Saturday, October 23, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts of Homeland Invasion and Explaining Fashions

Hello to everyone, there is a good amount of warnings officially and alerts from all worldwide countries and their governments today, officially, from this military-official site (which I also, again, thank you for supporting over the years for it to become PhD referential, too). There were twenty persons removed from a governmental coup attempt that your security clearance level of school districts or justice department level will allow for you to look over, which were taken down for attempting to overrun and overthrow from people's deskjobs under guises as an act of Incursion VI homeland invasions. There was another attempt similarly that can be viewed that was lost in historic files around ballroom dancing and big band eras, and jazzy times, but in hindsight was discovered by historians to be an invasion attempt on the homeland. When New York City called the city council level employees and the military in Stockton, CA recently to consult on metal-kites invading their city from the water, armed with assailants, twice in one night, it was considered to have become a funny war; recalling that the President officially declared warfare already four years ahead of schedules based upon the finalized steps from war-effort. War-effort is the official time when soldiers become rehired fulltime in the military and the term, again, is reactivation for their rehire process. It is also the timeline when all known battles are about to be determined or have already been anticipated and therefore prepared for. In Stockton, you'll remember when I mentioned that the emergency bicycles purchased by the city then to prepare ahead of time were first burgled from a warehouse, then replaced by a generous donation. Many implements of warfare have been prepared for, and the Governor brought more tanks to this city, and others, into our underground tunnel networks. So did other generals. The disbelief of the part of the populace somewhere in between yourself, the good readership that passed clearance levels to read this blog and sign up for boot camp training officially at ten million an hour and scheduled over ten years, and the .30 percent of the populace too terrorized to notify law enforcement or the military about attacks by abductions and raids synchronized, today is revealed as a ploy-populace. The ploy populace is negative in belief about what is occurring because of the influence by regular nominal psychological tactics that dissuade belief of a need to prepare or react and act for warfare at a homeland level. Considering many things, the Justice Department has hired at a budgeted (untouchable budget, again) of $200 per hour experts in psychology who know how to handle populaces and those of them who fell for the disbelief-ploys. It is just plain hard for some people to really truly comprehend a fact or a truth even if presented to that person that challenges their sense of security in a religious fervor or a patriotism. The successes of Incursion VI for our worldwide Militaries and the also involved Law Enforcement include recruiting into the real militaries those who were unaware they were forming up into an illegal army, underground. Again. The more nominal successes for us being after the fact are that more children were located in their families who were falling for illegal ploys to attack families with fecal poisonings in particular, and those children are qualifying to go to the newly opened Anasazi Tribe formulated Arizona government training-camp level schooling camp. Nearly resort like, it is nevertheless a lot of work going on and studies, for the children who will be remembering their community ethics and renewed lawfulness. The intention was to give these somewhat errant or endangered by Incursions I-VI children a NASA Space Camp type of good experience, but on a different level.

Also dramatically in the Incursion VI strange attacks upon the populace by perpetrators are medical attacks that include the now hiring DEA DNA-TaskForce from worldwide cases of Egyptian teeth being removed from cadavers and mummies from all museums. The curators are livid, and the medical community stunned at the gall, and the military ready to hand over the data for law enforcement cases. In the military are teens already joined-up and through their bootcamp training who know Department of State paperwork and files and can help with any amount of case work. In this type of massive quantity, some law officers are requesting several hundred of these military-teen-soldiers. The Egyptian mummies' teeth are turning up in many people's mouths who are victims of these strangest of many of the attacks, and have been located in the victims. The teeth appear more aged than most, and will in a healthy person if remaining in place now return to a normal healthy level over years of time. It is a repeat of a same style attack twenty years ago but on a smaller scale, only a few hundred victims, then. The teeth inserted by these ancient-manual-medical styles of surgery have instructed the typical Incursion VI attacker to do this type of surgery illegalis in about 70 minutes, maximum. Some in the medical community are familiar with this and other types of surgeries but within actual hospitals with proper procedures. There is new training available from the medical schools who are accepting new degree applicants in groupings and individually for this type of data, and for the faster and better levels of field surgeries, also, outside of ideal hospital surroundings: the new degrees allow for the training with real surgeries now needed in the massive amounts of recovery surgeries within the 900,000 affected cities. The cadavers will not have the teeth returned, per se, but the human victims affected are having an option for removal or replacement where a logical decision can be made. The entire jawbone is replaceable in ten minutes with teeth in tact from some soldiering training that is learned in our regular militaries, unusual, but appropriate for some field surgery procedures. This is the type of new material available and with lots of hands-on or frontline experience to allow for a certain degree in organic medicines. Organic healing is also allowed, which also involves occult surgery procedures such as you may've seen in televised or other demonstrations before.

Take your time with reading the prior four blogs with this one for the critical alert data and historic costume information that includes priests resurrection fees of $54000 per hour from the Church, hour long daily job listings for regular supplementing of incomes including some from the USSS for restaurant meeting viability, the magic-economy impossible moment that is proclaimed by the Fed and others such as all-royalty being required to be in the actual military now. Also, there will be deliveries to governmental sites of nutrients for the tiring soldier and regular citizen or resident of our community, alike, and many who used to sell medicines less needed now for disorders are being asked to consider these deliver routes for the municipalities and military, instead.

Most people are finding that they have about a month to catch up on their regular lifestyle payments and earnings. It is not a faltering moment but one of catching up, and partial recovering from the recession. When the recession began, most people had about two months of savings and that is about all; a quarter of earnings was anticipated to be about what most people would be feeling a pinch in now and then while adjusting to their income streams and awaiting their hard work to again pay them enough. The Churches are teaching some short inexpensive courses in some basics in economics, legal document terminology, and reality-real-estate, for some new ones. Some interesting data, for example, such as a city of nearly three hundred thousand at one time where I reside, here, and its merely two hundred thousand appearing to be in the city when surveyed by the government today, with 90,000 houses listed for foreclosures in manners that affect the military in its purview. Remember to also check the list of the new Congressional action which says noone from the DOD or its contractors past or present may be foreclosed upon or removed from a residence unwillingly or by force; and the law has already existed since the early part of this country's founding that says no military past or present and having served in the military at any time may be foreclosed upon or removed forcibly from their abode or unwillingly. The military guarantees housing and trains all soldiers how not to be in debt ever, so that now the military personnel returning are gaining enough people to research why so many cashpoint and delivery points were used by embezzlers to take monies illegally from the military, FBI, USSF in particular with approved credit-for-prepaid-work systems, and other more interesting topics. Perhaps there will be an interest later in the military economics systems and how something such as having every soldier do temporary positions in a public sector that now are on hold so that no military or law enforcement can do this type for now would've boosted the actual economy. Just enough.

There are a lot of people coming into an awareness that they were duped by psychological-ploys that include believing they had only in the past to spend one day at a training camp for the military to be in the military; training camps last four or more months, sometimes over a year, required. There are budgets allotted for training in your area now at your convenience since this is a worldwide recruitment into all militaries-legalis of ten-million per hour signed up for their training camp. The extra cost paid for the requesting new soldier to train at and around their own homes instead of at the other facilities historically known is per day is about $108 per person attending the training camp. This morning I had a meeting, a typical one-minute meeting, about why the the cost went up to $108 per person per day for this special type of camp training, but I don't have an answer of only one thing increasing it by a few dollars, so there are tours to see the new equipment and styles of teaching that are being employed at an extra four dollars per day. Fatigues and other military attire may be worn anywhere for now by mutual agreements in the affected cities of Incursion VI being attacked by witting and unwitting invaders.

The military animals are doing very well, and Count Zorro the tomcat wishes you all to know that even he is on speaking terms with the dogs in the military and those that are being recovered for the RAF. Some have received generous donations of varied colors of fur since they've been rescued, themselves, after they were trained to do search and rescue capacity including retrievance. Grays, beiges, and other varieties of Doberman Pinschers raised and trained for the worldwide Air Forces will be seen in many of the military installations on their rounds, today. Remember that it is still illegal to assess anyone in a public place whether once from a medical community or counseling position, or not, but in the Doberman Pinscher rounds being made a different type of assessment is being made of public reactions. Since all of you good readership and general public did phenomenally with the USMC wolves taken around on patrols and their guard rounds throughout the affected cities of Incursion I to VI, already, I hope you'll know they are doing fine, and some have had surgical repairs with dog parts so look like an interesting new military and sheriff animal.

The rain is about to begin in Stockton, and I have a busy day ahead, as you must also, I'm certain. I was supposed to be at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery today, but had extra meetings to attend to today, but I hope you'll consider going to your own local ones, soon.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall
commanding officer