Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Incursion Official Alert and Fashion USAF

Salutations, the official alert against 'reenactors' in public trying to dupe by disarming victims while not actually 501C3 or other similar legal clubs for historical reenactment is at an all time high from the Homeland Security and the Military, thanking the nonessential personnel and the Senate for training most of the populace at home and over the past 8 years in homeland defense into more against raiding from anyplace for any retirement theft to auto theft as is today's focused attacks in Incursion XXII. The foible of redefining by attackers their 'leader' of their arriving rounds of attack groups by calling them 'gallon mistresses' is a change from the 'gallon girl' of early home-invasion systems raiding this city in the pre-900,000 city list from Law Enforcement victimized into Military purview. The gaming aspect is now decoded into a Fashion Economy former trend catching up a few places and times as trends of actual business of Resort and Economy tend to do with the fractal patterning you read about here and on Sergeant's sites. The 100,000 homeland raiders per city affected now is of today's statistics, and pets again threatened by in-person bestiality threats against owners to similar. The attempts to remove owner or occupant from housing again reminds that the Law again reinforces no DOD or Military or similar employed past or present may be removed from their housing. The Veterans Administration and States are treating by counseling to the state's benefits in place already those who misthought they were in the military for some time but are not, appearing homeless to disregarded when it is the monthly policy for sometime now to return any misplaced soldiers and DOD company workers or contractors of any time frame back into their houses. Takes time, people and more, but the military is getting back to those illegally foreclosed upon by targeting or similar such as the 100 per day average returned to the rightful ownership despite often 20 or 40 similar to same named persons told to invest in the property and mortgage to pay it off same time groupings found mistaken for computer printout stutters. Think tens, and any combinations of getting from or to it in the strangeness of attempted magical number approaches in attacks on the homeland.

The response to the welcoming of the official military animals in search and rescue capacity fully declared full humans status of living by the worldwide real court systems is phenomenal and thank you for your kind hearted expressions for them. These caring wildlife and house pets doing more training are referred to in the official royal court records from history that are for the military trained at home also for more defense systems; noting the world's militaries all trained only in one royal court level of recorded training. Your hallway training as you know came from the Basque militaries of the past. To the favorite Native American systems famed by USSF and others like it. The other data of regalia and uniforms is in new lecture series available also from your Funding sources and the real militaries. The animals and unusual soldiers were referenced in the beloved bestiaries (those lists illuminated of animals and people who required other than regular soldiers food and care such as a battle camel needing feed different, but listed in units, etc.)

A fun contest from the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne is available for those who wish to weave a tapestry from the primordial style that used a weavers frame type set up and made a picture and left a fringe on all sides like a rag-rug in appearance might be related. The documented data about is available from the same office. And so is the free-sort for 'worklisted' that is about the work available for the civilian too on any topic available. Please refer your friends, too, as the FED and the ARMY(any)heraldry office gladly note the one-millionth employee for the Economy-Fashion-Resort jobs you read about here at about USD$80,000 for a part-time work load continuing. Those of you learning more about the 'evil apple picture' on the economy graphs used worldwide and now the 'fallen-8' will continue to have more indicators in the future from the ancient economies which studied ahead.

Next month I'll recommend more novels and books, and understanding that many of you like more novels more often. Meanwhile, I'll be taking more fashion courses and medicine ones for the battlefield level of search and rescue and of the beauty marring incident cases you'll recall. The knitting in the Summer heat is still also doing fine, and beginning to resemble the ancient uniform. The comments in the public places to those of us wearing the official if historic now uniform pieces delivered by the military bases for our public use are appreciated. Thank you for taking a gander. Take care until next blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature