Friday, January 13, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security and its Agencies of 801,000 cities homeland invasion correctly coded about homeless apeing persons 80Million of raiding into homes to pets businesses plaguerism fashion design items-2 for it all attacked and persons hair color other alike berated in said invasion Incursion-Iii repeats of elite special-ops historical units of defending countrysides spelled letters of ridiculousness into places destined by it attacked for it same by with animals to persons apeing by surgical procedure unlimited disallowed by any medical certification actualizing medical training to attacks at stoplights 4-way intersections now near it all. Closure war on costume 3/4as2. 40,000 dogs attacked by repaired without ownership needing new adoptions by any Animal Control level Police Stations any nearby or of Humane Society of America its ilk in other countries. OES and District Attorney Office anyplace report terror level of historical archives noted: terra_fixs of it described; prior overlap of 4-hour duration of terra-tiiuns of fashion design attacked. To contest of my blog for you Good Readership below today, thanking all participating and working it. Below is listed of CIA free-by promotional from f.)President Teddy Roosevelt U.S.A. teddy bear fund for gift book in this type economy and free by topic to good selection, for helping schools complete deadlined order forms IRS gives 1/2 credit to party and by its rules fully deductible, and of counter-offer by any credit card company about its lode card used for it purchases lowers interest rate on card used by 1%; enjoy:
* red_houd:clothes galore in for power; by Dr. Robert Berry of Lockheed fame
* para_blues:text-1; parachute material included; by ARMY, Mac of DEA fame, kmwall
* ride_a_red_hood:novel technology intelligence, included is combined effort equipement new from DELL and Cray Computer companies; by Michael Dell, Gray Davis, HM a Jamaican King's denver_unit
* velve_in_s_economy:text1-2 U-trend; by swanke
* pare':bear puzzles games et al; by Abracus the S&R bear of California State
* how_to_model:by AF1's Robert and kmwall
*ask by topic
Work, Fashion Industry Decor or any business trended of historic groupings such as Princess Charm (her real name) from Arabia's Crown and Government working for USAF as fashion designer applying to fashion director opening to training of it for '23 and a day' type archive trends; please apply from lists known to OES lists of it open 24 hours daily.
Touring work, ghosthunting semi-professionals (compete for tour spot attendee with good ghost photo sent to USAF AF1 Office's:ProjectFashion1) to professionals of invitation by Stockton, CA, a city council approved and Mayor's Office to contact for 10 tours actual ghosthunting a day, to typed yesterday good anomaly files of exampled of my celebration of my FFL and Saint Andrews Society (SAS) hire date to work for at city's Gourmet Burrito with quick-supra-flight gourmet-visit cousin of mine known as Prince of Monaco and attending a ghost unexpected recorded friendly on named equipment for tours as judge_joe's_orb or alike with mirrored recording devices as Judge Joe attended impromptu the great excitement and permissions granted for his tour appearances also from Court House system, and others alike of known visible tours of alike. Enjoy, and for ghosthunters applying for work it is by pay on scales normalized and from Mayor Office distributed at OES listing tomorrow but today for weekend at District Attorney Office any.
Contest 1 of mine, this is G-Rated of several groups categorized unlimited timeframe each for arrival of manuscripts and of options to be read, for contest indicate contest entry on manuscript which US Postal Service Inspectors will guaranteee arrival receipt of postcard level returned fast. If USD$200+1 level send entire manuscript approved to address approved to send to contest for highly recommended win to and dollar is for application to a fan club existing of myself already entry to allows my known whereabouts daily level for comment amusement not amour; if USD$200 level send to USN approved by contact address for ready by myself or affiliates listing on listed as co-authoring with this blog listing and at staff-seargent's/seargent's sites; for USD$180 level will be filter read by my own readers of my manuscripts published of these listing over 990 authors publishing with me and or publishing houses of same and, for USD$171 level your manuscript full can be read by any Sherriff of my paramilitary homeland defense unit special-ops capable already also reading others on blog listings promotional.
thanking 70,000 removed to proper application other contests for it pornography legal understanding. Prestige to Industry of Publishing letter is returned from me for those I've read to contest win letter recommending highly for publishing; non-critique sheets or improvements listed only positive power aspects of any manuscript I've received. First category is Literary its Horror includes paranormal to love history to bible status to finishing school manuals, 2nd category is Consequential includes of very good work gets it to love inconsequential to clue-next-set, 3rd is Ribbon Worth a worldwide swath economic to sector such as Tea Trading Company stories to a sect or echelon set, 4th category is Health as Really! to platform gear texts exercise wear ware any true crive any regiment to affecting it vitamins, 5th category is True Love Tales story form to romance new, 6th Gorey Gore Horror Movie-B Typed of standardized; more categories listed soon. Send any manuscript full qualified for any category. About 40 days duration from receipt of. To have a return manuscript, request in with enclosed check payment or similar cash equivalent. Qualifying manuscripts are USN by direct contact, any Department of State, any cop_1 or Cop 1 any Police Station, a Jay Wall alias for business contacted directly of fame Jay Osmond to switchboard, any Housing Urban Development Office (HUD) recording during closed hours, any District Attorney Office equivalent global of light_2 to light_2nd asked for. Thank you for entering my contest and read for your benefit the IRS and equal will allow full tax deductions of any all expenses to writing even if previously denied for categorized as hobby and of allowed now then or back in time form filed for refund appropriate. Non-pornography entries only, rerouted any sent already of regular contact to senders by Law Enforcement for new address of change to other reader contests not of this blog or its listings. Thanks for entering contest and sending submissions. Authors of renown in grouping that I regularly co-author with now are: Al Gore, Ian Fleming, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, Tom Clancy, Bob Mayer, John Legg, Michael Ontiveros (USMC) Stephen Frey, Steven Segal, John Grisham, Robert Bruce, Nick Nolte, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Millman, Poul Anderson, Steve Berry, Joe Judge (ivy and League), and Edward Cromarty all Militaries fame; of these any possible as the reader replier of $200 category entry. Thank you for lending your hearty energy and good spirits to my contest and read of prestige that you Good Readership helped me earn.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
CO worldwide and of FFL
minister Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp of its USMC as co-head
ARMY(any, finance and of USSF
NAVY(any, project literature and of USN SEALs
badge#101/+-USSS-DEA-SherriffParamilitaryUnit et al
Saint Andrews Society as a colleague in working for it
a Knight of Columbus