Monday, January 23, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies Incursion XII of plaguerism to deteriment of homes two businesses four including White House assignments to write books for public sale information given helping all populaces anticipated so named a brothel illegalis of underground sites to others unknown stalked victimized by incest unknown at and of day cyanide burned four gallons of each place affected by it to locales known at time of blogging after yesterday a dump over same alike of three microns of it each place to cause harm malignancy on physical form touched by it was dropped by air over 600,000 cities evenly numbered data of at any Police Station global all victims to noninvolved as attacking by it receive organ donation transplant to cure of by order of U.S. Congress none from live persons only from FBI Medical Services a laboratory from U.S.A. of conglomerates of it alike and free to persons pets animals livestock into extraterrestrial investigation level high security clearance of genetic alterations to superb or more levels of security level personnel the planet of concern being Earth itself as Astronauts a noted eugenics paramilitary system systemized for deteriment to none of it about it exampled, water of alerts at 40 gallons staying throughout the day limit limited to animals only if livestock below to same as herd need calulated by HSUS and of 4 gallons water per wildlife known pet sized to bigger of birds to under it earth of tunnel apperature put together for it non to be followed of it by NSA a Project Eschelon gifted for it a donation non government military budgets allowed absconded for anything else or used for other today but water gifts dna of to Wildlife it only or persons personnel appearing as such if genetically altered to deteriment harm of public perception not of concern if voted in areas such as the USNSeals of known regaling by a frog's grown apart from it nonharmfully skin attached to experiment succeed in sun sunshine extreme weather as seen in Stockton California its delta waters waterways of men in only of used to it the populace for viewing and also of acclimated today by it all a populace of it the city mentioned by others allowing also gifted day off from schools if harm perceived by unusual flow in air taste to sickening or sudden seeming lesions by $400 daimond called a grant of it for repairing from all large insurance companies to cover help smaller wind rain worsening cyanide burned effects to firemen for help also not rushing or any emergency laboratory in Silicon Valley its name stating a medical biomedical such that it is comprehensible to public sector or of alike places low level announced good suspected not carrying out acts so others may be waylaid mislaid or otherwise. To more announced of CDC of Justice System applied logic counseling most off in cities around about locales also alike while severe counseling training occuring for its member counselors only today by way of Medic/\USAF of it by at also contact USAF its AirForce1Office at, for its counselors one being missing a lone imposter passing for of in public places to deteriment occurence despite seeming heroics sudden against an enemy its own declaring itself also to public game illegalis not allowed term used of illegalis meaning warfare applied immediate per all Heads of State united for and not applied to sickening from worsening of counseling nondisappointment spouse like person of USSF supporting for now a Liberty surnamed Leslie first named so appears from this its city bloggers CDC released of permanence to later rehire possible for after it a hundred days for nonperformance to actual harm intended by misled disillusioned as not known to be not aware that she was not royalty member by bloodline or other association allowed none for now as several Heads of State were present in public place assigned to her to watch over not akin to beating berating any as happened when this blogger left and after a Police escorted television station was allowed into it an Empresso Theater to its cafe where Micah a cop was allowed to converse with her himself a head-of-state function as cohead to any office whereever he is and as a Gregory Orph on site premises will gladly explain to the camera any camera allowed now there to whereas also a counselor like but only for OES emergencies to perceived perception construction of a merit attack by offenders mounting to do against any opportune or alike it or as by this way of in merited actual degreeing purpose and purpose for as the only known a Military Psychiatrist of form and function to fully paid though donated to trackers of it for its purpose new from former George W Bush a president at arms before likely alikened to his book won below for anctedote in this my contest and aware of it all please accept the gifts of it this site and others from CIA nearby to it any of refunded by for purpose of it all here stated because of American or Mexican intervention accounts to for it also a cause good of this state statement for the public to do for his teddy bear fund for public public places to to get it or librarian known official by employ a government and to prior blogs for listings or staff seargents or as seargents sites to link to more opportunity more data gifts only for it later today from sites of sad of day off students for about it the IRS gifting more later tonight for parents upset by the burned cyanide. Offers stand, as, complete for it to enjoy all Law Enforcement alike thanked including those investigated for prior service akin but not allowed now to serve fully until well. Hope is in all the phrase of the day for Law Enforcement getting the message late:
Contest has another win listing as day off today for former head of state this countryside no other for now unknown to judges readers that his manuscript would merit score or win any category to official officially placed from this Court House akin alike win for this blogger officially by mistake entered by his own secretary of form Diane from a White House Administration past thanking for playing with her in the backyard while advice advised to become one a secretary and as George W Bush winner fifth placed in category one of paranormal like literary its horror, congratulating as all.
* pare':5/6:games boards plus; by Abracus the State of California's official s&r bear of team for in special ops unit 1 all countries countryside including Spain disliking it officially accepting though
* omu_pare':bear lore; by Al Gore
* solve:puzzle a day; by a bear omu as alike described above sentences for it this blog to it all also
* pare2:daily build sites where found their marks bears communicating 1st lengual; by bear_ormu
* janice:novelized; by james_spd
* knighthood_for_you:by HM Queen Elizabeth II, weil_wall, kmwall
* canvas:novel; by kourt
* ice_maul:music sound; by Ric Ocassum
* how_to_fashion_model:by Bob Mayer
* wyse:novel; by John Jakes
* a friend; by Scott Close
* new_age_encounter; by Solaron
* pimple_cults:novelized extreme id theft; by don_dough
* band_aid:novel; by kmwall
* model_stalked:novel; by Gene Wall
* pleasant_g:text Fashion; by RAF
* wurm:novel; by devon
* electric_blues_and_counterparts:text Fashion leveled 3rd as 2; by white, joe, kmwall
* berry_good_recipes:cookbook blank German food; by good_ship
* once_simple:how to produce; by exhibit_h
* mexican_art:book art; by USMC
* don:novel; by djxim
* imp:novel; by mnickey
* clearn_go:novel; by Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, Michael Ontiveros, Stephen Frey, John Grisham, kmwall
* monks_in_space:novella; by don, kmwall
* deliverous_o:novelized; by SSS, SUSF
* koe_nuns:book new odd priests; by Chamuela Can
* how_to_defend_your_home:book training level Q; by jin_joaue, alex_sam
* june:text economic Fashion; by joeaun
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
a commanding officer co commanding today for it any
a FFL member and also minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art, designer
ARMY(any/ finance also in USSF a personnel fully specil-ops
NAVY(any/ project literature its helpful also in USNSEals as one
badge#101/USSS-ss1-DEA-sherriffparamilitaryunitone only one today on staff for 4 hours for it et al 12 day warfare declared against the State of any placed 9th day of in into for it forex z zio