-school-level oblong to Greece look, by denver_jaouean
* dress and reds, by denver_daouve and dun_roaun
* complements II by Jim Marks and KMWall
* anastasia_duex, a new fashion code about Russa paranormal, by steve_R(try backwards R of cyrillic)
* opal_-un_natural, a fashion code for royal paramilitary a-gender bender to Lioness, by Jim Marks and KWall
* dum_jun a-code-2, dun-wear, by JAM jiaueaum (said, "jim")
* ocean in a sun, a series on astronomy: books I, II, III, IV, by thom_tom, thom_to and a jack_ripper
* known_USA_model: how to model men, by ckres team (for unit 101 of Fort Ord past)
* demon devil love, an art book, by Chas II
Remember to view the previous three days of blogs here for more books to order as available; most scholastic bound by now and over-ordered will explain.

The USAF AirForce1Office's: Project Fashion One is pleased to host another artful contests with the USMC ARTS/R of this timeframe of beauty art arriving more noticeably on scenes, and so a framework of these beauties contests is open; please submit your frame design of any material legal to the office. Most contests by the USAF AirForce1Office's: Project Fashio One are paid in sums to the marketplaces of art contests. Thank you Good Readership for your support.

As the weekend is upon us all, take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
a commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature
USSS badge1018+, USSFtoSS, Navy SEALs, so special-ops and units et al.