Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Incursions IX to XX Martial Law Alerts and New of Fashion

Salutations, I hope you as the good readership are succeeding at the word-by-mouth communication while most of you are being hacked in your government jobs or tax preparation jobs or similarly in other areas in synchronized manners of approach by Incursion IX to XX dna-Insurgents miscreant led homeland invaders again attempting to gain records of various persons and whereabouts for further attacks planned. Mostly in the judicial genealogical bloodlines traceable by dna-instantaneous tests non-invasive from the Military worldwide, and able to be requested directly to verify. Sadly, also, all Law Enforcement's and USSS' and most Military families' and others aligned in work professions' animals were attacked and tossed into garbage cans. One the heel of the weekend raid worldwide synchronized upon all tax preparers' offices (motive: records) in under a second, coordinated, and held off by K-9 and regular guards. The FBI in Germany and Military in Russia are being fully supported in the declaration through the 24th from the 24th of February of International-Military-Martial-Law underway. Urgently needed today and backed up by executive order and by U.S. Congress and Department of State supplying replacement temporary fully capable staffing are the worldwide clergy to do search and rescue to underground trapped workforces led by fake goddesses who were recruited from legal paramilitary families of the past and deluded. Before they attack as detected in the USMC Reconnaissance and their follow-the-lemming pathway in tunnels, a police officer from Santa Barbara, CA is hired to negotiate, and clergy are needed to communicate and develop these unwitting participants into their annexed or actual intention of religion. If it doesn't succeed, those deluded will be grouped into the attackers format and subject to execution again by the military action underway and the warfare declarations in return from all countries and religions and many a mayor.

In response, a revising listing in the future from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne work-for-pay will be dividing into full-time and part-time. For the full-time work please contact the FBI desk 02 for the Classified security clearance to work in this level of cuneiform into economics success of the work listed, but for part-time the requirements are the same. Still, and gladly for the good readership at 65 million per hour and less trafficked by the official military servers helping guard your own recorded whereabouts and directing you into the sergeant-sites.

More responsiveness of assisting Academia along with the others thanked on this blog already includes now those from private business sectors such as Donna Karan providing a grant to BYU attendees for their participation in an entirely new coursework into PhD level, intended to answer in reply to their friendly competition down the Interstate at University of Utah and of the cuneiform-fashion-history level. Included in their study coursework will be public sector manuals by experts that MIT is utilizing already, such as David Hatcher Childress' Vimana and Aircraft of Ancient India that I've mentioned on this blog years ago at other servers locations. This manual can be used with a change to the mathematics and calculations on page 93 that the Ancients devising the listed matrix did incorrectly as: 2 and 11 drop the math from Daro, etc., and use the replacement equations provided by the military, and also at 10 and 20 from Harappa, and 3 and 10 from Katdijo (once katDigo..., and other topical amusing selections about how pronunciations changed and fashion lines including Donna Karan and Vera Want descending from that place and time in the business sectors then of fashion).

Accreditation for yesterday's listed already underway 2 but really 3 days now for university or college transferring units of credit on the 912 A.D. royal kingdom members who fled to their equivalent of a fire escape map route and were found right where anticipated is going well with the embassy officials and an Irish Squire lecturing. I feel terrific at being in error when I and others I work with instigated the dna-tests to demand one hundred percent verification at the historical sites where cadavers with arrows and other warfare damage had been logged as deceased from this group welcomed back to our real world. The reality check for those who attend, not about travel and accommodations, is that of course these real people are not fairytale characters from helpers on site such as from Disney Studios and others. History was noted in this current affaires moment as it goes into historical textbooks, a definition 'current affaire' being that of newsworthy moments or data that they are to be included in higher education especially.

The USN Project:Literature announces its first participant with a book now out on the market from this project concerned with good entertainment in literature for the general public: Chorus of the Mutes is a novel by Scott Runion, a school psychologist in Stockton, California. His site is listed at

My own artwork is again for sale, now, from one of the originals of watercolor and ink for the poem you read, Le Temp Fuit: Time Flies that I wrote and posted here awhile back. It is listed at USD$1Million for the original of Le Temp Fuit aka Time Flies and displayed at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery (its website is on the worldwide web). As the USMC ARTS detected ghosts in the art, and Le Temp Fuit has one in the painting, it seemed that along with the gift-art-tile of it for funding many of you the good readership have been purchasing that is going into your own neighborhoods to protect you selling at a noted wave of 16 million per hour now that the original might be of interest, even as I fine the peace in the parting. Of the hundreds of millions of pieces you've shipped or sent to the USMC ARTS of ghost-art, all being -- thus far -- from the Victorian Age from your proverbial or literal grandparents' attics, an official thank you again. I know the libraries displaying the first million pieces from this mostly all donated collection to the USMC ARTS will provide moments with fine art experience for the many patrons.

Tribe Fashion, an actual and new tribe with landed reservations rights if needed, and of the auto club designation, for now, is ready to participate. It is the largest gathering of all those of the known birth-certificate to other legal documentation persons found ever in history. Gathered at first from this blog, most participating recall the early strides in a dipping economy when I mentioned my first cashmere find at a below its manufacture rate that saw me through a chilly cultural even night, and a famed world class costumer or two went news-wide in scope to also announce their finds in the time all were living through, already linking, and now there is a sadder link to the remembered day of shopping mall attacks worldwide synced, also, of women in pink nail polish, remembered in the sadness and the Jesuits answering the first response call noted in gratitude. Today, we're noticing as a fashion tribe the symbols of beverages used as fashion and decor and trend data symbols transposed from the night sky by astronomy buffs past and present as endangering them to attacks. In the groupwide ennui, thank you for your new moment, shared.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall, C.O.
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head
USN, project literature
ARMY, finance