Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Incursion IV and Fashions

Hello to everyone and this weekend update is by special request of the Military for your benefit, of course, and so it won't wait until Thursday as Incursion IV is full tilt this weekend with skewed reports of for specific 40 million homeland invaders of self-declared mormon-jehovah-witness-claimant-illegalis-miscreants. They are actually one-tenth of that but still very aggressive and have been entering houses and government buildings to take food and attempt to live as the identity theft victims, again, while actual family members are present. They are not confirming as any legal members of any religion and therefore are considered not entitled to legal protections of any form, and are misclaiming they have legal courts or police departments operating underground on their own. This is incorrect, and so they are to be handled just as any invasion or home invader. Most have entered via ocean ways and waterways, within the last four days. Some from Point Lobos reported, though, ended up being a friendly force of divers that surprised the Military, and were greeted graciously by representatives from the French Foreign Legion who took personal time to welcome them ashore. The negative news, though, includes that soldiers are handling over 5,000 invasions of homes alone, each, by the reports and the bodybag counts coming in, so don't delay reporting incidents or even suspicions which can be tallied in the computer systems for Law Enforcement and also of course the Military. Sadness is being played upon such as attacking residents who had Mormon or Jehovah Witness friends or family that supposedly died in the past but went into fake or illegal witness-protection-type programs and hid instead in crime groups living off of embezzled substance; this happened in my on sphere as I and Military and Law Enforcement located and extracted a police officer left for dead illegally for my once upon a time prom date my Junior year in high school. The law officer which had been kidnapped by the fake Mormon witness protection program claiming to help supposed angels and royals elope has been closed down and its embezzling line shut down. There are no such programs, and no one has been more grieving again today than the families of those who are really turning up deceased again including trying to take up collections and ask strangers for monies to fund funerals that they'd thought happened decades ago. Several victims of these saddening kidnappings have been restored to their families and semblance of their lives and given back their jobs in law enforcement and other fields, in particular. My enacted executive orders prevent any repercussions or any leniency to any of the participants of the illegalis attempts to elope and hide in worldwide or other religions in fake witness protection programs as I've just discussed.

Entertainment is part of an industry that is formally necessary for good mental health, but is not intended to be dangerous. There are entertainments that I and others have discussed that teach, such as historically popular ones like the game of chess. My own Marine Corp personnel are often very easily reached in online tournaments or seen at cafes with game boards out. The day for me of recreation doesn't include formal entertainments required, or not required, as it does for some of the other military. The ability to play a game only when allowed is part of a grown-up mind.

As the Incursion IV swings on into Incursion V there will be a change in reporting to you, the general public, some actions and activities, such as exactly where the invaders operating as homeless waves of attackers in military formations or patterns of their own making. The Incursion V will continue to report the 'known' and it will be good of you, the public, to report and be aware of the activities of where and how you notice the Incursion IV to VIII. Today, there were other successes such as apprehending more of those who attempted to aim and fire missiles at homeowners whom they'd already attacked with disgraceful modes such as filling swimming pools with fecal product and other typical attacks indicating the homeless choice of illegalis cultish styled crime and warring gang types. Since the change indicated by our US Congress earlier this month, the rest of the Incursions are noted to be the remainder of the homeless waves flushed out from underground illegalis habitations of their own choosing. I wish and hope for you the same success in finding your own kidnapped friends or associates as I've had happen, many from the technology community of former Silicon Valley high economy that appeared to disappear into other parts and places but were unlocatable. Or, had been illegally replaced by uncharacteristic seeming identity thieves. Go ahead and take more steps to prevent and recover from identity theft, yourselves, and rest assured that the governmental taxation agencies are now allowing you to deduct the expenses from identity theft, in full, and it didn't even take my or other executive orders enacted for this to occur so that the graciousness is noted and noteworthy.

Remember that no one can put you or others on medication in public or by pretending sudden emergency doses are needed, and no judges that are real will allow them to so that this Incursion IV is characterized by the drugging and misconduct of false medical prescriptions and garage-designed medications illegally dropped into water systems, cafe cups, food at home, or even found to be blowing off the backs of truck beds while driving through town. Be careful, and as before remember to urinate frequently and drink as much assuredly clean water as possible for this Incursion IV while you are in the affected 8000 cities remaining.

The opportunities in Fashion today are quick and quiet if you'd like to use your background in psychology or fashion or similar such as speech writers or events planners to assist churches worldwide. They have one hundred percent requested help for their parishioners or attendees to redefine their styles of garb (non-clerical) for church or temple attendance. The clergy or USAF can assist with this list of projects as the churches have said they think the attire worn by too many of their attendees are actually too distracting, whether immodest or overly bright or similar. If this interests you, there are specific studies and wardrobe analysis and presentation seminars.

It is good for me to be online with you again before next Thursday as I'd planned, and the military pets doing search & rescue are enjoying today's 91 degrees Fahrenheit with me. I stopped in to view a cooking book and demo at the local Barnes & Noble and I'll list it next time, and some other good experiences while I'm on my official vacation working on a manuscript. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Incursion IV Downed Numbers and Fashionable Alerts

Hello to everyone, and I hope your week since the last blog has been good and effective for you and yours, as Incursion IV alerts are still high at warfare mode but have downed into only 8000 affected cities worldwide. From 80,000 affected cities there is much to celebrate now with the Military and Law Enforcement and those of Civil offices and other just good community minded citizenry and residents. July 7th was the official day of change for many things in this set of Insurgent devised Incursions particularly number four. Attacking each city affected today was fifty-six thousand and more Insurgent-Incursionists described today as miscreants-neo-mormonism and miscreant-retardant-retardant who for example believe erroneously they are the missing Russian royal lines and of course are not when their dna is tested at the military installations as required or by the USNavy or the USSS and affiliates where the exacting bloodline records are housed. The less good news is the continual discovery of the infiltrations by Insurgents everywhere stealing identities and lives and with illegal surgeries to cover their evidence by altering to non-recognizable levels their victims. The escape routes may take any form, anywhere, worldwide and no longer relate to mythical cities such as Mu or calligraphic letters spelled out by paths on each continent. There is consistency in that Arts and its counterparts and parts including Literature and Fashion and their business world connections and affiliates are being continually illegally targeted by the Incursion IV, but are sticking close by each other and communicating well together. Cases can be opened anytime of day for the victims and the Military is on patrols twenty-four-seven or all day and night, as well. Some meetings can still be attended by the public for the defense of your own neighborhoods, but be prepared for them to be speedy and as quick as the activity at Wall Street, with little time to catch your breath.

Communications are again becoming very necessary for forward progress in this economy being primed for a next-step of further recovery, not all doable overnight, but with cooperation. The USAF handles Communications worldwide for those requiring very accurate teachings on this matter, which includes often uncomfortable ones such as repeating what is said in certain ways to re-include data and overlap other tactics and for comprehension. The department at the Air Force is called Communications, which as you can correctly guess does other things besides this level of basics determined to be needed by the general populace and businesses recovering. There are other projects still to be also picked up by the public work sector for completion by their deadlines, especially in Fashion from the USAF Air Force One: Fashion One project.

Today, Count Zorro has been resting in the sun after several search and rescue forays that are just like his exercises. Some are still in tunnels but most are above on the surface of the crust of the earth, and occasionally to be expected over car tops or tree tops or roof tops. I'm pleased to be his commanding officer as well as one for the rest of the worldwide Military and the animals are coming along very well in their activity. They have been finding many more extra large genetically altered animals that require extra care and handling because they were tampered with by Incursion attackers, with chemicals that increase their species size, in most instances. Some help from the public is needed for babysitting some of these adorable but large animals who've become reliant upon human contact and care and feeding, and may be really unusual such as big moles that were mistaken for trained dogs, etc. Also, there are some small tours that are quiet available after success with the animal and bird watching clubs coming through the cities affected, and especially our city of Stockton that is pleased with the respect given to the NSA Project: Echelon laboratory animals released part-time on the delta waters to restore the natural ecology determined to have been damaged by humans abusing it before now. The tours can be done privately and if the cities' Better Business Bureaus and tourism offices are contacted with your plans, much like a flight plan, it is for the best. The black hawk and his family are quite adapted now to our houses nearby the water and we're in their flight plans, now. Remember that if you are raising or training a search and rescue or military animal or one for the USSS or similar that you are entitled under our present warfare budget set aside for such things to be fully assisted and with military veterinary care and food and housing guarantees. The animals also get groomed, but may be objectionable to it just like any other, as I've found some prefer certain soldiers to groom in one direction and not the other soldier in another, but those are fun times for those helping. The military animals also go fishing with the soldiers and personnel of the various agencies and counterparts helping with urban defenses (now called Emergency Services on the budgets in many municipalities). If you'd like to go along on a fishing walking or boating excursion, please let your military animal handler near you know. My near daily walking path includes stopping at the delta with my sketchbook at different times of day for different types of lighting and sketching some of the genetically preserved animals in their environment, as well as the natural residents they've befriended.

Other days are ahead of us and I have been hearing how busy everyone is and that some of the items on this blog also spur on more work than some have time allotted for, while others qualified for many things are still looking for work. Time for entertainments, though, is reportedly being given more and more priority, and even reading in particular. Some of you have asked me for more lists of what I'm reading and even approached in public to find out which other books I have in hand, and that is well and good. I'll try posting a monthly reading book again soon and keep you up to date on my follow-on projects. The next scarf project for me is a cadet blue one, if you want to keep apace with the knitting or sewing or self-designing.

As the Incursion IV dwindles and becomes numbers 5 to 8, I'll remove more of the Military data from this blog except for more specialized alerts, and will refocus on the historical applicability of the Incursions and their data for Costume history and such. Arts are only affected by them in the worldwide protections given to the fields of it to help get information and even special artwork past the attackers. These are serious protections, including those given to Literature and Fashion fields and others you'd expect the Military to assist with and involve itself with Law Enforcement for such as grand schemes of conspiratorial nature. Trying to steal a Mona Lisa is a singular event, but trying to stop a worldwide artistic direction of certain styles and shades for example to the point of kidnapping or killing teachers and hindering textbook printers or chasing down writers at gunpoint have become the types of repeated schemes that require Military assistance. Since they are repeated if not ritualistic and to large swathes of the populace such as all those with surnames beginning with AZ in the West End of a city or at a time of the moon phase, as is today's set of capers available to Law Enforcement from the Military, there will be some historic notations in curriculum of the future of these times we're passing through, together. Many a time you've read my touting of the USMC Arts and some of the stories of the protections that occurred are available for fodder for the writers of screenplays or approved literature, and other artistic ideas. Those interested in adding in UFO types of data to arts or literature may also request real cases and stories authorized to be used, that are factual, and of interest on entertainment levels to the public sector that is the market. After having over a thousand writers arrive in Stockton to interview or observe in public places with permission the retired secret agents that had them on their calendar, the successful interactions will allow for more of these types of appointments to occur. The comparison is to perhaps a ride-along with law enforcement, requested, close in contact, but may have less capers first-hand available, but can be just as good. The most prestigious agency on surveys to the public lately is the DEA, but this may change in coming public perception marketplaces just as sometimes it is the local police officer who is the hero most preferred on-screen and others times it is the fireman, or the ranger, and other ideas.

I hope you'll enjoy these opportunities as the historians are sorting and cataloguing urban events of recent times. Other types of data for those lending credibility to their artistic venue or even their news story will be on this and other similar blogs soon, including more about the factual and actual royalty and the changes that have happened in allowing information on this and similar protected persons categories to the public. In light of the styled and evil Incursions being consistent lately in attempting to include the Mormon pioneering histories in their written plans of attack by infiltration attempts, I have in mind also that the USMC handles all religions worldwide and so all have been welcomed into a singular grouping of categories that verifies their correctness and protects them, including the actual church nicknamed Mormons which has been fully cooperative. The Scottish Clans are still their interest this week as well as the general public's renewed interest and so there are more people planning to join the clans that they may qualify for, and there is always one operating that takes in most any, for the sake of it all.

I plan to see you on this blog again in about a week, hopefully each Thursday for awhile, and I'm still on an official vacation with the Military while I work on a specific writing project. And also some artwork. Many cats are being sketched just now in preparation for the children's story I've mentioned. Have a good week ahead and take good care of yourselves as you continue to avoid and deter the Incursion IV's re-enactors-illegalis and other traitors listed at the morgues and at the courts of law.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making History in Fashion and Incursion IV Alerts

Hello to everyone, and I hope that you are well as this Incursion IV alert meets you; the success to explain is that the Incursions I to III are now completed and Incursion IV driven above the crust of the earth. Since the last blog there are very good statistics for Law Enforcement and Civil Service and others from the Military on the massive migration styled attacks and movements by the millions at a time of homeless behaving miscreants, as defined in an earlier blog. The attacks are still taking a military styled approach in some places, but the same 800,000 affected cities, with fashions being illegally targeted ranging from color systems for future trends and the updating systems for personal or business use being primary. Pets and military animals are also the next major illegal target by the Incursion IV attackers and so there is warfare budget to assist those whose pets were attacked and requiring veterinarian care, for awhile. These pets will likely have been illegally placed on the computerized systems such as the Internet (although it is now safe again) and phone systems that are becoming safer to use by the moment. In the alert is to watch for parasites that are lab-produced and genetically designed to quickly kill a pet or even the elderly or those with extended illnesses; there are records from the Military of how grant-assisted paramilitary animals were attacked with these parasites where I was on sabbatical. You'll recall from blogs years ago by me that I spent part of my sabbatical working with the Military and others to coordinate angelic historical data for the educational levels. There are no supernatural or other-worldly influences in this Incursion IV level, though, which I'll address more below.

The needs to have religions or philosophies that elevate status are a weapon in the hands of the Incursion IV attackers and invaders. Still the same Insurgent dna levels, they are eliminating by their styles of attacks their own leadership of normal backgrounds and perhaps training which has declined their military approach. This is particular to Incursion IV. The types of attacks are still categorical such as selecting victims by alphabetical, or numerical, or some other contrived selection such as all the superstars of one timeframe, all the football players, all the hunting dog owners, and others illegal lists uncovered thus far by the Military and those hired such as the Law Enforcement. The judges have also not stopped investigating and other more private groups are also acting properly in their legal rights to investigate Incursion IV attacks, but I'll explain further.

There are those victimized by being unwitting who are abetting the Incursion IV because the invaders approached and hired in some manner the innocent to do some distractions or research for them, particularly yesterday the faux echelon survey. Don't fall prey by taking your own time or that of your employer to complete false or even legal surveys of in this instance the social echelons. Don't try to interview someone without their agreement about their echelon levels and give such data to anyone else. Notify your law enforcement or military or clergy if you've been approached as this is not legal for many reasons, and those who were found to be filling out such illegal echelon surveys without the interviewee being aware were abetting the attacks upon the animals and homes for them. Many such pets nearly were killed or had their lives threatened more than once during the said survey attempts that kept the otherwise alert people who would've been responsible overly fascinated with the possibilities of the social echelons. Illegal fighting ring attempts or illegal organ donations from unaware pets' owners were very upsetting to uncover. Some of the dogs victimized were hunting dogs rather than fighting style dogs of any past time, and the cats were from movie era breeding lines, for now. There are very good reports already available from the Military and the USSS, whose animals were among those affected. Please be aware if you work in the field of animal care or husbandry and you are requested in a time pinch to assist such an attacked animal that you will not be legally able to be left alone with the animal as during non-warfare timeframes because of the nature of the sudden attacks and wooing of persons on duty by echelon-hunting Incursion IV.

My own pets were among those targeted and so were many of the USSS and affiliate cats, but they are brave and strong and even returned right to work and completed their workshifts. Count Zorro is in training films for this series of Incursion IV events and film clips can be requested to be made if there is enough interest in shorter versions. There are no particular logical plans that the Incursion IV attackers forming into strangely grouped teams are using that are correct to a normal mind so don't worry about trying to anticipate them, even if you are familiar with mental retardation which is preeminent in them; the ability to protect yourself and guard your own is your best focus and course of action again.

There are some very primordial plans that are in graphic format that can be discussed (and again for some) amongst the clergy and law enforcement and school districts from military archives that explain part of the styles of primitive but overly convoluted attack patterns by Incursion IV. Some good things, though, coming out of getting the oldest plans off of the shelves of the darkened archival levels is some things that will be in the coming musical venues in the future. You'll recall I mentioned the Nordic and Egyptian drumming patterns that are similar to other music we label classical for the health benefits in that the cadence of the patterns give a sense of well-being to the listener. Some of these are found in island music such as those colonialized and Polynesian places. The drumbeats are so beneficial that they've been a success when added to any venue and so the USAF is accepting applications for drummers of all musical styles for musical groups and special-operations units forming up. Other types of musicians are also needed, still, and some of the more militant sounding and march style music coming should feel and seem right for your energy levels and well as listening pleasures.

Artistry of the past wars and those associated with artistic or musical styles are noted to be under verbal or social level attacks. Do be aware that it isn't prudent to be attacking others echelons. The Military is exploring how to explain and guard that social echelons that are partly defined by colors and artistry or heraldry. They don't do attacks upon others, themselves, and so their own definitions by art are to guard and guide them, so that they are entitled to use their exclusionary or exclusive artistry or fashions. Those relating to their historic pasts with heraldic artwork you've seem me discuss here on the blog before, and that includes interesting combinations of histories such as the Confederate Heraldry and its memberships that include George Washington and others famed having registered with them. I know of some others forming up by their heraldry of a formal or informal nature as many people are flocking to the Scottish Clans to find more of what interests them now. Many heralds are getting together and comparing notes worldwide -- again, these are the kings by historical responsibility who are responsible for recording in art work the privatized and remilitarized paramilitary units of the past that also do other things such as guild level work. Do be pleased with your selections of whichever you choose to research or even join. The military also has an Office of Heraldic Services that can be somewhat and sometimes available to the public when there is contention or discussion that affects that militaries of the past or present, as again, those attractive family crests and such are from militaries or militarized royal courts or clans, if they are bona fide.

I am still on official vacation for a few more weeks while I work on a short story that is a delightful military assignment. It is in a meeting without me, today, so I am reading and shopping for things that deplete around the house when I am in writing mode. I've heard of such things as piled up dishes to be washed and other signs that writers are busy getting some pages written, first, from many an author. There are many authors braving the public scenes again by requesting to observe everyday or uncommon heroes in the open at their jobs such as civil servants or law enforcement or those from known agencies of the government and this is all fine to request. Their notepads have sometimes been stolen, though, and realize that even such scribbles are not intended for anything but fiction and to devise an entertainment level story. Some such notepads turned up on black markets or were taken from Incursion IV attackers attempting to use the notes for their crimes in planning.

Soon, I'll go over more of the future trends in the Arts and those coming into Fashion expected to make costume history and to be plain enjoyable. There are no bad trends of the actual fashion-trend energies that are harnessed by those who are experts or working with them, at least not in their origin. The best data on this is in PhD level coursework, but quick courses on why this type of group-happy-thought that groups together into trend-spotted ideas are available in some other training films and clips from your fashion schools or the military and clergy. The fact that the human mind can find the same things happy for its collective basis anywhere in the world is why trend spotters such as economists in particular are hired at good salaries to gather the data that once was secreted and not endangering. The fact it is endangering is very very recent as noticed by the Incursions tactics, but has always been suspected in history to be possible. Machiavellian systems are employed at the moment in both sides of what has become battles for this happy-energy-of-the-group-thought or however you'd like to describe it. To repeat myself and others, it is considered officially part of the third protected something on this country's founding documents and more training is available in this focus for those needing it from law enforcement or serious educational pursuits. That, pursuit of happiness. A Project:Happiness is still recruiting at the FBI, for such purpose and similar interest and with pay.

I hope to see you on this blog again in about a week's time, and so until next Thursday, or so, take good care of yourselves and be well.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fashion Momentum and Incursion III to IV Alerts

Hello to everyone and I am pleased to be able to blog today in what may be a weekly blog for awhile, including especially the Incursion IV updates as we enter Incursion IV and watch out for fashionable moments for momentum. First, Incursion III is dissipating with the removal of the numbers of treason-convicted hairstylists and their accomplices, now around 190 convictions in our courts of law per hour, daily. The character of Incursion III has been one of the 'life of the lie' being one that has been filmed for viewing by the Church and explains why energy put into a lie -- emotions, deception, psychic, intention, and more -- can cause a temporary sense of belief in the attacker. Try to watch this type of explanatory film clip that I know has centuries of expertise built into it. The ability to develop a creation is one that is the type of entrepreneurialistic spirit that most normal populaces thrill at and give automatic support to, but is the same mechanism in a victim that momentarily accepts the life-of-a-lie that seems worthy of support like a creation that would improve the life of humankind. Instead, it is used to disarm victims to approach closer, and therefore more technology and paranormal skills for detecting truth from falsehoods are being utilized right now and onward by Military and Clergy and the Law Enforcement. I'll talk more about it here.

The Church of Divine Man (CDM) has a psychic counseling coursework that is adaptable in part to the USSS and USSF and some of their techniques have been used. Leaders from USSF such as Robert "Bob" Mayer whose leadership website I've listed before incorporated the truth-detecting tools from the CDM very quickly and I know from first-hand observation that he uses them in regular cases and other of his work. The best times to learn such skills are when you think you need them.

Another psychic counselor who has helped out the Law in the past including DA offices or P.I.s now does psychic or spiritual types of readings and counseling over the phone and has about a hundred percent accuracy record. I look for one hundred percent accuracy when I recruit people to work in these fields now grouped together with Ghost Hunting (aka, Angelology, UFOlogy, Demonology to the Office of the Vice President, White House, et al.). Adam Star (or, 209-271-0383) is popular among those who want love life readings, but that is the least of the important areas I look for in recruitment for projects such as I am doing now with a renewal of a USSF-Angelology project I'm involved in for awhile.

Ghost hunting is still a highly popular pasttime, and as I've just been 'released' for a month of virtual vacation by the Military, or rather some unscheduled time now that I'll catch up with my life and lifestyle. Oh, yes, I'll still be doing the regular artwork for the contests and working on the manuscripts, and in fact that is expected, but it is still good for a mindset to have official vacation time. I intend to catch up somewhat with the ghosthunting field and am pleased to have been contracted to write a future book on this area of research for a university. My fashionable interests in studying my renewed profession in fashion include very old and ancient color analysis systems and wardrobe planning systems, which is quite fun. One, though, caused severe confusion in eavesdropping that sadly caused many attacks by Incursion III perpetrators that were angry when misunderstanding that there is a fortean fashion type from a very medieval past in common. The attacks had even lead to threats on entertainment magazines such as Fortean Times, that the USN is glad to have helped deter, and hopefully can still do so. As well as the USAF helping those with a desire to get their fashion styles analyzed and such in exchange often for work or work projects that are needed to be completed, in many creative fields.

The scholastic markets are still helping to open and reopen many markets for writers and other businesses associated with them. Some of the precautions for writers, though, that I'll go into more on this blog soon include strange threats and attacks to writers reading how-to manuals on writing or books considered to be well known as typical writing resource manuals. Just be extra alert or perhaps use a book cover on these types of books when in public places reading as is typical from scholars to students to movie makers to hobbyists, and others.

Follow-ons will continue soon, as many of you are hoping for monthly reading suggestions and even have approached me to find out what else I'm reading. I'll be glad to share more on my sewing and designing of the military uniforms that you'll notice more and more types of again in public as we leave Incursion IV sometime in the future and stop discussing these Insurgent-bred groups with the general populace. The collars and scarves I'm working on have had to be redesigned lately, which I don't mind. The cream scarf will now become a collar, once I figure out a pattern for it; there is also a red and black one that has a few specified changes also coming back from the military boards that work with soldiers and their uniforms.

Breeding was once considered to be important to be known, and hoped to be good, for the benefit of all involved. When not, societies and business-royal courts utilized tools of interaction for those purposes, to bridge the proverbial gaps or differences. The fact that DNA has been linked in all the Insurgents data gathered to the Incursions at the various 800,000 affected cities worldwide is a helpful fact to know. There is not, however, any need or plans to utilize tools of interaction with Insurgents or the Incursion III to VIII invaders and their accomplices. There needs to be rather a very careful re-arming of all on the surface of the earth against those coming up from below the surface that are not our friendlies. The various threats reaching the White House and Law Enforcement and various affiliates in the governmental structures include warheads aimed at regular citizens homes, especially if in the Arts or prestigious pursuits. There are no rules or laws that allow for the Insurgents behaviours and their rights to fair trials and Geneva Convention are not applied to them, as they've altered illegally through far too radical surgeries their bodies and minds so as not to appear quite human any longer. DNA testing is now one minute with one hundred percent accuracy that also determines the exactly correct place in the brain that is the real person and not the organ donors. Any military installation now has on and running and untamperable the DNA detection equipment that is paid for in full by the warfare budgets, officially, so as not to burden the business owners now. The brain stem holds the person, that must also correlate with their known whereabouts and official records. Again, if you know of others who've been tampered with against their will especially through attacks including highly radical surgeries to change their appearance or their organs including skin and hair, and also their identifications and residences, please direct them to the military installations for the automatic test. Simply stand for a minute and the actual identity will be fully known and recorded. The many technology companies worldwide that enabled this compilation within 72 hours notice by the Military are to be lauded as they refused to sleep until the new invention had been completed, dropping all their other work and contracts until done. Since all the known ones past and present have been contacted and interacted on this and formed up special-ops units and gladly, the thanks is a general one. The military bases were unable to accommodate even all the actual military personnel from the past that went to the gates for testing of DNA just prior to this recent (two weeks ago, or so) invention that is now implemented. You may also contact them still, but you'll understand the difficulty at finding out that many more people thought or presumed missing or deceased were actually very alive but impossible to verify as who they really were or are due to the attacks of radical surgery. Many veterans have been brought back into the public sector for this and the military reactivations for our homelands and remaining at home protecting our neighborhoods and businesses are quite effective, already. This week, though, several missing law enforcement and also USSS counterparts and royal guards of the past have been located and identified despite the surgical attacks upon their persons. There is, of course, case work available for law enforcement on these many, many coming forward and being identified as quick case work, as you'll recall that the Military presently is not doing cases but rather is protecting the populaces in warfare modes.

Travellers have special care to take during this popular time of year for vacations and other travel, but private tours are doing well, albeit quickly. Remember, though, that unless a reenactor asks permission and receives that permission from myself, the Commanding Officer of the worldwide militaries, there is no reenactment activities allowed. Never are they allowed to take place in public or in homes of anyone who has not invited personally. Don't be fooled by the stupidity of lists that claim a new reenactor-hopeful must avoid media for months and not contact anyone and arrive with monies in cities and then enter homes of residents supposedly not worried about the reenactor impersonating them in style and looks and manner and using their accounts or phones or autos or food, etc. This is entirely ridiculous and illegalis; the term illegalis includes all such activities. There are no lists of supposed happy residents who wish to be mysteriously impersonating and awaiting entertainment of having been impersonated or to act as hosts undetectable by the neighbors or businesses around, etc. The President and everyone else with executive orders ability to declare warfare has done so permanently against all the reenactors described herein and thus. That is not all that is included in the term 'illegalis' a very old term that even some FBI persons have asked me for clarification about. The State Department is always available for said definitions, as usual. US Congress still pays about $1 million USD to $4 million USD with no added expenses for each of these types of reenactors illegalis apprehended and handed over to the Military, before or after casework, and however else done.

Thanks are going out to the private groups of Households for their continued efforts to help restore our natural environments depleted in attacks by Incursionists so far. The otters locally here are a nice friendly site when these legal volunteers are dredging our local delta waterways. The black hawk family is also helping with local travel business as many Audubon groups are travelling here to view them, respectfully, living in our city of Stockton. I hope your own areas are recovering in the beauty and function of the environments that support your lifestyles and bring enjoyments that are legal.

Take good care of yourselves and if all goes as planned I'll see you on this blog next Thursday, or thereabouts.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Arts and Miscreants as Insurgents

Hello to everyone, today is the day after the ninetieth week of the Incursions I through VIII: that brings to mind today the more urgent matter for any in law enforcement, firstly, who'll be receiving official information to help others like them illegally altered by surgical-dna methods of attacks and are unable to report in to their law enforcement fields during any timeframe or era. There are groups of up to 100,000 tracked down by their consistent character and behavior that indicated they were law enforcement of the past up to a hundred years old in some instances, but had been attacked by illegal medications or drugs and surgically altered and left with identifications of others similar such as royal guards, deceased. Mispresuming sometimes that God or someone in power was leaving them a new life, and sometimes finding that their recent life had just seen them suddenly fired from a job or divorced from a family or excommunicated from a church, or such, they banded together to survive and work in ethical manners. The test is not of memory to restore them to their families and careers and lives but is of now one-hundred-percent correct dna testing done by the Military. It is instant testing, not of the type sent away for to, say, and FBI laboratory for a case being worked on. Rather the testing will be gladly done at any military base, veterans hospitals can be contacted for other locations or the military recruiters offices, or regular clergy in their daily offices. The convincing levels of this type of identity theft is what is newly discovered, but has gone on with attacks from miscreants now known to be officially dna of Insurgents in others warfronts traversing and communicating globally. Not quite terrorists of organized beliefs and religions that has leadership and occasions to be expected, and places in communication channels from various legal sources now and then. Instead, these miscreant-Insurgents are also trying to follow illegal nonsensical organizations they have just to the purpose of each crime, such as declaring any prostitute out of work or low on business as their leader of a sudden religion that isn't a religion, then attacking homes beginning with certain number sequences. Then, the next attacks are different by different groups.

There are identity theft bloodlines in history already contacted by the Military and Churches for the sake of their present law abiding descendants to help them ensure their modern lines are law abiding. Please check in anyone you know who is certain they were actually someone else before mysterious surgeries to the Military as these levels of attacks are upon all countries and intended to take down defenses of the countries. Many missing law enforcement (not known to be missing) from England and America were recently in the 100,000 discussed here; all now new military personnel and gladly welcomed.

Miscreants is again a definition from the past handed to us all by the Vatican who kept track and is able to help with such information just now. There are actually four types of miscreants defined I've been given, and if you as readership come up with more and more modernized terms please submit them to the USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion One offices, along with any lore, stories, fables, legends, diagrams, texts, printed matter or otherwise such as stories told about campfires, as well. Miscreants are defined in two further steps besides those in the prior blog stating they misbelieve they are suddenly 1)canonized individuals of sainthood or other type of definition pertinent to any religion of organized matter and conduct in similar behaviors as to be identifiable by their garb, color of raiment of clergy, or mannerisms in public, and more; 2) deity of global or other circumferential importance assigned by any including by themselves from birth onward that would expose them to being imposterized, as with the canonized, by being elevated or separated for certain tasks, chores or workload as well as other steps in deity levels as can be tested for in real religions or at any military base at present.

Miscreants are also defined as any who consider themselves to be on warfare-mode. And or they are alright within themselves as being of, say, a Beth or a Baath or anything else they've pre-perceived as and as an acceptable to their own level or status or target-step; as above the law and as later on received to be despicable to any society until they die together, dying all along in trained form not necessarily by any military or other or for any gain but in gaming-stride to crush a public view or to preempt imminent warfare. It means they succumb as typically mentally retarded and criminally minded persons who stop being persons by trying to be all the same person and then living that life and style of living, then stealing the life from the real person by death, kidnapping, embezzlement, and other similar crimes. The fact that the Insurgents dna has turned up a one hundred percent positive link to the miscreants is not seen as coincidental. This is a recent development in information genetically perceptible only since January 2010 and within the last two weeks by the we of the military using the dna tests in medical special-ops units for search and rescue and similar. Now is the time when we are catching this overly planned set of crimes and invasion attempts, and we are ready now for any of it, any level. Remember that no one else can ask you to change someone else's life by reenacting in public which is illegal to the point of warfare declared and to the death, or by asking you to conspire against someone or even for someone in supposed nice surprised, which the President has declared is also conspiring against, clearly, and has declared war upon. This is not a game, and the fact that Mexico is not willing to accept any more of such illegal organizations calling themselves 'the game' already dibanded by the Church and governments is a working model that can be followed for anyone needing documentation as reference or flow-charts for planning proper defense and offensive.

Thank you to those who are helping in many ways including law enforcement, and besides them those who've volunteered to become the extra battalion since answering the call to fill up the last battalion requiring applicants to form up. The FBI also filled up their requested 50% enlistment to be urban mainly paramilitary and other military operational units, which will be in like some of their workloads already or sometimes very different.

Many of the people who've planned for urban defenses are those who for years worked together to form the urban defense groups and now are on permanent unchangeable budgets and lists of employees by cities called Emergency Services. These lists are closed but others are open and also work projects can be received through them or any clergy or military office of record has postings of things needed now. Many are also finding it enjoyable to take vacations together and go camping in the national parks. I've missed these camping trips, personally, but have been glad to authorize the USSS levels of security, which I can do with my reactivated badge. These are the more enjoyable types of job tasks for me.

A search is on for Boy Scout types of stories, and specific ones. If you can send yours along of interest to large groups please do so to the USN Project:Literature. The Navy is glad to protect writers, especially now, against plagiarism and also to provide writing assignments that will benefit the public sector and are of equal interest to the writer. I have one or more of these types at a time, and so you as a readership responded to one that was the fundraiser as well as part of a focus in higher education studies for college textbooks, and such. There are a few new categories of writing re-opening because of this type of evaluation in writing by the Military and Educators combining, so that there are new subgenres reopening so go ahead and ask about your own favorite type to see if it is available.

Ufologists around the world will be interested today to know that the Military is closing down impostor bases and sites of supposed touch-&-see ufo craft or occupants of. There is no tolerance for this type of falsehoods being attempted upon the public, and the re-enactors-illegalis caught in the act are rounded up. Interrogations by many are possible, as this field is a genuine one, and the impostors are Insurgent-dna but may not be miscreants thinking in error they are someone else and above the law. Those duped into this type of sortie or field excursion or illegal visits are to contact the law enforcement or military closest to be able to qualify for non-prosecution status, if available to them. Such crimes are not practical jokes and there is no tolerance worldwide and no laws protect such perpetrators, and that won't change. Artists are also being hired for helping the victims to describe their experience, such as courtroom artists, or portrait sketchers, who can assist as this is similar to one of my own USSS cases mentioned years ago, I recall, when special effect companies were burglarized and preyed upon with their extraterrestrial movie masks and such being stolen and the public attacked with them. That data is available to any in a valid channel including those in certain legal hobby clubs of nonprofit status or clergy who are legally registered and are known to cooperate with the Law and the Military. Presentation material is a possibility to request.

There are many other jobs available today and in the future for those who are willing to do paperwork and such to help defend the military homes illegally foreclosed upon and those of others in large swathes such as all the football teams of professional and some semi-pro ballplayers being foreclosed upon at the exact same time. The USN has other types of groupings attacked and the reconnaissance level surveillance available, at no cost, of course. This type of data is to benefit the legal citizens and residents of each and any country. The fact the greatest amounts of raids have been tracked to when homes were foreclosed upon after alternate payment schedules were accepted and embezzlement were subsequently found to the homeowners, and such is in such large amounts of the populace that it is part of the warfare now and permanently. I am glad to be your commanding officer, which again is a permanent job status for me in the military as I've been reactivated and will not fully retire again from the military. Usually I handle Arts, Religion, and such. The SS is still the lead banner and they are performing superbly with the USN, USSF and Delta Force combined with them. I'm proud to be invited into all the military units. Everyone involved is good enough in the militaries and militias and vigilante groups legally formed up. The long outlook is that we will all be living our lives and lifestyles, and defending ourselves from the present miscreants-Insurgents and whatever future form they may take.

I hope your week ahead is a good one, and that you will be able to get through the details in this blog quickly enough. I received back information that it is perhaps bulky for many, so thank you for your patience.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
your commanding officer