Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Official Funding Items


Funding items by USAF Publishing House distributed:
* boot_and_camp_for_bored_and_pare':training camp data 80 days; by official State of California search and rescue bear Abracus
* harpoon_ 97_classic:game version by judge_day
* belugi_sogno:song; by John Belushi, -aun_units
gxom_50:novel; by Richard Marcinko, kmwall
*asking for any topic by it provided


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
those writing as kmwall
any commanding officer
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp omc + its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF a special_ops unit member unionized effect thanking for gear on
NAVY(any/literature its project + USNSEALs a unit_one as
knight Knight of Columbus
officiator SAS
chaplain Fashion Industry hosiery legwear
minister of Ministry of Fashion
RAF+ any Military and FFL and CA-PsyOps a battallion formed + et al