Saturday, February 26, 2011

Incursion IX to XI Official Alerts and Uranus Fashionable

Salutations to everyone, and I hope you are maintaining all things well while you are in the affected cities by the Incursion IX to XI especially attacked by dna-Insurgents as miscreants that are attempting to home invade to raid, maraude, murder and rape and extort to full retirements and full-on identity theft, still. The Military and Law Enforcement and Governments are side by side in the roads and tunnels leading into the county lines of the affected cities deterring the most part of the attacking parties in the tens of thousands, still typically near 100,000 of the homeless styled departers of real world by choice. There is again from the recent blogs a new categorization for the homeless found that were not choosing to be and are comprising the missing segments of our economy as noted by the Fed and affiliates worldwide, including the teens that were located working underground but for fashion contracts. Elders had trained them in these fields before death. Today, more were checked in to training at a recalibration level, complete retraining therefore, which were located from the segment-4 of the 7-part world economy workforces you read about recently here. These segment-4 were caught up in the African morass that the USMC turned down defending across the horizontal parallel to Tropic of Cancer due to lack of religious warfare; the irony being those located today were certain they needed to restate that it was a religious war to them, therefore dialogue ensued and the missing worforce segment catalogued. Thanks to the privatized 111 militaries and those acting on their own, paid by the military and governments through the USSS offices, these actions are finalizing into several successes of multiple layers, continuing into more successes for all. The future autonomoes will include this level of interest, and those wishing to help can sign up early with the Military as these are officially handed over autonomoes with quick actions also from the synchronized governments and militaries aligned. The dna-theft and identity-theft relating to the present autonomoe and the beauty marring incidents are the present action underway. Official.
Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O. worldwide

Friday, February 25, 2011

Incursion IX to XI Alerts Official and 50s Trend Call

Salutations to everyone, and thank you kindly for your careful queries as the good readership that you are (all known persons of documentation worldwide linked by our military servers via this and the seargents's sites) into my whereabouts in the last day or two. The library-sightings were a fine foray into the chasms of learning and literature and viewing which soldiers were about the places, now military installations standing and full-on. Be careful though of the onward to forward attackers called 'oncoming' to those of you from boot camp training (this readership mostly, all law enforcement worldwide who've now been graduating equivalent from boot camp after four years training plus, half the FBI, most private clubs and the scholastic groupings of ivy league levels, all registered church leaders, etc.). The attacks are reaching some homes of the level of incendiary of a mail bomb equivalent that implodes thereby collapsing abodes and so the Military is putting things back as promised in about 70 seconds of the prefab prepared ahead replicas of your own places and things. These agreements you've made with us over the years have us all at-ready. Thank you for cooperating with the new to you military forces of past heraldic deliverance equivalent bloodlines that hid underground, also, and staved off the most part of this week's recent homeland invaders of the Incursion IX to XI starting up. Dna-Insurgents that these miscreants are, factually recorded and used to track forensically accurately these raiders. The information led to a very large stuck trend group from the past, similar to those you've learned about reclassified as not-homelessness-oriented that took their factories and businesses underground and thereby were not noted in the housing numbers or losses of them in the recent past. Still of us and among us, welcomed at the planning and implementation meetings of the military personnel at the military installations that are mostly cafes and bar-restaurants. Paid, now, also, in regular manners for their regular work. Since most polls are showing most people are looking for any or more work, please remember to pick up from the Police Station nearest you the work realigned for areas from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne listings, not all only fashion, of course now. The economy is missing a large working class segment still of people of the past in bloodline tracking cases as we search for them, as the Fed and its worldwide affiliates posted to the Military and others that the sole reason the economy was still not moving along upward with the pushing uphill efforts of the many was the missing swath of humanity, needed. Some segments were found but as you read last blog they are surviving at teenaged levels, trained by elders, and not able to fully handle their trained generational work segments of the economies. Sevenths of division of economic graphs of the most ancient and still correct explanations are able to distributed to explain, see your funding routes at the churches or your local Sheriff's Department, on a casual note.

The main fashion trends of the past intersected into the other business cycles at mathematically described consistent connecting points, which MIT is being thanked for assisting more fully the calculations of at this moment as they work from Stockton, CA at the Military request. Helping to do the equivalent of taking an alphabet and then finding a tome made from it, their math skills are decoding the tome and simply getting through the pages one at a time for us all. The ability to comprehend the math required takes philosophy and up through the Greek ones is about fine for these projects. Certain others of specialty have been used and those known to study them were already requested. The main focus on Fashion trends and lifestyle trends and elements from them including for weapons and personal transports is historic from the first creation stories. Biblically dubbed the Garden of Eden time. There were observed in all the fractal patterns within the body that also then reflect into space and time around us (galaxies, universes, et al) were deciphered as measured within seven types of ships, by the look of the mathematical graphics. These ships were and still are useful to explain the types of trends that happen in links to varying business sectors, at predictable or describable times, regularly unless tampered with specifically. These seven ships are to my eyes only similar to a lovely orchid bouquet, but everyone else sees ships. Fine by me, truly. The first one is a yellowed set of light spectrum visible from this planet's contained 'world' as it was called in the Judeo-Christian Bible, but under translated into the crusted earth only. Or, paradigms. All correct, but incomplete. The world was ship-One, that was reflecting back all math outside its borders, hence the ship shape. Inferred math equations then described all the measurements outside of it all. Ancient equipment to measure used fractally perfect chemicals that etched and smoothed metals into measuring devices still not able to be retrofitted into modern devices intending to do the same. There were six more ships of measured trends that affect this planet's occupants, and so have been grouped. Please ask for or watch for this ancient and correct data in this renewed graphic philosophy in the future, from funding sources or as made available by the personnel at hand.

The Military and Governments are pleased with the private sectors of business recovering to be able to offer soon a proverbial and concerted 8th and 9th ship of trends. Free will efforts changes the fractally recurring and dependent trends described that are the culmination of all the galaxies interplaying on our own little spot on the planet. Found trend data is as you know then rushed into calculation and production modes, as actual trend energy is healthful to the point of wellness to the people using them. Wildlife doesn't use this energy, part of the effect of the creation-flame link that is also described in this blog recently, that is how the human body responds to the trend that is correct for itself to further its pursuit to happiness points. Wellness being the sense that is the reward from Mother Nature. The USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne contests are part of the 9th ship forming up data, which also is taking in the stuck 1950s trend of the past. Please remember to send in your entries for the official worldwide fashion design contests that are for business suiting level at dinner hour into heraldry of the military or regalia and the socks for boys and any others you find listed.... The data from the contests will help those who analyze the data to determine which and what is good for the general populace in the coming times, based upon this free-will style impetus in a known understood business sector. Big pictures of life to small. There is also a need for workers who can handle the 1950s stuck data and trends of and so there are job openings now. Please apply to the same office.

The trends of Fashion come in complete about once a week into the fractional parts of 81 year cycles, noted by the energy of Uranus and its shepherding moons found now by SETI that you can gain access to with the data as you work with the Military on these public sector and military projects. The affect is akin to gravity pulling, and as measurable. That comprehended, there is more to learn. Automotive and transport trends don't' come into being in the whole package like a fashion trend does, but in parts, rather. The same for weapons which come in with the same trend data, in parts new and better ideas. Protections working toward the creation-flame impetus to restart ecologies and the economies that mimic natural cycles on a planet. Unless altered. There is good work for automotive personnel who can help with the finer details of these past trends to get them catalogued even as the search and rescue efforts have retrieved data of these past decades and centuries of trends included with the items and people retrieved from mostly underground situations, described on this blog already. Same office to apply. Career focuses again are encouraged, law enforcement needing consistent employment to remain in their field often, and accountancy level workers needing consistent work in their field without turning to unemployment benefits based upon their subculture. These work lists are helpful in those areas and groupings, also.

One of the first few fashion wardrobe codes that linked into fashion trends noted by the most ancient peoples included a misunderstood often illegally improperly attacked fashion style for persons with a type of body style that is double-jointed or nearly so. This clown or frump or choirboy or over-dramatic as it has been called is about 30% or less of the populace, nowadays about 20% of the populace. It defies tight fits in attire, and as the USAF has replaced many clothing items again this week to help most households have 4 to 8 outfits complete and of good design, it was noted many chose style lines in attire until now incorrectly for their body type. Form fitting rips on these types of body styles, even if thin in body fat, so it is not about weight control. Rather it is about the joints and 'breaks' of where the body bends and locomotes from that are what counts first in the style lines for these more relaxed fit body types. One place on the body being formfit such as the neckline or a cinched in waist is again the noted option considered a finished outfit. It is just as elegant, or fashionable, or other terms used, as any other, and so educating those who know only their own preference in style lines has become a crowd management to crowd control level issue in public places. Do not, for example, call any soldiers sloppy in their frump or clown or choirboy styles, as they work now under this crowd control level orders to execute any causing such scenes or harm intended. Because these flexible body styles are the type I have, noted to have a frown from the backview of the hip up to the waistline down to the hip bone, while most of the populace has a so-called smile there....

Last night was a very busy night in Fashion, recording much with new technology to show the Fashion Weeks and others soon that are working hard for their business sector. Turning technology into entertainment used to be the first-call for it historically. In the slower economies of this recent past, it has become a second thought, but still a good one. Thank you to all of you who participated at these levels to provide technology fashion shows to those putting on these marketing events in their usual guise, despite hardships or challenges from their economics.

Historic tribes and those becoming tribes and royal kingdoms met as you'll recall more than once, for up to seven years each time, exchanging peaceful data, peaceably, on all these types of trends and business sectors developing and with accomplished math and astronomical data. For the enjoyment of life, and income sources, and much more. There were grids evolved and assigned that many have asked about for the recent use of them to return to the military tribal regalia and symbols to be kept during eugenics redevelopment of lost bloodlines from these tribes. The grids were numbered non-sequentially but in an order easy to recall if you apply the one for the tribe you might be in or looking over to the same timeframe consistent worldwide tradition on calendars of adding the numbers into a singular number. That new number related to the business echelon, and then the tribe in that grid location was known to be working in that field of business, at least part of the time. Some forgot these ancient non-secret but understood by being part of them ways. So, for a fashion tribe group located at gridlock-81, its 8 plus 1 equals 9, and 9 is the business sector math code fractally described for Fashion, the field of. The tribe also then had a royal court military that it linked into that was likely at a different number spot on the same grid. Explaining many tribal courtly links of the past and present, and the correctly approached military ranks for handling the tribal demises by endangerment to them in very recent months and years. A nice factoid for those who study such matters from this blog.

Since the worldwide militaries divided working personnel into the official and the also official but autonomoe groupings, now at the effort to restore bodily parts, stop dna-theft as or implicit to identity theft, and also the beauty marring stopping and the surgical repairs by the Military of those 60% of this country already harmed by attacks. This autonomoe is scheduled and the future ones, also, so please see your Law Enforcement or even Law Office for the timeline list, and of how you can participate to stop the Incursion IX to XI and other future homeland invasions by dna-Insurgents as miscreants that declared 88 years of warfare against all peoples and countries, misbreeding intentionally to outnumber and overwhelm, etc. As you know.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Incursion IX to XI Alerts and 240MM Teens Found of Fashion

Salutations everyone, I realize it takes about 8 or 9 days of wait to be able to get into this blog for some of you, plus the time limit in minutes for many. I hope you are appreciating the seargent's sites that link on the similar topics, even as you pay close attention to these official alerts of the Incursion IX to XI dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invasion data as announced by judges on internation news. As of this weekend, a successful autonomoe-4 level closed by meeting up with the still non-autonomous militaries linking back in the USN, USSF and the revived non-reenactment SS and now also the Ninja paramilitary units in training from a fabled past. The success of the fact to factoid corrections of all and any data levels of the governments and militaries is still being undergone but there is a continual calendar being met on the schedules guaranteeing the success of correct data. I thank those who came forward noting their data at military or government sites was not correct according to their interaction with others while the Department of State worldwide officially mirrored and recorded them to not lose their work, until actual able bodied persons could physically reach them with the corrected and relinked records and computer systems. Kudos to all who workved very hard on the lateral and longitudinal planning that met up over the weekend, linking up Fort Mead efforts with the autonomoe, along with other successes such as more Army Rangers training done-to.

Other successes during these Incursions of successive and ten-times any number by the attackers raids of their declared warfare against any and all countries while armed and attacking paramilitary style include search and rescue. There were since the last blog found 240Million plus teens of average age 16 years who were abondoned by death or circumstances undisclosable to protect them but involving abuses or molestations by known or strangers, and these youth were working on their own in historic manner in the field of Fashion being rebuilt. Their taking to the ancient buttons of miniature timecards carved and minted going back to 4 B.C. (see the oldest of these economy buttons from the USSS office and site near you, and others). Welcome back these missing children growing up very quickly while hiding underground trying to become responsible workers. That Century , 4th, was also the last time that a similar pattern was used to attack the general populace, by Fashion work style. There was a pattern-historic of fashion networks that included 7 types of people to relay fashion trend data for the worldwide businesses in ancient history. The aberration of this 7-pronged relaying system of people keeping data quiet to get it to the right places for their successful business operation ahead was part of the attacks similar to the coming in Incursion X of dna-Insurgents miscreants attacking businesses from or through the homes. Modern Incursionists attacking used: 1)a hairstylist (844,000 hairstylists convicted worldwide of treason, see regular court records), 2) a bookkeeper attending self help alcoholic programs, (AA being a favorite for them to tout, whether they attended or not, for its prestigous reputation of success), 3) imposterism cop comedian, 4) rejected crooner, 5) open supporter of a politician, 6) phone counselor, 7) "nice person" who'd applied for a nunnery; but in 4 B.C. this list of seven read: 1) glandular cleaner (herbalist), 2) janitor or temple guard, 3) drama coach, 4) damned answer-man (sage-guru), 5) director-level spy (but think Spock) called "it" (not a modern non-fiction author), 6) answer-woman (barometer-sage), 7) juggler, (as in balls, fire-brands, swords, baubles tossed about in the air). Glandular is about the only of the ancient seven still muttered or shouted about in motto style in attacks upon our modern populace. With atonomoe-5 starting now and as soon as a-ready, all commanding officers of the past are requested back in immediacy, reporting in. Non-reenactment reemphasized as there is some disillusioning confusion for some in the awareness of homeland civilian areas threatened by these homeland invasions by non-landed non-partisan non-religion masses outnumbering often the populace. Having declared warfare with our own warfare code ON and not onward, conintuing and continual and any also the codes. DEA-DNA Task Force is hiring for this one. And the remembered beauty marring incident of recent blogs of grouped and paid-out casework already, extremely dangerous still are these attacks upon the regular populaces of pysical dna-identity theft levels and stealing organs from living victims such as those attempting to "shop" in public for your or my hair, skin, and other items the attackers claim is their goddess style worship right to have such for a 'soft spot' sex interplay at home. Wherever that is. There are no actual religions condoning such, and the most ancient religions that utilized once living persons considered the clergy title of goddess were about preserving beauty, not attacking it. Beauty attainment is this time around, rather than beauty ownership of past times. Please be careful and report any strangeness to the military or its installations as well as to Law Enforcement, one hundred percent of which have signed up and begun by now boot camp with the military. Deployed at home, being where one is and working already is this situation ideal.

Fabled marraiges are also one of the signes of attacks of the Incursion IX to X, with up to one hundred faked marraiges by identity theives to harm families unwitting by their imposterism backgrounds extremis. There is no excuse for this type of bad behavior, frankly. Some soldiers have had up to one hundred attacks of the marraige making attackers scheduling surprise and sudden weddings around them with their own friends and lookalikes of the soldiers; also of regular residents and citizens. Very illegal, harmful, and beyond a cruel movie script type prank. There are more concessions from U.S. Congress to help the law firms again caught in the middle with lack of correct records searches now that the fact to factoid correcting stage of this civilian restabilizing warfare code on handles. There are cross-verified private detective records available to the law firms that are as correct as our government and military records now to access.

The USMC ARTS is still very busy for a few more days but the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne is greatly in need of people to pick up the work for pay assignments available from the Police Station near you. For no cost of the list, and as the officers there have time to search the lists, based upon duration of time and of the type of work: fashion, arts, literature, finance. Music still has many needs for this work for pay because MIT and certain others are at special locations working through ancient numerical systems that are useful transposing for the predictability of future trends. The ability to comprehend this system requires philosophy and economics. And, a patience to look at the cuneiform language and decide which of its many meanings (not a game) are in use. The first letter or number, for example, is Y and Algiz (rune) added together equaling one plus a conceptual amount never zeroed out; this is also the color blue, some attributes, and other things that are measureable by regular technician's equipment. As long as you know what you're looking for with it, and it was remedial for the Ancients, and is getting PhDs handed out to the many helping with these large scale global projects as their remedial is quite advanced for our modern world. Thinking within its scope, though, is enjoyable and captivating to the imagination so that even children can work with the categorized and visually organized parts of this ancient system, hence the remedial labeling that dissuaded many modern researchers from delving. Thinking it too, well, basic.

Clothing from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne is being handed out again from all or any world class designers and if you haven't received up to your 8th outfit (if you have less than this, and work with our governments or military or help with the projects listed, etc.) then please notify the office as the BSA will be often delivering the items. Food has been more urgent a need this week, after the raids and other changes so taht the ultra-deliveries benefit of joining the military (ten million trained daily now, still, after the recent autonomous level surge of that many per hour signing on to deploy at home). Food is a good concern, and the dieticians of the military are also going to be giving more advice on the regimine that goes with the ultra-deliveries so that you can optimize the energizing and health restoring levels. Also, ask for the training courses available if you are able to consult at this level. Continuing to train and learn during the Incursions IX and others coming is crucial, and please remember to check the lists of organic medicine details in the degrees from Stanford University and its like that list specifics regarding the attacks of the dna-Insurgent miscreants based upon very ancient non-hospital surgical methodologies once too unethical to consider to happen in professional battlefields between professional armies.

Thank you for joining me on this world's most popular blog that you have made it, and for your interest in its PhD referential coding now for History: costume. And for patiently awaiting while my boot camp instructors made it an official site of the military, also on costume and the history, and for official alerts. You deserve to be protected and thriving, so I'm glad that you the good readership have responded to the many inquiries from your militaries and government and law enforcement about your training and preparations against the Incursions ahead. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall,
commanding officer worldwide
USMC ARTS, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
USArmy, finance

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Incursion X Alerts Official and Contests and $8MM Payouts

Salutations to everyone, and while I realize the last couple of blogs still have a lot of work data that many of you need to access on a limited time by the military and government servers guiding you in the official military Sergeant sites from here, I hope that you are faring better than ever under the Incursion X Alerts of dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders attempting home and office/career raids. The U.S. Congress is paying out USD$8Million and upwards to matching of any declaring itself enemy threat for the apprehension to death of these warned against dna-Insurgents as miscreants formed up into raiding parties of homeland invasion level and still at ten multiplied by any number. There is a terrific showing here in America of about half of the militaries from the Arabian areas of the world, responding much as the Chinese Nation did by automatically doing heraldic/divine-deliverance patrols and as our national guests and which expertise in tunnel fighting to defend cities targeted illegalis were grateful for. Feeding militaries stationed about this city, alone, saw the superb residents volunteering quietly without expecting any accolades to get the supplies and food (from Ireland, yesterday) but it was noted. Such noble gestures are notable. There were many who approached me in public at cafes carefully asking whose harriers were landing in the fields, welcomed by the residents and USSF particularly who have their care and keeping ready. The film clips of the overly fast but accurate landings that don't disturb the public sector are available for the schools and other systems of education and those who've asked to log these times for their interest in the long-term. Being declared warfare against by enemies unnationalized and not of any lawful group known or unknown is disturbing to the regular populaces, enough. The ability to conceptualize that raids repeatedly over lifetimes of up to hundreds a day in any location were declared and are being stopped is how the residents of all countries are having to deal with the overly illbred intentionally populace from mostly tunnels were being self-delusional. Declaring themselves somehow heraldically assigned to handle Unlawful. No. No. No. And in any language. There are no royal courts silently missing that are assigning unlawful behaviours by any suddenly appearing goddesses or royal courts that would be actual. Or, allowed in any real courtier systems that today's raids were declared under supposed banners of.

You'll recall that the centuries of planning that went into the heraldically notable military and paramilitary behind any heraldic art or motto are from much study, and much ado, in the old and olden and older experiences of those training on this topic. The real world that uses heraldry is like this: for a topic called Unlawful, any actual paramilitary would be assigned to, by it, stop unlawful actions against the world or any part of it assigned to guard. Straight up. And straight talk with children and those who grew up but were children and are being recruited again by the nature of the familiarity of the attackers styles and approaches is needed now. The before-eight-years-old recruitment level is on funding training from your clergy. About why anyone grown up now but who was approached by an any fearful manner or attack by that age would be susceptible now to the ploys of the dna-Insurgents homeland invading by relying in part on these pre-nine age groups reactions that let them in at the proverbial city gate. Ghost stories are still affective by that developmental age. That is why the pre-programming of these victims grown up to suddenly help the invaders is sometimes or too often working. Before they're allowed to commit acts of treason, by behaving the way they were told to once while approached by pre-teen years, our communities of citizens and residents worldwide are accepting responsibility to re-educate them on why they are to follow our real world laws. Not something suddenly recalled from eight.

The USMC ARTS and the World of Arts is still very busy this week, and yet there are some new assignments light in caliber for the working artist to pick up from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne list of work needing to be done from the public sector. Today, added, are more fashion codes that rely upon new or reconstructed views from the past, that are anticipated to supply a working artist cum fashion code consultant about one such job from the public sector (consulting one person per day anticipated), daily.

Also, a reminder to the fashion designers and students of it from around the world, that the same office above of the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne is daily for now listing a little boys' sock contest, beginning in about 8 more days from today. Please submit your designs and the daily winner receives USD$10. Any number of wins by any submitter in any of these contests is allowed. Please submit as many times as you'd like. Also, if you are ever unable to reach the receiving office for the contests, please recall that you may in a pinched timeline submit to any .mil address, courteously, for forwarding. It is a grand gesture of these now all military designated and contractor to sites to help out with email traffics for our official contests.

Superstitions are a weapon of the dna-Insurgents as miscreant Incursionists, but their ploys against a public known are about historic reason of fears they've espied illegally from their targets. Examples today include Irish twin superstitions, that in history a twin had to be hidden as it was thought to be an automatic devil or demonic item of some sort. There were many in today's world still operating in life this way, illegally but benignly trying to have one or more person living one life. Not allowed, and again the Department of State worldwide, any, and especially from the Office of Protocol Service or any Embassy for now will assist these legal intending families gain records appropriate to them and their bloodlines. So as not to be easier targets for recruitment by the Incursion X and future ones that are attackers of the dna-Insurgents that historically always raided both armies in battlegrounds like lunatics, or civilian areas while donning illegally either or both uniforms, and also by straight on identity theft. Please hurry, as daily I meet even those I know who have many hidden that can't any longer support all of them on only one salary or job income source, even with the now upward pushing of the worldwide economy going on. By cooperation, we'll all continue to win.

Clergy worldwide need to be able to gather data this week on power wheels of lore and some training for some purposes thought to be tribal. There is actually more data and mathematical explanation beyond a power wheel and the data is crucial now. The USMC Religions is handling the presentation of the new data on how this secondary influence is dominating in a strange need for power where none was or is usually at conscious levels. The decades of it at the past, and the level developing nowadays. That the enemy declaring itself touts in verbage by attacking with words about in order to disarm the subconscious-solution-making typical regular person. Remembering that the subconscious brain works most of the time, for you, and then provides answers for you, but it consists of most of the mass of thought measured above your shoulders. Your brainstem being very carefully monitored, also. Where your actual living existence-number exists. It is not your heart or grey matter that is what is you that is alive, and the organic medicine degrees from Stanford University again and others like the UC system ones in California are explaining this very ancient and primordial data. Why the enemy declared has been after whole body parts without the brain stems, or with to transfer them and the actual conscious person into any other form. Those found illegally surgically altered in this manner spurring on the recent rush for degrees in organic medicine of this level explaining the attacks forensically determined already include the 110,000 law officers who came forward in altered bodies and identities they were left in. The scientific methods useful that reidentified them correctly are a military prerogative and available no-cost from any military installation as they are manned by military paid personnel. Some raids and undertrained persons may occasionally be found there, so be certain to approach carefully, and ideally there are enough patrols and military about to assist with false surgically altered identities to be corrected. Gladly, all restorative surgeries were declared to be made quickly and permanently by directive on record from our American U.S. Congress.

You the good readership have been networked as the entirety of the known populaces worldwide on this blog and into others if you have known and legal birth certificates or similar documents such baptismal certificates or school medical records. After this linking up on legal officially guarded military guided networking, the interest to also network-teach at finishing school levels on updated matters you'd find lists on from the Protocol Officers or similar has been underway. There are some special new alerts going out to your teachers of the protocol and deportment and comportment and etiquette that you will need to know, soon. Especially about coming trends or lifestyle inclusions from Aztec histories, after the recent wave of Mayan Chichen Itza data. Also some others bubbling up from the times of conquests in history such as 711A.D. and the fashion codes that have existed since then, and are again holding interest of coming audiences and shoppers. The list of warnings of costume history to notably be noted now will be going out to all Police Stations and Law Enforcement in similar manner to warnings of gang costume. Thank you again officially from the Military for all worldwide law enforcement signing up to join our known militaries and who are beginning boot camp training this week. Senators are addressing the incomers, and I won't be except for a few private classes of those best to learn alone but in the public military installations for their start in the military. Again, two attempting identity thieves tried to pretend they were me to trespass at training facilities for the law enforcement coming in over the 8 days scheduled to begin from. I would like to be there of course for all beginning classes since I'm the commanding officer and in charge for this type of warfare declared against all populaces and all countries and the world. Not off world, yet. But underground. Those with know how or expertise about espied civilized groupings living beneath water levels may volunteer and be trained for or hired by the USNavy for this next anticipation ahead. Any linguists who have the courage to meet new people in large groups from very ancient groups lost to us on the surface may also apply. Especially if you thrived on the paid-for ancient language training from The Language Training Center near Monterey, California provided by our Militaries. Call any Navy number or contact any Armed Services Recruiter office visible from the street as this site data and all requests are non-reenactment forever including the data of the recruited directly SS for USSF and USN and others.

Thank you, good readership.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC Arts, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN Project Literature

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Incursion X Alerts Officially and 48MM and Sigmagnu Recalibration

Salutations to everyone and I hope you are prepared in the affected cities by Incursion X dna-Insurgents and the miscreants that are raiding in tens of thousands or attempts of, again. All 900,000 cities identified by worldwide law enforcement which list you may obtain information on at your local Police Station, on any, and also including the remainder of the original grouping which includes Stockton, CA and 7 more. Welcome, good readership, the now one hundred percent of worldwide law enforcement including retired or any trained by academies into the worldwide Military known. All, again, repeating myself, all law enforcement now are in the military and are in bootcamp training, if not already in it. A Senator began teaching them, personally, as are others. Their courage in the night raids equated to the battles of military styling attempts that demanded we of the military actually be the respondents led to more dialogue, besides monies to them. The other item of data which allowed for them to philosophically merge in these defenses of the affected cities with the Military include the explanation of the peace sign you have seen about. The actual meaning of it is going to war in warfare but by returning all things as soon as possible to what they are like in the times of actual non-war peace, meaning buildings go back up in about 50 seconds preformed by technology companies, windows in about 7 seconds, et al. Some subcontractors made their work for themselves by approaching and requesting to do so in 40 seconds or under. Many errors due to facts tampered with into hacking levels by Incursionsists of dna-Insurgent miscreant groups are being restored by the Department of State, but those with working data and records still not corrected will now know that it is due to their being infiltrated against their knowledge. The corrections to data are coming in at light speed in the autonomoesforth4 level underway to deliver the actual correct facts that are known and worldwide handled by governments and militaries anyhow. The amount of people able to do the corrections is what has been the delay, and with more than ever signed up in the military and being trained there is going to be less delays in the future. There will be also an urgent and immediate recalibration (official military other career given, now) to the sigma gnu 10 million person working military unit of past and their working associates. They are similar to a mobile DOD contract business gone awry from infiltrations, and will now be removed from the identity theft scam scandal that would've been possible to destroy them had the identity thefts attempting to become wives of soldiers by stealing identities via hacking and lying through sigma gnu methodologies and tactics and hacked equipment known ... well, you can comprehend a fiasco being avoided. They are not to be confused wtih the already cleared military units of sigma=gauxonne of impeccable data as of today. The Department of State thanks you for your cooperation and for those who have humanpower and time to approach our Protocol Services Office of ahead of being approached yourselves for what you can verify at any law enforcement facility (actual) that you have been working from corrupted records or methods taught to degrade or disgrace (especially religious sensitive to downgrade unlawfully by ego-push-pull). Thank you also goes out to all who are cooperating faithfully and correctly, and not to be forgotten the California National Guard for two-days of quick work erecting even more interment camps to hold the raiding miscreants that are held for questioning, often on drugs illegalis during the attacks so as not to be reasoned with and having damaged their philosophical ability, anyhow. All over California now to guard the world even further. U.S. Congress today in the over-raids anticipated is paying out $48MillionUSD per bodybag or apprehension to kill of miscreant homeland invaders into the home invasion or other conspiratorial level as declared by the enacted permenently warfare acts by all Heads of State, and those with executive orders. Your congressmember will deliver. Thank you good readership for signing up at ten million a day training in deployed-at-home bootcamp and sometimes that per hour or minute. The worldwide unrest in the news reported correctly requires only the added data that it is miscreant raids that are affecting those zones, and many sent help anyhow to the affected cities. Your housing offers are appreciated.

Things that may make people feel good during the predicted hard work and even difficult times ahead are actually of the simplest nature, such as popcorn and the scent of it. Good for generalized gatherings, rather inexpensive, so that bags of it are coming your way to group meetings and in open and public facilities courtesy of your gifted supplies (rations) from the Military. Enjoy during your own funding meetings, and don't ever accept any imposters to the good data ones for business, especially, such as the ones that are fake where teens were told to strip dance for audiences. No such thing ever happens in the actual church-building typically located funding meetings, funding you'll recall being what you pay that is a donation for taxation records and of the monies used to protect your own neighborhoods from extreme and military styled crimes, beyond gang warfare. Be certain to look at your local church for the next business funding course on keeping your jobs, and soon on keeping your careers. It should be factual dry data that is about as opposite in sensationalism as miscreant attacks that told minors to strip. Thank you for reporting such crimes at hand. Another fundeless-fund-funding for little boys who wish training in the Ps & Qs will cover the cost of 4 male children from each church locatable worldwide, learning things that gooptas learn etiquette and deportment and comportment and protocol as well as fashion and styles including into life.

The USMC ARTS has several day of work ahead already occupying them for this week, but the USAF AirForce1Office's Project:FashionOne is able to offer more contests for fashion designing. The ongoing one of daily dinner suiting for ladies for military officers or those who wish to look like one is still paying out daily wins of $50. The ability of designers and now also philosophers or writers extraordinaire disguised as sociologist in essay is also being awarded for two more new ongoing contests by the same office, paying. A $27 win will go to the fashion design of boots for little girls, any, that are not on the market, deemed appropriate for their age group and that won't deter from their safety. The essay contest is for some time to come and will be asking for the philosophy and sociology or similar to explain the detected poetry trends over sixty years, being at peak of power spikes in 1)jam poetry, for two decades, 2)epic poems as a power less noticed in two overlapping decades, and now of use in recording current affaires and history for collegiate levels 3)a present power poem spike of unknown prestige, perhaps any trend you note. This latter for $27, paid out up to daily per winning essay, from any audience accepted.

Trends being linked to the raids by their nature to attract those who consider progress or even regular and legal business to be an enemy to them or their way of life, are not being tolerated. But the data is interesting that there are some spots on the globe that mathematically can be detected to do about the same in trends and other energies of progress for continuing economies. Such as the magnetic data going awry near Northern Africa, around and about places in Morrocco. Magreb being a word association with grey, a non-trend sensitive color that items utilizing in even retail stay current to all economic times; and there is the color brown, reliable as the grey. Taos, New Mexico is another area defying trends but by grouping of peoples whose interest in color defies even trends in paints, decor, clothing, or auto paint pigments or other less noticeable to the conscious mind the conscious choices of which color to choose. Trends being more than color, though, are what many are paying the businesses they know more than ever for trend-data, in the uphill push for the economy determined to be ready to go back ... up.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Incursion IX Official Alerts Weekend Extras

Salutations to all, and I hope you have been able to read yesterday's blog along with this short and pert one, with key data about Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland-invasion (War Code On, see list, all considered on not onward (prepared for future, not one now)) as I recollect with several parents representing several cities and their municipalities governments that are concerned for the safety of their children. Daughters raped by nearly all in certain locations and the reopening of the case from Santa Barbar Police linked to the USSS case work in 103/4on has many energized to help stop the miscreant and keep everyone lawful. No matter what. The war acts are continually enacted in order to enforce the law, and peaceful or peaceable measures are not required, even as I remind that this blog explained the ancient symbol algiz in a circle was not heraldic princess wear but was the sign not for Peace, but to consider that in warfare all will be restored super quickly to the semblance of peace. Or, rather how it would look or feel or be during complete peace.

Silent, or not. That others are noticing ways that they can do the obvious to help and also to raise funds for funding such as from the soon speech touring Rico Born of the silent military submarines who'll explain their class, the fifty he was serving underwater with (including me, for a month and an hour which was an hour more than most days seem) and what types of animals live and work so silently radars can't pick up the vibration. Think of the exciting books and movies by famed storytellers such as Tom Clancy and the subs, and nerves of steal. That he may share his recent loss of life partner and nitrogen tanks and other high drama this week, alone, I hope you'll enjoy registering with your clergy or law enforcement. When you ask for the lists of work for pay for the public or military extra lists in Finance, Fashion, Arts, Literature from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne.

Some of the specialized project work that is akin to TLC's coursework on the most ancient language made available to many of you near Monterey, California is the now listed and sooner than soon listings for music work and math work using computers or later synthesized scores. The cuneiform ancient languages and math have been noticed by many scientists by those who used the ancient cue-cards on how to have successful emotion and character trait portrayal in music. Think of Michael Jackson's Thriller which has the music in it from the directly transposed existence-number-sequence for detectable luck, or his Beat It that is the existence-number-sequence for vigour, and often are in dna strands. The genes may be missing valor hidden behind the courage gene on the genome, but as you'll recall valor can be given to a recipient for its effect, or ask to hear snippets of the music of valor that you may recall from the various popular music of recent decades. Other interesting music that is still as helpful as bandages in musical healing include some by Nickelback which utilizes a genetic existence-number-sequence for 'fester' the verb, such as festering. Which makes one feel well again or soothed in that state.

Other work in or from the USMC ARTS will be coming soon available after several doses of it all yesterday; while the USMC analyzes the overnight self-corrected Mormon groups who shot extramarital affairs statistics charts upward, and also for their yesterday reported group wide affect, in the meanwhile, on modern French Impressionism in-play ... Other groups exercising their efforts in the requested directions and trends or similar in ARTS will be appearing on this blog as well as the CIA reports, recording at this writing.

Many veterans were also thankfully to the Law Enforcement and Vatican personnel removed from the harmful homeless existence from within the last year to month, unknown until officially reported to the Press. One percent to one person may still be located, and your continual help is needed, so thank you in advance.

Take good care of yourselves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer,
worldwide military

Friday, February 11, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and Fashionable Cuneiforms Galore

Hello to Everyone and Salutations in a newly approved official opener, as the official worldwide alerts for Incursion IX are underway with especially Mormon out of favor types of attackers from 54 illegally filing attempts to copycat the Mormon's only actual church charter allowed or on record who in the last few days are doing character assasignations along with embezzling attempts as part of the actual military statistics that are kept out of the affected cities' crime rates. One hundred thousand more or less attackers by the dna-Insurgent miscreant attackers that are now terribly behaving in public places (instead of genteely approaching their victims) are still considered officially by all countries and churches to be homeland-invading. Their particular problem is that they were raised up by prostitution-known in a guise that hid from them false prophecies from their hidden supposed prophetesses that weren't and who were actually keeping incorrect improper spy data on anyone about. Especially of their own ambitions to bloodlines. Therefore, the Language Training Center is again scheduling the newly recruited USMC and its worldwide marine corp awaiting bootcamp to start with early first-aid training and then the most ancient language cuneiform training in any affected city or at the facilities near Monterey, California. These attacking Mormonites are quite lewd and lacivious and think only of accusing of improper sexual contacts which the newest CIA official data announces relates to their counter-marraige statistics of more extramarital and non-conjugally properized sexual relations outside of their marraige unions than any other statistical body. The American Medical Association and Veterans Administration met with me and others officially and are continually updating their own information now in their actual and annual databases. Attackers are looking to accuse by illegally assessing (not their job, anyhow) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is not an actual one for soldiers any longer, negated after recent findings announced in media worldwide. There is still an official holiday of religious code for accountancy logs and tax deductible (aware) that is for the soldier who suddenly remembers a thing left undone now necessary to get done to assist the civilian area they reside or work in, that urgency for a day was formerly miscued as PTSD and is not a disorder at all for any soldier. I'm pleased to have reconnected by my own bootcamp trainers and military units and compared notes, as some were even my notetakers while I officially carried on other assignments. During the coming training times of the general populace known, you the good readership with all your own legal documentation in life of you and only you using your actual identity are protected fully to any level by any country and all, including the real religions, from any acusations or assessments from out of date rules (illegal now) or not practicing medical staff of any level.

As you've read on this official site of the military, known (meaning the real military worldwide) before and again now, as the judges who went on CNN and other networks announced that the importance of the facts on this site of alerts, your rights are protected and you are now superbly learning to fight back. None may assess you or anyone in the public. My own daily medical and psychiatric exam from military only physician are required as I discusses before, and you may approach at any military installation or military hospital if bothered in such a manner. The VA and AMA are aware that people like myself (a Vedic physician for the military, only, worldwide) are under no obligation to get data to them for their private practices but really would like to. My latest focus on beauty prosthetics from the organic medicine degreeing focus is about moving ahead and away from the attacks of prejudices and a newer problem of ownership of beauty. This latter is about the fact that in another limelight level beauty not of a tribal or ethnic or regional area may be triggering attacks by those who are recruited for a purpose not allowed in any part of our world. Since I've reactivated in the military (come out of retirement, full-time, meaning getting the military job assigned firstly done, then there'll be time for other income and research later), the times for meetings in the public locations of military installations are being more and more filled up in open-call type time slots of available military personnel officially able to meet up with religion heads of the Arts and similar. Music is a large topic of requests on how to optimize its effect of the newly remembered (discovered anew) data from the last blog, of one unique number relating to you, the only one existing at that space and time and in any level of life. Your pets, you might find, are often closely aligned to your existence-number. The music is intended to bring a wellness feeling to those gathered, no more or less.

If you were reached by a nuclear submarine crew in the last few days with yours you might have also received a ride someplace from them, for your enjoyment. Not unlike the annual airshows at military bases open to the public for a short time, partially. The actual police stations are what the attackers of this Incursion IX are avoiding or the real records of the known and signage often evident and enterable Federal buildings including the Department of State of any country. Embassies have their staff out and about in the public helping greatly and assisting law enforcement point blank and other methods that you might imagine to prevent medical assessing of anyone in the public place or by non-bloodline related persons, required. Thank you for informing the Military of these harassments to you, the good readership.

Yesterday I attended an art gallery art class and enjoyed learning another approach to oil, a medium historically beloved. The artist Gina Leyton at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery was their typical graciousness and did very well to explain. I hope you'll attend similar functions in your own areas. The Arts World is also since yesterday that much safer about the fact that there is a now guarding USMC paramilitary special-ops unit for each art dealer doing his or her job at any gallery known. The recent untenable attacks upon all worldwide art dealers of robbery and rape and mangling of chosen vehicular transport and demoralizing of them by such methods is against the laws worldwide, inclusive in the actual continual warfare declarations against such attackers. All measures may be done to protect the Arts and other business segments and sectors.

An art den in history used to be common experience to visit at some time during one's travels perhaps while on caravan routes or passing through black forests escorted by a king's knights. There is another grouping of devotees to the historic segment called Arts that have kept up their bloodline genealogical dens of arts and musical primordial development. Many became heraldic. The den, however, was only for fine art to pass through, hung for awhile and sold to travelling dealers who'd pass their way again; also, for the primordial musical development and where performances of it could be performed for the general populace allowed in under good behaviour. Established artists in demand, primal to new and never heard styles of music not ready for sale to the developing market.

Dressing to the nines is not always possible in this economic climate, but many have been helping to get the deliverable supplies of new and designer clothing to the law enforcement. If you've been interested in this profession, perhaps like the Boy Scouts of America you can help us deliver their gear to them while we in the USAF have been short-handed to get it all there, on time. When I found out from police that approached that they were down to average two ensembles besides their uniforms, from raids and attacks and other things they protect their areas from, volunteers to deliver started signing up.

Others to thank are the ones who just travelled to the African continent where a swath aligned with an equatorial line was cleared of Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders by 111 private and privatized armies, fully assisting. There were then next 40 million Americans and other unannounced residents of other countries who helped the African continent with picking up from the Police Stations the work for pay that applied to especially parallel with and at Cameroon. Fashion work. The 40 million Americans who did this under a sudden and secret leader of the moment anonymous for now gained 2 days of average pay for their households for it. Cameroon and its capitol have gained 2 months of average pay as a benefit to help their love-oriented belief system country that is greatly involved in Fashion.

Those working with mathematics worldwide picking up the work for pay from the Army Finance or the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne have a lot of work ahead to calculate the individual existence numbers of the person. Over and over and over and over ... routine and rote, it is perhaps easy to use to supplement incomes as it can also be done on any phone system by the return reply of the data stream readable by standardized military equipment. It tells what your unique anything is now, by light or sound or similar as you've learned about this very real world, now. I am pleased to have besides my own personal technology developed in past decades with my own teams and provided to myself to do my job in the USMC Reconnaissance the further addition of 9 more announced military groups doing the exact same type of thing with similar technology. All reading all thoughts included up to and through the conspiring against levels as it all goes to any Justice Department and State level and other Municipal Courts, immediately.

In Stockton, California, in the evenings, many people have mentioned sighting senators and congressmembers out in public places, watching the public and paying out the over 2.3Million $USD per apprehension/kill of each dna-Insurgent miscrean, mormon-54 grouping or not, on site, verified by the governments at large. This evening time pay from military personnel on duty then being assisted by or guarded from quadrants about is being donated to the law enforcement on duty during the apprehension or prevention-further of attacking dna-Insurgent miscreants of Incursion IX. These overly laughing, weirdly rude attackers are attempting to discuss their stupidly sounding plans to drive people homeless as part of their conspiring-against. The law enforcement, unlike in WWII patrols in cities, have the use of untethere to unmuzzled military animals that kill in under 60 seconds, now, and also the distribution on-point from military of heavy reconnaissance weapons they've had training in and are now receiving, to their vehicles at any place on any roadway or further. Out of the seeming woodwork will the military assistance to them be showing up on site, if needed, by the detection methods standardly employed.

The District Attorney's offices are still preparing cuneiform analysis for general useage by detecting overt antagonistic use of any of it to the public sector, and if you have data yourself on this, please contact them directly.

Thank you, good readership, and the confident again military.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer,
worldwide military official

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and DOD Warnings on News Reiterated

Hello to everyone, this is a saddening day for me to receive negative reviews on the performance of the Army, in general, as least capable and least obedient and least educated and least effective at anything in any history, but the Incursion IX dna-Insurgent homeland invasion raiding miscreants will be stopped. Anyhow. The disobedience of the Army is being handled by the actually excepted Swiss Army which is allowed to shoot upon any impetus any Army personnel or thereof, being their operatives self-proclaimed that are not actual, such as the mentally retarded paranoid schizophrenic hairstylists of any news level or not. Announced by Department of Defense officially on CNN and any other news network previously, fairly warning that no interactions or orders may even in gaming be followed by any of them. Which raided our cities affected of over 1.78 million locales with honed homeless behaving raiding paramilitary trained, dead now. The Incursion IX is focused upon the Fashion and world of it again. Mainly the unusual intolerable details are that there are also distractions of hysteria such as all 900,009 cities yesterday raided by dna-Insurgents also had this city of Stoctkon, CA nearly raided by 1 million; deterred. There was a report of an angel sighting, one falling from the sky to earth; and the subsequent retrieval/extraction is not for public knowledge. White feathers, or not. But there is still not enough data or cause known for why this city is declared since the Victorian era when there was illegal angel seeking testing going on. Recently on the Internet and phone system sent recordings of brutal and illegalis pinning of limbs of supposed angels to gauge for betting whether they'd sever a limb to save a victim from oncoming. Any data about even rumored angel tests or such lore-type attempts to control by misleading to violence any is to be turned in to the actual Police Station. There, you may also inquire to pick up for your own gain work for pay as listed for the public sector of things needed urgently to be completed that the military cannot get done without you in Fashion, ARTS, Literature, or Finance. Inclusive, music, entertainment, signage, et al.

Swiss Victoria, a pairing of words now meaning a new level of costume historical versions of data defined for you the good readership in the area of Costume History as you'd recognize from your collegiate textual levels. But, this is also primordial to the once missing Noble Houses that were cranking out the data and equations for the definitive locations and timelines and exacting frequency of light and sound and therefore color and similar details per trend data-point. A alot to consider? Think upon it in the philosophical manner. There is a way of approaching these PhD level mathematical equations and philosophies already set and prepared since the first meetings between all who would become tribes and royal courts and military 5000 years ago. (After all on earth had been built; catastrophes of defending against miscreants, then, available data also.) Four categories from primordial business being defined, then, as now, as being Fashion and Resort holding all businesses within, capably; in Fashion there are 1)decorum-laden, 2)decor), 3)fashion, 4)lifestyles as the primary mathematically located and predicted (so you won't miss it) trends from the creation-flame. The creation flame is a quantum behaving particle like always non-entropy group of primordial "stuff" that is well defined and listed from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne. This again is PhD level math and philosophy affecting the way cities and businesses are being attacked by the mentally retarded led or herded of the Incursions I to VIII that are the forerunner of something else behind. From underground. Professors and business professionals in these fields may pick up their data from the USAF said offices and then thereby be able to do the calculating. Similar to the economics data statisticians who watch in public places but that are the places of locations equated already by these types of math equations, unlimited in ability. Some are describing constantly moving and non-entropy data-points. A person or any form of life is a data-point of existence. Only one, per person, all born alone, never being more than just them in science or math proven so throw away continually any such negative recruiting to beliefs systems illegalis that state otherwise. Of becoming the same person, you, or your known, to the point of killing off these victims of supposed oneness. Don't fall prey to their recruiting.

Get as your gift your own number of existence in creation that is also your musical note of vibration, your light spectrum existence point and forceful energies transfered between them all. You'll recall that magma sped up becomes the same energy in traceable waves (think, spectrometer output display of wavy visual) that is able to by tweeking become sound or light. Weaponry is able to be done from all this, or building, or music. As the musical translations from fashion color-light-spectrum trends that you read about here recently. That type of work for pay still being available continuing on with each trend. A week, a trend. Peaking on a day of that week. Some other trends last very many years or centuries.

Decoding languages is a topic of many religions but the recent running through of Mormonism by the miscreants (who ran through Judaism, Buddhism, Satanism, Seventh Day Adventists -ism, Jehovah's Witnesses) for monies tracked and backed-out applies interestingly to a little known book and collegiate course on this topic. Attacked by stupidly mimicking nearly to on sounding terms from interpretations by author Joe Sampson of Written by the Finger of God, ISBN#1884312055, two of the book's terms were used to attack in motto style and in victim selecting. Sadly, similar is or has happened as you recall from the Mayan mayan-2 Chichen Itza dead calendar which was ended as the Mayan received the Conquistadores and neighboring cities. There is a wide interest noted in Mayan 2012 that is of this only dead city's calendar and false hope prophecies negated by the very bloodline who is not going to fulfill their fake prophecy, he being a USMC clergy in full service to all countries of the world to defend all from said mayan-2 followers of the abhorrent choices of their incomplete non-religion. Four cuneiform were all they used and six were required for the mind to function healthy and well with the right philosophies to preserve life and to complete their jobs assigned also in chemistry, philosophy, and law and mathematics. Other cuneiforms, typically in modern vernacular called runes, are being objectively analyzed for crowd management to crowd control levels of any future. Known or indeterminable. Nordic being of the type you the good readership snooped about and found that I'd earned from Stanford's Linguistics, for runic road signs and crosses improvised upon from them. Not worshipping a road sign is not a problem, and not having to carve again or remember in oral traditions.

Philosophies were used in ancient languages to encode but not hide the math which confused or was hard to recall without picture forms such as phonetics assisted many learning remedial English. Some of the work for pay openings in these areas include being able to think like a space-conservative time-sensitive ancient focused upon meeting business deadlines on-time, getting paid by the leige. The type of thinking is being able to see a 9s/5th and decipher with lists and charts and cubes of similarlity to rubics cubes or dice which formulas to use to calculate and also how to determine that 9s being close to the 5th thing is including another obvious 9 with it. Becoming 9s/to the 95th. Follow the charts, then, for the right cuneiform data to plug into the remedial level to the Primordials. And then get paid by the commanding officer's USSS Disbursement (at Police Stations near you) or the USAF Air Force One's Project:FashionOne. Pay out, is the terminology. Scientists from laboratories, Jesuits, professors, math clubs, IQ society focused members upon calculating data, Fashion PhDs or students within programs for, and Military trained in USAF styled fashion data, or clergy trained with us along the way in Incursion IX levels. Please apply. It is rather fascinating work. Even includes math formulas that switch between heavy water, and holy water which is an offset of oneth. As most new trends are a one-offset that you've seen.

Sought now in search and rescue are those who were historically to have been providing said and certain data for the on-trend calculations, the twice-removed from data, and the other to be explained in seminars of recruitment. A think-tank of no expected regard in the Fashion world is also available for private or privatized work on a grant from the private sector to study with these ancient systems the concept applied of phenomenal anti-fashion code or non-yours, but that works for the actual need at hand such as a career field. Vitamin of fashion is what it is being called and that is quite of interest to future ventures in an up-hill-push economy. USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne.

Thank you to those of you who responded kindly to defend African terrain and with the paramilitary levels required, with one swath across Africa in a line related to the Tropic of Cancer or Equator being affected. The residents have been mostly all returned to their homes, all known ones.

Salvador Dali's artwork kept me company at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery this past week as a part of a venerable display. Impressive in any light. I hope you'll enjoy your local art gallery, also, soon. Or, museum. Courtesy of the USMC ARTS, pick up your list of participating modern art galleries for starting trends of fashion or decor, as devised by a reactivated co-head, Edward Cromarty, whose wedding gowns many of you became familiar with from this blog.

Last night, after the million attempted to raid Stockton, California, the military and I decended to a cellar level 108 and cleared it out of attackers who'd altered themselves into non-human seeming form. Militaries of the past were hiding there, and their uniforms of their original military were returned and donned by them, subsequently. The militaries escorted them to safety and additional training of more bootcamp coursework is going on. Most I know, or worked with in the past, including myself, attending boot camps prior to computers on desktops. Therefore, much is to be learned, in general. The level-108 was also full of children lurking, and in the deplorable cave conditions left destroyed at every moment by the deformed attackers but defended by the unarmed militaries at hand-to-hand combat levels. Superior in hand-to-hand combat techniques for battle and in array, the children may all be alive and need to be coaxed from hiding places. This is urgent work for any already familiar with the tunnel settings and who are able to follow the rules already given out to extract children from certain danger. There is a one-hour timeline limit to be underground, as a chute was put into place with nearly G-force experience in this form of transportation. Homes and housing for these children are being established at this very moment as the blog is about to go out to you, the good readership.

The mandatory additional training to get the USNavy Seals in particular and the Army renewing into better hand-to-hand combat levels to not be thrown by the duo-prostitute attackers (and then shot) is underway. Check in, all militaries, for the updated training. Pay is with it. The optimistic part of today's official announcement and data to me, the commanding officer worldwide about the Army being the worst in history is that with renewed focus and improvement by further training we are all guaranteed to win the wars declared by the Incursionists I to Any. The fact that a worst Army in history has been holding at bay or recovering at the pace it has been to restore peace systems as soon as possible along with the rest of the militaries is being accounted for. Improvement in training procedures is immediately on the way, also. Ten minutes sleep a day is on the schedules until further notice for all military personnel until there are enough personnel worldwide and also until the training is completed in hand to hand combat update. Severe strictures aside, I'm overall pleased with the Military and its helpful Law Enforcement and the Governments, and thank you again for the vote of hundred percent confidence today.

Sartorially yours,
commanding officer

Friday, February 4, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and Reading the Gear Galore-s

Hello to everyone and I hope that you as the good readership are able to notice the marked patches and heraldry worked into the 'any wear' gear of soldiers and soldiery and soldiering in especially the affected cities by Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant battled today, or tomorrow. Too, the adamant trade school like(d))-look/s. These looker ensembles are from the long Old World history of using everyday wear in a popular at the time for good-feelings in the public sector that type of attire or any of something partially matched with it; instill confidence, is what it said then, and now. Of course the ability to read some of the specialized mostly black-on-blackened and often brackened (pottery glazed levels of rust, bronzed browns blackish and blackened to read-to-redye-black) unit's self styles. Lineal paramilitary units are inployed as they are in motion ready to return fire, upon or at ..or.... There is a good amount of interest in this fashionable appearance that is of the arriving guarding units of remilitarized historic bloodlines and their ilk and friendships that are uncommon in valorous outlook. Willing to think, it could save their sister sometime, if another does for them the same, also. Or, as it comes about. Thank you is appropriate to the fast response of the quietly approaching and helping law enforcement when some of these danger-skill-trained soldiering official arrivals were breached or attacked or rolled or robbed or attempts made of, and so there is the unusual of civilian area actions and activities cooperatively interploying. That it would in a movie such as First Blood referred to here before as the accurate description of the into-city-arrival-by-foot pathways traversing walks and crosses for view from above or below or in-mind, literal crosses of the units or their action-packs: lists from, like a football teams play manual has diagrams of manuevers to reach places under greatest duration and wiht optimal speed. In race course on regular roadways training, some of or many of you good readership have learned how to traverse a path by zig or zag rather than serpentine and braking along each curve. Energy optimal. The case work from the Santa Barbara, CA over-blow into the military domain and framework is still the how-it-is-being-done for the handling, for now, until more personnel are freed up to hands-on do the data entry or other recordkeeping chores at hand. Those in retirement who were speedy recordkeeper for either a military-known (unknown works also for now with credentialing properized for us of USSF, on to ...... Some work is in a list again at the Police Stations, then, as with the USAF Air Force One Office's:ProjectFashionONe(UN is one or the letters or numbers involved, to take off the list, also for hiding who is working this sensitive project) to direct the individuals from the little-girls-murdered-synch-Of/s - not nice work, though. The levels of the patterns used to attack upon the public in this awful manner hindering familial growth and leveling tribal type featured focus of children who seemed to have been the victims selected because of styling as well as genetic coloring and features. Middle-easter Euro-featured, hair styles of napes, included. There is also styling and clothing attire designing work for those of the courage and ability to quickly respond that can work on fashion or hair styles for these age groups: fashion-code is 'pecan' and so because the submissions-accepted-by-paying-forth are of the copyright-level to protect a city-wide and another-level(s) will be scoured by CIA operatives of fashionable trained eye-balling technique comparing what is healthful not hurtful and likely to omit damaging attacking lures from their wear. Gear, to them, for the new now. Please consider these projects-for-pay, as this.

Be certain to sign up for the LTC courses in your affected area now (today, only) from the city council nearby's Office of Emergency Services (OES). They've been very helpful with the fashionable arts in your city's with planning the reconstructive protection layers of planning for restoring artwork and other memorables for your own enjoyment lately, after superb plans having been structured to preserve and restore your civilian area. Alone, or in tandem.

Others interested in helping the USMC Arts from the public sector civilian musical category who can assist the non-civilian pertinent persons trying to decode a furthering and forgotten while doing fashionista fashion of fashionable optimum moment minutae fashion-trend data(um) ssstufffs underground ... Well, expert musicianship training or ability to hear and think of a number range scientifically for the cuneiform premiere ancient language being studied as -UN-on-up. As it is called, now. It had a name that mis-translated into That Most and Useless Near(ing)language. That one I have to use after school a lot and get homework done, too, is what many of those facile with it in worldwide networks that are legal in these historic fashion bloodlines overlapping with musical and artful advertising moments you've known did behind the proverbial scenes. Thank you for helping out the USMC Arts with the time pressure cooker level need and therefore request for your time at hand to work on dull and eardrum-dulling levels to catalog and later for some coursework materials. Official. Math and music have always interplayed and also that sound and light in waves can with our equipment very old and now of interest anew is the ability for light to change into sound and vice versa. Also of cuneiform languages which this is, the future-levels now, being a future. Have in mind the childhood inquisitiveness of a scientific eyeball on the microscopic focus to being adding in the unlimited variant. This to convert any of the meanings of the letter-number-concept-philosophies-future(-ing)storyline into also musical. Same place to ask for this work. A later military letter of job reference level is to arrive for all of these types of urgent requests from you, the good readership. Again, always asking from you who've supported this blog over the years.

Tomcat Count Zorro is especially pleased and uncommonly patient today in his gracious gratitude for those who purchased the funding (geared for the children) of the search-and-rescue cats in the water scenes. The later interest being catered to will be for those in the AMA and other medical professions including for the animalia fields such as animal husbandry for another round of education film taped. About how a tomcat that does search and rescue will have sometimes the beaver of a tail to help him not sink as fast as a regular cat when he's adamant and on the job. The typical tomcat saves his neighborhood daily, and instinctually, so that he has many tufts misaligned in pride and has studious locations for espying all that is his. Domain, also. Count Zorro the tomcat is very grateful for the new helmet for battle and search and rescue that replaced several (often even winning versions) of his head-gear. A minor won the award, name withheld to protect. Being said, the search and rescue dogs are not able to chew this headgear cap or hat off, now. It emits a dog's-ear-only whistle that is like a skunk scent to the dogs. His mangled hats of headgear are a thing of the past. For now. Please continue, though, to enter the contests for fashion with the military, USAF Air Force One Office's: ProjectFashionOne

ARTS being in the USMC guardianship worldwide continually from now on has seen some good changes that should help those of you (and myself) that are working artists and also the hobbyists with changes such as standardizing contest entry fees. Please be aware that they should for most be regular to their own comparison. If you volunteer to help us with funding for the USMC that guard your civilian terrain, then the entry fees ($4-5USD for us) will lend you the chance to win at, and the proceeds to be divided as we do, when perhaps you would not have thought to enter or hadn't thought of doing your volunteering through USMC ARTS. Into the macabre of real life that USMC ARTS also handles or addresses, those of P.I. training and interest for casework are able to handle some casework for USMC ARTS as available. If you have a fine arts background or advertising and can delineate between psychological differences if given a quick course or list of details to compare, then you will be helping out the very many in the long run. Please contact the USMC near you, or the corporal of charge at the USMC ARTS offices and from any official military recruiter office in-ploy (open, then). Designated by a certain code carried by you away from the Police Station near you, or from its seargent at arms from any religion clergy guard office you are aquainted at.

Welcome to your civilian affected area by Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders the RAF and its affiliates from other locales, for those in American cities not accustomed to many of the foreign helping out. These RAF and similar have been joing the USMC ARTS workload by becoming Army and such, Rangers today as they are converting to and checking in. Housing is needed for some short or long timeframes for these especially RAF military personnel who are exceptional in the Arts and musicology and will be working in these sudden field openings. Also, protecting your area, from there, too. Thank you for letting the HUD near you know of your proper housing available to them.

On-coded warfare at police stations displays (prepaid desktops/laptops official at the stations to view from, to, through to) the Trex-true this third autonomoe is on funder and fund-s and similarly approached, approachable are any military personnel you know, today. Or on, about it all. Fourth was attempted as a battle against any city on the affected link-list of 900,000 by an enemy-grouped and self-declared to call it warfare against the real world, mayor's offices threatened by real warfare declarations, again, inclusive of all.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religions-all, co-head
USN, project literature

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts Gollum Arab Desert Sham Attacks Upon

Hello to everyone, and although the Incursion IX dna-Insurgents raids upon homes and other places has been limiting to one per day, today the attacks were by 110,000 paired mentally retarded MPD unfriendly (paranoid schizophrenics) that targeted illegalis a patterned array of victims. This raid level heading into Stockton, CA and other waterways was halted by cooperation with Military and Law Enforcement and others privatized here to help. Gollum-land is what those declaring warfare against us here called this artful and musically historic city, although it is not as historic as New Orleans in those areas where some of the ties to the attackers are attempting to motto-cry link to. Mottos existed in heraldry before the ones you noted in history courses or in genealogical studies. Always having been not random but with many years of thoughtful philosophical and worldwide connection intended behind the responsibility in each paramilitary unit's motto-cry. Save the planet, might be one, but more likely it is going to be the level of dna-trait or link such as discussed here previously to courage being ahead of the recessive dna of valour. Any of the dna-traits can be intaken such as vitamins for some duration, akin to the level of skincare products being able to alter for their time of use the dna-skin type reactions. Not forever changing, but while in use. The JRR Tolkein books that are among those being used for battle tactics against cities like this one where I reside and enjoy the fortifying of the arts, with residents into the ARt and ARtte as I mentioned yesterday being most interested in the future and long-term of the arts and other categories permanently being saved by the militaries worldwide. And those involved in them, legally. Those able to help in educating the sought four million living girl victims (perhaps others will be found) that are expected as in the past with the massive deaths by torture for snuff film by the warfare declaring Incursion IX dna-Insurgents homeland invading are being asked to sign up for the work ahead. For pay. There is a sudden grant of a good hearted group that would like to catch up these students who missed school by no fault of their own. Three years old to middle-age is about the level expected. Don't give up if your informant data is being delayed as it will be added in to the whole while the living four million girls expected with the delivery for identification four million cadavers of little girls is being handled. Remember that there are no known or authorized religions that ever allowed this type of atrocity in any history, and today again the accusing finger is going to mormonisms supposedly in schisms trying to stay infiltrating at the leadership on down level. There is no such illegalis systems or activities allowed in any religion and the lies of being told to live good clean moral lives in order to desecrate lives and humanity and animal kingdoms is not any part of any level of the Mormon Church, officially or unofficially. A self-proclaimed witch but illegalis attempt of one from a known brothel history illegally spying with false data then was apprehended and executed by the Military officially today. The warfare acts of spying illegally automatically put it into the military hands, and yet there are more cases for law enforcement to pick up from us in the military today. Including 90 identity thieves of the local judges marauding from business establishments open to the public today. Permanent unchangeable warfare declarations have been returned and are in the civilian area styles of handling while the military also has jurisdiction fully in any potential or present endangered or even plain scared business sector or religion. Again, our worldwide militaries are linked and the autonomoe acts inployed are today in effect taking back the facts into the factoid range to guarantee the worldwide safety and continuation ... more on this later on.

Legedary fables and historically linked fiction is still being used against affected cities and those in the very entertaining JRR Tolkein series should never have been turned against any of us, of course. Angel hair is another type of legend, being declared fearful in ufology researched communities if dropped from the sky. It is not, has been traced to ancient and historic mattress stuffing, and is not a report of concern now for private ufo research groups, either. The waterway settled areas are the worry, connect into by attacks the false stories turned into fictional entertainment levels. Often called ghost stories, like a famous one that is of Jean Lafitte proclaimed to have been experienced in New Orleans lore of a victim attacked on a ship by his ghost. The ships planks did not actually cover any genuine naval ship's or actual sailor-accredited's huge chest of mixed treasures to baffle a fallen victim. The real ships stacked the huge chests against the aft wall only in the captain's cabin, which served a double purpose as a buffet serving table, gaming table, or wet bar. Naval protocol demanded this, and it was part of the worldwide security level measures since time immemorial. These chests also housed only one type of gold, or silver or currency level item, and were always holding it, whatever it was, never to be cycled into the currency systems for actual use. They were the collateral. Guarantees, taken to other places as needed to then be used in areas being built up. Not conquered. No links to slavery systems used in economics of countries, or ascensions to thrones or revolutions. One such case is still open at the USSS as a 103 or 104 and may be accessed there with other datum for casework.

Gollum-type despicable characters are from Arab lands and legends from there, and there are no real counterparts in Western cultures of the once-young-male-military-hero self-selecting to destroy his body and mind and degrade into an unsightly form for the sake of gaining power. The most useful thing that is able to be had from these Arab legends is up to the one being entertained by it, it has no basis in history. Except that ring-love attacks were warfare declared against the 900,000 affected cities (plus 8 now and again). Ring being a power tool by Gollum as it had been on the hands of powerful people. The actual stories of power and rings are reversed as the rings of heads of state were given out after power was achieved, but then there is the fiction of it all for you good readership. Ring-love attacks are among the plays on words attacks by dna-Insurgents who are the miscreants of historical warfare raids on or around battlefields, and similar, but ring-love attacks are simply drugs or medicines not yours slipped illegally into any beverage. Knock-outs. As in prior international alerts including the date-rape ones on news networks, the links are clear. Other declarations of the gollum-land warfare declared by dna-Insurgents raiding at nearly 100,000 per day per affected city include also fable-marriages or faked-weddings upon victims, so-called angel-butchering or butcheries on illegal broadcasts disguised as sudden pornography fees, priestly training quips or quotes, and perhaps more to come will be flooding up, after the recent raids regurgitated then flushed it all above ground, if not above board. I'll go more into the morrass of Egyptian moments soon, as I also work for that head of state and their military, as well, having received my relevant paramilitary coin of achievement; as I did with mossad and USSF and others to come.

The USAF Air Force One Office's:ProjectFashion is providing safety color cues for those in the business of Arts or Fashion or concerned to protect. Just as red incites after a 9/11, for awhile, it also then it is happy around the holidays. Things to handle the now, for those in need. No cost, and please share within your groups.

Take good care and remember to turn in to law enforcement any reenactment illegalis, which are the dna-Insurgents and their illegal recruits.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS co-head
USN, project literature

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Incursion IX to 99 as MIAnimals Make Waves

Hello to everyone, I hope you are having a better day today than yesterday in the changeovers from Incursion VIII to Incursion IX by dna-Insurgent homeland invading raiders who have stilled through today into one raid a day, countered by another new military to us from underground (under a world is their phrasing for underground) which the Military known thanks them for, joining them up. The one-hundredth of expected daily raids is from an acknowledged remembered from 5,000 years ago language of charted levels that are focused upon business cycles and lifestyles of fashion and resort containing all other business and styles of life. The columnar charts do many things to avoid the 13th and 51st of anything, for crowd management to crowd control interests, but the ancient runic communities of pre-formed civilized terrains and strongholds demanded numbers collapse to singular form. Now the singular form 19th becomes 1+9=10 acting in our favor as a 1 as zeros and tens from them in multiples drop away in some certain numerical musical-trend sequences. Today, some military units are working on the translation of musical scores from or into mathematics, the math equations of which are computerized already, but are helpful in locations pinpointed by the math datum. Singular points are sought in trends to the weekly location on a global earth that rotates and wobbles, plus vibrates at a rate from seismic and other activity that now are known to affect the energy (again, a math numerical equivalent) tracked or traced by trend-trackers, similar to trend spotters; this first of the pronged career path being about as much work to accomplish but is seeking rather than gathering pre-trend data as it becomes evidenced. Or, mathematically predictable. So much that goes into the seemingly happy and energetic but not always noticeable experience of trends that are presented to business sectors and their minutae. Using trends gets one closer to the business at hand being acceptable by those involved, so it has many purposes in the noted money-marks along many passageways and tunnels and even in other above-ground locations. There is work today and to continue from the USAF Air Force One Office's:ProjectFashion lists at your local police station in this type of financial analysis and statistical data alerts as they're pegged. The other types of work are for assessing new steps for systematized living and working that are non-intrusive or invasive but will ease the high costs of workers who are avid since the beginning of calendar time on this business sector. Some practical ones from history being added in alleviate these alter-economies working underground still and who may sometime opt to remain functioning underground for work as you've learned DOD companies sometimes have facilities underground for contracts to do. Above ground, there is plenty of housing that is adequate to all available from the HUD offices in the capital cities of each state or sovereign. These professionals in fashion may be able to use some sudden work for synthetic-blended rubber shoe bottoms coatings and other things that will extend the life of their attire during daily work. They are better garbed than most on the surface can afford about now, but not out of spite, out of necessity from the extreme conditions in tunnel aperture including sizzling heat that disintegrates attire. With the slowing of attacks from Incursion IX dna-Insurgents homeland invading in house raids there has been enough people kindly signing up for the macabre workload from the little girl cadavers from the various police departments and municipalities and sovereignities. Thank you also to the mercenaries and private armies that signed on the work the defenses in Africa of similar raids along the half-way lines of the countries in a ribbon-like-swath.

The ability to think of others at this time is part of the humanity I know, and experience again through all of you the good readership. Other household members that are being considered the equivalent of human by law enforcement today in special observation include HsLadyLove the search and rescue cat. Reading as you did a few days ago that she'd jumped the naval ship to race it to the search and rescue location ahead, she avoided the nets to retrieve her from the water repeatedly, dogged as she was. The Navy awakening me to watch her on the surveillance equipment were amazed that she could slip out of any net or control-basket, determinedly to get there her way, with fast dog paddling. CountZorro, her mate, made a similar decision. By dashing to the dock, and jumping into the tide, he did what he was trained to do, and met her along the way. The funding of the clergy has the limited showing for the children especially, as these well-trained search and rescue cats of Military Intelligence and also the Police Departments and Fire Department (CountZorro) worked together. They were very tender together in the lively waters. The mission of search and rescue was also a success, and I hope you'll enjoy the funding show. Remember that the funding defends your affected cities, and more.

The LTC classes filled up yesterday at 200,000 so that more are being opened quietly in areas affected if near you. Future classes of the most ancient language underway and in battle useage and underground populace dignified and undignified useage are for the future topics. One hour is for the lists; two more hours to two weeks broken into the various schedules will let attendees evaluate a life of style and wonder denoted by the charted and cubed cuneiform letter-numbers-sequences-stories that are of yawning implementation to those who now outnumber the surface dwellers in many detected areas. They are about to be integrated in varietal manners into existing routes via programs, school systems open, and housing areas appropriate and with alter-economies annexing to our regular economy, particularly the Kinsian and other established country ones of choosing including China's. The autonomoe act ultra actions have been to respond quickly to strengthening the already in place countries and bounds. Inclusive of historic kingdoms of record in theoretical practical existence still for their business aspects of the past brought into the present. Such as those of you who signed up for the re-opened Merovignian Court by House of Wales and Prince Charles of Wales in his job capacity, officially. No longer a place, but still doing its kingdom work worldwide of fashion and freeing from enslavement. Other less active details in future training coursework of this LTC ilk are being devised to include the earliest philosophies of the Arts that include surnames doled out to those most involved. The surname ARt in the first generation (lower letter-t, denoting a cross, as certain clergy still adopt today), would lead into the later generation, usually immediate 2nd generations (but not required, yet) as a recorded name ARtte with the 'e' optionally dragged under the word or dropped-carriage. Terms used in attacks against regular populaces are being decided to have some implications from original language terms used to describe languages. More of this interest level will be along the lines of what is provided and especially to those who are helping greatly in the affected cities including fully paid for training to law enforcement and civil workers and volunteers who arrived to humanely guard and assist to the sensibilities of the families most victimized. More degree-grants have been donated, again, and are to be assigned as gifts from the families of the recently uncovered victims. The embassies business offices will be glad to assist especially with this task at hand.

Thank you again, and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head
USN, project:Literature