Friday, August 17, 2012

Law and Order Rooted with Welfare Systems


Years ago those of you who read the blog know that Princess Charlotte of Belgium (1840-1927) who became the Empress Carlota of Mexico's Imperium II tried to start a welfare system and free schools and hospitals. She did so with her ladies-in-waiting. The original ladies were replaced or added to with some from Mexico, eventually. They were assigned to setting up schools and hospitals. They went  to the remote areas and villages to do so. It was a time that colloquially was called the French Intervention. I'm working on a story again set in that time and place, and on my Facebook there should be more tidbits along the way.!/kristin.wall.399 Charlotte was visited until she died by the families of her original ladies-in-waiting. C.M. Mayo's Internet sites seem to have a good deal of factual data on the real situations for the ill fated monarchy of the Imperium II during the Victorian Age.

In the Bible are many times and groups, such as Babylon that has been considered with negativity for the lore of religious or spiritual experience but is the root of the concepts of law-and-order in modern times. Babylon's King Hummurabi is credited with a code of law at the root of it; 1792-1750 B.C. He centralized a government. It was very close to ours. Another thing King Hummurabi was known for, according to former Marine Anthony Ontiveros a student of history and the arts was carving walled structures into lava. It all explains why Hummurabi's portrait is on many a law building around the globe. He also states that the modern Welfare System was nearly the same in ancient Babylon at the time of King Hummurabi. See Wikipedia for the first code of laws. For photo of modern Iraq insurgent watch:

I will look forward to blogging with you again in the near future. Meanwhile, take good care.

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