Thursday, January 27, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts Arthurian Metallurgy and Call for Coaches

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are able to both accept and reject today as the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invasion attacks upon homes took the latest but expected twist of fate twining legendary with the actual explainable but with metal of the past superior in battles above ground and martial arts wins. The militaries are being trained with extra hand-to-hand combat for the ancient and winning styles of martial arts from the King Arthur Court times, expected with the sorcery level of attacks promised in the 98 years of warfare declared upon all countries defined by our American president as this duration. The Navy are all to report in for expert and added hand-to-hand combat methodology counter-motion and movement order moves of martial arts capability, for battle in homes against martial arts trained superior of the past and ancient eras now upon us. Those of Army methods of hand-to-hand may be frontal upon approach for deterring by throwing, and more. The USMC is in the lead, but this is a move upon the open fields of wavering battles after an enemy declared has become one with their own formation approaching. Because we are defending, you and yours may await or descend into the underground housing that resembles yours in your affected city, or for training. The metals of the hand held weapons of the dna-Insurgents were extracted from Germanic and Ninja superior kilns of the past, known and unbendable and unbreakable but of unusual forging so that they overheat and can be immersed into a wall or cement, think stone with sword. The metal weapon cools right then and can't be used in the battle. Later, some of the astronauts or other weapons experts of swordsmanship level can demonstrate the actual Arthurian Court sorcery sword weapons that don't look like a sword at all, until utilized in the appointed manner, rather reminiscent of Machiavellian. A call is out for sports coaches or team building coaches at all levels so that they may assist today and on paying schedules to train masses from underground who followed orders to stop battling us above and to fight our wars for us. These new recruits lived underground taken from bloodlines along the way, horrifically in unusually technology useage manners for the families involved. The recruits, though, will be in coliseums underground training in stations going between boot camp and sports camp training. Their finest wish is to become martial arts sports teams and work and compete alongside the regular sports world martial arts teams. Due to their dignifies ethical behavior, their request to train and compete in regular sports is to happen. The coliseums were built by runaway teens some time ago who wished to be part of our above ground world, but watching below and learning by emulation of what they espied by cameras placed about cities. Solved, the coliseums are sound as the brainy children used diagrams and supplies like the militaries they watched building tunnels near people they liked. Thank you for participating in this specialized level of training, both ways. Both sides. Thank you to the law enforcement who at strange hours today assisted the worldwide CIA to especially secure the nations. Commendable. Also, to all the worldwide judges who did so, together, despite time zone differences. More below on this day, already.

A Catholic bishop descended underground to help the situation above and lead the dna-Insurgents that were sporting upon all above to awaiting help. These para-teams were able to follow orders. Respect authority know. And, they stood by to watch a competition between our military and theirs devised to have the winner of a hand to hand combat with their weapons against our unarmed determine their fate. The phone companies are to be congratulated for this fast thinking on their proverbial toes for leading the threatening leaders to homes of military assigned to handle raids upon civilian areas or zoos, which they knew of, instead of trying to handle the faced down threats all alone. Smart thinking can always win. The phones in most affected cities are still being handled by the military quadrant system in play. Thank you for your patience and for your regular calling trees on the phones guaranteed kept open or provided.

Another round of applause goes out to extraordinary groups noticed of the running military units, the hundreds of marathoners who arrived to run ten mile circuits about the affected cities, and the 40 million 'commoners' who arrived by primordial divine deliverance plans (proto-heraldry, think House of Commons, Boston Commons, and where else you've noted commonwealth terms for those settled who were cared for by the royalty as they will say for centuries). This city has enough underground terrain prepared for their indefinite stay to guard and battle. Take your time with this all, for they arrived to assist your phenomenal regular militaries already stationed about in their own group bloodline formations historical that always complement and don't interfere with the military movements. Their uniforms are very reflective of ours, and they are receiving their pay disbursements from any USSS office from any police station, anytime. After the horrific statistics of the repeated crime waves identical to past cases of astronomical numbers, tolerance is not the matter at hand.

More of our animals are needing extra befriending after search and rescue today who have worked faithfully beside us in the military and law enforcement. Even these amazing animals are weary and need heartening. They need to be walked for pleasure, have a ball tossed for fun, a tug of war for no reason, or other temporary fixes for their lives. Volunteering is easy from the USArmy Animal Caring Unit, Husbandry Control or Animal Doctoring Units, any of. The Humane Society will take calls, but transfer for us. Hs'LadyLove awakened her naval ship and myself as they contacted me last night under her sudden cover of darkness approach to come rescue in this city with her mate, Count Zorro and Doctor Baldr. Watching in the military live viewers as she jumped overboard and led the way in a determined swim was her stubbornly successful feat. Strong determination lets a cat swim and win. Dr. Baldr is good with water, and Count Zorro has never shirked any of his supreme tomcat tasks, and likes his new fur donated. Thank your own animals today, if you're able.

The USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne is still receiving successfully its daily contest entries for dinner suit that reflect uniforms of history; men's are now to be included. $40, and $50 each contest, respectively, from the grantors. Please submit your own fashion designs regularly, at any quantity until asked otherwise. A letter of recognition of participation goes with all of this.

What do you know of the historic saint, and of Saint Francis of Assisi in particular? There was an unusual underground following of this saint that was undecided whether to help or hinder the affected cities. They like the new saints, well enough, and would like to participate more in the likening behaviors. Historical data of the timelines and world around this saint would be something those who can lecture or teach can be hired for now. See the lists at the police station of unlimited work from the military, not once only projects or leaf-blowing of the past wars (the professional landscapers requested the latter type). Costume history will be meaningful. Trade zones. Business in monasteries. Details, such as how many dishes were washed per day, and such details.

Trees in California are being discussed, and their history so that if you are a ranger or a group of the, please consider the open project from the military USMC ARTS to help with determining data that is historical and needed to anchor other research about. Such as when terraforming was redone by tribes five thousand years ago (details from the military available) and also factoids such as the yew tree being selected to restart soiled areas, although other trees were considered the first trees such as certain firs, simply because it was taken for granted everyone would recall how to use yews to reterraform desecrated or degraded lands. Other early tribal and military plans are available that describe the business sectors to work from, as agreed to by every tribe.

It is a gray day, and I've been working on artwork and military meetings scheduled today. I, being the commanding officer worldwide for any such Incursions by dna-Insurgents attacking at any level or over any timeline continually, am pleased to see all of you who arrive at meetings. You comprehend now that warfare training is not for fun sports games, as battle training that protects the real world is quite helpful to comprehend is actual and not festive. Up to a hundred battles a day underground protecting cities affected is the normal count for now, and eighty was expected. Thanks for helping with manual details such as putting together shoe kits for the soldiers in the tunnels and other citizens helping, as one tunnel altercation will ruin one pair of shoes, each time. The military is providing the shoes. And other full restoration as detailed by U.S. Congress. Volunteering for the mundane will be appreciated in the long run.

Taking time to read another book this week, I selected a romantic story called Secret Surrender by Lisa Dawn MacDonald ISBN#160154006x. I'm also knitting a border for a dark green mottled uniform. The topics highly popular almost to the point of wearying the lecturers we have for you from the military for funding and no-cost educational purpose have included the most attended being the first uniforms dyed by hot lava rocks. Something similar to tye dye but in various lava colored hues. I'm glad you're fascinated as I am, and the lecturers will be returning after a time or rest and recreation.

If you are working with the Special Forces at any time from history in bloodlines, please report in also, as the pay disbursements will be coming from the information at the USSS offices at police stations of clergy offices. Work immediate. Up to sixty percent of the populace may become employed from the warfare funded coded trust funds of Congressional supplementing but of private ilk, mine included. To the worldwide clergy, there will be next month the Mayan 2012 fascination data you are most likely to need to move through Incursion VIII of dna-Insurgent attacks and for crowd management to crowd control handling. The details selected will be available from the USMC Religions and also for the annexed social orders. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head
USN, project literature
USArmy, finance