Thursday, April 14, 2011

Incursion IX to XX and Green Economy More Doing

Salutations, the Asparagus Festival has sunshine on it, although the temperature for awhile for me working on the Incursion-deterrants with the Military and Governments and your Civil Servants and Law Enforcement have taken us underground or airborne for scheduled hours, offices away from home in a different way, to work through the steps to stop the still 905,600 affected cities' attacks of 10,000 only last night per affected city, but lethal to deadly-intent of the supposed reenactment but illegalis. Attempts to take over one country yesterday were not in jest by them, and so recalibration of those who were supposed to be guarding the Fashion and Resort Economy officials and now also businesses attempting to stay open on their own in especially Fashion, worldwide. These hard workers are now finding they have a microscope of focus as the paramilitary economy, itself usually independent of any and autonomously acting to enacting-of-powers is for four months embracing entirely the regular economies. Typically, this type of action would last only 2 months to bolster or assist any flagging area, or as you'll recall the mention to push up again a notch to keep economic rise on schedule. There are recalibration courses going on to train the persons involved in confusions of the preying often anonymous attackers who cause regular underknowing but skill-trained persons to attack without knowing they are incorrect by actual law. Such as in misqueing on lists and documentation. If an FBI agent is on the premises, for example, in a residence, as you'd imagine your X-Files personnel would be kept track of by any country, as they are, then misqueuers were telling falsely by hacking and similar phone-switching illegalis from old illegal equipment that they were authorities upon or superior ranks and that they were giving them quick instructions to then assign any FBI to take the house over for their own use, first come first serve type of error. This type of sorting out takes time, and effort, and personnel. Has been happening left and right and north and south and in-between in many a housing error with guns and police and military used now to remove even erring legal-job holding sudden new residers who are misreading falsified or under-clarified listings to reports and showing advance-casework correctly defined 'spies' how the systems to guard our world operate. Spying is not legal unless through the various governmental permissions that entail high ethical conducts and so many people are being stopped at the obviousness of novice efforts to do so labeled for now stalking for some, others as immediately to deter with finality. Thank you to all who assisted from retirement or otherwise, sometimes confused on the new laws in place and rules of conducting oneself while in public settings of crowd management to crowd control levels to comply with U.S. Congress's bodybag paymnents of ascerbated known lists of populace attackers. The retired USSS and similar were out on foot and in many governmnent vehicles to assist the military and law enforcement with the task. Schools are granting time off to some of the paramilitary units formed up to protect at home levels, already, and gladly granted. The students guarding and rescuing animals from Incursion IX attackers of dna-Insurgents as miscreants particularly are numbering about 9000 daily; still their reward is a $150 wardrobe plan for life of the child or student assisting. In Stockton, CA, being done in a municipal building during daylight hours, with good window views of the city and Springtime arriving. There is a lot of transition in the personnel with Fashion being hard hit in its two-sevenths of the economy but some are not stating their hardships at the workforce level until very late, and so the USAF handling Fashion worldwide has many bolstering systems of no-cost to the factory owners and business owners to tide them over or to reopen those closed by illegalis targeting of the economy in a big picture or the clothing line or similar type of focused seeming fiascos. The worldwide governments and militaries see it less personally coming from the individual owners and so the assistance will take a first 4-months step and then ever after. A 4ever (spelled anyway) special-ops unit of USMC-Navy will help with the business lines restyling for better monitoring and sales personnel to expediate the threatened businesses. Since it takes even much guarding of fashion items such as fabrics in trucks, finding drivers and transporters has been a challenge. This is usually a type of soft-job, and those helping are thanked, of course.

Egyptian eyes or similar were found in the astronomy and were useful in ancient times especially during Egypt's and Greece's active historical ports for amusing travellers with their lifetime wardrobe plans. Pictorially representing the fashion wardrobe style lines, then, drapes and angles and luminescence and depth and such the astronomy eyes were used as the unchanging dependable crux of a wardrobe. Travelled far for, worked hard for; similar sometimes to today's efforts. The sociological similarity brought up the studies that reminded the revived interest in wardrobe plans is partly due to the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne detection of low quantities of clothes. Eight per person is now down again to 4 or 5 per person, average, even with the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America delivering for badges and other rewards the clothing of regular designers used by the recipients of you, the good readership, worldwide. The wardrobe plans of the Egyptian eye system are available at no-cost-in-exchange for historical wardrobe data and lore of (stories of who was seen where, wearing what when: my grandmother rode the plains and talked to a bandit type are fine). To low-cost from the funding clergy returning a gift through the Egyptian Museum in Santa Clara, CA based upon the merit activity of worldwide clergy led (Irish priests) study groups on Egypt. The studies come from the archives of the first royal courts in history, which before any thought of for fame were originated in form in Ireland. Itself a cuneiform-UN first-language numbered '1'. Ireland has succeeded in deterring to almost none, now, the miscreant raids, once again, actively assisting in other ways. So has New Zealand, only 3 or 4 raiders logged per day. A short educational tip from the USMC ARTS/Religions and USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne to look into some of the aboriginal arts and fashion when considering extra degrees in these fields and perhaps future products, as the sociologists are noting a lot of talk about, on. Not trend, nor direction of art, but just talk. Perhaps amusement or just good interest. Ireland had the Picts as aboriginal tribes that mystified on their rites and leadership selections as they required not female clergy led groups but female dna-ascension lines of women from royalty to marry a potential ruler. Their kings were beautified, first, before resources were spent on others. Beauty, then, included tatoos everywhere but the complexion. Hair was short and if in jeans and t-shirt today, the jewelry would fit right in to the every finger type of heavy metal looks that blend into noticeable to avoiding gazes. The tatoos were of flowers and vines and other items regarded in nature.

The CIA FactBook group is offering for no cost pamphlets and data on the present economy underway that is going to entail the government hiring by the U.S. Congress funded private trust funds (warfare funded, a name of one) that they refill with assisting the work of investing steps in (non-taxpayer or budget monies, privately held only, for use in any warfare declared ... ) that will hire 10,000 economists as soon as possible. 3000 of the job positions will come with support at room and board level if needed from the CIA-DEA combined under cea-DEA. The brochures will define reverse forms of cuneiform-UN viewed worldwide to localized to individual economies, and are no cost to the asker, and assist the hiring for the positions listed at the Police Station from those listed by the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne. Urgent, is the hiring status, immediate work and regular workload if needed in economics-respondent. The FED working through regular taxation funded budgets that are under scrutiny and compliance levels by the President on down are still doing fine with such deadlines as they are complying with those rules in place. During the warfare-declared status, these other measures are also fine, additional, and quite legal. The economics will involve the pictorial examination of those formed in the Kinsean graphing, matching up to traditional responses when such pictorials of repeating patterns of human behavior in the markets that cause the dotted-activity to form the predictable pictorials, transposing the data into the manipulated forms for convenience of decision making. As the Ancients graphed entirely, you'll recall, all the regular behaviors of even dire-stressed populaces, based upon regular human behaviors, and explaining why the patterns repeat in certain orders some of the time, into the trend data often to usually leading these economic data point systems gathering into snapshots of timeliness. The work is not hard, but focused, and not meant to challenge, but to supply tools as the Ancients did the scaffold-level work on this revolving about the sun type of regular system. Although the calculations may take weeks to months, the computers of the universities supplied and personnel there to assist with the calculations will be part of the tools provided with these 10,000 economists jobs. Open now. And of the others as 'tools' along the way.

The USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne is still glad to receive your daily anytime fashion design contest entries. Please see the prior blog lists, and as I have more time to blog on them soon, I'll be glad to discuss some of the wins and good submissions.

Take good care of yourselves, and I'll be working on degrees of study along with many of you who've contacted advisors for new and sudden grants gifted from the public sector prepaying degree costs, and I'll be working on the artful views of the Fashion-Resort-Paramilitary Economies bolstering the worldwide ones for now.

Sartorially yours,
commanding officer