Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Official Alerts Incursions (x)ii and 1-over Fashion Decor More Books

Salutations, the official alert of the Incursion (x)ii attempting a one to one takeover of the countrysides by same named hairstylists as prostitutes with criminal pasts recorded supposedly leading homeland invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security raids into houses and businesses hiring new employees is of about 4 hour durations in waves overlapped, to endangered schoolchildren sent home securely and courts well supported by sudden attempts to takeover by citizen intervention of supposed peaceful acts ridiculous claims not allowed into court system. The plagiarism motives stand as the reason for any amount into the abodes and abetted by mystical-allure recruitment-illegalis of impersonators who thought they were given valid lives and timetables to lead them, part time, unaware of the homelessness led schedule they'd been seduced into and of impersonating sheriffs and police officers and fire department personnel, and now special-ops units but by types and not departed law enforcement. The main targeted persons recovered firstly were in USAF training on Economic data such as Decor markets and similar up-trend on the Kinsean bell curve recorded business trend sectors often 'creative.' The labeled action of attacking is grouped into 'another approach' for law enforcement and cvcc workers and political parties investigators and the militaries. Amid Jamaican trend of exercise portion, many residents were about in view noting actions untoward of invaders. Among victimized starting evening before were 234 art dens of driving tours but not other 'dens' such as drama dens of actual trend upon world scape. To assist in locating out-of-view assailants/attackers Army(any) as all armies coded are hiring old army trained remote viewers to detect only person's identity attempting psy warfare tactics into the sorcery warfare historic of USMC oct training levels and of threats made against all lands by warmongers recorded publicly following up with actions against populaces. On USMC Recon full-data 'dee' of to ask for from main switchboards, or similar by callback timing from Police Station paid-for computer by a special-ops unit listed there or any official court house, just in.

Thank you for the run on the books offered this site yesterday and recently, to the overselling of the 'a socialite is a blue chip chick' book available soon as textbook to 40,000 educational institutions, and for your patience more free to need to know persons (including cops, reference desks, etc.) from CIA nearby office of the credit card number is for days after this blog noted read by technical security you the Good Readership have the chance to buy. For those wishing to own them, for own reasons, you're welcome to order or be waitlisted:
* gon_gold, a-titled art, by juno_artae
* bleUw: ancient codes, 5,000 years ago a-story began in-color, by denver_5 unit [of international RAF affiliates, an airforce unit], "S" [of Civic Affaires, Moffett a Federal Airfield]
* goat_and_cheese, by WILL
* stocks and rocks, edited by ron_woll [for an FBI Wall budget]
* a-green type ode, denver_dawn, O and km_wall_willis_A
* turtle_mot a gra_mon uniform of overt turtle blue, today get job USA# by USAF 12, director
* three a day the art collector way, how to collect art, by beaver_dan of WACO allure ufo commune II garb guide ... from ARTS

Peruvian data arriving well into anticipated 2012 Mayan fascination somehow tipping overtly in it includes new historic factoids such as the years ago attacks in Incursions I already started included Peruvian beetles thought Egyptian beauty ideal linked in lore/data that are poisonous and were attached under the skin in victims; to coma, blood-red as found from vein-sucking. Beading from Peru useful data in is of monetary exchanges, while sought Arte World of their ancients the 24 sectioned beaded collars worn now appear in monetary exchange classification de-/re-coded for the 24 sectioned stages of an Arte World evident; perhaps both will be presented as a duo-purpose. Such might present as peanuts buried in tombs were linked to gnut economy and poison relief of 1 T daily every 6 hours or less to human or dog cured effect of poison attacked, to prevention, by Ancients now acceptable to non-affected by dietary drastic change or allergies, common sense used and poisoned economies had a separate economic solution package that included business trend help as well as physical poisoning. To solve for in search and rescue capacity using renewed use equations Office of Emergency Services calculations to missing persons/ecology items needed for fractally patterned events reset compass data from North Pole to due-NW (described quickly here in sentence), a set of numbers for search and rescue using the time clock o'clock at 11:01 to 11:07 either to the power of -01 (or another number if given from ARMY or O.E.S. adjusting for flux in ozone-seismic-lode): subtract where you're at NW from this described due-NW from itself; halve the total; quarter the total; add the three derived sets of solved for answer together for a coordinate point for longitude-latitude maps good for ancient maps and cities, too. The poxison economy data available soon from the FED and a DA Office or O.E.S. office as data renewed is analyzed from archives ancien. Other Peruvian signage data is in, interestingly, and remembered by some who researched already such as the paper-sway sign on green-black-brown backgrounds that change apparent wording as viewed at differing angles; confused in anomaly reports to ufologists or anomaly researchers when apparent vagrants carrying such art reproduced signs made to look like beggars at corners where caught in the funny poses to communicate with others; of old box/crate labelling system, only, so far known. More data on Peru as it becomes apparent. Meanwhile a couple of novels may amuse that I've read for a good adventure (alleviates adventurism attacks of Incursions listed herein, recommended of own healthful outlook control): Excavation by James Rollins, and Inca Gold by Clive Cussler.

The USAF AirForce1Office's:Project Fashion One has another art contest and a fashionable one: ufo art contest, and a frayed-denims contest. Of the apple-crisped cooking contest, to get recipes winning, please send a PPD SASE envelope for the week of wins. Notes sent to the USAFAirForce1Office are accepted now (small handwritten, etc.) to save space from larger formal greetings; thank you for participating.

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature
USSS, USSF, ARMY(any)-SS, and other special-ops and paramilitary units