Thursday, October 14, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and Bad Hat Hair Days

Hello to everyone, and while Incursion V alerts are still high for the 999,990 now affected cities being raided by the same insurgent-dna-groups raiding and considered to be a type of homeland invasion, Fashion and Resort industries and interests of the future are under microscopic care. Terror and paranoia but in normalized functional forms are the appropriate responsiveness levels for those citizens and residents and world travellers being targeted illegalis now in the Incursion V raids and home- and land-invasions. Land and real estate of the past are being looked at all the way back to whenever your own ancestry or histories from your groups might be including, as well as lost or hidden or forbidden kingdoms or the lore of them. As you'll recall, the prior Incursions I to IV saw everyday regular peoples subjected to strangeness in military styled attacks and raids based upon fictional movies and books, and for now also the past kingdoms or cultures of lore or reknown are being examined. Those with expertise or unusual documentation not in textbooks but well catalogued can expect to be paid now for such data as well as those with scholarly insight or a profiler ability to dissect such data into the recent crime wave minutiae equivalents, and also clergy in specific who know of non-military revolutionary library-levels of study on crowd-management to crowd-control levels (usually called riots) that attempt to takeover at White House levels on down. The recent fashions seen on the proverbial street, which again is the useful term about fashions recently purchased or made and being worn in unusual but peaceful and fun groupings, such as neighborhoods or clubs that don the sameness, enjoyably, and now include uniforms from most ancient eras. This has been an enjoyable marking of the transition from the worldwide Egyptian trends and the new but noticeably different Jamaican trend, not quite as overt but also healthy for all. The CIA has this data available sans fashion data or with again from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One. Please consider also submitting your own fashion wardrobe analysis styles of teaching from these recently interesting ancient eras. This may be in any form remembered or preserved. Some museum level of interest for jobs or projects is also available in this area, again, today and for awhile. Thank you again also to all of your supportive readership effort to provide the recent wardrobe re-analysis for those one million women and other victims attacked and beauty marred in their homes in the past Incursions I to IV.

Animal prints are taking on new forms of interest understandably after the data was discussed round and about by many of your own networks-legalis. Just how these furs and skins were used in donations to repair non-similar species has opened your homes again to these animals rescued from attacks that will regrow their own type of fur. And, with the shades and markings of the animal used for the repair. Dalmation spots if used on another type of animal, for example, will regrow out as that animal's type of fur but with Dalmation spotting. The RAF K-9 level search and rescue dogs from breeding kennels and other military kennels raided will leave on some of these furs for the no-longer-breeding animals. Blonde Dobermans and others will be still sported in parade types of festivities if the animal's tolerances remain good in the general public. A nostalgia in minutae will be available in leather and other goods with some imprints reminiscent of these animals, but not overtly all their striping or spotting or print.

Count Zorro, the military tomcat, is pleased to still be accepting forty or more a day of new recruits for the military cats, including ferals and bobcats. These become his trainees as he and they learn search and rescue that includes carrying their weight in documents, retrieving downed officers' weapons, or leading animals from fiery traps out to safety. Albeit the laboratory at the NSA Project:Echelon is able to take in the genetically idealized lab-fertilized kittens, if yours are perfect mixes that you'll consider for our military and law enforcement to use, your own litters are still good. The laboratory only has 24 such kittens in synthetic wombs just now that belong to Count Zorro and Hs'LadyLove, but they are willing to foster and even adopt many more through this system which he, as the very top tomcat in our military, has approved. Dr.Baldr, the bobcat-tomcat under his tutelage has recruited many of his own kind which will be admitted to the heraldry system of the military and royal courts in about four years time. For those of you interested in how this will prove their worthy ability for their job capacity, the Army's Office of Heraldic Services will be available with some certain lists of how a new military symbol and actively serving animal becomes a member listed in the bestiary and in their archives. You might also find your neighborhood cronista willing to spend a moment on the facts in the steps to being admitted which to Count Zorro and his litters seems about like being submitted for Halls of Fame. Those of you willing to help foster the bobcats in training will be welcome to apply to the HSUS or Army Protocol and must know that they are much gentler and more affectionate than usual housecats.

Protocol will be discussed more at another time, and today I'll be working on some tidbits of it for my own writings as the newly updated Department of State's office of protocol services lists are available again. Remember that you must sign-off on these lists when working in the public sector within law enforcement and military and civil service or public service offices, and the data on the list is used to qualify whether someone claiming to be the person is the actual one. Identity theft is the singular greatest hazard to our worldwide systems and economies now according to the governments and churches. All religions being grouped into two formal studies under one system and headed by the USMC and protected by it has brought this ironic fact outward. Identification of the past religious sources and kingdoms related has had an unexpected turn for some of the general populace needing help with facts from the past that may be unsavory or illegal nowadays. Hat studies brought this out as some typical triggers for radically changing the lifestyle for oneself and family is endangered if unstable belief systems are overly challenged. Running off to do illegalis because of discovering in genealogical searches or regional historical ones that an ancestral group, for example, cannibalized, while others were Vedic, is no reason to desert modern life and support Incursion V attackers. Attempting to dwell underground if not the actual military working underground will automatically group others into the illegalis group that the president and all with ability to declare warfare have done.

Reenactment-illegalis is on the list declared warfare against as it is merely identity-theft and extortion and embezzlement recruitment as well as murder-29 as it is being dubbed. Victims unwittingly recruited begin to turn into the criminally minded military styled attackers who average up to 29 murders by the time the recruitment is complete for their supposed award of a house and car and family like life which is of course false. Some not fully recruited-illegalis have returned to normalcy by reforming themselves but enslavement underground is the just uncovered next-step of some of the unknown leaders of Incursion V. Massively laid out technologies in new but uninhabited tunnels resembling all the old slave quarters of any history known were found with fiber optics to spy on anything inside. I am very glad that I have never participated in re-enactments of any kind and especially not illegalis, but at one time I'd thought non-profit reenactment legalis such as Civil War re-enactment might be a nice hobby when retired, etc. To those complying with laws and not reenacting illegally including in public (except city employees with permits to do so, such as the City of Sacramento's Old Town cowboys with buckboard and wagons) a future facility will be built for legal reenactment as nonprofit 501c3s only. Not within public view, but more like a staged and non-violent or damaging version such as in England where popularity of mentalism-entertainment saw fake video games being built for participants to enjoy being amidst; insurance companies are very helpful with the extra amount of insurance required such as for extra hazard. But the gift to a lawful public grouping of non-re-enactiment-illegalis is coming later on and with extras from regular warfare supplies, and more.

The medical community is being helpful and aware with the cosmetic repairs from the attacks of Incursion V and prior including advisors from medical schools willingly taking in students studying for degrees in this unusual moment. Historical costume data meets the medical advancements, including fully determined dna upon contact or within view by non-contact equipment and handheld devices. These retrofit pieces of equipment have been theory and in use by military for a couple of decades without need or requirement to use in a peacable public sector until now. Having had all technology companies worldwide stop what they were doing in order to create and build within two point four days these microchip pieces of equipment and similar components is a human-made miracle, honoring all creation according to all worldwide religions. Their support is greatly appreciated in explaining some of the more interesting data from history where facts were carried, or cloaked in some opinions, that affect these cosmetic repairs. Several types of human-dna are able to interact, but not all, for organ donations, as you now know and from the recently helpful statements sent from our United States Office of the Attorney General and Office of the Surgeon General. Three types of human-dna don't mix in organ donations because the dna is entirely and always incompatible. These three types of family tree groups have always worked alongside all the other human-dna types, but were known to have rules about who to marry for propogating bloodlines, as one clue. These three branches of the seven surviving main human-dna were the 1) royal-military-maternal-royalty, 2) lawyers-physicians-politicians, and 3)French-arising-royalty and fashion courts. These groupings have retained their own non-religious non-scholastic required data on how to propogate families with dna-compatible mates. The sperm and ovum simply will not even match or fertilize with the other of the seven human-dna groupings. It is all very interesting to the point that even shamanistic-human-animal-dna-cosmetic-repairs are being allowed in some of these new medical degrees at schools such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Even these two are allowing combined degrees from the medical schools under these difficult conditions on the public, so that yesterday the first combined degrees of medical studies are being grouped between the two historical rivals. I look forward to reading these future dissertations in response to Incursion V attacks.

I hope you will all be well and be able to apply for or pick up your own gifted grant for educayion or certification being donated by the millions of affected families who have had some survivors from the Incursions I to IV attacks. The Military is pleased to have ten to ten million and more applying daily for boot camp that are being accepted for home-deployments and working-careers of the military schooling levels. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.