Friday, March 11, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Alerts and Fashion Cobra Charmed Economic from Footpad on Graphs

Salutations, today more Incursion IX to XX alerts officially are out with the 24th to 24th international Military Martial Law enacted by the German FBI and Russian Military, supported fully as homeland defense against homeless behaving raiding dna-Insurgents miscreant led. Bonding overly with their mentally retardent retarded appointed leadership based upon a false schoolplay from the Dark Ages of a low-witted person rulling the planet, yet one more worldwide attempt to take over by now a preforming gang not of a guild from the royal courts of Europe as were others defined here before now. The gang attempt has cuneiform from the Garden of Eden(s) of fable or of the 70 of fact that I listed my Thanksgiving Cousinhood as being able to address to particularly mormon-sympathsizing audiences needing to know why genealogical heiroglyph non-phonetics names of bloodlines, once called name-lines then, are being used to attack charted areas. At 909,007 cities still under attacks of about 100,000 a day deterred, they detection from Law Enforcement from the Military also has professional and serious novice genealogists live and on piped-in television circuits ready at this moment to work on tracing the cuneiform-UN language you now are familiarized with used in the field of Fashion and Decor and Resort, and housed already in the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne. Today, after the rash of raids worldwide, still, in a Y-formation or a runic Algiz-formation, and now also broken apart into a V for first etiquette bowl rite of passage cuneiform into official heraldry (also for some often female genitalia, listed in Lord Lyons of (London still then) Scotland records as femitalia being genitals into traits of the female maternal), and an I as a sans-serif bar or I-beam, and similar. Used to impersonate successful gangs of the past to attack now, with Chicago's mayoral offices and assistants including the modern lines of the Chicago-land gang bloodlines of the past which became hired by that city's office of the mayor. Some examples of what to look for and how to approach the fact-finding, so to help all of us in search and rescue modes officially track the animals and children and elderly mostly being found, and also their guarding soldiering groups from historic paramilitary heraldically defined units.

Delving into the archival vaults of the past was once not for everyone or much of anyone, and I went word by mouth to the few who helped put in place a structure of safety measures from work-goggles into computerized pads with scanning equipment to trace the picturesque and graphic art equivalent records. Once seeming just a matter of art or hobby geneaology, the archives are among the crucial data now. The type of things that will be encountered that are being impersonated in the gang attempting to form up on film by USMC Reconnaissance requestable at your local Police Station, once cuneiform enStatoun, will show of it all. Think again of the terms of surnames in color, recalling that no physical feature was listed in descriptions but their tradeschool avocation or familial profession was, indeed. White, a dye of an example that brought in income to its family groups of vendors on regular trend cycles, was one of a type of fashion code that repeated nearly around bark browns and blackening shades and added sometimes to fashion wardrobe plans of the ancient. A vendor of the white, really a greyish hue, not the beige (beagin) you know would have a likely surname listing amongst the 50 for males and 23 to 40 for females on their official records. Birthing certifications were done, too, to watch for: . the period mark as a designation of one to a 5th if eugenics bloodline from weddings and "vaus" (vows, being also feminine vowels in use).

For these searches, the wedding ring symbol appears in the records and aligns with threats to the populaces of fabled weddings, into the dozens of attempted divorces stopped in each affected city daily of non-aquainted persons. The ring symbol looks like an upside down 8. Meaning also fidelis, and like its genome listed counterpart, valor, it was noted. And recorded. The ability to do the philosophical approach to these records searches as the loving forward thinking ancestors did is a matter of teaching and learning it. Terms also affecting in the global approach are those like Dow from financial markets being easily recognized from translated cuneiforms such as Ddtau. Traced on further to their origins, as Vanguard's Vanga-gurt(en) they responded with are some picture style letters and numbers that are not story form as Kanji. They do link into that, with use as a professional storytelling tool (like an abacus or sliding letter signage) for travelling or even ancient blockbusters, which there were.

Also of these cuneiform searches, the sayings or phrases of Fashion or Wardrobe listed in surnames to watch for, exampled. A Phrase from Garden of Eden(s): Day light by morning white, somewhat translated correctly into Roman numerals and letters as, Dayexsle-lei--leight biouxy Amournnengh-whiieAght. Some A or E or similar capital letters designated which cypher or key-code to refer to for that family group if recording or reading data which had no actual direct translation. A backwards large-e might look strange and not up to par of the translator's 'e' so that bloodline's letters were preserved by linking them to a more exact version of their own letter-number-cuneiform. Being a group A, of Alpha or A.ll (a cosmonaut guard equivalent, recalling all the Tradewinds and astronomy and ancient cities were in texts found you can view from the USSS office, by request, case load(ed) 10/4..). Therefore, an "A" would be inserted instead of the strangely shaped little-e overly big. Other similar phrases often logged by birth certificate data, of family businesses noted, are like: "by night light, a flop", a fashion code used to sell by caravan systems or boating to neighboring destinations the discussed here fashion-frump ala choirboy styles for double-jointed persons that include mop-hair, or floppy looking waves of hair locks, and that don't often buy the night-light fashion color wardrobe plan successes of others (think of color by season color analysis systems) and by direct inference this family line exampled sold alternatives to those, mainstream. Not includable in a family name, as it could be their employer's instead.

On the cuneiform ... The key-codes and matrixes are available to those working today and for the timeline to detect and apprehend the gang forming up worldwide attempting a Garden of Eden link. The keycodes and ciphers and matrixes evolved from them later to also solve math and predict economically the trends as well as tracking the night sky affecting Fashion and Resort. Adjusted for modern useage by a psychiatrist-psychologist who works with the USMC ARTS after direct contact with the para-forming gang recruits, it should be a puzzle for the classified security clearance and those minded of able to pick up the work for pay listing courteously from the Police Station in behalf of the USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne.

This cuneiform presently is helping to locate mostly tens of thousands of children who've learned parts of this type of family genealogical secret for business for five thousand years. Nine year olds today, mostly males. Animals of all types rescued. Male soldiers especially found and recruited today, also. Thank you to all.

KMWall, C.O., worldwide
fashion director, USAF