Thursday, October 21, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Miracle Sorcery

Hello to everyone, hello to everyone and I hope you are well enough on another fine Autumn day, while the Incursion VI alerts reach serious levels warning against pedophile-attack-marauding-invaders in affected cities mostly around waterways and ports worldwide. The allure of water in history includes using it as an amusement backdrop and an historic topic for comedians and comediennes, much like the modern humor might be selected in a focus universally appealing such as politics; most people had never seen oceans in the places where this ancient humor was most popularized. Fish tanks were very regular to find in these areas that were often themselves rumored to come from the oceans of historic pasts or of caravan's visits, etc. Those times were also ones of normalized magicians and sorcerers used to defend cities and palaces, and were considered to have everyday skills recorded in local histories in city archives recently lugged out by the USMC. Being taught in the affected cities, mostly, it is good to understand where this level of free training for the affected public and all military and law enforcement and others such as clergy helping tremendously. There is some costs at some training sites if signing up for other coursework or literature such as an author's booksigning but not required as the grants are covering the coursework necessary to acclimate and skillfully develop the public's acumen in what for lack of better words is called sorcery in the worldwide military. Time were hard during miscreant-raids in the ancient cities that recorded them for us to use their training manuals, which they won their battles with against the dna-insurgents named aptly miscreants. Fish tanks were used to grow food in and daily gourmet fare was handed out at any public restaurant or pub or cafe equivalent, with all the nutrients and flavors necessary for a day. Then, as is happening now, cities affected were being trained in home-deployment warfare acting as military that they all became. The miscreant, then, improperly breeched cities and impersonated-illegalis the residents and citizens. Today's miscreant attacker has added in newly developed elements in raids and invasion warfare training of their own to their own by training their dna-insurgents to do pedophile attacks by abductions of like kind and also bestiality attacks in similar early warning steps. Thirty young children were abducted and recovered in several respective cities affected yesterday by the Swiss Army which handles vice squad levels you may be familiar with in law enforcement levels, but discovering the children abducted was unexpected. The miscreant attempts to also recruit at such times into homeless-walking-as-reenactment-illegalis; and it is also their job to militarily execute the fifty thousand or more perpetrators in this instance in tunnels exited from Mexico, by Mexico's request. Some of their kin have been arriving to take home the corpses, where appropriate. A thank you goes out to the Swiss Army for their professionalism in the cities affected, and I appreciate very much working alongside them in another good experience for me as the commanding officer. A quick reminder is that in this continual warfare level to respond always now and in any future forseen or unknowable is that commanding officer and other military rank always outweigh any law enforcement jurisdiction in a confidence of crowd management to crowd control levels of breeches and defenses of any region and also in the offensive. The latter you'll witness more of, soon. This horror level of terrifying the public has an answer of a miracle level I'll discuss below.

The Military thanks Law Enforcement and its system counterparts and interactors such as those who work at the court houseses for their extra help in information and their also professional conduct in the field, equal to any soldier, certainly. The courthouses have not been kept open unusual hours, though, lately, such as yesterday an apprehension was made when a claim that the courthouse was open half an hour after it had officially closed again was made by miscreants. These after-five miscreants were trespassing and certainly not allowed to enter the courthouse after it closed up at 5:01 p.m. and the last guard on duty left the premises at 5:04 p.m. to deliver the records and pertinent data to the Military and yesterday's DEA agents helping out around town. You may've seen, as I did, all the judges in your own area gathered at any particular local military installation for a libation or such, and greeting their public. They've been offered as you may sign up for a brief view and ride on a just discovered ostentatious Victorian era train made from about every stolen train part or luxury item missing from the 19th Century, and I'm not really being facetious. The trip is short in duration but may give an idea of the experience of entertainment of truly luxury dining in twenty minutes that a person in the Victorian era would've waited in line for and dressed nearly to ballroom level for. Also, ballroom coursework is being accredited by some educational institutions as taught to the public by the military because many are showing they are very serious about their study, and we're glad to help participants afford it.

Fake war camps discussed on this blog have new indicators that warn in the aftermath they were not real or actual militaries; some found to have been duped into attending fake boot camps of this level during actual and declared wars. There are several recovery courses being taught by the NSA to help this type of victim out with dealing with the wrongful experience where unwitting and to train in new fields and professions, if needed. The typical victim of the type of war ruse considered a fake war training facility or boot camp includes any training of bestiality or pedophilia or rape skills. No militaries train to perform such acts, but many people have been coming forward in search and rescue volunteerism that were victimized in these fake boot camps of the past, and sadly a few recently found and closed by force. The sounds of a training camp facility might've seemed like echoes because usually they were close enough to toss a stone into, but because of unlikely training tactics the illegalis-war-camp would've hidden their participants from view, etc. Your churches can also help you if you were duped into this type of waylaying crime activity unawares. A similar after note on this is a reminder that all actual royalty are required to attend military training in boot camp, in order to remain royalty, officially.

Air quality has been noted in statistics recently and the public should note that the C02 levels are irrespective to the other things on the air detected from miscreant attackers such as garage-brewed or tunnel-devised styles of medications-as-poisons used as weapons declared upon our public. The methodine and similar things are able to be useful for this situation. Methadone in crude versions has been set upon the winds that gives a false sense to miscreants of lack of stagefright for their illegalis-filming in hidden surveillance of their own making. The result for the general populace thus poisoned is that over long duration of time the crude chemicals are altering bone structure in facial features in much the same way everywhere by shortening a nose bridge and emphasizing cheekbones and causing some pointedness in nose cartilages. Apprehended are cosmetic artist hopefuls who would've brought out by emphasis these featured areas of the countenance. Many beauty fields have seen a high rate of violent crimes, in the last few years, though, and often linked to Colonial or merchandising bloodline families or groups.

The miracles of the moment include smaller ones on the practical daily income levels, firstly, and secondly on the miraculous resurrection revivals of the Church and also from the Military for battle occasion. Because it is most interesting, I'll list the Church's offered service for $54,000 per hour to within an eight hour day resurrect a precient family member of yours known to help your own household, house and other guided interests, practicably. The Military is able to do something similar in or after battles involving those attacked, on the emergency levels, and by U.S. Congress's order to provide full restoration to those attacked by miscreants particularly from Incursion I - VI attackers-invaders. The other daily help is coming in with one hour job projects on regular basis levels for the highly skilled and or the highly trustworthy able to be bonded, for safety, also. This is in addition to the many job projects of any skill level available from the Military in the areas of Fashion, Arts, and Finance to ask your Armed Forces recruiter for, or the relevant military branch about more directly. The new one hour a day jobs include things such as balancing a small business checkbook, or delivering food between manufacturing buildings, or helping the Mormon church log tithes, or similar. Not difficult, but needed on a schedule and that will help in the long run by adding up the small amount over long duration, as financial gurus think might tip the finances in some people's favors. The magician-economics measurements announced here and other places gave birth to this type of new income source allowing households to plan differently. For some time in the future, though, no Military persons or Law Enforcement will be doing what is called temporary work through said types of agency positions and respectively similar for Law Enforcement; security concerns are a part of the reason.

Green dye showed up, finally, after being sought for being one of the first two synthetic dyes made but gone missing. Other such interesting tidbits in fashion for fashionistas and costumers will be available soon in quick coursework levels allowing students to choose some of their 30 granted business equivalent degrees and certifications for helping the military defend their own neighborhoods, et al. Some new applicants for degrees are needed in the fields discussed critically and urgently in this blog in the last four blogs describing the: organic medicine of altering by radical surgery any person or animal to turn them into another in some instances, and also the intelligence levels for homeland defenses of the mind-thought recording chips that are retrofitted into law enforcement equipement and used for over twenty years in public locations by military, permanently in place and in emulation in attempts by the miscreants. I hope you'll enjoy selecting your urgently needed certifications of training or degrees of higher education.

Thank you for being a good readership.