Friday, January 14, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Protocol in Raid Aftermath No Game

Hello to everyone, and as this is yet another blog this week on the opening of the warfare declared status against Incursion VIII of the increased homeland invasion status raids by homeless behaving reenactors illegalis in mostly teens targetted yesterday. Teens were attacked in record numbers so that it is a military action now in play, and the President's standing state of emergency is for this long-term forseeable future of non-lawful raiders. Since the affected cities had reportedly from the FBI officially all teens nearly or actually attacked in homes or similar, familiar terrain. Some surgical repairs of the teens is underway at no cost from the Military that is from the mobile medical units and at the hospitals agreeing to work as military hospital status. By this morning, the highest amount of teens ever recorded are entering boot camp funded by the Congressionally funded funds privately held and monitored so as not to burden the country's current budgets on a status of being altered lower. The typical person now aiding the Incursion VIII homeland invaders of dna-Insurgents is doing two things wrong that after the President and his worldwide Office's mandate yesterday and still going on to remove from the militaries any disobeying a commanding officer of chain of command order or being disrepectful and their background be given to new soldiers recruited without backgrounds from underground caverns freed up and responding correctly to the military commands, including myself as the actual commanding officer. USMC ARTS was pleased to help protect and monitor during the series of raids of ten thousand at a time in affected cities the talent scouting star-raters. These talent monitoring persons have a job to decide who can be recruited for stardom jobs. The music industry had many people being rated yesterday and several local people and others in the military received a fair rating and also several work opportunities to record music or shape careers in the Arts and Entertainment. The streets were lined until after midnight in Stockton alone with standing room only teenagers in many places, particularly on the Miracle Mile. They are to be credited already for assisting to help the military in stopping raids on the city attempted. Underground are some tunnels with further houses and streets resembling the top built in order to allow for comfort and acclimationg while battle grounds in tunnels are declared by such as the ten thousand at a time homeless behaving or once having been known prostitutes in the penal system records. Mostly from San Diego, California and also Viet Nam underground and some other places. Grouped with paramilitary weapons for home raids. The music industry is reflecting the hardened strength of courage arising in most of the populace as it is requesting very strong metal music again. Pleasingly, your submissions of musical tracts will be able to be submitted to the USMC ARTS and also via a route through the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne. More below.

Some very many requests have come in for more personal data on myself, the blogger you've mostly read over the years. Today what is on my mind is the receipt of more fashion degrees of education; I promised in my job capacity as the USAF fashion director to obtain over a hundred degrees, after the requisite four in the field. Very little of my time other than recovering in relaxation and some sleep is the fact that I have had no time to attend church services at all in many months. I chatted with a USMC's family member a few days ago and she assured me that I had been to church with her that very morning; as I had not, that identity thief was apprehended today. Another interesting rumor that panned out in apprehending an identity theif impersonating me illegally since my own teens was caught trying to be married to a head of the French Foreign Legion in some presumed transfer of marraiges, or something she had masterminded for thirty years. She started with slipping into a cocktail party, and just this week the dna denying her attempt to appear on the Military records as his wife, when it would be illegal to list any mistress. As none are allowed in the military. Two identity theives this week caught, but both had altered all their appearances and backgrounds to perfect ones for their living lie, except for their hair. Since the Egyptian trend has ended with the abrupt cliffhanger that it does, and out with it was the fascination with hair, this was an interesting correlation in many cases. Later this morning, though, the typical identity theif is being cuaght out wiht stolen scalps or hair in some form or another. And there it is, more about myself and more to come. On the military records, and actual, I'm a widow status. No divorces, as none are allowed with my security level clearance or by my requisite prenuptial agreements. Remember that it is illegal permanently (and not meaning hair solutions or styles) to ever use my name or change anyone's name to mine and birth certificate attempts to put my name on a new arrival will also continue to be rejected.

Nosepicking is a sign of misled homeland raiders that is their known attempt to be able to cast curses, or such. Office of the vice president's office of occult services, to you now. There is a good amount of persons out and about helping some of the victims of mistaught occult attempts such as the nose picking with direct and one on one protocol lessons. I am pleased to recommend while this effort is happening that you the good readership be sending in your own lists to help us on short time tables. Normally, the Department of State employees that I work with in this capacity as a revisionist of protocol have time and grace to travel. This will all keep them very busy. Please consider a common courtesy of sending us at this office two of your own echelon or royal household or social club protocols. Etiquette tips for our changing times are welcome, if brief, such as at the table.

Yesterday the President met with some of my soldiers that arrived to report in for duty and about very future actions that he viewed in the USMC Reconnaissance holding this and all countries in security and safety continual. You may request to view it yourself and see just what is underground and is ahead in years to come arising to the surface that declared warfare against all countries and peoples. Rumors were abounding that are false that our president is a woman and not male, which of course is false. He is quite the gender of male and no one is to follow anyone's orders attempting to say that they are from a secretly female president. My own security clearance level you have learned long ago is always above the heads of state offices and continually so. I don't negotiate, or have any remorse (not to be misconstrued for being rueful) or relenting (required by USSS). These are some character traits known to be on the dna strands in various combinations; see yesterday's blog.

A travelling dignitary often resident in affected cities recommended yesterday some reading material, and on the classics list is Vanity Fair. I hope to find it and catch up on this missed book, and I hope you'll enjoy these follow-ons.

Remember that no one can assess anyone in the public (including inside buildings where the public can go) for medical conditions or presumed traumas. There is a lot of case work being gathered also for the reasons undetermined in profiling for why childrens doses of medicines being given to them from a public sector level such as the Justice Departments or Military's resources are being stolen. They're also being used to dope the child's other family members in false assignments to deliver by ruse or without knowledge these medicines not for them. The homeless marchers again are taking credit for it, but since they lie perpetually any how on recordings and records and for nefarious purpose, they don't get to be closed cases.

Remember not to fall for the idea that reenacting in public is allowed as it is extortioners and embezzlers and trespassers, and murderers no longer penalizing affected city's crime rates. You the good readership know about that already, having been contacted as over fifty million of you per minute have been reading this blog. Via the several servers from the military that are shielding you and are all that the actual hackers ever runs into (or views). I am working on a novel today, a declared day off by the Military for me, and hopefully I'll get more grand plotpoint ideas. You are all to be thanked for supporting the privately funded and congressionally funded directly bootcamp training and training camp education underway in your own areas. Parents of the children attending are accepting well the instructions on how to awake or alert a now lethal and self-defense oriented child, for example. And I know you will all feel safer soon, and stop worrying like many in public eateries and dining establishments that they only have a year to live past the Incursions I to VIII affects, anyhow, and so they may as well help them for a while. Don't fall prey to the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgents actual propoganda. Take good care, remember to read a good book soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer