Friday, March 25, 2011

Incursion IX to XXii Official Alerts and Gratitude Work for Pay

Salutations, the successes of deterring the daily declared enmity-warfare raids on cities by Incursion IX to XXII dna-Insurgents miscreant led and at average 100,000 attacking affected cities is all about you, the Good Readership, in your accurate to timely response to retaliation. The Military thanks again the Law Enforcement sending us the new recruits for catching up on military thought, jargon, explanation of links and worldwide interconnecting, since the Law Enforcement and Civil and Public Service groups you know have been marked on the calendar as co-trained in boot camps officially over the past 8 years, where they were or are. Defending the cities and offensives in the military stay in the military statistics and files, less affecting the cities crime reports unless data is needed in up to omnipresent-seeming data-points pinpointing for case work whatever is needed, especially for pay systems in place. The fact that Fashion is again getting targeted illegalis has new Law Enforcement and others seeking data on why; 'creepiness' is what one new officer declared it. Compared to the recent attack waves on any city where a person had won an art contest anywhere, any place, but recently noticed. The Federal-Military-Martial-Law in effect extended worldwide through the 18th as by our affiliated FBI German and Military Russian, therefore is also about these types of violent attacks to the death or embezzlement and extortion of up to full retirements and housing absconded. Etc. In ancient civilizations that were attacked by the same miscreants as dna-Insurgents defined recently by my and other military personnel's' one-hundred percent accurate data reading equipment, into microscopic and not just the data-devices plugging into the ready on-hand equipment, the Ancients kept track by immediately self-correcting any situation, stopping everything while law enforcement equivalent then recorded. Known are the repeating tactics of, especially in Mesopotamia, and interesting are the archives of information available for many. New to these incursion raids coded accurately homeland-invasion at NSA levels officially is the return from Mesopotamian times the fire-snatching food-grabbers. Once these food thieves were called grubbers, and the palms of their hands thickened to the wrist level by calluses from grabbing food in containers in fire places to campfires was their mark. Someone or something from the past has mistrained them to restart this ancient false system, not unlike other tribes annihilated in the past for similar home invasion waves, in history. The militaries that were trapped underground in collapses or by the choosing of their leaders are in tandem with those above ground where the ethics codes of the past were kept in tact up to the Garden of Eden or creation story time frame, and often even farther back. The codes of ethics are necessity, of course. The dove-grey of the USMC meeting up one day on foot on-land in affected cities, meeting in similar tactics to defend the cities. Handshakes or similar greetings universally acceptable ensued. Notated in the files were the same shade of uniform selected, the newcomers to the surface crust of the Earth calling their color of uniform dove-brown to the other groups dubbing of dove-grey. Humor was good, in a moment.

The USMC ARTS/Religions offers through the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne the now appropriate work for pay to help restore art and photos and some keepsakes of similar quality for museum piece to business displays in Japan as part of the aftermath assistance to. The other aftermath work level requiring some calligraphy to penmanship honed skills is from the Department of State to send thank you notes to those who helped deliver food worldwide including into Stockton, CA one day to feed the many arriving to assist and even into houses overly raided to deletions not able to repurchase goods and sundries in time enough. The sensitivity of this latter one is of the nature that persons news bound for now that delivered food here to thank include Saleh and Qaddafi and some others known in leadership, favored or favorable or in-play in news notation events, or not. Countries such as Egypt and China volunteering all of their food for a day, also, delivering their extra supplies, too, being the only parts needed by the affected cities. Sensitive in nature, then, and recorded duly by the USMC Reconnaissance. Also from the same offices as work for pay is a group of pleasant assignments ... read on.

In the 711 A.D. time frames and thereabouts, the home decor and personal fashion decor was still using pottery pieces with some type of personalized color and wardrobe to decor code built-in. The angle of a seating or a shine on a cosmetic, or other ideals for basic and acceptable wardrobe or color analysis are still needed again in pottery form. Think of your local pottery guilds and how working in conjunction with them on a joint project, or if you can do both, terrific, will earn a $100 per completed pottery item (mugs are fine) or $50 for the wardrobe or decor or color code systematically applied so that the next artisan can complete it all. Adding to yesterday's list of wardrobe planning and color analysis for a lifetime system for childrens' rewards who have been doing animal search and rescue with the military, please consider again that now 9000 more students are being added each day to this list of work for pay, $150 per student, and also with accommodations and flights or transport offered to the military of the unused seating and room-blocks for this type of work; defined at the time of picking up the work order, please. Please see the lists at your Police Station at no cost, asking courteously, of course.

Grants are still being donated and delivered in a response-to-funding trend-like cycle for a funding or grant-prepaid coursework now available, to show one or any all the about-now or about-town as it was called economics of warfare-to-implement-of-saving-society-plus. Meaning, how in vernacular popularized, what goes around comes around but not in direct results, often in cycles of gratitude, courage, or usefulness that now effect economies in a formal wellness step of said Economy in a future aligned. The course will explain sociological approaches, mathematical implements, military impetus, educational responses-emergence-levels (divine deliverance as dubbed by Mission College in Santa Clara, CA for degreeing purposes equivalent), and more of all this. Two days worth, good extra to crucial now data if working with Fed data or economic or budget work requiring data input. Please see your School District Finance Office, or mayor's office and be prepared to speak to the mayoral candidates of the past not in office put to work to handle the registrations.

Thank you, Good Readership, for again supporting the DVDs listed yesterday about how I and others received worldwide posts in the USAF in Fashion, and how the astronauts and NASA are teaching multiple-degrees of education a year approach to use the grants available now, reflecting these times. The head of the air forces that hired me mentioned that of the many Arts and fashion designated categories, I am listed by them as a Fashion-Art type person. Not by garb donned, by avocation or training depending upon what is under scrutiny at the time. What I'm doing today and for awhile is recruiting, in public but for the USMC worldwide modeling agency that links by its requirement to all the modeling agencies worldwide, models and trend-setters. Trend setting pays, and is a recurring part-time job. Requires aptitude and focus including timing and filling out questionnaires or other participation. These types of jobs are also listed at the Police Station lists, as above. Also about my own interests for your interest levels expressed is that I'm looking again into gauntlets, that show up in my dna-bloodline historical fashion codes of my on genealogy trees. Required by certain militaries and part of my and others future fashion codes inclusive of our uniforms for public places that you received lists of from the cafes and restaurants coded as military installations. Since I had worn these items and gloves while hand-modeling by contract when returning to college again after you'll recall the local bank moved a large facility to Florida, I thought to open another contest for you, daily, along with the others you are familiar with in fashion design. From the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne, again. At USD$5 each contest win, one per day available, please design a gauntlet of some form suitable in daily wear into evening as a piece of regular clothing (think, embellishment to functional accessorizing) and of the propriety to walk into regular restaurants or cafes or businesses for meetings at hand. The gauntlets may be of any level of design. Thank you for entering and a letter of reference will arrive later to the winners and participants for your extra effort in my own and others behalf. The ability to participate will be assisted by the Military and school systems to the gathering of data into the regular pouches system of the military or by asking your local Postal Worker about {see inspector data list, of..}

Take care, and thank you again, Good Readership, for selecting my finishing-school-level gift item for yourselves for funding of the Time Flies tile at 16 million orders per minute, yesterday. This boon in funding to defend your areas helps.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide militaries (known)
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, project literature
Army (any), finance
USSF-SS1, USN-SS2, USSS (badge reactivated fully)
*see Le Temp Fuit:Time Flies watercolor USD$1Million at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery